Page 128: Herbs to Avoid
Herbs to Avoid
Summary: Senna encounters Gedeon and Alek in the market at Riverrun.
Date: 20/11/2011
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Marketplace — Riverrun
A lively marketplace.
November 20, 288

The market at Riverrun has seen good business in the last few weeks, with Nayland, Terrick, and Mallister retinues filling out the castle. That and its central location have meant there are a number of unusual things passing through the marketplace of late. Senna is glad to take advantage of the change in location, as she always is, and lingers near a tent selling various herbs and greenery, a small basket hooked over her elbow. "That's an outrageous price, and you know it," she points out to the merchant at the stall. "I could go out the banks myself and gather it for nothing tomorrow morning."

In Riverrun for important matters, there's still always a bit of time to explore and watch the locals in their native habitat. So, Gedeon Rivers drifts through the bustle of people as he wanders though the marketplace. He pauses, to, at the stand selling greens and herbs, though it's likely the flowering plants that have his attention more than any medicinal grinds. Still, a feminine protest beside him has the blond knight turning his head and blinking at Senna in mild confusion. "I know you…" he muses.

"Honestly, I couldn't pay you more than it would cost to launder my clothing after the trip," Senna concedes to the merchant, though she's distracted from her dickering by Gedeon's words. She pauses, a smile touching one corner of her lips. "I should hope so, Ser," she agrees, amusement rich in her voice. "I rode here with your party. And I believe you interrupted a conversation I was having with Ser Coope at one point, as well."

Gedeon's eyes squint a wee bit as he tries to recall which conversation or, just as possibly which female was hanging off of him at the time. But the face saps together with an unexpected punch, and blue eyes widen slightly. "Ah," he responds with a snap of his fingers. "Yes, I suppose I did at that. Well. Hello, again."

"The one where you punched him," Senna starts to provide, only to laugh at the snap of his fingers. "Yes, that one. I suppose 'the girl with Ser Coope' is a rather broad descriptor at times, isn't it?" She brushes her fingers over a few other herbs on the table, arching a brow at one particular bundle before turning her attention back to Gedeon. "My apologies, Ser," she adds, stepping back to sketch a graceful sort of curtsey. "I should introduce myself. Senna Delacourt. A pleasure to meet you more properly."

The pair are standing at a booth in the marketplace at Riverrun, one that carries various herbs, compounds, spices, and fresh plants.

Does it carry wine? Alek isn't going to show up without a liquor incentive of some kind.

There is a wine stall conveniently located directly next to it!

"I'm afraid it is a little," Gedeon admits ruefully, a corner of his mouth lifting in a smile. For Senna's curtsy, Gedeon offers a proper bow. "How good to meet again under less fractous circumstances. I'm Ser Gedeon Rivers, sworn to Oldstones and a friend of Ser Alek's."

"Mmmm. And at the heart of the reason we're all here, no less," Senna replies with a small, crooked smile. She brushes her fingers through the leaves on a particular bundle of plants, then on another of the same type, apparently finding the second more suitable. "The linchpin of so very many plans and plots." She glances over his shoulder, then back to the knight with a conspiratorial smile. "Not actually walking alone, are you?"

"Ah, well…" Gedeon murmurs, looking a bit abashed as he is so dubbed. Pale cheeks even go a bit pink, and he clears his throat and glances over to the plant that has Senna's fingers' attention. "What is that, anyhow?" he asks, "and no, I'm not alone. Your companion the Blacksword is also about. Somewhere. Wherever they're selling wine, I'd expect."

Yes, so don't think of killing him, Senna. Alek will be very upset, over at the next stall where he barters lazily over a cask of wine, smiling crooked charm at the wine merchant who sells to him. He leans against all that wood, speaking low tones as he carefully keeps an eye to make sure there is no one within any range to hear it.

"Foxglove," Senna answers Gedeon's question first, pensive. "Not terribly common around, but it isn't commonly used, either. It's good for problems of the heart, but only in the smallest doses, and only when prepared appropriately. And only for arrthymias or signs of heart /strain/." Looking up, she twists a faint smile. "So if you happen to see anyone trying to give it to you, they are not your friend." She reaches for some yellow blooms then, holding them up. "These, though, are arnica. Very good for bruises or stiff muscles when added to creams. No need to fear these."

"So, someone who gives me arnica may well be my friend. Or, at least, is not currently and actively trying to kill me," Gedeon surmises, reaching a finger out to lightly touch the yellow blooms. "I shall remember about the foxglove, thank you Mistress Delacourt."

"Certainly," Senna replies comfortably, plucking up another bundle of arnica. "It's quite useful, actually. And easy to sell the cream. You can always find someone who wants to be in less pain. Knights and caravan guards in particular."

"Staying alive does tend to be more likely if your sword arm isn't smarting," Gedeon chuckles. "I've no skill with such things myself, but Oldstones has a clever castellan. Perhaps she'll know how to prepare it if I bring some back to her."

"Worth a try," Senna agrees with a small smile, pausing to pass a few coins to the merchant and plucking up a few more bundles. "Though if there's likely to be a certain amount of business at Oldstones, I think I could see my way to travelling through myself every now and then." She twists enough to look past Gedeon toward Alek, amusement touching one corner of her lips. "I don't suppose there would be too much protest."

Gedeon follows Senna's gaze and chuckles softly. "No, likely not," he agrees with a small smirk, "and perhaps when ou return home you'll carry word that Oldstones is worth a visit for its fine leather and hides."

"Fine leather?" Senna echoes with an arch of her brow. "That would be worth the trip indeed. I could use a new pair of boots, at the least." She reaches up to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear, considering the young knight. "But do you think you'll be going back to Oldstones? Or will it be Stonebridge for you?"

"I suppose, at this point, only the Lord Paramount can say," Gedeon answers with a small, wistful sigh, "but I expect, no matter what comes, I will return to Oldstones, even if only to say farewell to those I care for, there."

"No great plans?" Senna asks, starting toward the wine stall where Alek waits. "No grand dreams?" A smile warms her features as she shakes her head. "It doesn't do to aim so high and not think it all the way through, good ser," she murmurs. "Success is born from planning, not from dreaming. And either way, you seem to be running low on time."