House Ashwood
House Ashwood
The arms of House Ashwood
Head of House: Aleister Ashwood
Title: Lord of Highfield
Predecessor: N/A
Heir: N/A
Seat: Highfield
Fortification: Tanglewood Manor
Motto: "Unstoppable"
Colors: Blue, Green, Grey
Region: the Riverlands
Liege: House Frey
Vassals: N/A

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The lands of the newly established House Ashwood include all of the lands that were once in the Stewardship of House Camden, being all of the woods north of Terrick's Roost to the boundaries of the lands of Houses Flint and Reed in the North, and the vast fields and hills directly to the east of the forest where Tall Oaks once resided. With a river running to the east, the lands are quite viable for the growing of grain as well as the husbandry of animals. Additionally, the forests destroyed by the Ironborn during the Razing of Tall Oaks encompasses only a small portion of the total wooded land of House Ashwood and timber is also a viable trade good.


Sable: Signifies wisdom, grief, constancy and prudence.
Vert: Signifies abundance, joy, hope and loyalty in love.
Azure: Signifies loyalty, strength and faith.

Wolf - typically symbolised the rewards of perseverance in long sieges or hard industry.
Gold sheaves of wheat - represent agriculture.


— House Retainers
— Knights
— Men at Arms


House Ashwood began as a cadet House of Charlton of Hollyholt, referencing a portion of King's Law that states that if a House can no longer work the land that they lay claim to, another who can work the land may claim it as their own. After all, idle land yields no taxes.

With land left untended after the destruction of Tall Oaks and House Camden, House Charlton of Hollyholt fielded one hundred fifty peasant workers and dispatched them to the fields east of where Tall Oaks once stood, under the direction of, the then, Ser Aleister Charlton, a nephew of Lord Ser Keegan. Armed with wagons full of supplies, the peasants began felling timber and digging ditches and irrigation channels so that the fields might be prepared for seeding and the construction of initial buildings could begin. After months and months of work, the work had been completed, the fields had been readied and the keep had been completed.

On July 23rd, 289, official word filtered down that Lord Tully of Riverrun had confirmed Ser Aleister Charlton as the Knight of Highfield and granted him all the lands that once belonged to the fallen House Camden.

In October of 289 AL, following the severing of the vassalage of House Charlton of Hollyholt to House Frey, House Charlton of Highfield severed its ties with its former liege, abandoning the Charlton name and taking the name Ashwood. 'Ashwood' was chosen in respectful homage to the fallen house that once occupied the same lands. House Ashwood is sworn in fealty and service to House Frey.

Timeline or…The Birth of a House

  • Feb 289 AL, Aleister recieves permission from Keegan to begin an expansion of Charlton, making use of the Camden Lands. 150 peasants and some guards and knights are dispatched to the land left vacant in the wake of the Ironborn reavings of Tall Oaks and the fall of House Camden to begin work.
  • May 289 AL - The township, ditches and fields are completed. The keep is underway.
  • July 289 AL - The keep is concluded with all but the finishing touches.
  • July 23rd, 289 AL - Lord Hoster Tully, Lord Paramount of the Riverlands officially recognized Highfield and appoints Aleister Knight of Highfield.
  • Oct 289 AL - In an unexpected and traitorous move, House Charlton of Hollyholt severs its ties of vassalage to House Frey and declares itself a vassal of House Tully directly. Aleister is summoned to the Twins at the command of Lord Walder Frey to discuss the state of affairs of Hollyholt's cadet House.
  • 13 Oct 289 AL - Aleister Charlton, now Aleister Ashwood, officially declares his vassalage to House Frey, severing his ties with traitorous Hollyholt and establishing Ashwood as an independent House in its own right. The entire line of Lord Jon Charlton, along with those of the name who elect to side with Aleister are disinherited from House Charlton and rename themselves as members of House Ashwood. Aleister affirms himself the Lord of Highfield.
  • January 290 AL - Lord Aleister and Lady Miranda are attacked and killed, en route to the twins. Their murderers have yet to be found. As the eldest surviving brother, Ser Bastien is raised to the rank of Young Lord and heir to Highfield.

Current Members


Portrait Name Position
Aeliana Ashwood Young Lord Bastien's sister.
Young Lord Bastien Ashwood Heir to Highfield
Robben Ashwood Young Lord Bastien's younger brother.
Daryl Ashwood Cousin
Aelinor Ashwood Cousin
Saethwyr Ashwood Cousin
Tiaryn Ashwood Recently wed to Saethwyr, goodcousin.


Squire Darek Boldt Squire to Captain Jac Caddock.
Ser Erik Jast Noble Knight, Sheriff of Highfield.
Sela Hill A scullery maid.

Political Relations

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Tanglewood Manor