House Camden
House Camden
The arms of House Camden
Head of House: Liliana Camden
Title: Lady of Tall Oaks
Predecessor: Sarojyn Camden
Heir: None
Seat: Tall Oaks (razed)
Fortification: Tall Oaks Keep (razed)
Motto: Patience Unbent
Colors: Blue, Black & Gold
Region: Riverlands
Liege: Nominally House Tully
Vassals: None


A house of long standing, the Camden family was vassaled to House Tully but laid claim to no vassals of its own. The lands of Tall Oaks laid within the woods between Flint's Finger, Greywater Watch and Terrick's Roost. Due to their location, it's no surprise that House Camden's income came from trading in tanned goods and timber, as well as the production of quality bows and arrows. The household had a very limited number of knights, its protection coming from the skill of its men with bows. While there is little doubt that archers of Tall Oaks were quite skilled, they considered themselves hunters and not war archers.

Fancying themselves a neutral House, the Camden Family prided itself on its patience and its want to diffuse situations, leading them to press for talks and meetings, rather then a match of blades. Within their town was a meeting hall, a place where Tall Oaks invited lords to meet upon neutral ground, hoping to promote diplomacy and peace, rather then chaos and war. In keeping with this ideal, the house did not contribute soldiers to either side during Robert's Rebellion.

Following the razing of Tall Oaks by ironborn raiders lead by House Blacktyde, some had begun to call the vacant lands "Fallen Oaks", with the nominal Lady of the House being Liliana Camden.

By decree of Lord Hoster Tully, Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, by rights under King's Law, the lands formerly claimed by House Camden were granted to a cadet branch of House Charlton, House Charlton of Highfield on 23 July 289 AL.

While the rights to the lands were revoked by Lord Tully, its titles were not, and House Camden remains, though it has neither holdfast nor lands. Its only members by blood are Lady Liliana Camden, and Lady Tiaryn Ashwood.

Crest Meanings

  • Black - Constancy
  • Blue - Truth and Loyalty
  • Gold - Generosity and Elevation of mind
  • White - Peace and Sincerity
  • Falcon: One who does not rest until objective achieved
  • Stag: One who will not fight unless provoked; Peace and Harmony