Ser Gryffith Haigh


Gryffith was born the first son of Lord Brynmor Haigh - brother to Ser Leslyn Haigh, Lord of Broadmoor - and Lady Merryl Erenford. His siblings are Mercer, Einian, Trystre and Briallyn, though only the latter three yet live; Mercer was slain during Robert's Rebellion.

In his youth, Gryffith received the benefit of both a noble education and a martial one. As an adolescent, he squired for Ser Aeric Mallister, dividing his time between land and sea and gaining experience upon both. When House Mallister declared for Robert, he and younger brother Mercer joined their host. He was knighted during this campaign but is rarely heard to speak of the circumstances.

Gryffith saw further action during the Ironborn Invasion, returning afterward to Broadmoor to recuperate from injuries sustained at battle and to tend to his lord father's stock of horse, breeding and training colts to improve the family coffers. Now recovered, he is occasionally called upon to attend to political interests on behalf of Lord Brynmor.


Gryffith has cousins throughout House Haigh and House Erenford in addition to his younger siblings, Einian, Trystre and Briallyn.


** Family Man
** Guilty Conscience
** Forthright

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