Page 270: Honor and Dishonor
Honor and Dishonor
Summary: Lord Martyn tells Lord Patrek about the battles of Harlaw and Pyke and the parts Mallisters played in them… good and bad.
Date: 14/04/289
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Patrek Martyn 
Library — Seagard
Lots of books and some places to read them.
14 April 289

Meetings are a constant part of Lord Patrek's life, these days, what with armies returning and the rebuilding of Seagard constantly requiring one thing or another. But, as the sun begins to set of the day, the Lord of Seagard slips out of the council room with a soft sigh of relief and, after giving his sash a quick tug to straighten it, begins to make his way towards the Library.

Having spent some time with his parents and also spent a little time cleaning up since the journey back from the Isles, Martyn's steps have now taken him near the room that the Lord of Seagard just made his way out of. Spotting the young man, he makes his way over in that direction. "Cousin," he greets him, word spoken a bit softly now.

"Cousin Martyn," Patrek returns, offering the older Mallister a quick smile. "I was just on my way to the library, would you mind if we spoke there? After spending most of the day in the council room, looking at different walls would nice."

"I won't mind that," Martyn replies, offering a smile in return. "I must admit that I've missed the library. And having to be in there for most of the time, I can imagine a change of scenery would be quite nice." Moving to follow the younger man over to the library now.

Patrek nods, walking with Martyn down the corridor and up the stairs that lead, as promised, to Seagard's generous library. "Thank you for coming to see me. As you led our men on the islands, I wanted to speak with you first." The young Lord frowns faintly as he continues. "It's been implied to me that some of the actions of men under our banners, during the war, were less than honorable. I was wondering what you might know of such things, cousin."

Letting out a bit of a sigh as he hears those words, Martyn waits a few moment before he speaks. "The one thing that I think could have been seen as such, unless there's something that was done without me knowing about it, would be the one act that makes it possible for us to have this talk now." It's spoken a bit thoughtfully, and there's a bit of a grimace upon his face as he thinks back to the events he's speaking about. "When they put me in charge of the siege of the Grey Garden, I fear I made one big error of judgement. After trying to reason with Rogr Harlaw, the Lord of the place, I accepted his challenge to single combat, thinking that he was just looking for a honorable way out. It turns out he was a far better fighter than I anticipated. I lost the combat, but instead of letting the Harlaw Lord take my head, Ser Kamron interfered with the killing blow and got me back to our men…"

Patrek listens quietly, his expression intent. He nods a little, brows furrowing slightly as the tale goes on. "Do you mean to say Rogr Harlaw refused to honor your yield, or that Ser Kamron interrupted a duel in while no yield was called?" the young Mallister asks carefully.

"No yield was called," Martyn replies after a few moments of pause. Going silent for a few moments, he sighs a bit, "But there are…" A brief pause again, before he speaks again. "After that, the Harlaw sent out his entire forces, that they had hidden nearby, which enabled the counterattack to take much of the Grey Garden, leading to Lord Nayland being able to negotiate the surrender of the rest while I was…" He grimaces a bit now, "… indisposed."

"I see," Patrek murmurs, resting his hand on one of the library's tables and letting his finger trace the dark grains curled around lighter. "And did you speak to Ser Kamron, after? Was he censured for his… for what was done?"

Martyn nods a little bit, "I spoke to him. I might not have been as hard on him as I should, though. No matter if what he did was right or wrong, he saved my life." He goes silent again for a little while, before he speaks again. "But to balance the scales, what he did during the Siege of Pyke should be mentioned as well. That is, if you haven't heard it before, of course…"

"I have heard the barest of it," Patrek replies with a small smile, "but few details. If you witnessed it, cousin, will you tell me of the fight?"

"I was there, yes. We were fighting this group of Greyjoy and Harlaw men defending parts of one of the keeps there." Martyn begins, after a few moments of pause. "They were lead by Rodrik Greyjoy, with Ser Harras Harlaw there with him. Ser Kamron went straight for the Greyjoy, and despite taking some rather solid wounds, he wore the man down quite a bit before he went down, giving the rest of us time to clear out some of their warriors, so more of us could step in and assist in bringing down the Greyjoy man once and for all, after he had sent Ser Kamron to the ground." A brief smile, before he adds, "They gave him Rodrik Greyjoy's sword afterwards, and when the King held court following the surrender, Ser Kamron presented him with the sword as a token."

Patrek listens, a little wide-eyed for the tale, though he nods slowly at its conclusion. "That does sound well done, cousin, and I'm pleased to heard that it was Mallister men who felled him. It's fitting, as he was the one who led the assault on Seagard." And killed Jason Mallister, of course, though Patrek does not add this. "What advice would you offer me, on how I should receive Ser Kamron, considering both his actions in this war?"

Martyn nods a bit as he hears that first part. The question about advice makes him pause a bit, as he sighs a bit. "I'm not sure if I'm the best person to offer advice, given my… involvement with the events…" A brief pause, before he adds, "But if I have to give some kind of advice, it would be to let him know you've heard about both his actions, and then ask him to explain about his reasoning during… the events on Harlaw, before you decide on anything. Not the best of advice, I'm sure, but that's what I have…"

There is another small nod as Patrek considers these words and breathes out a small sigh. "Thank you, cousin. I appreciate your candor and I am pleased that you have returned home." He offers a faint smile. "That was the matter I wished to discuss. Is there anything you might like to speak on or ask of me, before dinner begins?"

"Thank you," Martyn replies, before he pauses for a few moments. "I understand that my sister is leaving for Terrick's Roost again one of these days? I was wondering if I could be one of those travelling with her, unless you need me for something around here at the moment?"

"Yes, she intends to depart in the morning," Patrek agrees with a nod. "And yes, cousin, if you should like to accompany her, you've my blessings to do so. You are recovered from your injuries? Should you seek out our maester before you go?"

Martyn nods a little bit. "I have recovered from my injuries," he replies after a few moments. "And thank you. It means a lot to me to be able to accompany her."

"The Terricks are our vassals and my dear friends, cousin," Patrek answers with another soft smile, "It means much to me that you wish to help them recover."

"It will be my pleasure and honor to help them," Martyn replies, with a bit of a smile. "On Harlaw, their men were some of those I could trust the most."

"I am pleased to hear it," Patrek commends. "I heard it was Ser Jarod Rivers who capture Harras Harlaw on the Pyke. Honors to both the Mallisters and the Terricks in that battle, it seems."

Martyn nods with a bit of a smile. "Indeed. Ser Jarod took him down quite effectively." There's another pause, before he glances around the room again for a few moments. "If there's nothing else, I should get some proper rest in preparation for the travelling in the morning."

"Of course, cousin, please do," Patrek says, straightening up properly, "and safe travels, tomorrow. Give my warm regards to Lord Jerold."

"Thank you, cousin. I will," Martyn replies, starting for the door. Pausing for a few moments just before he reaches the door. "And for what it's worth, I think you're doing a good job here…" And then, he moves through the door.