Page 180: Hedging Bets
Hedging Bets
Summary: Jacsen finds Kell and talks to him about his recovery, Anais joins them.
Date: 13/January/2012
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Entrance Hall
The Entrance Hall is more than two dozen feet high with ornate columns hefting the fresco ceiling above all. Plush seating is arranged around one side for visiting nobility while the other has less comfortable slab stone or wood benches for the peasantry. Alcoves dot the walls for more private discussions and sworn Guards patrol this hall at all times and especially during court. Several hallways and doorways lead off to different areas of the castle with a spiral staircase carved neatly into one corner that winds its way up.

The would that Kell was struck with, the worse of the two, seems to be healing nicely now after being cared for first by Lady Liliana after the midnight battle and then afterwards, the Terrick's Maester who has been doing the rounds and checking on him, cleaning and redressing his wounds. It was hard to tell if infection would attack the knight in his vulnerable and weakened state but it looks like Kell has won the second battle against the unseen foes. Right now, the Hedge Knight is resting in the Hall which is also being used to house some of the other common folks. He was sleeping but the dull and throbbing pain has awaken the knight who had asked the Maester to stop giving him milk of the poppy.

Out of the usual breastplate he's worn in public since the commencement of the Ironborn siege of the Roost, and without the equally familiar longsword hanging from his hip, Jacsen Terrick makes his way slowly through the entrance hall, stopping now and then to exchange words with several individuals, including one of those tasked with looking after the injured. When he is not stopped, he can be heard to walk the hall, the heavy sound of his cane thumping upon the floor with each step he takes marking his passage.

Kell is actually unarmored right now as well as he is in no condition, according to the Maester, to do any fighting or even guard duty, much to the knight's disappointment. He has a different woolen shirt on now as well, the one he was using a mess due to the battle. Sometimes, one can see quite a bit of bandaging that has been fixed around his torso, to keep the wound closed and tightly secured. With his recovery thus far, Kell has more of a range of motion but was advised not to use it or it would slow his recovery. The familiar sound of the cane though does have the Hedge Knight opening his eyes and looking towards the source and seeing it to be Lord Jacsen, Kell does move to try to atleast sit up in case the Lord approaches.

And so it seems the Lord does, for when he nears where Kell rests he pauses, and then turns towards the man. "Ser," he greets, looking about for a place near the hedge knight where he might take a seat. "How are you recovering?"

With the Hall a bit more crowded with people, where Kell is situated has him near some wooden benches where Jacsen can sit. Unable to stand but able to sit up, the Hedge Knight does his bed to seem respectful as he inclines his head to the Lord, "Very well, M'Lord. The Maester has told me that I am lucky as there is no infection setting in, which is the fear we usually have when taking a blow as such." There is a pause before he adds, "Another night's rest and I should be able to don armor and return to the walls."

Anais spent most of the morning practicing her archery, and most of the afternoon supervising groups of smallfolk into gathering up the pieces of the sept the Ironborn had flung at them before the catapaults were taken out. As the sun sets, though, she makes her way back into the keep, Kincaid trailing at her side. "It's probably more potatoes," she muses to the guard, continuing a conversation from outside.

He ends up settling for the very edge of Kell's bed, seating himself so that he might pay attention to the hedge knight as he talks, something the man says earning a small smirk from the Young Lord. "You know, you ought not be quite so eager, Ser," Jacsen suggests, "While the enthusiasm is welcome, so is the forbearance to hold one's strength until it's certain to hold. I'll not presume to tell you where one ends and the other begins, though."

"I understand, M'Lord, I will not over-extend myself." Kell says with a sheepish grin, nodding understandingly since ironically he had told others the same thing in the past, though they tend to be Ladies and not wounded soldiers, about getting rest instead of trying to do too much. "But, a pair of eyes on the walls could make a difference out there." He doesn't have to clarify what he means since the most recent attack was due to a sneak attack, so even if he can't swing his blade as well as before, his eyes work just fine.

Before she can gain the kitchen, though, Anais catches sight of Jacsen at the sickbeds. "You go ahead," she murmurs to the guard at her side. He hesitates a moment, but it's been a busy day, and even potatoes can fill the stomach. Anais continues toward Kell and Jacsen, though, reaching out to brush a hand to the latter's shoulder when she reaches them. "Good evening, gentlemen," she greets, voice low and smile gentle.

Jacsen tips his chin to that. "With Ser Hardwicke's assent, I'll not complain. It's not as if I don't understand the urge to return to the battle," he assures the man, turning a look up at the hand that brushes his shoulder, a smile favoring his wife. "It seems Ser Kell is going to pull through, much to our relief, my lady."

Kell's attention turns to Lady Anais who joins them where the knight is resting and he does notice that the Lady's wardrobe has changed slightly, either she is running out of clothes or it is a conscious decision, he does not inquire. He does give the Lady a smile and inclines his head respectfully towards her as well, "Evening, M'lady." The Hedge Knight then nods again as he will of course listen to the Captain of the Guard's orders, even if it means to return to the Keep for rest.

"I'm glad to hear it," Anais smiles warmly at the news of Kell's recovery, her hand lingering at Jacsen's shoulder. "You served well in the attack, Ser Drakmoor. I'll be glad to know you're back at the walls watching." She looks between the men for a moment, then toward the kitchen. "Has the food been all right?" she asks of both.

"Better than food on the march, so I'll not complain," Jacsen remarks at his wife's question, a faint grin curving the corners of his mouth. Not that he is ever seen to each much anyways, even at the best of times. "What of you, Ser Kell? With your time spent recuperating, surely you've had some time to mull over the menu's quality," he points out, in friendly humor.

Not as well as the Hedge Knight would've liked, if he had a choice, he would've been able to cut down all the Ironmen that came within reach but it seems like there is a difference between reality and dreams as Kell took the serious wound within the first exchange of blows. He is certainly appreciative of the kind words from Anais though, "Thank you, M'lady, I am glad to be of service. It is my duty to help drive these savages back to the waters where they belong." As for the quality of the meals, Kell is a Hedge Knight so anything that is a hot meal to fill his belly would be considered good. "The food has been most excellent, not much room for complaint when you have a warm meal to fill you up everyday. It certainly gives us strength to fight as well."

Anais's smile eases just a little at the mens' words, even if they mean little. "Good," she approves, giving Jacsen's shoulder a gentle squeeze. "It's important that our defenders have what they need to be able to fight should the Ironborn make another attempt at the gate." She leans down to brush a kiss to Jacsen's temple, brief. "I had the rubble they threw at us gathered up and brought to the walls," she murmurs. "If they do make another try, we can throw it back at them."

"Perhaps, when this is all done and over, you should consider discussing with Lord Jerold the possibility of remaining… the meals only get better when we're not spending our time repelling a siege," Jacsen begins, with a lighter tone that grows more serious as he adds, "And I think when this is done, we will be pleased for a skilled hand such as yours. There will be much to do to make the Roost what it was again, and that will start with the people we rely upon to see it done." He glances up at his wife, an unspoken question in his expression, though he does mention, "A poetic thought, my lady. Though I hope we've not the need, all the same."

Now, Kell can't help but laugh at what Anais said about what she had done with the debris, which causes the Hedge Knight to wince slightly but it was more than worth it for the momentary flare of pain. "Now that would be most fitting. A taste of their own medicine. Though I doubt they would try to assault the walls again, as strong and impregnable as they are. Their last attempt seemed to be a rather desperate gamble, and with it failing, they are running out of cards to play." As for the offer to speak to Lord Jerold to remain at the Roost, Kell smiles appreciatively to the younger Lord, "I am honored, M'Lord, truly. But I am afraid I may have somewhere else I must go first. Once the invaders are defeated and driven back to the waters, I need to head… north." There is a brief pause as he looks away for a moment before continuing in a more subdued manner, "Promises and vows made, M'Lord."

"Well, I hope the squids all load back into their ships and sail into a storm to send them all to their Drowned God, but I'm not going to count on it," Anais replies to Jacsen with a gently teasing smile, nodding to Kell's words. "Take care of your promises, Ser Drakmoor. Terrick's Roost will be here when you get back." There's a proud tip of her chin at the last, shoulders straightening ever so slightly. "And you'll be welcome still."

"Indeed. We'll not forget a friend simply for his need to be elsewhere first," Jacsen assures the man. Folding fingers about his cane he slowly eases himself up off the end of the man's cot and straightens, eyes drawing shut for a quick moment. "Keep strong, Ser," he insists.

The picture that Anais paints does bring a thin smile back to Kell's face even though the hope may be a little far fetched but not impossible. "Thank you, M'Lady, M'Lord." As the pair are to depart, the knight adds with full confidence and resolve, "We will hold, we will bleed them and they will flee, but not before they have paid for what they have done."

"Just so, Ser Drakmoor," Anais agrees with a firm nod. "Just so." As Jacsen rises, Anais places a surreptitious hand to his back, a subtle offer of support. Even when she moves to take his arm, it's more as a young bride seeking contact with her husband rather than any show of weakness. "Could you spare a moment?" she murmurs to the young lord with a small smile.

Jacsen dips his chin at Kell's words. "We shall, Ser. And I am grateful for your part in it. May the Seven watch over your rest." He finds himself soon enough with a wife's arm crooked about his own, and from one conversation into another. "I'm certain I can find a moment or two, my lady," he assures, his look seeking some cue from Anais on just where this moment need be spared.