Page 330: Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek
Summary: Lady Lucienne seeks the truth regarding the returned horse's hide.
Date: 14/June/2012
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Pariston Lucienne 
Stables, Four Eagles Tower
Horsies. One is dead, obvs, and missing his innards.
14 June, 289.

The other horses Pariston and Einar found seem to have found their owners, the alive ones. Which leaves the hide that is left, lying in the stables it would seem. Pariston checks up on it once in a while, when he is to look to his own horse. Though there seem to have been new horses that some people brought in. Pariston has yet to check on those horses, no idea if they belonged to the ladies to begin with.
For now though it would seem as if he is tending to his own horse. It's still quite early in the morning so not lot of folks around. He already has his bow around his body and leather jerkin on. Though not riding his horse out it seems as he starts to move towards the exit after tending to his horse.

When new horses are to be found in the Terrick stables, the Lady Lucienne is never far. Though renowned for her late sleeping habits, she has been seen about a sight earlier since the kidnapping episode, and today is no different: she finds herself in the stables, calling Mistress Oliva's name as steps within. Her never-tiring guards are on her tail, and a weary handmaid rubs at her eyes in the light of early morn. Surprised to see someone's path intersecting with hers, Lucienne twists her chin to look slightly sidelong at Pariston, and enquires, "Is the Mistress Oliva in?"

Pariston looks towards the lady and her followers as he hear her call out for Mistress Olivia. As their path crosses and she asks him the question he shakes his head. "I do not think so, m'Lady. I have not met her though, so I can't really say." He admits, but he hasn't really seen many around at all. He looks to the guards as well as the handmaid before looking back to Lucienne. "Is there anything I could help with? Or do you need Mistress Olivia, or perhaps just a stablehand." He goes on, clearly he isn't one after all. Carrying bow and leather, doesn't really sound like a stablehand.

At his answer, the lady Luci studies the man before her carefully, narrowed eyes widening to match a smile that slowly grows in the interest of rapport. "Excuse me, master - I do not believe we've met prior. I am the Lady Lucienne Terrick, and I seek Mistress Oliva because… I'd heard that some horses have been returned to our stables. You wouldn't happen to know…" Anything? The arch of one shapely brow finishes her enquiry.

Pariston offers a bow to her as she offers her name. "Master Pariston Vis, in service of the Flints." He tells her, though he isn't much for honorifics so feel odd about calling himself master. "I helped bring in some. Heard there might be more that has come, but I do not know about those." He tells her, then shrugs. "The ones I brought in has been identified. Except for one… A hide…" He tells her, a bit sad at that. Really hoping that one wasn't hers.

"Master Vis," says Lucienne, dipping into a curtsy that is definitely not required by social mores. "May I thank you personally for your efforts? I should dearly hope my mount is with those brought in more recently, but if you'd be so kind…?" She gestures further within the stables, indicating that she might like to see the skin. "Just for peace of mind."

"You may, but it isn't necessary. I did what I could to help." Pariston tells her and offers a rather charming smile. As she goes on he nods and looks towards where the skin is before heading in that direction. Hoping that her horse is among those brought in recently. Moving to where the skin is.
As they do reach it he gestures with his hand to it. Some would say that it might be hers, but without knowing the horse well it is hard to tell. Though lady Lucienne should be able to tell if it is or not. So for now he stands and waits. The skin is showing as much as possible to let it be easier to identify.

"Hardworking and modest," Lucienne outlines, seemingly entranced by Pariston's smile. She and her handmaid follow along, the only sign of apprehension in the waver of the lady's own expression. When they reach the skin, laid out and quickly toughening, she looks for but a mere moment before switching her attention back to the master accompanying her. "Has anyone else come to look, do you know?"

"Well, I shouldn't be hitting on ladies like yourself." Pariston says, before catching himself and clearing his throat. Not really having been around a lot of nobles as of late, except for the Flints, which has him speak his mind a bit more. "Sorry…" Then the charming smile comes back. As for the question about the skin he shakes his head. "Not that I know of. And if they have I do not think they have been able to identify it." He offers back to her, trying to read her mood after seeing the skin. To try and make out if it is hers or not.

Lucienne clears her throat too, though she's clearly amused if the tight press at the corners of her smile speaks for her. "No, you shouldn't," she tells Pariston plainly. Any hint of playful quickly dissipates as he answers her question, and her mood is easily read as disappointed. Just in case, she prompts, "Are you sure, Master Vis?"

Pariston does spot the smile though as they playful atmosphere disappears there is a more serious look on Pariston's face. Shaking his head and looking a little worried as she seems disappointed. "None have identified it as far as I know." He tells her and taking a step closer, just in case she needs any comfort. He just can't stand and watch if she's sad, no matter if she is a noble or not. That's just how he is. A weak spot for women. "I'm sorry."

Lucienne peeks back at her faithful mount's hide one more time, just long enough to be sure. When she turns back to Pariston, her chin is held high and proud, and she blinks away a welling of tears and sniffs back the first threat of a sob. "Thank you, Master Vis," is her staunch response to the man's apology, though she tilts her head to soften what point there is in her tone. "Is there aught I might do for you, to repay your efforts?"

As she turns to him Pariston is looking right at her and trying to read her mood, which doesn't seem to hard even if she is trying to stay strong. At her question, he nods. "Let me find you a new horse. I hurts me to see that you do not have your horse with you any longer. It would ease my mind if I could do that." He tells her with a soft comforting smile. A glance towards his own horse. "I would offer Wayren, but he used to be my brother's. One of the only things I can remember him by. Well Wayren and also my brother's sword. So if I can't manage to find a horse suitable for you, I will still let you have Wayren. If you take good care of him." He goes on, hoping that he can at least give some comfort.

"I couldn't possibly," starts Lucienne, tears threatening worse at the generous offer. "You're very kind, Master Vis. So very kind. The Mistress Oliva is already looking, I believe. Perhaps, instead, you might join me for a ride sometime? Once I've found a new match, that is." She seems very small, looking up to the tall commoner, her voice matching her stature. "If there's anything else… you're not a Terrick man, are you?"

Pariston smiles and nods, "I understand. And of course, I would be honored to ride with you." He offers again and inclining his head to her. He tries to shrink down a bit to not seem to tall before her, though that isn't all too easy to do. "No I am not. A Flint." He explains, though he does wonder why she changed her words mid sentence. "I think a ride with you would be reward enough, I am sure." He tells her and keeps smiling at her, trying to lift her spirits.

The mention of Flint sees a small smile returning to Luci's face, and she nods a few times in succession. "I am familiar with the Lady Tiaryn Flint, a lady of utmost quality. Perhaps she might like to join us, for I have heard of her horsemanship?" Instead of poor Ticker's skin, she shifts a look to one of the nearby stalls, where a placid mare chews languidly on her feed. "If you should think it enough, I would be honoured to ride with you, Master Vis. Be warned, though, I am no meek maiden in the saddle; I can boast races won against all the Terrick lords." Perhaps his efforts are not in vain, for the lady's spirits seem a touch better, and she smirks.

Pariston smiles as well as he sees her smile, nodding about lady Tiaryn. "Indeed. I usually serve as her guard." He admits, following her eyes as she looks over to the mare. "That one looks nice." He offers about the mare, wanting to ask about the dead horse's name. But does not want to bring Luci's mood down after just having brought it up. "If you had not been noble I might have asked for a whole day with you. But that does not seem like a proper request." He tells her and grins at that. Though about being quite good at riding makes him chuckle. "I have no doubt about that. I will see if I can match you." He offers in return and is quite glad to see her seeming a bit better.

Lucienne tilts her head one way, then the other, sizing up the mare. "She's not terrible," the lady says, noncommittal. "She's no Ticker. I need a mount with some fire, but proper enough for a lady." Not an easy find, obviously. Turning her attention back to Pariston, Luci dips her chin. "If you would have a day, I would grant it. I shall be accompanied properly, Master Vis, you need not worry for propriety's sake. For the moment, though, I should return to the castle to break my fast. Shall I find you through the Lady Tiaryn, then? If nothing else, I am a woman of my word."

Pariston grins and ndos, "I keep telling you, Wayren." This time meant more as a tease though. Though as she does agree to his terms he is a bit surprised, even if she would hape people around and all that. "Yeah, feel free to do so. Lady Tiaryn should know where I am." He tells her, and actually has quite a surprised look on his face. "I have no doubt about that. I just wasn't expecting it was all." He admits, and he doesn't look quite as confidence now. Though he does flash his charmful smile before she leaves. "Have a good day then."

Does Lucienne look pleased to have caught Pariston by surprise? It's a fine line, but he may be able to read it on her features. "You have my utmost thanks for your help, Master Vis," repeats the lady, dipping into another shallow, needless curtsy. "I shall look forward to our day riding." That serves as her farewell, and even as she turns on her heels to depart the stables her handmaid rushes up to her side, eager to gossip.
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Pariston does even blink at that, though does catch the slight look of being pleased, on the lady. "Of course, my Lady. And I will be looking forward to it as well." He offers and chuckles low to himself as he watches her leave. Watching until they disappear out of sight and then he shakes his head and heads away in his own direction.