House Banefort
House Banefort
The arms of House Banefort
Head of House: Erik Banefort
Title: Lord of the Banefort
Predecessor: {$predecessor}
Heir: Quenten Banefort
Seat: Banefort
Fortification: {$keep}
Motto: {$motto}
Colors: Black, grey, and orange
Region: the Westerlands
Liege: House Lannister
Vassals: {$vassals}


Banefort is a house of the Westerlands, their seat (the Banefort) situated along the western coast of Westeros. The house's lands are in rocky territory, and travel by land through the mountains can be arduous. They have therefore developed a naval presence, and most trade and travel are done by sea. They are also one of the houses closest to the Iron Isles, and are a frequent target of Ironborn piracy and raiding.


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