Hareth of the Mire
Hareth of the Mire
Robert Addie
Robert Addie as Hareth of the Mire
name: Hareth of the Mire
father: Kenneth of the Mire, a former Nayland household guard
mother: Olivia, the carpenter's daughter and Kenneth's wife
spouse: None so far
issue: None so far
gender: Male
age: 20
height: 6'1"
weight: 190lbs
eyes: blue
hair: blonde
house: Nayland
position: Men-At-Arms


Hareth was born into his profession, the only son of the Nayland houshold guard Kenneth of the Mire and his wife, the carpenter's daughter Olivia. As it was clear from a very early age that Hareth would become a Nayland guard as well, his father trained him regularly in the use of sword and spear from the time he was five, starting off with smaller and lighter wooden imitations. His father's wishes that Hareth would serve his Masters well were even surpassed by the boy's own. He developed the ambition to go beyond what his father had achieved.

Hareth officially became a household guard at the age of seventeen because of his strong sense of duty and his promising skills with blades and spear. During the Greyjoy Rebellion he was in the small contingent of Nayland Guards that fought under Ser Bruce Longbough's command at the Battle of Alderbrook.

While Hareth was away from the Mire, his father Kenneth who had stayed behind became invalid due to an accident, where one of his legs was crushed and had to be taken off. Unable to serve as a Nayland Guard any longer, Kenneth and his wife moved into her father's house. Hareth's grandfather's eyesight had diminished at an alarming rate in the recent months, so he needed help both in running his household and his business as a carpenter.

Hareth was among the guardsmen of Hag's Mire who where sent to Stonebridge to support the newly appointed Master-At-Arms Ser Bruce Longbough. Although he had to leave his family behind at Hag's Mire, it was a chance he happily accepted as it would offer him the opportunity to prove himself. Even more so as he would serve under the command of Ser Bruce, whom he already knew from his service during the Greyjoy Rebellion.

Now that his father was forced to retire from service, Hareth serves House Nayland with even more commitment, which shows in absolute loyalty towards the Naylands and a certain sense of competition towards his fellow guardsmen.


He seems to have inherited the gift of working with wood and learned some basics of carpentry, less by design and more by accident from his regular visits to his granddad's house in his days as a boy. Even now he is sometimes spotted sitting in the yard of Hag's Mire, carving animals and knights of suprising detail. Although these times of leisure are sparse.

Hareth possesses a deep baritone voice, capable of drawing attention both when issuing orders or singing. Although he is no minstrel, his plain delivery of popular songs he has picked up in taverns and in the Hall of Hag's Mire can be quite appealing in its simplicity. His vocal presence has earned him the doubtful honour of instructing new recruits in the last months. At least it is a step further towards his goal. Which is to attain the prestigious position of Captain of the Guard one day.

Being of common birth and background Hareth is illiterate, but he is quite good at memorizing faces and names. And his amibition has pushed him to be alert at all times, hoping that he can thereby prove himself to his Masters.


His father: Kenneth of the Mire, a former Nayland household guard, now a cripple and a drunkard
His mother: Olivia, the carpenter's daughter and Kenneth's wife
His grandfather: Bryon, carpenter at the Mire, but now almost blind and sick due to his age

Physical Features

Standing tall at 6'1' (1.85m) and with a weight of 190lbs (86kg) Hareth appears to be of well-trained and muscular physique. Blessed with blond hair and a pair of blue eyes in a handsome face, not yet spoiled from the scars of service, this young man-of-arms tends to stay in the background due to his station, going unnoticed most of the time. That is until he opens his mouth. For despite his fairly young age Hareth possesses a surprisingly deep voice, well suited for issuing orders and perfectly capable of making himself heard through the loud racket of an angry mob. Below the colours of House Nayland he wears an armour of mail, well-kept although of simple making. As are the weapons in his possession, a simple sword in a leather scabbard and a spear.

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