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Here to help
Summary: A small party of Flints arrive at the Roost and are met by Martyn and Nathaniel.
Date: 06/Oct/2012
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Town Square, Terrick's Roost
The town square of Terrick's Roost was once considered well-kept. The stone streets run right up to the building fronts around the edge and the locals have kept the spaces between free of grass and weeds that might otherwise sprung up between them, although dark streaks of stubborn soot have crawled in between the stones. There are several homes and shops located here which show the scars and cinders of the sacking of the town at Ironborn hands. The ruin of the town's Sept can also be seen from here with its ornate stone front rising above the surrounding structures just down the cobblestone road.
Sat Oct 06, 289

It is not too long a ride to the Roost from Highfield though it seems that the small Flint party that is now entering the town has not stopped to enjoy what sights there are. Einar is at he head, his horse trying to suggest to him that it wants a drink from the trough outside the inn. The young man has a determined look on his face but he'll give the beast a few moments to rehydrate itself before continuing on.

Arriving in the Roost with Einar heading the way, Pariston is astride his horse, holding the reins with Kaelea behind, her bright red hair gathered in a simple plait for the trip. When the horses spy the water trough and walk over to take advantage, Kaelea takes a moment to look around the town she has always called home. A bit of homesickness seeps in, but she does her best to disguise it with taking a breath of fresh air and a glance down to the horse as it drinks. Lifting her head, she looks towards the area that her parents grew up in.

Making his way into the square from the direction of the marketplace, Martyn is humming a bit to himself as he looks around. Pausing for a few moments as he sees the Flint party, he looks around for a few moments, before he starts making his way in their general direction, offering a half-wave in their direction.

Pariston sits and looks around. Alert as usual. First glancing over to Kaelea. Checking on her. Knowing her connection and so forth. Then he does spot the Mallister. Gesturing towards him and offering a sitting bow with his head. "Ser Martyn."

Einar had been intending to ride up to the tower, but with Martyn's arrival he figures that getting a heads up on the situation as it stands won't hurt. ALl he has to go on is the stories that have reached the Charlton seat after all. Dismounting, but keeping hold of the reins he returns the man's wave with a slight inclination of his head and a friendly, "Ser Martyn, it is good to see a familiar face so soon after arrival."

Kaelea is doing just fine on the horse, though when Paris looks at her, she offers a smile. Yes, she's fine being home again too. When the Mallister arrives, he catches her attention as well, she offers him a bow of her head also, but says nothing.

Martyn offers a bit of a smile, "Lord Einar, Master Vis. Miss…" Realizing he's forgotten the woman's name now. "What brings you folks to the Roost?" Sounding a bit curious as he studies them for a few moments. "And no matter what the reason is, I hope you had an uneventful trip?"

"Mistress Steel," Einar completes by way of introduction from Martyn. Rae still seemingly wants more to drink so he happily answers the questions asked. "Uneventful yes, although I will admit that we did not linger upon the road. Word spreads though, as it always does, and we're here to offer what help we can with the hunt for Lord Jascen, until we're needed elsewhere at least."

Pariston looks to Martyn, "To help." He offers and let Einar clarify. Looking to Kaelea again. "I could take her in to rest and return to you after." He suggests to Einar. As the trip is still a long enough trip. And it would probably be getting late around now any how. Late evening most likely.

"I see. I'm sure Ser Justin would really appreciate your help in the hunt for his brother." Martyn offers that with a bit of a smile, as he looks between them. "We all do, I'm sure."

Einar nods to Pariston and then glances to the Inn in front of them. "A good idea. If you can sort us rooms then I'll join you when I may." Turning back to Martyn he asks, "DO you think Lord Justin will still be about, or am I best sending work up to the tower tonight to announce or arrival and heading up in person to see him tomorrow?" He thinks for a moment before then adding, "also, if it's not an imposition, would you mind filling in the details? Maybe over a beer? All we have to go on is a few scattered stories that have reached north of here and all they seem to agree on is that the Young Lord is not yet found."

The hour might be late, but some still travel at this hour. Nathaniel is one such person, although on this occasion he is walking, and leading his dark chocolate mare along Roost Lane. The horse does have a rider. The young man walks slowly, and often glances up to the rider as if to assure himself. They come into the square, which has better lighting, and anyone watching can see that the rider is a young blonde girl wearing a dress of pale peach color and holding a small bundle in her arms. At this rate, several minutes pass while he leads the horse to the hitching post by the inn. There, he ties his horse to the post before reaching to aid the girl in dismounting from the horse while she still clutches her bundle. He bows to her and they exchange brief greetings before she ventures into the inn, and he turns his eyes to look over the square again, and allow himself to register people who were not his concern at first. He slowly approaches the group, bowing to them. When he sees Kaelea, a broad, warm grin spreads across his face. However, he does not speak to her, noticing that she seems to be focusing on Pariston while he escorts her to the inn.

Martyn nods a little bit as he hears that. "I'm not sure if he's about or not, I must admit." A brief pause, before he adds, "And I don't know too much about what happened either. I was off with my family visiting Heronhurst when it happened, I believe."

At Nathaniel's arrival in the square Einar glances briefly over, but since he and the lass on his horse seem to be about their own business he thinks no more on the man. When he then approaches again he returns the bow with a nod, not missing the mans smile to Kaelea. "Good evening Master," he offers, not really being able to place them man. Martyn is given an understanding nod, "I may go enquire up that way shortly then. It's an excuse to strech my legs after the ride if nothing else."

Nathaniel straightens from his bow. "Good evening lords," he greets while he settles the dark gray cloak, which the girl returned to him by the door of the inn, over his shoulders. He recognizes only one of them, and so he turns to Martyn to enquire, "Is all well here, lord?"

Pariston offers a smile to Nathaniel as he passes the man, "Master Nathaniel Corbitt." Perhaps informing Einar who it is as well. Then disappearing inside.
It does take several minutes until things are set inside but Pariston does return outside again looking just as calm as usual. Smiling to the men. "It's all set my lord." He offers before falling silent again.

"Always a good excuse for something like that," Martyn offers to Einar, with a bit of a grin. A brief pause as he looks to Nathaniel. "All is well, Master Corbitt. Seems these people have come to help with the search for Young Lord Jacsen."

Einar smiles as Pariston announces they have rooms and gives the man an appreciative nod, "Thank you." Nodding in agreemnt to Martyne he then introduces himself to the new comer, "I am Einar Flint and you may or may not already know Master VIs here. He happens to be just the best tracker in the whole of Westeros so we're here to volunteer a few days at least to aid Lord Justin in the search for his brother. I was infact, just discussing with Ser Martyn here if your Lord Sheriff would still be up and about at this time so we could announce our arrival."

Nathaniel glances over his shoulder toward the door o the inn, and nods to Pariston when the man rejoins the group. "I am a courier for the Terricks, lord. If you wish to stay here in town, I will convey any greetings that you wish to him by first light."

Pariston grins at Einar's words, as he caught them just as he returned. Not at all getting quite a reputation to live up to. Though he doesn't speak. Only offering a bit of a bow to them all. Keeping silent while putting himself next to Einar. "Me and master Nathaniel know one another well enough." He explains with a bit of a smile.

Martyn nods a little bit as he listens to what's being said, keeping quiet for the moment as he listens.

Einar considers that for a moment then nods briefly to Nathaniel, "Is that so Master Corbitt? In that case I would take it as a kindness if you could let Lord Justin know that myself and Master Vis are here to assist as we may and that we can be found either here at the inn, or can meet him up in the keep if that is easier for him. I can appreciate that he must be a busy man at the moment." Pariston gets a brief nod at that information, useful to know.

Nathaniel bows once more. "I will be glad to deliver such tidings, lord. I know that patrols are still out and various searches are ongoing. Lord Ser Justin is very busy but I am sure that he will make time for those who offer such help as you do." He nods to Paristan, and adds, "I am glad to see you and Mistress Kaelea here as well, master. Please, give her my warm regards and best wishes."

Pariston nods as he glances between the man. Keeping silent until Nathaniel addresses him about Kaelea. "I will, master Corbitt. I am sure she will be happy to talk more to you after she is rested." He tells the other man before being silent again. Just looking between the men. Perhaps a bit eager to help and track. Or perhaps more eager to get it over and done with. Who knows.

"I hope that with your help, we should be able to find Lord Jacsen," Martyn offers after a few moments of pause, with a bit of a smile now.

Einar reaches into his coin pouch and passes Nathaniela reasonable coin for the services rendered. "Thank you then," he offers before turning back to Martyn "How goes the repairs at Seagard? The repairs here I can see with my own eyes but has been months now since I was down that far south."

Nathaniel blinks when Einar digs into his pouch and then offers to pay for delivery of the message. His face, even in this light, shows that he is debating internally, but then he opens his hand to receive the coin. "I am a retainer, lord, and honestly would not expect payment from a guest for my services. It is hospitality. However, because you insist, I will use the money to help someone who does need such kindness." Once he has the coin, he glances at his palm to note the amount for later before he drops it into his own pouch. Later, he will use it to buy food for some family in the Roost who is in need. The town has enough of those.

Pariston let Einar and Nathaniel take care of their business, instead looking to Martyn. "We will find him. Hopefully soon. If we have any leads at all it will make things a lot easier. A location and time so we know how long it has been and where he was when he was last seen. Hopefully it will create some frame. Then we just need to know a bit more about who took him. Hopefully tracks aren't gone yet." He continues to ramble on a bit about how to track down the heir. "Apologies, No need to speak for now. Better to actually be there."

"All in all, it's going rather well, Lord Einar," Martyn replies with a bit of a smile. "Slower than some would have hoped, but rather well." He then nods a little bit at Pariston's words. "I'm sure this mystery will be solved."

Einar 'ahs' as Nathaniel explains, he had assumed the man was self-employed as it were. "In that case then Master, yes, use it as you see fit." House Flint may not be the richest house, but they didn't have their lands decimated. He smiles as Pariston speaks then nods in agreement to the man. "I'm hoping that Lord Justin will be able to fill in a lot of what we don't yet know when we get a chance to speak." A nod and another smile are then directed to Martyn, "I am glad to hear that, I would like to one day se it when it stands as it should I think."

Nathaniel bows and assures, "It will keep a family, or several, from starving tomorrow, lord." Then he falls silent, content to watch and listen for a while.

Pariston nods to Martyn, both about the mystery being solved as well as for Seagard. It's been awhile since he was there as well. Not that it was a bad memory. He did win a nice prize after all. Looking to Einar as there is another nod, "Hopefully he will." Lastly he glances to Nathaniel. "Anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask. After I track that is." Needing to find the heir first.

Martyn nods a little bit, "I hope you will." It's offered with a bit of a smile, before he adds, "How goes things at Highfield? The last time I was there it looked a bit like Lady Cherise was… losing her mind."

Einar nods to Nathaniel's reply but most of his attention is taken up by Martyn. "I don't think I can tell you anything new on that score I'm afraid," he admits, "With Lady Cordelya's advanced condition, and now the arrival of Lord Anders sister, I have had little time spare with the Charltons themselves."

Nathaniel incense his head to Pariston, and he encourages, "if you have time before the meeting with Lord Justin, and are inclined to hunt game, even small animals, that would be most welcome, and I will be glad to work with you to see that the meat goes to families who are in great need. I have a bargain with the leatherworker to make shoes from the hides for our children who will need them in the winter." His eyebrows quirk when Martyn hints at Cherise's mental state, and then he frowns when Einar seems to confirm that things among the Charltons look grim.

Pariston nods along with Einar's words, "Things are a bit hectic. Though hopefully it all turns out nicely. Lady Cherise just need time." He offers and smiles a bit. As for helping, he nods to Nathaniel. "I would if there were time. Though I think it will have to wait for now. But when I can I will be there to help. I can even skin them and send the hide." He suggests. Though for now he will focus on his main objective.

It seems that Einar's horse has finally decided that it's had enough water and now turns it's head to nudge him. Possibly it's just the reminder he needed as he then turns to address both Nathaniel and Martyn. "If you'll excuse me Ser, Master, I should probably see this beast here stabled and fed before it gets much later than it already is. Good night to you both, and I hope that tomorrow will be productive for all." Since Pariston seems engaged in his own conversation he leaves the other man to sort his own horse as and when he is ready and makes for the inn stables himself.