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Summary: A letter to Lord Gawen Westerling
Date: 03/05/2012
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A letter
3rd of May 289 A.L.

Lord Westerling,

I am sorry to write to you on such a matter as this, but certain actions over the recent days concerning a member of your household has given us in House Nayland pause. Since the recent victory against the Ironborn, a holding of ours — Stonebridge has been a hot bed of discussion and political manuevers by those who would see our house come to harm. Most recently, the rightful lordship of the former Tordane lands were sought by one Ser Gedeon Rivers, a bastard knight of some repute here in the riverlands. He was recently challenged by a member of our household to a judicial duel, and lost before the sight of the Seven and of men, and therefore his claim to stonebridge should be finished.

The only reason I write to you, is because in the wake of this duel, Lady Danae Westerling has claimed to have been married in secret to Ser Gedeon as well as claims to hold his child. We of House Nayland have it on great authority and with credible witness, that Lady Danae does lie, and was known to be in a relationship unbecoming of a Lady with a member of our House. We fear that perhaps she has been misguided and now only seeks to do us harm. And we do believe she acted outside of your house's wishes.

Our question to you, the most esteemed Lord of the Crag is, do you intend to support the secret marriage of Lady Danae to a known bastard and traitor- and thus do more damage to the relations between out houses than the Lady has managed to wreck thus far, or do you intend to push for annulment? We would hate for this to further strain our houses and affect any trade done through Stonebridge, and would like to become friends with house Westerling once more.

We await your answer and decision on the matter

Your Servant

Ser Rutger Nayland