Hallianne Groves


On 12 of May in 273 lady Hallianne Grove was born. Than she saw a world, she didn't cry like all the babys do. She did not say a word until her 5 birthday. Family members were worried. However, than she started to talk - never stopped. Her first word was "Why?" Girl became very curious. At first it seemed like advantage. But it wasn't. In the course of time she became too much curious. Septa and her guardsman, who were liable for her safety, had a lot of problems. Hallianne ussualy ran away to explore her family house and surroundings. Ussualy guardsman found her in the mudd looking for strange creatures or in forest looking for interesting herbs. At first, her Septa and her guardsman easily detected her. However, time was running. She learned how to sneak silently, so detect her became harder and harder. While her Septa and guardsman were looking for her in the house, she could spend her time in the yard or outskirts. She hadn't got much friends. So, she tried to become friends with wild animals. However, usually they run away from her. She patiently followed their traces and easily learnt how to track them down.

When she became older, she became friends with Maester, who worked for her grandfather. Maester became her teacher. It was he, who learned her how to read and how to make some potions. She always was trying to find some interesting herbs for Maester to get praise from him. She differed with Septa, who was trying to train her a few maidenly things. If Hallianne had to choose between neddlework and science - she always choose science. Also, girl always thought that her Septa was bore and vixenish and really ugly with hundred wrinkles on her face and without any hair under her white headdress. However, Hallianne was nice to her and never said a word about Septas appearance.

Although she loved her brother Nikolus and liked all the time with him, her evenings was spend alone in the room. Girl was a dreamer and her minds usually was floating somewhere in the mass of stars and space above. She loved her dream world more than real because this world seemed unfair for her. She did not like the way other children was trying to trick her. She always believed everything what was said to her and usually this was the reason why she always were in trouble. Septa caught a girl a few times in a fight with village boys and girls. This was the way how Hallianne was trying to take the change out of them for lying.


Lord Kolton Groves (Father)

Lady Dyanne Groves (Mother)

Lord Nikolus Groves (Brother)

Ser Hartigan Groves ( Eldest Brother)

Ser Danyel Groves ( Youngest Brother )

Lady Dyonne Groves ( Eldest Sister )

Ser Stafford Groves (Cousin)

Ser Kittridge Groves (Cousin)

Ser Nicodemus Groves (Cousin)

Ser Kerrigan Groves (Cousin)

Lady Rosanna Groves (Cousin)

Physical Features

Hallianne is relativley normal height and bonny. Brilliant green eyes look out from a snow white complexion. Lady has long dark curly hair. Although she is not exceptionally braw, her rosy-plump lips and warm smile entrance people. She has chin like an infant's elbow and strict line eyebrows. Hallianne usually wears spruce dresses. However, dresses is usually spotted because of her curious temper.

Allies and Foes

Recent Activity


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