Page 158: Herbal Remedies
Herbal Remedies
Summary: Damara finds aid in Aubra for making a sleeping drought and Nares declines aid.
Date: 21 Dec 2011
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Herbalist than than the Rockcliff
December 21, 288

"Hmm. Yes…yeeeeesssss." Mutters an elderly woman with multicoloured eyes. "Well yes, this'll do wonderfully." Plucking it down from the wall, she gives the herb a little smell. "This will do me very well." The elderly woman, Aubra, clutches it in her hand as she continues to putter around the shop. "You could be a little better stocked, though, you could! Wider variety of plants!" Aubra shoots a glance to the person working here. "But what can you expect from herbalist shops today. Nothing of great value, that's certainly true!" She certainly hasn't made a friend of this shop, despite the fact that she frequents it quite often.

The middle aged woman watches Aubra and huffs, turning to go work out the hanging out her most recent crop. The woman that enters, hesitates at the door and lets it close behind her. Damara is dressed in a simple blouse and pants, her jerkin left to something less decorative. The heavy scent of earth and herbs washes over her and she takes her time, gazing over the jars on the shelves, the hanging herbs from the weighted rafters. She lifts her hand to brush at a few but it is of passing knowledge that she studies. She starts to head for the owner. "Excuse me…miss."

Ignoring the huffiness of the woman, Aubra gazes at a dried, yellowish flower. "Ha! I doubt that would cure a dog of a nosedrip!" She points to the flower, looking at the woman who works here. "Are you sure you know what you're doing? I'm always amazed that you still have plants here that aren't even useful for tea!" She shakes her head mournfully, an annoyed look shot at the working woman. There's a glance thrown at Damara. "Don't bother with her! I doubt she'd be able to help you with whatever you need!"

The woman who owns the shop just glares openly at Aubra and than begins to mutter beneath her breath, looking to Damara for a moment before she takes her basket and disappears behind a tattered curtain to a back room. That leaves the mistress in the rather outward presence of the elder woman. She hesitates and than turns to face Aubra, "Well then perhaps you would be willing to help me…" She takes a step closer, though getting a look at the older woman makes her shiver some. So strange. "I need something to help me sleep at night…I am finding myself restless."

"Yes. Go on. Maybe go study your plants a little more and then come back when you know what to do with lilac." Aubra lets out a tiny cackle. Turning her attention back to Damara, she nods her head ever so slightly. "Sleep problems, hmm? Yeeeessss. Well, we can cure that. You say you're restless? Do you have plenty on your mind? To much going on up there to get to sleep? Or do you just find yourself staring up, mind with nothing in it, but you still have bounds of energy? Hmm?"

"Both …but to be honest, my mind wanders in many different directions and it keeps me awake. I need to still it's thoughts, it does me no good anyways." The mistress ends with a wan smile and looks over some of the herbs the woman has and lifts her hands. "Let me carry that for you, at least while you shop, as a thanks for your help." She nods to the elder woman a moment, than considers in silence. "But anything to get me to rest, but not something to steal my complete senses.."

Aubra hands the plants she has been holding over to Damara with a curt nod. "I could use the hands to figure out which plant would be best for you, anyway." It's as if she's saying, 'I could have done it anyway, but it's appreciated.' She scratches under her white eye as she looks around the room. "Something to to allow you rest but not dull the senses enough to make you lost to your wits. Hmm. Lucky for you, I've been doing this for a long time. Much longer than Miss I'm-Going-To-Leave-Now!" She snorts. "Do you have any dislike of any plants in particular?"

"Not in my knowledge…" Damara answers the question, "But I suppose there is a first for everything….my knowledge is limited at best when concerning herbs, I know most of the common ones. Burdock and so forth.." She hesitates and than smiles. "But of course burdock will do nothing for me, that I know." She looks back over her shoulder at the curtain and the back room she does not see. "I understand that also..whatever you suggest will make me groggy…but I do not wish to be wholly without movement."

"Well…" Aubra takes a purple and green plant off one of the tables. "You'll want the leaves from this…" She mutters. "The flowers from this one…" She picks up a redish yellow flower. "And, finally, this." She picks up a brown herb that has been crushed up and put in a little container. "You may wish to mix these all together in small doses and steep them to make a tea. That tea shall make you tired, but not make you entirely incapable of doing anything."

Watching what she does, Damara tilts her head and looks from the woman to the herbs as she plucks them. "I see…will it ease my thoughts than? Or will they still make it hard for me to sleep despite the tea?" She bites at her lip a moment, trying to place each of the plants and falls short in knowing them. She nods her head though, as if willingly accepting the combination.

Indicating the reddish yellow flower, Aubra says, "This is Hill Lotus. It will calm your mind." To the purple green plant she says, "This is Coleus. It give you the feeling of being tired, but not so tired as to overwhelm you or your senses." To the final, brown herb she says, "This is basil leaf. It will just add better flavour to it all. You'll need not worry about your mind being full of thoughts. If you would like, I could even prepare the tea for you. Or, I could give you the instructions of how to properly prepare it."

Listening as best she can, there is a nod of her head to each, attempting to memorize it. Damara faintly smiles, "Instructions if you would..that way I can recreate it at my need. Which may be often in for some time." The mistress states and than looks to what she carries for Aubra. "I would think a months supply would suit me for now, if you think there is enough here for such a task. I will purchase it all and take your instructions with a great appreciations."

Looking at the supplies she holds in her hands, Aubra takes a moment of consideration. "Well…it really depends on how often you intend on making this tea for yourself. If it is every night in which you intend to take it, than you would do well to have these supplies doubled for a monthly supply. However, if it not every night you wish to make the tea, then I would suggest merely buying what I have pickout so far, and then returning later when you need some more."

"For now, let us assume I shall have it every night…" Damara says after some thought. "Is there enough in supply at this shop for that or am I blissfully hopeful in that regard, madam?" She proposes, her gaze shifting up to the coleus, which by her thought doesn't seem to be enough - though she could be wrong. She shifts the items she carries, lifting her hand to brush over the hanging herbs.

Aubra stepping toward the counter, she places the items in her hands down on said counter and moves to collect more of the items. "There is enough…for now. Lucky for you, she does seem competent enough to keep her stores here well stocked. If they weren't, many of us would be forced to go out into the wilderness in search of our supplies, and some plants are quite difficult to find!" She mutters in an annoyed tone. "Do you travel often, young miss? Or do you tend to stay in one place?"

Damara follows after the elder woman, carrying Aubra's goods in her hands as the doddy old thing begins to put together a sleeping drought for her tea. Ther is something she has said that makes the mistress smile some, a rueful look to her gaze. "I suppose I am then…lucky that is. Thank you for your help." At the question about her traveling, she hesitates, "I am from Tall Oaks, so I travel as my Lords travel as of late. Which is quite often when before it was never at all. So as to answer that, I am uncertain." She admits and than sets the woman's things down on the counter.

"Lucky as a horse at a river, you certainly are!" Aubra murmurs. "A lot more lucky than the Drowned God in a meeting with the Old Crone, anyway." She collects the extra bits of plants that Damara needs, making sure the younger lady knows where they are located in the store. "Hah! I'm glad I get to stay around more often these days. I used to have to travel around with those young Terricks, I did. Hmph. Never travel with children, I warn you now!" She shakes her head ruefully.

Nares has decided that despite everything, he's fed up of being parted from his second favourite possession and has, as such, started wearing his mail again. It's not exactly the most comfortable experience ever, but it feels like an amputated limb has been returned. As he sticks his head into the herbalists, he's actually hoping to get hold of something to help with that, knowing full well that the Terrick's Maester would just attempt to give him a lecture if he went there. Catching sight of other people there though he pauses, and almost starts to back out again, but then he catches a part of what the unknown older women says and stays, curious to know why she's speaking of his God.

At the mention of the Drowned God, Damara lifts a brow but does not comment on it. "Traveling with children…" There is a laugh, "I have not done that for five years…and I do not think I shall ever again." Perhaps that is a lament but it is hidden as she reaches over to help with the bunches that the woman is gathering for her benefit. As her head tilts, her lips parting to ask another question, she catches the movement of Nares lingering and turns to face him a bit more. "Captain.." She says with a dip of her head and than looks to the elder next to her. "How are you today?" She asks of him.

"The only reason I mentioned the travelling before is that if you travelled, though, is so that you could assure you're well stocked before leaving. Don't want to find yourself without supplies when inbetween two places!" Aubra twitches her nose and looks about. "And who is this young man? Captain? And I thought I knew all the handsome young men around who were captains!" The old woman cackles, turning her attention back to supplies.

Nares returns Damara's nod with a brief one of his own. "I'm fine," he replies in answer to her question. Although it's quite obviously a quick and automatic reply, rather than one he's actually taken time to think out. "I had heard your party had left?" he asks though, "or are you now just stocking up for the ride back to Tall Oaks?" As for Aubra, well, she gets a closer look for a moment or two before he makes reply with a faint smile, "That may be because I am not from around here." How true that, his accent gives him away easily enough, but he's still trying to place her's.

"I am lingering in the Lady Liliana's company. It seems the lords have had ..a need to return swiftly. I am stocking up for my benefit. I have had the help in finding some herbs for my tea." Damara looks to that of Aubra, not knowing her name of yet. THere is a bemused smile on her lips and the mistress supplies. "That he is not. He is the companion of the Lady Harlaw. The ambassador from the Iron Isles." She continues to help as needed in supplying the herbs in piles. "Is there something you have need of?" She asks him, casting a glance is way.

"No, by the sounds of it, you're certainly not from around here, young man!" Aubra turns to face him once more, her multicoloured eyes gazing toward him, looking him over with a little bit of scrutiny. "Aha! With Kate, are ya? I mean, the Lady Harlaw. Excuse my not using proper titles for a moment there." She tilts her head. "The Iron Isles. I lived there for a while. A few years in my younger days. Lots of talking about the Drowned God and the Storm God and fighting and harsh behaviour toward others." She pauses for a moment before saying, "You folk are alright in my opinion." She cackles.

Nares grins slightly in fond remembrance as Damara describes him as Kate 'companion'. Good times. He nods in all the appropriate places at her explanation for still being around but avoids answer her direct question but turning his attention instead to the older woman. Agreeing with her summation in most parts he nods then adds briefly, "You forgot about the ale…" He certainly considers it to be better than the riverland ale he's had since landing, but then, that may just be him. "Which island?" he asks, the whole place not really being known for it's visitor numbers. Well, voluntary ones anyway.

At the elder's response, there is a crooked grin on her lips. "Quite the traveling…" She murmurs and then looks to the Captain again, she falls to silence, having little knowledge of the islands herself. She snaps off a bit of the coleus leaf and lifts it, taking a deep breath to inhale the scent. She sets it back down as the owner of the shop steps out from the back again, herbs tied in bundles now as she glares at the old woman and then stares for a long moment at the other two before nodding her head and going to begin hanging the new stock.

Moving and places what items she has in her arms down on the counter, glaring back at the shop owner, Aubra takes her own items from Damara and places some coins down on the counter as payment. "Ha. The ale. Ale is a might bit stronger over there, it is! Not that you'd've found me complaining none!" She chuckles and shakes her head. "I was Pyke. Those were some interesting days, they were." She sighs softly. "Alas, I've got to head off. I must be over to help m'lords and ladies." She glances between Damara and Nares. "Should either of you be in need of a proper herbalist, be sure to seek me out. I am Aubra Leetdan, in the service of the Terricks."

"Can't say I ever spent too much time at Pyke," Nares admits, "sailed past it more than a few times though." He seems amused by the directness of her introduction, apparently the Iron Islands have rubbed off a bit onto this particular Riverborn. "A good day to you then," he offers in a friendly enough, before remembering he hasn't actually introduced himself yet, "Asvard Nares, in the service of Lord Harlaw."

As the herbs of her own are arrayed before her, Damara lifts a brow and then grins. "Thank you." She reaches out to gather up the three herbs and move them. "Could I have these packaged and ready for travel?" She asks of the owner who seems to be glad that Aubra is leaving. The mistress starts to dig for coin from her pouch, pulling a few free and rubbing them between her fingers to set them out as the three are rolled in burlap and then moved to a sack. "I shall look to you should the tea need to be strengthened.." She adds to Aubra, "But I am sure it will serve."

Nares steps aside from where he is still loitering in the doorway to let Aubra exit the shop then turns back to Damara. "You're leaving today then? Is there trouble at home that causes such a rush, or is it simply that business here is complete?" It's said conversationally, rather than as an interrogation, but he is curious. "I'm sure Kate will be sorry to see you go." Both 'you' as in Damara and as in the Camdens in general he thinks.

Turning from the packaging of her chosen goods, Damara lifts a brow before saying rather simply, "Of that I am not certain actually. Seems the lords like to travel back and forth a lot lately and some times…I just don't have the chance to keep up. I thought perhaps I might stay, keep the Lady Liliana company along with Kate, if she would like. She has been giving me a few lessons with my blade, which is not enough as it is. I admit…I am a sorry sight with one." As the package is handed off, she adds another coin to the stack to allow for the cost of the packaging supplies.

Nares nods slowly at that, Nobles hey, who'd have 'em. "I wouldn;t worry about it too much," he offers on the topic of sword handling, "everyone starts out rough. I’m told I did." He can't remember that far back though, he would only have been knee high, but then he's Ironborn, she's a riverwoman. He glances over to the herbalist to see how the packings going and then back to Damara, "I'm sure Kate would appreciate your company."

"As I would appreciate her's, seems we both have ill fates with Camdens." She hooks the package under her arm and then turns to face him fully. Damara grins some, "Well..rough is a word for it, I suppose. But I had a bow in my hand as soon as I could pull it, my father made certain of it. Hunting of course, but it comes in handing when the need to defend makes itself known." She muses and than sighs. "What seems to be the problem?" She asks, as he had left her question before unanswered. "I am sure you did just not happen in here."

Nares looks questioningly at the comment regarding ill fate. He can guess that Kate and Dafydd are probably being utter in love but utterly unsuited again, but the falconer's inclusion of herself causes unspoken questions. With her purchases finally wrapped he leans back into the doorway again, hands resting on his swordbelt. This time though he does answer the question, in that gruff way that men do when trying to be, well, manly, "No problem."

"Learn to lie better, it will save you in later days.." Damara says rather directly to him. She smirks a little at him and takes a step closer, giving him a look for a moment, as if to scan for something obvious. "Besides, a good liar ends up living longer. Come now…I know a little, not as much as the old woman, but I certainly can try to help." She offers and gives him a wry look.

Nares does still have some strapping around his shoulder for support, but given he's now got his arming jack and mail on again, rather than just his tunic as last time, it's be damn hard to spot. Unless perhaps by some inequality in movement or of course, remembered from before. "As I said, I'm fine," he replies, keeping his tone flat rather than letting it get agitated. "I was just looking for Kate."

"You really …need to learn." Damara says and than shakes her head. "Well she is not here and if you are not in need of anything, perhaps you will join me back to the Inn for some food and drink." The mistress says, a brow lifting as she stands before him, now that he is leaning in the doorway again. Her head tilts and she waits patiently - as always.

"It's as good a place as any to look for her," Nares replies, taking a step backwards and out of the doorway as he does so. He's not so much as scowling, but there's certainly no amused smile on his face as there had been before. He deliberately leaves Damara plenty of space to exit the shop and turns in the direction of the inn, hoping Kate will be there. It was only a half lie after all.

The scorn he shows does not seem to bother her overly and Damara nods her head to him. "Mayhaps.." She says in somewhat of a relenting tone. But she takes up the walk towards the Inn, whether he follows or not. But she trusts he is as she speaks up. "You worry about her, you have a right to." She says evenly, in regards to Kathryna.

Nares is indeed following, well, keeping pace, to say following would imply that he was behind. "She's old enough to look after herself," he replies in true Ironborn fashion, his eyes not diverting from watching the road ahead. His tone thaws a little as they walk, but he's still being guarded about what he says.

"She is, but she is foolish as well.." Damara is speaking rather openingly now, "I dare to say it, but women ..most women will act on their hearts if they are truly in love and I think that is the case now. She will make a wrong move, I fear. Whether or not she can take care of herself, it is best you keep an eye on her as of late…" The mistress recommends, shifting the package a moment.

Nares gives a slightly shrug, it is after all, hard to do more in mail. There's also the faintest hint of discomfort at the movement, but it's gone as soon as it appears. "I can keep an eye" he agrees, "but any more and I'd be silently accusing her of being weak, which would damage her position here." He'll watch, and indeed has been already, but he isn't about to just step in and undermine her. Nit unless it looks like House interests are threatened anyway. "She's a grown lass, she's allowed to make mistakes, she just has to be able to fix the mess afterwards."

"She will able to fix the mess, but perhaps not herself." Damara says, but then quiets. It seems they both are of the same opinion in some sense but the talk is getting them nowhere. She sighs though and gives a shake of her head. They near the town square and the Inn, there seems to be a promising lift to her mood as well. She wets her lips and huffs out a breath. "What Kat said…it's not true." She says simply, as if that was a statement clear enough for anyone.

Nares does not reply with 'Then she isn't strong enough,' but he does have to bite it back. Truth be told he's not sure which way it'll fall, but he's hoping she'll stay true to form, get bored and moved on. The change in topic, catches him slightly unprepared and it takes him a second or so to place the context, but once he has, or at least believes he has, he nods once as he reaches out to push open the inn door. "I'll bear that in mind."

Nodding her head in thanks for the door, she slips into the Inn, package under arm. The crowd is just starting to filter in so there are more than enough tables to go around and she catches a wench by the arm. "Bread, stew and a several large mugs of ale…." She makes a motion with her head in the direction of the corner booth and then heads that way, setting her package down and taking the seat with a long sigh.

As Damara corners the wench, Nares takes a moment to glance around the now familiar insides of the Rockcliff. He doesn't spot Kathryna, so follows the falconer to the indicated table and taking the weight off his feet. He looks, almost questioningly, for a moment at the sigh then glances instead to the good acquired from the herbalist, "for you? Or the Lady?"

Looking to the package at his question, Damara shakes her head and makes a motion to herself. "Myself…been having trouble sleeping as of late. Best to remedy that as soon as possible. Hard to do anything when one is lacking sufficient rest." She pushes the package aside and lowers it to rest on the seat next to her out of sight. "So the rest of the Camdens have left. They must have had a rather…inherent task of great need then.." Though she grins some, there is real no amusement in her statement. "I ordered stew for you and ale, if that will suit you?"

Nares has often found vast, vast quantities of alcohol to be rather good at that sort of thing, but then even he wouldn't recommend that for a prolonged course of treatment. "And for yourself I hope," he states, in relation to the stew, he has no intention of company for food turning into an audience. Finally, as for the Camdens, well, that’s part of what he wants to talk to the Lady Kathryna about. Quite a large part of it in fact.

"For myself as well, yes…I don't enjoy watching others eat….but it is on me. I am being rather boarish lately. Forgive me behaviour earlier." Damara says in way of apology as she settles in, resting back against the booth as she looks towards the servers, waiting patiently. "In any case, there is drink coming as well, so I am sure you will be more glad of the ale than the stew." She smirks a little to that.

Nares is not one, it must be said, who often refuses ale, especially not ale on someone else. He sits in silence for a moment or two before turning slightly to get a good look at Damara. He holds it for a few seconds as if evaluating possibilities in his head. Eventually, just as the ale comes, he asks, almost cautiously, "Are you aware of how well Kate and I know each other?" His tone is lower than it perhaps needs to be, but this isn't especially something he wants flashed around town, his expression though remains carefully neutral as he watches and waits for a response.

"I am a woman not a maid…" Is her reply that comes without hesitation. Damara gives him a knowing half grin and dips her head. "I had a few wild guesses….but then again I hate to assume." She then looks to the table. "It is not an easy thing to know a noble well, though Kate seems an exception.." Damara admits and than bites at her lower lip. "The lord Sarojyn and I…until recently…" She nods her head, as if no further words be said. "That is why Kate was rather direct with you. But my lord needs a lady and well…a mistress of the hawks is hardly that, is she not?"

Well, that explains the 'ill fates' comments from before then. Leaning back and allowing his body to relax a little more, Nares listens to the explanations, before replying with the faintest hint of a smile, "Assume what you fucking well please, but it was a long time ago. And yes, Kate is an exception to that, in my case at least," although he doesn't elaborate on that. Taking a drink from one of the newly arrived tankards he continues, harking back to her comment outside, "it was great while it lasted, but it finished when we'd had enough. Think on that before you declare what is true and what is not." Fair warning given he feels, and not just for Damara's sake but for Kate's too in the end.

A brow raises at that and Damara gives a shake of her head. "I didn't declare a thing, Captain…" The mistress says and draws her own mug to her, drinking deeply of it before setting aside. "I assumed only because of your interactions, I did not expect you were fooling around, not since she had taken quite a captivating interest in lord Dafydd." She responds cooly, his words not at all sitting well with her and the mistress looks about ready to take her leave if the dissonance continues.

Briefly puzzled, would probably be the best description of Nares' expression as Damara responds. It's certainly clear that that was not the reaction he was expecting. Frowning slightly, although in thought rather than for any other reason, he takes a slow drink of his ale while his brain attempts to put two and two together and crack that secret of understanding women. Hmmm, possibly a tall order. Damnit, this would be so much simpler were it not for what Kate had said. "I think, perhaps," he starts after setting the tankard down carefully, "that I should maybe rephrase that. I meant that I don't care what you assume about the past between myself and Kate, largely because there's a strong chance it's true anyway." He pauses for a moment, working out in his head how to say the next bit. "As for Kate being an exception in terms of Nobles. Yes, she is, although there are also other circumstances involved there which I will not go into."

Slowly setting down her ale, it seems the mistress is at least giving her undivided attention to him. Damara gives a nod of understanding and keeps her fingers light upon the side of the mug. "I need no details…on circumstances." She draws a breath and than seems to relax a little. "In any case…I wished you to know I am not a woman to go about judging people. Involved at one point, is all well." She motions it off, pushing the topic aside as it seems perhaps she had misunderstood. "No shame it in…leastwise that I can see." She smirks some and takes to her ale again.

Nares lifts his tankard slightly, almost as if in half salute. "No shame in it at all, as I said, it was fucking great," a calculated pause, "while it lasted." Hopefully that’s at least part of it cleared up. Touch wood. Taking a drink he sets the tankard back down again and this time lets go of it entirely. He's silent for a few moments as the stews arrive but once the server is gone he looks back to Damara and says bluntly, "look, what I'm trying to say is this. If you want me to ignore what Kate said then I'm fine with that, but don't expect anything more than a brief, blaze of glory." No complications, nothing long term and both of those made clear from the start. Damara might be Riverborn, but she's Kate's friend and he's wants to make sure she understands before going against the Lady's prohibition.

There is a quick of a smile and Damara thinks of the last. "Blaze of glory…is that what you call it.." There is is amusement in her voice and she lets the ale do it's part. She sets it down as well and considers him a long moment before adding, "I will not lie that I am lonely. I was content in the mourning of my husband till, well it has been explained….I do not think I will be staying at the Roost long and I do not think you entirely mean to stay as well…" She lets out a breath and considers the proposition of sorts. "I have never actually had it put to me like that…" She is still amused by the presentation and just gives him a long assessing from over her mug.

Nares lets the stew stand for a moment, until it seems clear enough to him that it's now a case of message clear and understood. He holds Damara's glance for a minute or two but then drops it so he can eat more easily. "I have no idea how long I'll be here for," he confesses, not quite as between mouthfuls as politeness might dictate, "that'd be a question for Kate or Lord Harlaw himself." Or technically the Lord Paramount of the Isles himself, but that one is significantly less likely. That said, it's time for more ale. It's almost always time for more ale.

Thinks are made perfectly clear to the mistress and when he begins to eat, she finally partakes of her own stew. She however refrains from talking between bites. Sitting back eventually, she considers him again. "I guess what I was saying….was that you need not worry about there being something beyond…what did you call it?" She says, her amusement still there, "A brief blaze of glory?" She grins and looks down to her stew, a soft laugh escaping her. "Or perhaps you are worried you would be tempted to stay." That is said also in a jesting manner.

Nares pauses in his meal just long enough to glance up at that final suggestion. He doesn't say 'no, you aren't Ironborn' nor does he say 'look, I'm 35 and not married, just what the fuck does that tell you'. They're in his expression though, along with a hint of amusement. What he does eventually say though, with a smile, is, "I'm sorry, I already have a long term Mistress, her name is Ironman's Bay, and no force in all Westeros will keep me from her for long."

"Well that is just unfortunate…" Damara says, though in truth she hadn't expected anything else. "Then I hope your Mistress doesn't have to pine for you too long.." Muses the mistress before turning to her own food. Seems some things are being planned for the evening, though perhaps they will come a little more swiftly and fluidly with more ale. That being most likely the truth, the mistress lifts her ale in question and partakes of it, that smile perhaps spelling volumes of how amused the situation still makes her. It's like a long drawn out contract with terms highlighted and presented to each.