Hoekenn Meikell Stenhammar
Drew Van Acker
Drew Van Acker as Hoekenn Meikell Stenhammar
name: Hoekenn Meikell Stenhammar
father: Karel Stenhammar
mother: Winessa Ports(deceased)
spouse: None
issue: None
gender: Male
age: 17
height: 5'11"
weight: 180 lbs
eyes: Sharp blue
hair: Light brown
honorific: Master
house: Nayland
position: Squire


The Start

Born to Karel Stenhammar and Winessa Ports. This during the period when Karel was still a squire, but the two of them were able to bring in Hoekenn to life and raised him. Though in his early years it was mostly his mother that took care and tended to him, while Karel tried to become a knight.

At a young age it was not easy to notice, but there were signs of him being quite reserved and not talking too much, even once he learned to talk. Though he did have a love for weapons as he was able to somehow land his hands on a knife which made his mother terrified that he would hurt himself, but he seemed to handle it nicely. Perhaps having watched his father use the sword in much the same manner. He can't have been more than five years old.

No More Mommy

While still young he lost his mother, which meant that Karel would have to look after him even more. Though his father is quite magnet of trouble so it was perhaps not one of the best upbringings for a boy. It did however give him more time to play with his knife, as his father didn't always have the time to watch over him. Some say a reckless and bad parent and that Hoekenn is lucky to be alive, while others feel bad for a man that is doing what he can.

Being a knight Karel wanted his son to become one as well, though a lot of traveling and so on had Hoekenn not having much time as a page, only serving as one for his own father. Though with this he also started to want to be able to read, wanting to know more about weapons.

Even through the training and wishes of his father Hoekenn had mostly weapons in focus. He could not really learn the other things as easily, but somehow weapons just did. More or less the only thing he knew and he always carries a knife. Has done so for quite some time.

On The Road

Living and traveling with his father had him needing to learn how to survive in the wild, and he did. More because he just had to. He lived like that, he knew how it was. And that kind of living sticks with one. So was riding. As he had wanted to learn to read and write it isn't until a bit later that an old man in a town he and his fater passed through who finally did teach Hoekenn a bit. He learned quite a bit, even though he and the man did not speak much.

As Karel was a trouble magnet Hoekenn did often try and help his father. Though weapons could not always be used, which did develope his stealth and hand-to-hand combat. Though he has never been one for long distance weapons, he has had to try.

Service To Nayland

For the last couple of years Karel has been a Nayland sworn sword. Which enabled him to be able to give his son a shot at being a squire. He was a page for a short time for the Naylands as well, but the last two years he has been a squire. However it does not seem that the every day workings of the squire will come easy to him, nor the interaction with the knight. But he will try, one will just have to wait and see if he will be able to break that stage to become a knight of if he will just wander as a warrior without a code.


Karel Stenhammar, his father.
Winessa Ports, his mother. deceased

Physical Features

A young man with thick brows and sharp clear blue eyes. He has a sort of sweet feeling over his face, though with a bit of wear from being on the road. A rather squared face with a big forehead. Strong cheekbones that has a rather flat jawline that ends in a wide rounded chin. Full lips cover his mouth. The upper lip having a bow in the middle and the corners of his mouth ends in upwards curls. Short messy hair crowns his head. In a rather light brown color.

A strong body that is quite ripped and proof of hard living and training. More than likely a couple of scars, though hidden under the clothes. His posture is great in turn to this. Even though he is indeed very well trained it seems more towards speed and agility rather than full out strength. Large triceps on an otherwise smaller arm but with wide and strong shoulders and neck. Even a great frame. Chest and stomach seeming to be of the same size, with the chest being just a bit wider.
Slim yet strong legs, with large calves.


If Everyone Cared - Nickelback
Brand New Day - Ryan Star
Creep - Radiohead

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