Page 297: Guests in the Garden
Guests in the Garden
Summary: Guests and residents alike all gather at a small garden in Four Eagles Tower in the early morning.
Date: 12/05/2012
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Four Eagles Tower Courtyard
The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
Sat May 12, 289

Though early, the sun just peeping over the horizon, the Four Eagles courtyard is a flurry of activity as most of the keep's retainers go about their tasks to ensure that the guests are taken care of. In the stables the grooms scurry to tend to extra beasts and in the kitchens the cook and his charges work to prepare what food there is into something appropriate for the nobility to break their fast with.

In the midst of the activity there is a small island of calm in the new herb garden. A thin cloak wrapped 'bout her to ward off the chill, Muirenn has brought her dulcimer out into the garden to practice where there are few critiquing ears to hear, for most probably are still abed. Perched on the bench, the instrument rests upon her lap and the small hammers tap the strings in a song recognizable as The Maiden's Lament, one of the common ballads in the Riverlands.

Upon a quilt at her feet, her handmaiden stifles yawns, murmering "Why so early my lady?" Sitting properly in a chair brought out for her, the Septa sips at a cup of tea, "Because lady Muirenn did not wish to make so public a practice of her music, Minnie. Ensure that her ladyship's tea is kept warm in the pot so that she is able to have a sip when she is ready."

The cool breeze riffles the burnished claret curls that fall down her back, Muirenn merely looks amused at the back and forth between her retainers as she hums softly and murmers cheerfully, "Early one morning as the sun was shining, I heard a young maid sing in the valley below. Oh, don't deceive me, Oh never leave me…how could you use a poor maiden so?"

Tia, having travelled just yesterday, is up early this morning as well. She has her cane, and is hobbling in the courtyard, until she hears the dulcimer. That draws her like a moth to a flame. Music! Bethy is with her, though Jacob not, nor Pariston. Bethy is carrying Tia's harp and a small basket. It seems that being injured has given Tia cause to allow others to carry her precious harp. She heads into the herb garden, stopping as she spies the trio there and watching quietly for a long moment. Her drab grey clothing at least has some small amount of accents of lavender, but that she is still in mourning is no doubt obvious. Her hair, this early in the morning, is still confined in its usual out-of-her-way do, though the blonde in it shines in the sunlight.

The Lady Roslyn has been quietly, circumspectly, inspecting the castle grounds of the Roost, though this is made much harder by the orders that have a Nayland guard following her where ever she may be. Nayland colors in Terricks' Roost tends to draw the eyes of whoever is near, even if the lady herself is only clad in a pale yellow gown that glows almost gold in the morning light, dark chocolate curls pulled purposefully over one shoulder. At catching sight of other ladies, she does not quite enter the garden so much as linger in a near hallway which leads to it.

It may be early, but apparently not so early that one can avoid drawing something of a small crowd if one is playing music. Inigo looks fresh-faced, wide awake and perfectly put together this morning, which probably means he's been up for some time already by his own volition. "Reluctant to join what is turning into a crowd or simply feeling unprepared without an instrument of your own, my Lady?" He asks of the Lady Roslyn as he draws near and takes in the goings-on in the herb garden.

The wall that will one day seclude the herb garden from the rest of the courtyard is barely three handspans high, apparently waiting for the rest of the rebuilding in the village to be completed before it is risen higher. As she sees other of the nobility beginning to gather, Muirenn just ducks her head but continues to play and sing softly, "Remember the vows that you made to me truly, remember how tenderly you nestled close to me. Gay is the garland, fresh are th roses I've culled from the garden, to bind over thee." Glancing up she notes Tiaryn hobbling towards her, a smile for her friend lifts the corners of her mouth. The music of the dulcimer filters in and around the morning bustle, though the girl's voice cannot be heard more than a few feet from her position, "Here I now wander alone as I wonder, why did you leave me to sigh and complain. I ask of the roses, why should I be forsaken, why must I here in sorrow remain?"

Having recently returned to the Roost as well, Martyn makes his way in from the town outside a bit slowly. Looking like he's taken an early walk or something like that, he looks around for a few moments as he makes his way further into the courtyard, pausing a bit as he hears the sounds of music. Moving in that direction a bit slowly.

"I am not so picky that I need limit myself to one excuse or the other," is murmured in reply even as Roslyn turns to draw hazel eyes over the man, curiously. Her smile, however, is a simple thing that softens her teasing, warms it. She adds with a graceful curtsy, "My lord."

Tia pauses as Muirenn looks up, and she makes her way over to the bench, sitting down beside the other woman without a word. Ahh, off that knee, thankfully. She does not interrupt, instead listening in enjoyment and contentment. It's Muirenn's show, after all. Bethy moves over to the blanket, glancing at the retainer there questioningly, obviously intending to join her there, if permitted. And set the harp down, which she won't mind at all.

"Ah," Inigo says with a smile of his own, seemingly unbothered by the teasing. "My apologies, then, for making such limiting assumptions of your person," he replies with a slight flourish and a bow in return. "I hope you will forgive me."

Minniella scoots over to allow the other handmaiden room upon the quilt. The Septa nods approvingly at this lovely sight of well-bred domesticity in her charge, sipping at her cup of tea. The hammers move in an intricate pattern bringing forth the distint music. Muirenn's smile brightens as Tiaryn joins her and a nod of her auburn head is given towards the wrapped harp. The tune continues, though she pauses her song to invite "Join me? You are familiar with the tune of course?"

Tia chuckles softly, nodding her head. "I am, yes," she says, speaking finally. Bethy pauses to hand Tia her harp and then settles in on the blanket with a murmured thanks to Minnie. Tia, given her harp, listens a moment or two more before she starts to play, her own notes bringing out the dulcimer's as she takes a back role deliberately. Filling in gaps, rather than taking over. "But you are leading, Lady Muirenn," she says softly, amusement showing on her face.

"Of course, my lord. Consider yourself easily forgiven," Roslyn replies, inclining her chin slightly at her words as she settles her hands back within the fold of her skirts in a clasp. "I must admit ignorance in that I do not recognize you. Though, it is my first time within Terricks' Roost. We Naylands do not garner invitations often."

"Through yonder grove by the spring that is running, there you and I have so merrily played. Kissing and courting and gently sporting, Oh my innocent heart you've betrayed." Muirenn's voice remains soft, though the dulcimer and harp's music begins to fill the courtyard. Ducking her head, she focuses on the notes allowing the thick mass of russet to shield her face. "How could you slight so pretty a girl who loves you, A pretty girl who loves you so dearly and warm? Though love's folly is surely but a fancy, Still it should prove to me sweeter than your scorn."

In the newly created herb garden, a pair of handmaidens rest upon a quilt, while the lady Mallister's Septa sits properly upon a chair. On the bench, the lady Muirenn and lady Tiaryn play dulcimer and harp respectively, a spritely ballad known through the Riverlands as the Maiden's Lament. Unseen by his sister, Martyn is slowly strolling through the grounds while the lady Nayland and lord Vance speak quietly near the entrance to the fragrant little spot that Muirenn has carved out of the span of the courtyard.

Tia doesn't sing, at least not aloud. She's got the words in her head though, very familiar with this song. Her music today is supportive, adding to the dulcimer and generally making Muirenn sound even better than she is. Tia's gaze flicks to Muirenn only occasionally, as she glances around the courtyard, the low fence not exactly blocking her sight. So it is she catches sight of Martyn, her gaze lingering for a moment, as she watches the Mallister knight. And also Inigo and Roslyn, conspiring gleefully over there. Those two she's not met, and not so sure who they are really. Though she has seen Roslyn over and again, truthfully. Her ear is on the music though, following Muirenn's cues.

Inigo absentmindedly brushes at some of the embroidery of this clothing with a nod. "Thank you for your patience and grace." Another nod as he drags a finger thoughtfully along his bearded jawline as his gaze strays to the musical Ladies in the garden a moment. "No, I suppose you would not. But I myself have not so often been at Terricks' Roost that you would by likely to recognize me even if you were often invited to visit. I am Ser Inigo Vance, only recently arrived myself, my lady."

"Ser Vance, well met. I am Lady Roslyn Nayland," is the immediate, polite response such identification garners from Roslyn as she smiles up at the man. "How have you found the Terricks, my lord?"

Justin comes from the tower in attire no longer smelling of horses, leather, sweat and the dust of the road. He pauses and turns his head when he hears someone both playing an instrument and singing sweetly. Nae, two instruments?

"Soon you will meet with another pretty maiden, some pretty maiden, you'll court her for a while; Thus ever ranging, turning and changing, always seeking for a girl that is new."

Muirenn's voice remains ever soft and quiet, dulcet but unsure of itself. The dulcimer continues to play, a lovely instrument and obviously well cared for, as the notes weave in and out harmoniously with the golden plucking sound of the harp. Lifting her head, she gives it a quick toss so that her hair tumbles away from her face. With a smile to Tiaryn that is impish in the extreme and a soft giggle, she increases the pace of the tune so that it leaps and dances more quickly.

The final verse is sung, "Early one morning, just as the sun was rising, I heard a young maid sing in the valley below. Oh don't you deceive me, oh never leave me. How could you use a poor maiden so?" And though the words die away, the music continues for a moment more.

"Well met, Lady Nayland," Inigo returns politely with a pleasant smile if a considering look in his eyes. "It has been some time since I have been here, but I have found them to be most appropriately accommodating. And how have you found the Terricks and their Roost, my lady?"

The music speeding up wins a peal of laughter from Tia, the sound musical in and of itself. She has no trouble keeping up with Muirenn, her eyes agleam with the fun of it, and the enjoyment of the music. The harp is also well kept, though of limited playability, since it's a lap harp and not a full sized song machine. As the words die away and then so too does the music, Tia's attention turns more properly to Muirenn so that she can end her own playing in tandem. And then she claps her hands, her chin resting on the harp for a moment. "Oh, well done, Lady Muirenn. Very nice," she says, her own voice perhaps carrying a bit more than Muirenn's was.

As the song concludes with such a lovely final verse, Roslyn stirs from the entryway of her hall to offer to Muirenn lightly, "You sing as beautifully as a harpy, my lady." She twists a look at Inigo over her shoulder, that smile taking on something of mischief as she adds, "That, my lord, would be too soon to tell. Perhaps ask in a week or two."

Wait, how well /do/ harpies sing? Justin lifts a dark brow and looks to see how Muirenn takes the remark. "Good morn, Lady Muirenn, Lady Tiaryn. It's very good to hear music here once more. There has been far too little of it lately." Justin looks over Inigo for a moment as he doen't know that man before he inclines his head to the Nayland woman, "Lady Roslyn, I hope you are finding your accomidations to your liking? When your brother is available, mayhap we can show you the town and reconstruction, and show you the path that leads down to the beach."

"Then I will ask again in a week or two," Inigo promises with a slight lift of his brows at Roslyn's…compliment…as he finally joins the Ladies in the gardens as well. "Would all mornings begin with music, perhaps more people would be eager to rise and start the day. Although, I think I would have chosen something a little happier, myself. Good morning, ladies and…Lord Justin." The last sounds a little unsure.

"Thank you my lady Tiaryn." Muirenn's smile brightens as she laughs softly. Transfering the hammers to one hand, she stretches out the long fingers of the other and admits, "I am unused to having anyone play with me. I don't usually play…or sing…in front of anyone." As the sun rises, she shrugs her shoulders and the cloak spills away from them to stream merely down her back as its warmth is no longer needed.

Another voice is heard and Muirenn looks up. Not knowing Roslyn, but presuming that she is part of the Nayland contingent given her comment, she merely says politely "Oh, you are too generous my lady. I fear my voice could never compete with that of a harpy." Enigmatic and not exactly offensive but neither effusively warm, she inclines her head "I hope the peace of your morning turn was not unduly disturbed by my attempts at practicing." Rising, the teenager carefully hands the dulcimer and hammers to her handmaid before she moves to approach Roslyn and Inigo, "I am Lord Jerold's ward, the lady Muirenn Mallister. Allow me to bid you both welcome to Four Eagles. The morn is fine, would everyone like to break their fast here?" A shyly, warm smile is given to Justin and a nod before her attention moves back to the Keep's guests.

Tia actually remains seated for the moment, preferring to not test her knee so soon after settling down. She still has the harp in hand, but she's just watching for a moment, before she says, "Tiaryn Flint," with a polite bow of her head. "And my morning was well made by your practicing, Lady Muirenn. I quite enjoyed it." She pauses, sitting up a bit, and setting the harp down, before she says, "Please forgive me for not standing, I have managed to injure my knee, and have been told to stay off it, as much as I might." Her tone is slightly apologetic, as she explains why she's not getting to her feet as well.

It is unfortunate for Lady Muirenn's question that Roslyn is distracted by the Terrick lord. Her smile falls somewhat to something more subtle and reserved as she sinks into a brief curtsy, rising again with easy grace that brings her steady gaze up to Justin's. "They were quite to my taste, my lord, though perhaps not the view I am used to," she replies quietly, noddding. "I would like that very much, Lord Justin. The Lord Regent is like to enjoy it as well, given his interest in the efforts." She smiles silently to Muirenn in an answer to—all of her words, perhaps, shaking her head simply only to the last.

Having been lost in his own thoughts for a while now, Martyn stirs a bit where he's been standing, looking between the others present, but without saying anything for the moment. Stepping forward a bit from where he's been, though.

Ah, so they aren't all introduced yet, and a few names are exchanged. Justin gives a nod to the man, "Yes, I'm Justin Terrick, and if you will give me your name I will welcome you to Four Eagles Tower." There is a moment that his focus is upon Inigo. Muirenn's graceful rising from her playing catches Justin's eye and he offers her something of a smile, "You should play more often for us. It is not a talant to be hidden away, unrelished." There's a look to see if Tiaryn is doing as Dania advised and staying off her leg, and when she is, Justin returns his attention to Roslyn.

"Very good, then we shall do that. With the Sept nearly rebuilt, even if it isn't what it once was, the town is starting to look a bit more like itself." Yes, right, those introductions, "Ladies Tiaryn and Muirenn, please allow me to introduce you to Lady Roslyn Nayland of Hag's Mire. And Roslyn, this is Lady Tiaryn Flint with her harp I had recently, but unintentionally obscounded with in my saddle bags. And the lovely Lady Muirenn Mallister, Lord Martyn's sister." That just leaves the other man Inigo to introduce himself then, so Justin looks back to him to do so.

"I thank you for the welcome on a morning that is indeed fine, Lady Muirenn," Inigo greets with a smile, before inclining his head towards Tiaryn. "Do not trouble yourself over not rising on my account then, it would not do to have you hurt yourself any further." And speaking of further, without further ado he flourishes a bow and introduces himself to everyone, since everyone else has been introduced, "My manners seem to be escaping me this morning somewhat…I am Ser Inigo Vance, one of Lord Jerold's nephews."

Riordan arrives from the Portcullis.
Riordan has arrived.

Shockingly a good patient. Mostly. Tia is behaving herself for the most part. She even has a cane to walk with while her knee heals. She offers a smile to Muirenn. "If you are breakfasting out here, I would be pleased to join you," she says. "It is a pleasure to officially meet you all," she adds, with a quirk of a smile towards Roslyn and a nod to Inigo. She reaches for her cane, still not entirely happy to be sitting whilst the conversation goes on amongst the standing folks. But she pauses a moment, before she does get to her feet, resting her weight on her good leg and her cane. See? Good patient. Her gaze goes over to the incoming Ser Martyn and she inclines her head politely.

Roslyn senses: Justin's gaze slips back to watch her before Inigo introduces himself.

Ahhh…he is family then. Muirenn inclines her head in greeting as she turns her attention and her smile to Inigo, "Well met Ser. I am glad that you have come to Terrick's Roost. I am sure my Lord Jerold is pleased to see family." Lightly her hands clasp before her as she takes a step back to Tiaryn in the garden, "Minnie, go summon one of the girls to inform cook that we will dine out here this morning. Also, inform Heurtebise and one of the squires to bring out table and chairs." Bending slightly, the sun bringing some of the copper out in her dark red curls, the teenager picks up her musical instrument. Balancing it carefully her eyes dance as she gives a warm smile to Justin, "If you wish my lord. I often play in the meadow or on the roof where I will not disturb many."

"Ladies," Roslyn offers to the introductions made, tipping her chin in a respectful nod towards Tiaryn and Muirenn in a gesture that spills her dark curls forward. There is a hint of amusement in the corners of her lips for Inigo's manners, gaze flicking towards him, but it is to Justin that she speaks. "How long until your Sept is complete, then?"

"And those that have heard it wonder why you do that," Martyn speaks up as he hears that part about Muirenn playing where she will not disturb many. Returning Tiaryn's nod, he offers her a bit of a smile. "Lady Flint. It's good to see you again," he offers, before offering a bit of a nod to the others present. "My Lady, My Lords," he greets them, a bit quietly.

In conversation with the guard that follows him, who wears the colors of House Nayland of Stonebridge, Riordan does not at first take notice of the voices coming from the courtyard. He's too busy laughing at the guard's joke. "…So the man said, I thought you were talking about the pig!" The large guard finishes the joke, looking to his lord expectantly, before swiveling his eyes as he catches sight of the group of nobles.
Giving the guard a hearty laugh, Riordan nods, "Not bad, Brendon. When my father first told the joke, it was the woman who…" His voice fades, though, as his attention is caught by the voices, and the group of nobles. Particularly one. "Ah, there she is. Later, though, Weaver. I still owe you my joke of the day." He gives a friendly wink to the guardsman, then moves to walk up beside Roslyn. "Sister, good morning," he murmurs to her, glancing at those she talks to, and inclining his head in a friendly yet polite manner.

Tia decides to step in a little closer to the group, which proves to be a mistake, as she doesn't quite get the cane right and thus ends up wobbling a bit, and taking a few uncontrolled steps over in Martyn's direction. Her eyes widen, and her breath hisses out sharply at the unexpected pain in her knee. Not that she hits the stone, but she's fighting to stay on her feet and not lose her dignity. Bethy is keeping watch and that worthy handmaiden cries out, "Oh, my Lady! Beware!" Just to ensure that Tia's moment of gracelessness is not missed by anyone.

Justin's gaze had slipped back to watch Roslyn for a breath or two until Inigo gives his introduction. Both of his brows rise and then he smiles, "A cousin! Welcome indeed then, Ser Inigo. We'll need to be certain to give you a proper copper penny tour of the Roost and see if we can't throw in a few half decent drinks as well. Sooner or later." Justin twists his mouth a bit wryly at the scant offerings to drink around here just now. He's hooked his thumbs loosely into his sword belt and takes a few steps into the garden to see what changes Lady Muirenn has wrought in his absense. It brings him close to where Tiaryn was seated and now hisses in her misstep. Justin quietly puts out a hand to her elbow to steady her, his voice dropping in volume, "Easy there." As if she were a startled horse, which he's far more likely accustomed to handling.

"It does seem unnecessary to play for the sky and the fields when you've garnered attention with your playing here, unless the birds make for a better audience than we," Inigo comments of Muirenn's habits of location when playing her instrument before briefly distracted by the arrival of another pair bearing Nayland colors. "Ah, yes. Thank you, it is good to visit family…especially after so long. I will, of course, take you up on that tour…see how things have changed…and drinks." The last is paired with a wide grin that quickly vanishes as Tia missteps. "I did say there was no need to stand on my account, my lady, though you seem to be in good hands," he says with good humor and then more seriously, "You are alright?"

As instructed, the Mallister handmaid scurries inside the keep, her thin voice heard calling out her mistress' orders.

"Oh Brother…" Muirenn's smile softens and the hint of a dimple appears as she continues, "You are no good judge for you are overfond and humor me more than you probably should." Her grey eyes focus upon Rosly, studying her for a long moment "It is nearly complete, our people will be able to worship there within a week or two I hear." She tilts her head and the soft smile deepens as does the dimple, "It is very kind of you to say so Ser Vance. Perhaps I will play again after the tour of the town and the coast."

Fingers catching at pale yellow skirts, Roslyn draws a step towards Tiaryn in habitual reaction, as if she could help, somehow. But being as she is a guest of this house as well, she only casts a concerned look over the woman before turning towards her brother. "Riordan, you look well rested," she greets. "That is well, as the lord Justin has offered to have us shown the town," a nod towards Muirenn, "And the sept."

Not exactly a horse, Tia perhaps does not react quite as Justin might expect. The hand on her elbow has her spin about, and that really does twist her knee again, the cane clattering to the ground. Her face goes pale, but she manages to keep herself from fainting. Mostly. As she turns and sees it is Justin there, she relaxes, only a titch too late. Her momentum spins her further towards Justin, though that gives her the moment to catch her balance that is needed, and she then steps back, wincing slightly. "I am sorry, that was quite graceless of me. I think I shall just sit down again, and pretend that never happened."

"Indeed. I would not have thought it possible, but it seems my time on the Iron Isles left me with an appreciation as to the noise of the sea at night. It is rather soothing." Riordan gives this response to his sister with a grin, while watching Justin rescue Tiaryn. Though his foot made a move as if to step in when the Lady first showed signs of distress, seeing that Justin has things well in hand, he simply contents himself to remain by his sister and watch. In a lower murmured voice, he tells her, "You know, I noticed his technique on the journey here, but now I'm sure of it. Lord Justin has himself a fine hand when it comes to horses. And now paniced ladies, it seems." His lips quirk a little higher in his ever-present boyish grin, before he glances to the tall red-head. "I know her…" he muses, his expression waxing thoughtful.

"Use some of the boys," Anais is saying to a stewardly sort as she steps out of the keep. "I'm sure they'll be /thrilled/ to have permission to whack something with sticks for a few hours. Just tell them it's dragon hide instead of draperies or something like that." Back at the Roost, Anais is once more in the appropriate sober greys and blacks of mourning. There's something in her demeanor that's changed as well, from a young girl full of fun and smiles to a competent lady of the keep, with a solution for whatever problem presents itself.

Martyn is unable to hold back a bit of a smile very momentarily as he hears his sister's words, before he puts on a very theatrically hurt expression. "You mean I'm not a good judge of things?" he offers, words a bit light, since he can't hold that back. "You wound me, dear sister…" He then grimaces momentarily as he sees Tiaryn's stumbling steps, also moving forward a bit, although he stops as she seems to be in good hands. Turning to offer a bit of a grin and nod in Riordan's direction. "Lord Nayland. Been hitting any more family members in the face lately?" he asks, a bit lightly.

Low, quiet, Roslyn answers only to her brother's ear with a wry, "Should I make note of the way he handles horses and ladies in my assessment of his character?" She smiles as she says it, though, the curve of her lips lingering as she watches Justin and then turns to the approaching Mallister. Her brows lift slightly, a silent question held in the surprise that shows in the look she fixes on Martyn.

What the ?!? Justin steps back when Tiaryn turns sharply on him, like a man watching for that cane (or hoof) to strike at him, but she only drops it and manages not to drop herself as well. "Eh, yes, that might be wise, Lady Tiaryn." He bends to pick up her cane and offers it back to her, a hand for her arm if she needs steadying to retake her seat unless one of the other attending women such as a handmaid should be at once at her side. All the better if so. "If Dania is available, she should examine your knee lest you wrenched it again, Lady." Justin keeps his voice down, trying not to embarass her any further. He does however miss Riordan's arrival, being distracted with making sure Tiaryn doesn't faceplant into the courtyard stones.

Turning to Tiaryn, Muirenn gives a shake of her head "Oh Tiaryn!" the girl tsks softly. As Minniella returns, she instructs her maid "Have them go to bring a poltice from my stores." Some of the servants begin to arrive out in the courtyard and walk to the herb garden with tables and chairs for those who are breaking their fast in the cool, fine morning.

At her brother's words, she turns and tilts her head. Thoughtfully she tucks a lock of hair back behind an ear and then OHS!, "You were at Seagard…on the warf with the horses!" The girl exclaims as she regards Riordan. Her smile curves deeply, bringing forth the sweet dimple more fully in her amusement, "The one who teased my guard so sorely and looked like one of the grooms. I must say…" there is a pause, "You look more presentable than you did there."

Tia is quite glad to not faceplant, and to have Justin's assistance, for the moment. Her cheeks flush a bit pink, as she takes the cane back. Bethy is on her feet, hovering, but she doesn't move in, not while Justin is there covering it. Tia however offers him a smile, and then says, "Thank you, Lord Terrick, you are most kind." She sits down again, one hand moving to rub her left knee. And she looks over at Inigo, studying him for a moment. "Thank you as well, Lord Vance. I am merely embarrassed, and my knee twisted. It - I had an unfortunate experience with my knee and the ground not too long ago, it is merely taking an irritatingly long time to recover." At least if you ask her. She raises a hand to Muirenn - but then she chuckles, letting it go as Muirenn recognizes Rioran and the conversation moves on.

"To be fair, Ser Mallister, I only acknowledged Ser Jarod as family after I struck him. Though I doubt that would have stopped me overmuch," Riordan replies easily, giving Martyn a dip of his head in greeting. To his sister, he murmurs quietly, his lips smirking even further, "I think he has yet to meet your match in either mare or lady, sister. Even his fine skill shall not prepare him for the likes of you, I think." He gives her a brotherly wink, and then turns as Muirenn addresses him. His eyebrows raise briefly, and then he smiles in recognition. "Ah yes, my Lady of Mallister. Lord Patrek's cousin, are you not?" A chuckle escapes his lips at the rest of her description, and he offers a bow. "Forgive me for not introducing myself that day. Ser Riordan Nayland, Lord Regent of Stonebridge, at your service."

"I am always happy to encourage those with some artistic talents to share," Inigo says a bit offhandedly, as if it's no great deal. "I have already forgotten the incident occurred, my lady," he assures Tiaryn with a briefly conspiratorial sort of smile that he includes others concerned with Tia's welfare in. Nothing to see here. "An unfortunate experience, indeed. I wish you as speedy a recovery as possible." And he too leaves it at that, without prying further.

Oh Gods, a courtyard full of guests. The thought flickers across Anais' features before it's masked by a welcoming smile, and she sends the steward off with a touch to his arm. Justin has Tiaryn, and so Anais turns her attention to the Naylands, moving briskly in their direction. "Lord Riordan, Lady Roslyn," she greets with a warm smile. "I hope everything was all right last night?" There's another smile for Muirenn, grateful. "Muirenn, it's so good to see you well again."

Justin eyes Tiaryn and once she's settled he gives her a nod. He tucks his fingers into the back of his sword belt and walks a few steps past her. He half turns when he hears Riordan's voice, watching and listening to the others as his Goodsister arrives to greet them. Justin glances back to Tiaryn, "Bethy … perhaps Lady Tiaryne would care for a glass of wine. I know it's early, but it could ease the ache of her knee."

"So you are Ser Riordan. I have heard much about you." is Muirenn's thoughtful reply. The smile remains, just as warm and wide but there is a coolness in her grey eyes. Ever so slightly she turns towards Anais, the coolness not extending to her…instead it being replaced with familial warmth "Oh you are welcome my lady. It is good to be well again. I thought perhaps it would be lovely to break out fast out of doors today, it is a fine morn." Stepping forward, she gives the woman a gentle hug "Your presence here has been missed, I am glad to see you returned safe."

Martyn chuckles a bit as he hears Riordan's words, "A good point, Ser Nayland," he offers, with a bit of a smile. Looking to Tiaryn again, he offers her a bit of a smile, "Ah, such things have the tendency to take longer than one would like." Sounding like he knows a bit about that, before he looks between the others as well, a polite nod and a smile offered to Anais.

"Your hospitality is everything one could hope for, Lady Anais. Though, I shall like to break my fast within my guest chambers, if such is possible. I hope it gives no offense," Roslyn murmurs in answer, offering a warm smile for the other lady. She only pats her hand lightly against her brother's arm.

Tia inclines her head towards the chivalrous Lord Vance, lips quirking in a bit of a smile. She then offers a full smile to Justin, as he suggests wine might help with her knee. "That might well be a good idea, Lord Terrick," she says, mischief floating in her eyes. "Though I should hate to cause more difficulty for anyone. I've some willow bark tea that should hopefully suffice, given to me by Mistress Dorsey." She settles back on the bench, collecting her harp again, before she sends Bethy off to get the willow bark tea. As yummy as it sounds. "Lady Anais, it is nice to see you again," she calls out, though she stays right where she is, not moving an iota. Martyn gets a mock look of despair. "Oh, say it isn't so, Lord Mallister. I've no time to be hobbling everywhere." There is a hint of melodrama about her, but it's obviously put on, as a moment later it's gone, leaving just the demure and slightly embarrassed Lady Flint.

"Very little of it good, I'm sure," Riordan says to the Lady Mallister, and if anything, his smile grows at the look in Muirenn's eyes. However, his attention is caught by Anais' arrival, and the smile he gives her is utterly warm and kind, the type reserved for a dear friend. "Lady Anais. Please, do not worry on our account. As my sister says, everything is fine. You have my gratitude for your hospitality, so graciously extended even in these hardest of times." Formalities out of the way, he asks her, "Might you consent to show me about your lands today? I had hoped for a pleasant ride along the coast, and as my sister could likely use a break from my presence…" He trails off, giving both women a large, infectious grin.

Anais returns Muirenn's hug gently, as if concerned she might dent the other woman. "Of course I'm back safe," she laughs, shaking her head. "Honestly, if the squids couldn't take me, I don't imagine bandits could." She winks, then turns to nod to Roslyn. "Of course, Lady Roslyn. No offense at all. My sister Shayla was in the habit of doing so as well. Though in her case, more because she isn't fit company for anyone until she's had time to really wake up," she chuckles. Granted, the breakfast served will probably be flatbread and ancient preserves, but there's no need to point that out just yet. At Tiaryn's greeting, she raises a hand to wave to the other woman, smile flashing, before Riordan's words sink in. "I'd be glad to show you the coastline," she assures with a dip of her chin. "Though sunset truly is the best time for it."

"As long as you are sure to make time to ride with the Lord Justin and I to see the town, my dear brother," Roslyn points out to Riordan with a soft smile, glancing finally back to him. She adds, warmly, "Thank you, my lady Anais. Then, I shall retire to do so, and make myself ready. Until later." She sweeps into a curtsy, a graceful, practiced one that has her rising to retreat. "Good day, my lords."

"Of course not lady Nayland. You are a guest at Four Eagles and your comfort is what we desire." Muirenn replies pleasantly as she regards Roslyn, "It was a pleasure to meet you, perhaps if you ride we might go out later in the day. There are some lovely paths of varying difficulty around the estate." Glancing sideways towards Riordan, she gives a faint..barely audible sniff that might (or might not) be in agreement to Riordan's words.

The huntsmen have returned and the cook has been a wonder so in addition to the flatbread and ancient preserves, there is tea, some cream and honey, and cold roast pheasant for those with heartier appetites. Though modest it is well seasoned and generously presented.

"Very well, Lady Tiaryn," Justin says to her, not really knowing anything about medicinals. With his hands still tucked into his belt behind his back, he wanders over closer to hear what Riordan and the others are discussing. His gaze slips to Lady Muirenn briefly before returning to the others, "Aye, to ride along the coast is one of my favorite things when I return to the Tower. Perhaps… I should see if Master Huntsman Kain is returned and if Xhou is also about, we might scrounge a few pheasant or other small game for a goodly proper meal for our guests. Unless you have something already planned, Lady Anais?" Justin still isn't quite used to Anais yet to drop the formality, having only been returned recently. He glances down at his black surcoat trimmed with blue-violet and golden hued threadwork, "I'd need to change and get my bow." That is should they delay the ride to the coast until evening. Justin's attention settles on Roslyn, watching her turn to go and gives her a silent nod at her departure. He only then hears Lady Muirenn about them having a bit of fresh meat in stock.

Inigo inclines his head in return to the Lady Tiaryn, though his own smile is wide and cheerful. A smile that is turned on Anais as she arrives as well. "Quite the gathering this is turning out to be," he remarks and then greets. "Good morning, Lady Anais." Followed quickly by a farewell, "Good day, Lady Roslyn."

Tia decides to simply pick up her harp and play for a bit, as it's perhaps the best thing. Keeps her still and off her knee. So she does that, the harp in hand, and the notes flowing effortlessly. Though she's not concentrating entirely on her music, instead watching the group that is currently conversing.

"It depends on how stubborn the person being wounded are, of course. Which would probably explain why it took me so long," Martyn offers to Tiaryn, before he goes quiet again, looking between the others now.

"Then I look forward to this evening, assuming we are not closeted in with your Lord Goodfather at that time," Riordan says in reply to Anais. As Roslyn takes her leave, he says to her, "I will be along in awhile, sister. There were some matters I wished to discuss. Enjoy your breakfast." He smiles fondly after his sister, in a way that trumps all other fond looks of his, before turning back to the Terricks. "Whatever our hosts wish, of course, Lord Terrick. A tour would be fine, and I am always up for a good hunt, though admittedly am much better with a boar spear then a hunting bow. I can make a distraction and beat the game out of hiding, if needed, however."

Justin smiles a little at Riordan, "We have beaters to do that for us if needed, Lord Regent, so you need not. I prefer a few hunting hounds if we go as a group. Otherwise," he shrugs, "I'm using to going alone." Probably not the wisest course. "I can show you around the Roost anytime you and the Lady Roslyn like, even if we hold off on the ride to the shore until evening." He glances to Anais incase she's heard anything from his father about when Jerold will wish to meet with his guests.

You sense: Muirenn keeps giving little sideways glances towards Riordan, though she seems to be cooly appraising more than weak at the knees.

Anais shakes her head slightly to that look from Justin, smile rueful. No one tells her about Lord Jerold's whims, it seems. "Do you know," she laughs softly, "The very first time I was here, I tried to arrange a hawking expedition, but it never came to anything. Perhaps while you're here we might finally get around to making that happen. Assuming the Lady Roslyn has any interest in such?" She seems hopeful, at least. Catching sight of Inigo at his greeting, she pauses, smile flickering as she tries to place the man. Succeed or fail, she does nod politely. "Ser."

"I'm afraid hawking is not very big in the Mire," Riordan says, by way of explaining that no, Roslyn isn't a hawker. "I am always willing to try new things, however… so long as you promise to return the favor if and when you visit the Mire. We've a few local pasttimes of our own that you would need to try." He does not go into detail, and simply grins at Anais, before nodding to Justin. "I am an agreeable guest, Lord Justin, you shall find. As long as my sister is happy and entertained, so shall I be. Especially if there is plenty of riding." Since those traveling with him here would likely have noticed that the Lord Regent is something of a master horseman, his words should come as no great surprise.

"Ser Inigo Vance, one nephew to Lord Jerold and cousin to Lord Justin here," Inigo supplies in case Anais wasn't successful in placing him…and in case anyone else missed it. "I take it hunting is a popular pastime here then, although it seems hawking is not?" He inquires idly.

As the chairs and tables are settled in the herb garden under the direction of the Mallister's one-armed retainer, Heurtebise, to ensure that none of the tender seedlings are crushed the Septa calls "My lady Muirenn, I think they are ready and I have your tea poured."

With good humor, the Mallister maiden laughs and replies demurely, "Yes Septa..we are coming." She turns towards the others, "My brother, Ser Vance, Lady Anais, lord Nayland, lord Justin…if you would care to join lady Tiaryn and myself in the garden I think the servants have things prepared." Turning, she glides through the entryway between the rather short, unfinished walls of the new herb garden and gestures to Bethy, "Make your mistress a plate, the food will help settle the willowbark tea." Moving to Tiaryn, she kneels beside her friend "Really dear friend, you should not have tried. They will have the poltice down soon…and if you add a tiny bit of honey to the willowbark tea it softens the bitterness and does no harm. I have plenty in my stores if yours should run out…and I know that Maester Prys probably has something a bit stronger to help." The way she says the Maester's name alludes to the notion that the crimson haired noble is a bit in awe of his skills.

"Ah, of course," Anais smiles easily to Inigo, sketching a playful curtsey. "A pleasure to meet you, Ser Inigo. I was beginning to wonder if people were starting to slip away through my mind. Are you sibling to Lord Dmitry, or is that another branch of the family?" She's been a little busy since she married in. Apparently there hasn't been time to study the family tree. "I'm afraid," she adds to both Inigo and Riordan, "That hunting has seen something of a resurgence here in the last few months. The reavers did us the favor of slaughtering any livestock they could get their hands on before they left, which means if we want meat, we must go find it ourselves. Ah, wonderful," she adds when Muirenn mentions the garden. "I've been dying of curiosity about the garden."

Justin clears his throat and answers Inigo, "Hunting .. is rather a necessity, with stores low after the Ironborn. And game is scarcer. However, there is still some to be found and once the first fishing boats can be completed, that should help ease the tables of many somewhat." He makes it sound like a passing concern that is only short term, "Lord Riordan and company have brought us wagons full of provisions to help ease the concerns of our smallfolk in the meantime, which is much appreciated." Ah, and then Anais is also explaining. Justin turns his head at Muirenn's voice announcing that food has been brought out to break their fast for any who have not yet, this morning.

"Like my sister, I think I shall break my fast in my chambers this morning," Riordan says apologetically. "However, please, seek me out, when plans have been put into place for the days activities." He nods in understanding to Justin and Anais' words regarding the reason for the hunting, though no surprise shows on his face. He, at least, has already been made aware of the plight of this area. Hence the food he brought.

It is clear that the herb garden is still in its infancy, but to those with vision they can see what it will be given time. For now the stacked stone walls are perhaps only three handspans high, but given its location in the courtyard it is clear that were they completed and made higher it would provide a good barrier between the bustle of the rest of the space and the garden. There are several beds that are merely turned earth as if awaiting new seedlings, but most are filled. It is a pleasing mixture of herbs both common and unusual, vegetables, and brilliant flowers that have either edible or medicinal purpose. Rosemary, mint, chamomile, and lavendar will one day compete with the fragrance of the roses. Honeysuckle and sweet potato vines twine upon the wall and ground along with a variety of other things. Even though it is not nearly so secluded, the scent of the verdent green is a welcome change. Strategically placed so as to one day provide shade are two saplings, one definitely a willow…the other more difficult to place. The center of the garden is open and a circular sort of space, though it possesss the bench and now some tables and chairs.

Martyn looks around for a few moments, then turns to look between the others, studying Riordan for a few moments at the man mentions eating in his chambers, then back to the others. Keeping silent as he moves with those going to eat in the garden, keeping quiet as he walks.

With a quiet laugh, Inigo returns the playful curtsey with a similarly intentioned bow. "A pleasure to meet you as well…I am from another branch of the family, however. My mother is Lord Jerold's sister." His good humor is short-lived, though, as Justin and Anais answer him. "Of course. My apologies for seeming to make light of the activity. I'd heard what happened, naturally, but it is different to experience it. I'll help, however I may, naturally." He nods politely at Muirenn for her invitation to eat in the gardens. "Thank you."

At Riordan's words, Muirenn just ducks her head so that a spill of garnet hair covers her expression. Quietly she murmers to her Septa once Tiaryn is settled, "Thank you for the tea Septa. You are so good to me." Fluidly she smooths her skirts and seats herself, her gown sparkling as light catches upon the myriad bits of shell and refracts it back out. Lifting her face she smiles, "It is a shame you will not be able to join us my lord Nayland. Perhaps another time you will grace me with your presence." Politely phrased and politely spoken there is nothing untoward about her sentiment, except perhaps for a green gleam in her stormy sea eyes.

"If I took offense at every difficulty caused by the squids, I should be in an extended state of offense," Anais assures Inigo with a wry smile of her own, shaking her head. "What happened is out of our hands. What we build from what is left is ours to shape. And I rather like what we're shaping these days." At least she's in good spirits about it all, right? "I'll send word once everything is arranged, Lord Riordan," she assures the Nayland before making her way to the garden, a slow, delighted smile spreading across her features. "Oh, Muirenn. It's going to be /lovely/. Honeysuckle!" she exclaims, apparently thrilled by that tiny detail.

Riordan glances over to Muirenn at her sentiment. Rather then responding, however, he simply studies her a moment, and gives her a small smile yet truly warm smile, and a dip of his head. Then he bids the group at large a fond goodbye, as he prepares to take his leave. "My ladies, my lords, good morning to you all." He will turn, then, and leave the courtyard. And, though it may be imagined, it almost looks like the Regent of Stonebridge actually winked to Lady Anais on his way out. Must be the morning sun in his eyes.

Seeing some are departing to take their meals elsewhere, Justin inclines his head politely to Riordan, "Enjoy your repast, Lord Regent. I'll be available around the Tower until you are ready to go, or until my father informs us of his schedule." And Anais assures much the same. He turns to walk on over and join the ladies for the light meal since he hasn't eaten anything yet.

"Lovely *and* PRACTICAL!" Muirenn replies with a directed glare towards Justin. The glare softens and she gives him a wicked little grin as she adds to Anais, "Yes honeysuckle in both gardens. One day, I hope to have a little pool in the center of the garden…someplace pretty for people to enjoy as well as make use of." Seated, she lifts her cup of tea and takes a small sip "Well Anais…" seeing as the Naylands have left and it is more or less just family, the girl relaxes some, and says quietly so as not to be overheard by Tiaryn "Have you even *spoken* with my guardian yet? I am not sure how he will take all of this…especially the supplies brought by Stonebridge. You know he will not accept charity from the Naylands of all Houses."

"Having met people who seem to be in a constant state of offense at everything, I can say I'm glad that you are not one of their number, my lady," Inigo replies to Anais, good humored smile reappearing. "I have been told the forest often grows back stronger than before after a fire, I'm sure it will be the same here." He at least sounds pretty confident in that, weather he actually is or not. "Good day," he says to the departing Lord Regent. Like Justin, though, he joins the ladies for the meal. "I'm not sure I believe in such a thing as charity. Everything seems to have a price."

Offering the polite words as Riordan takes his leave, Martyn looks around for a few moments as he joins the others for the meal. "It looks quite nice here," he remarks a little bit.

Justin stands by the table to get himself a serving of whatver has been brought out, tending to escew sweet things for savoury. Though a bit of fruit, dried or otherwise he'll put onto his plate, "Indeed, cousin, we'll be stronger for it but it takes time." He glances to Muirenn with a slight frown, "I don't like it either, but sometimes we have to swallow our pride, no matter how bitter it may taste, for the good of others. None of us wish to see the smallfolk starving just because we would refuse help. Besides, the Lord Regent is making a political statement with the offering, not merely charity. An attempt to mend some past ills between our families, if his intent is what he claims it to be."

"I don't think he's inclined to let his people starve, either," Anais replies to Muirenn, settling into her seat and draping a napkin over her lap. "It's time to look toward peace. Or at least close enough relations that we have a clue what they might try next," she adds in a lower, dry tone.

"Of course Anais, but you know a true peace is laughable with them." Muirenn replies as she plucks a bit of cold, roast pheasant daintly off the bone with her fingers and places it into her mouth. Swallowing she nods to Justin, her smile lingering on him for a moment before she looks back to the lady of the house, "What was the price of this shipment of supplies? For while admittedly I have been quite sheltered and am horrid with many things, I am wise enough to know that life is as our cousin says…nothing is given for free but between true friends and family."

"All good things in time, hm?" By contrast, Inigo's own preferences seem to favor sweet over savory. "There is little choice when people are starving…you can't really turn away the help no matter where it comes from. Of course, political offering is not charity, though it may seem so on the outside."

Pouring himself a glass of … whatever it is that's out here to drink with the meal, Justin tastes some of his food and follows it with a sip. His gaze lingers on Anais before his light baritone replies to Muirenn, "I don't believe there is a 'price' set upon it persay. However, they have also come to propose a betrothal between their family and ours to my father, to wed the Lady Roslyn to myself." Justin's tone is perfectly neutral, seeing no point really in keeping back that detail that everyone in the Tower will soon know for themselves, whatever his father gives by way of answer. The young Terrick takes a seat on the low stone wall surrounding the herb beds to break his fast.

"The price is taking charity from Naylands," Anais answers Muirenn, glancing up from her plate with a slight arch of her brow. "The price is Lord Jerold feels vaguely uncomfortable, which gives Lord Rickart little paroxysms of glee, and the Naylands get a chance to look like they /aren't/ actively seeking to harm anyone. The last being key," she adds. "They have more money than they've had in the past, and more land, but what the Naylands lack at the moment is an image that the rest of Westeros can respect."

There is a tightening of Muirenn's jaw and she is silent for a moment and then inclines her head saying drily, "Well, better you than me." At that rather cheerful thought, she brightens and smears some preserves upon her flatbread rather intently focused. Nodding as she takes a bite she replies to Anais, "That is so on all fronts. Though the reason they have more money is that they were not closest to the coast." Her grey eyes remain lowered as she absently takes another bite.

"Not all prices are in monetary value. In fact, most aren't," Inigo comments, with a vague gesture and tips his head towards Anias. Like that, exactly. "In the future, they'll be able to remind you of their good gesture, as well." He doesn't immediately comment on Justin's information regarding betrothal proposal, either thinking about it or just more focused on the meal for a moment. When he does, it's not much of a comment at all. "…Really?"

Martyn shrugs a little bit. "They seem to do whatever they can to try getting hold of that image, I guess," he offers. "But whatever else one can say about Rickart Nayland, one cannot say he's a fool." Is there some respect hidden within those words? Probably.

Justin must nod to Anais's assessment of the 'price' as well as the details she offers after, agreeing with her. "Whatever father decides, it could buy us badly needed time to get things back into order here. He could, for example, agree to a long betrothal to judge her suitability. Even if I wed her, I wouldn't trust their family one bit more. Even if Lord Riordan turns out to be a rare, honorable exception to his kin, there are nonetheless others among them that can't be trusted." Justin glances sidelong to Martyn before he falls quiet once more, finishing his meal.

"A nice, long betrothal would be ideal," Anais agrees. "They could hardly act against us during that period without losing the advantage they gain by playing nicely. And by the time of the wedding, we would have recovered enough to face whatever they might bring to bear afterwards. Or, perhaps this nonsense feud could be put to rest. That might be overly optimistic of me, though." She nibbles at her own flatbread, taking off the edges first. "As for not being closest to the coast, Muirenn…" She sighs, shaking her head. "Not being closer to the coast is why they were poorer to begin with. They live in bogs, and don't have the stable sort of resources we do here. Had they taken this sort of damage, they'd be in far worse shape."

Silently, Muirenn finishes and glances at her Septa "Can I have the rest of my tea later Septa? I doubt that my lungs will have difficulties if I wait until afternoon while I go…go…read my prayers and gather that cloth I was embroidering for the Sept!" Finishing triumphantly as she manages to come up with something to take her indoors immediately and yet satsify her elderly keeper. Glancing up at Anais, she nods "I know that, and they know that. It is why they are trying desperately to hang onto Stonebridge and why they are trying to grasp as much power as they can while the Roost is in a weaker position." Moving her chair back she murmers, "If you all will excuse me, I must see to these things so that I might be available later if I am needed to entertain our guests."

"Hm, I suppose that would be a way to buy time," Inigo murmurs in thoughtful agreement, slower to comment on this situation that he is not as well versed in. "It is probably optimistic, but the world needs optimists…as long as you don't lose touch with reality. Not that I worry about that with you, my lady." He is quick to tack on that last, lest he be thought to be speaking in another other than general terms. "Of course, Lady Muirenn. Have a pleasant rest of your day."

Anais's wisdom for her years never ceases to impress Justin. He stops eating to listen to her, "Aye, bogs can't be farmed and hardly can be hunted except by the most daring and familiar with them. We have rich farmland as well as fishing and timber." As Muirenn pops up to depart, Justin moves to stand and gives her a partial bow, "Of course, Lady Muirenn. Thank you for arranging breakfast and for being civil towards our … guests." At least Justin and Muirenn seem to have gotten over their previous spat. Mostly.

"And the fact that they would have been in far worse shape is probably one thing they're quite aware of," Martyn offers, before he looks over at Muirenn, watching her carefully for a few moments. "Of course," he offers, a bit more quiet than the others, offering her a bit of a smile. Then looking back to Justin, "Could have been even worse. Could have been the Freys after all," he remarks, offering the younger man a bit of a grin.

Shuddering at that name, Muirenn says crisply "Do not say that name again today Martyn. It is bad enough…for all the scandal that goes on in StoneBridge that they are here…and so soon after poor Ser Gedeon's death. But to bring up that House is intolerable…sitting on the sidelines like vultures." Bristling and lifting her chin, she nods to Justin, giving him a smile that relaxes her somewhat and a nod to Inigo. Unexpectedly she moves to her brother and gives Martyn a close hug before heading out of the garden.

Justin rolls his eyes at Ser Martyn's quip, "Aye, thank the Seven it's not, yet." Do the Freys even have any marriagable aged single daughters? He has no idea. He finishes off his plate as well as his drink. Once he has wiped his mouth, Justin lets out a slow breath and says, "I should go and see if father has made any indication of when he will receive our guests. Please excuse me as well."

You sense: Muirenn seems upset about something…something other than the mention of the word Frey.

Muirenn senses: Justin's gaze follows her as she moves to depart, picking up on it even if he isn't sure what she might be flighty about.

"I don't think it's quite so bad as if you speak the name they'll be summoned." Hopefully. Inigo seems to think it unlikely, since he's in decent humor about it. Helps, probably, to not be directly in the line of fire, so to speak. "I've only heard a little of this scandal, though." He nods as Justin excuses himself. "Yes, of course…it's bound to be a busy day." Joy.

At the somewhat abrupt flight of her mistress, Minniella picks up the dulcimer and hammers and joins the Septa in following after the tall girl. For while most of the time Muirenn works to keep her strides dainty and small, today her slender, long legs quickly close the distance between the garden at the keep.

Martyn is unable to hold back a grin. "Just trying to cheer Lord Justin up a bit," he offers to Muirenn, before he blinks momentarily at the hug. Not sure what to say to that hug, he watches his sister head off, and then nods as Justin takes his leave. "Of course," he offers, looking back to the others for a few moments.

Muirenn leaves, heading towards the Entrance Hall [Entrance Hall].
Muirenn has left.

Anais nods to Justin and Muirenn both as they depart, then lets out a soft sigh as she turns a speculative look on Inigo. "Are you going to start blowing smoke out your nostrils at the mere presence of people your family doesn't like, or shall we finish this meal in peace?" she asks, a faint smile at one corner of her lips.

"Despite the dragon in my House crest," Inigo begins with a curve of a smile growing on his features, "I assure you I am unlikely to start blowing smoke so readily as that. I think the meal can be finished in peace."

"Bless you," Anais sighs with relief, reaching up to brush a hand to her temple for just a moment. "I swear, the raw anger and hatred that boils up every time there are Terricks and Naylands in any close vicinity is exhausting." She looks to Martyn then, arching a brow curiously. "Though I didn't realize the Mallisters took it quite so personally, as well."

"Finishing the meal…" Martyn comments, as he eats some more of the food. Expression a bit distracted as he looks to where Muirenn left. "Sounds like a good… idea." He shakes his head for a few moments, as if to clear it, before he looks back to the others. "Hmm?"

"I do consider myself blessed," Inigo says with a flash of grin and little humility. "It is a…tough situation, to say the least. And personal, so it doesn't surprise me that things would run raw and heated." He drops silent then to eat.

"Your lady sister seems to hold more a grudge against the Naylands than the Terricks themselves," Anais notes to Martyn, curious. "I was just wondering if it was personal or familial." Before she can wait for an answer, though, a servant arrives, murmuring something in her ear, and she sighs, setting her napkin aside and rising. "I'm afraid duty calls, though. If you'll excuse me, my lords." She dips a curtsey, then follows after the servant to whatever the latest emergency is.

Martyn shrugs a little, "I'm not sure. I'd say it varies a bit between us. I mean, I can tolerate them. Ser Kamron, for example, can't really. And after the Islands, who can blame him…" Nodding a little bit as Anais excuses himself. "Of course," he replies.

"That sort of grudge does tend to vary from person to person," Inigo pipes up between bites as he works to finish his meal "Of course, duty calls when it does," Inigo says with a nod for the departing Lady Anias.

"If you don't mind, though you look about finished yourself, I believe it is about time I take my leave too," Inigo says to Martyn, being polite more than asking permission, because he stands even as he speaks.

"Of course," Martyn replies, before he adds, "It was nice to meet you…" Getting to his feet as well.

"Naturally," Inigo says with a friendly smile. "I am sure we'll see each other again. Have a good day." So said, he makes his way to an exit, stopping to have a word with a servant (about cleaning up, likely) before he does leave.