Heronhurst Keep at Heronhurst
Ruling House: Erenford
Wealth: Moderate
Population: 2000
Fortification: Heronhurst Keep
Knights: 20
Men At Arms: 30
Primary Revenue: Agriculture
the arms of House Erenford

Heronhurst has a population of around 2000 citizens. The people of Heronhurst have a reputation as being hard-working and proud. Most are occupied in the the agricultural production that drives the economy. Erenford rule has been relatively popular, with low levels of banditry and lawlessness.

The soil upon the land rich and productive from the raising water levels at certain parts of the year. In addition to the livestock many keep (cows, sheep, chickens and pigs), there are also various types of crops produced. Despite their rural and agricultural lifestyle, through their trade arrangements, Heronhurst is considered to have Moderate wealth in regards to other noble lands.

Heron's Landing

Outside the town proper, along the river's edge, is the well known establishment of Heron's Landing. Many riverfront docks allow for the numerous boats and skiffs headed down river to stop and transfer their goods to Erenford's vessels. It is from this point that the goods will be transported further down river upon these vessels and the boats from those who came from up river will be towed back up by an Erenford oxen team. In a sense, the Erenford act as a middleman involved in the trade along the river. Heron's landing also houses all the Erenford's fishing boats, their large stables of oxen and wagons and the well known tavern and inn that many traders frequent before returning home: The Riverwalk.