House Charlton of Hollyholt
House Charlton
The arms of House Charlton
Head of House: Lord Ser Keegan Charlton
Title: Lord of Hollyholt
Predecessor: Lord Ser Ramsey Charlton
Heir: Lord Ser Andrey Charlton
Seat: Hollyholt
Fortification: Hollyholt Keep
Motto: Honor and Glory
Colors: Gold, red, and green
Region: the Riverlands
Liege: House Tully
Vassals: Numerous


House Charlton is a vassal of House Frey, their lands and seat located northeast of The Twins. Ser Andrey Charlton (NPC) attended the tourney at Stonebridge in July, 288 and participated in the joust. On the first day, he was overthrown in the final by the champion, Ser Lyle "Strongboar" Crakehall. On the second day of tilts, he was champion of the lists, overthrowing Ser Anton Valentin in the final after seven passes.

At the Challenge of Champions to celebrate the Terrick-Banefort wedding, Ser Andrey challenged Lady Anais' champion Ser Jarod Rivers, defeating him in one pass. He ended the day as one of the five champions.


House Charlton is the most powerful of the bannerhouses sworn to loyalty of the Freys, having noble vassal families of their own. Lord Walder has never married a Charlton, some say because he already commands their total loyalty, while others claim it is due to a lack of great beauties in the family. Whatever the cause, the Charltons were the largest contingent of Frey troops when Lord Walder's armies arrived late to the Trident, their knights riding ahead with Eddard Stark to King's Landing, afterward.

In February of 289, Lord Ser Keegan Charlton authorized the expansion of the Charlton Holdings by granting permission to his nephew, Aleister Charlton, to form a Cadet Branch of House Charlton, which has been named House Charlton of Highfield.

In October of 289, Lord Ser Keegan Charlton swore fealty directly to House Tully of the Riverlands, forsaking his oaths to Lord Walder Frey in the process. As a result, both House Fenster and House Charlton of Highfield broke their oaths to House Charlton, to see to their own safety with the growing rage of Lord Walder Frey.

As of October 9, 2012 - this branch of House Charlton is closed to new characters.

Current Members

Political Relations

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Family Tree

Lord Ser Keegan Charlton, Lord of Hollyholt and Head of House. NPC
Lady Keera Charlton, nee Haigh, Lady of Hollyholt. NPC
Young Lord Ser Andrey Charlton, Heir to Hollyholt and Charlton House. NPC
Lady Alys Charlton, Lord Keegan's daughter. Inactive

Lord Ser Jon Charlton, eldest brother to Lord of Hollyholt NPC
Lady Kaytlin Charlton, wife of Lord Ser Jon Charlton NPC

Ser Harold Charlton, younger brother to Lord Ser Keegan.
Lady Serica Marie Charlton nee Frey, wife of Ser Harold Charlton

Ser Quellyan Charlton, cousin.
Ramsey Charlton the Younger, cousin.