Guests Say The Funniest Things

Guest pages: hi

You paged Guest with 'hello :)'

Guest pages: how are you?

Long distance to Guest: Orlagh can't complain!

Guest pages: that's good :) what's going on?

You paged Guest with 'rp, mostly ;)'

Guest pages: sounds like fun.

Guest pages: my name is Jill, by the way.

Guest pages: what else do you do for fun?

You paged Guest with 'I enjoy hunting. Squirrels particularly. I have about fifty or sixty stuffed ones now, in my basement. It's my ambition to build a squirrel army ^-^'

Guest pages: how'd you get into that?

You paged Guest with 'Well, I started off on hamsters.. but I couldn't find weapons small enough to arm them :('

Guest pages: haha. I just go to the gym for fun