House Charlton of Highfield
House Charlton of Highfield
The arms of House Charlton of Highfield
Head of House: Aleister Charlton
Title: Knight of Highfield
Predecessor: N/A
Heir: N/A
Seat: Highfield
Fortification: Highfield Keep
Motto: "Unstoppable"
Colors: Blue, Yellow, Red
Region: the Riverlands
Liege: House Charlton of Hollyholt
Vassals: N/A

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The lands of the newly established House Charlton of Highfield are located upon the vast fields and hills that can be found directly to the east of the forest where Tall Oaks once resided. With a river running to the east, the lands are no doubt quite viable for the planting of grain and other such crops.


House Charlton of Highfield was born out of a portion of King's Law that states that if a House can no longer work the land that they lay claim to, another who can work the land may claim it as their own. After all, idle land yields no taxes.

With land left untended after the destruction of Tall Oaks and House Camden, House Charlton of Hollyholt fielded one hundred fifty peasant workers and dispatched them to the fields east of where Tall Oaks once stood, under the direction of Ser Aleister Charlton, a nephew of Lord Ser Keegan. Armed with wagons full of supplies, the peasants began felling timber and digging ditches and irrigation channels so that the fields may be prepared for seeding and the construction of initial buildings could be begin. After months and months of work, the work has been completed, the fields have been readied and the keep has been completed.

On July 23rd, 289, official word has filtered down that Lord Tully of Riverrun has confirmed Ser Aleister Charlton as Knight of Highfield and granted him the lands that once belonged to the fallen House Camden.

Current Members

Portrait Name Position
Ser Aleister Charlton Lord Ser Keegan Charlton's nephew, head of the Highfield branch of the family, and Knight of Highfield.
Lady Cherise Charlton Ser Aleister's wife, and Lady of Highfield.
Lord Aerick Charlton Son of Ser Aleister and Lady Cherise. (deceased)
Lady Ceinlys Erenford Steward of Highfield.
Lady Ysadora Ferland Castellan
Captain Jac Caddock Common Knight, Captain of the Guard of Highfield.
Petra Bennett Lord Aleister's courier
Squire Darek Boldt Squire to Captain Jac Caddock.

Political Relations

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