Ser Harper Groves


Harper Groves, is the eldest son of Lord Charles Groves, the third son to Lord Ser Hartford. as prospects were for such a small knightly house, Harper was lucky when his father negotiated his pageship to a distant cousin-A Mallister( Ser Cadyn. It was indeed considered a boon that such a move was able to be negotiated, despite Ser Cadyn having no formal holding. Still the dour Ser Cadyn took on a rather jovial child and transformed him into a knight. But, it did not come easy, and Harper had much to learn. He would however earn his knighthood dealing with some errant Ironborn raiders who at the time were making pushes along the Mallister borders.

As a knight Harper came back and served as a bounds beater for his family. Prefering to stay in the woods and inns along their property line. He soon garnered a reputation as a knight who enjoyed his station and as a reveler.

His father in an attempt to bring him to curb, won him a match in Julia Frey. Julia, was a distant enough cousin-that the tie was to open merchant relations with Kingsgrove, and bring some order to Harper. At first they were like oil and water- their heads butted and their fights were reported to have been epic.

Still, The Knight never strayed his eyes from his lady wife-and his behavior was said to have calmed down. As such, Harper began the slow steps it would take to repair his reputation. He participated in the Tourney at Harrenhal, and is said to have unseated an Erenford, that won him small acclaim and a purse to buy him better armor, though his performance in the melee that day earned him the small reputation in the cape as a capable duelist.

As war loomed and banners were called-Ser Harper would ride with the other men of Groves to the Dragon's banner. He fought for them at the Battle of the Bells, and fought for the Loyalists at the Trident. Indeed it is still rumored that he keeps his loyalist beliefs-though the war and his own surrender to Frey troops, are a sore subject.

Like other members of his house, he bent the knee to King Robert and was sent him to nurse wounds taken in the battle at Kingsgrove. After that he remained a quiet blip in the social scenes. Coming when the Mallisters called for Groves' men, or showing himself at various tournaments to participate in the melees.

However his real show of worth came during the Ironborn Invasion. Like all, he was caught off guard by the invasion-however, As Kingsgrove remained untouched-the Groves were quick to reply by coming to the Terricks' help at the battle of Addlebrook-and then went on to fight at Seagard and across the seas. Though his cousin Ser Kittridge would win acclaim downing an Ironborn Prince, Harper reaped his own rewards with his skill in fighting in the lower bellies of the keep with the Northmen, and other riverlanders.

Since the War, he has kept a low profile. Back to managing the wilds of the Kingsgrove, Ser Harper is often times seen back at Braeburn house, than enjoying a night in an inn-though he is still said to be jolly and gruff. A sign of some temperment from his youth.


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