Page 331: Grave Concerns
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Summary: Pyrs summons Luci for a chat.
Date: 16/June/2012
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Pyrs Lucienne 
Pyrs' Chambers
WTF do you think a maester's chambers looks like??

In the maester's chamber there are various shelves littered with half filled bottles and small chest containing ingrediants for every known aid to combat ailments. Some time after the meeting Lady Lucienne would have received a request to visit Pyrs' chambers. Timing was important for the same request was issued to Lady Anais as well. While seated at a desk, pouring over a journal of the Four Eagle's history dictated by previous maesters, he awaits for the young woman's arrival while embraced by the quiet of his sanctuary.

She comes as she is bid, though perhaps a little weary. It's Lucienne's handmaiden who knocks on the door of the Maester's chambers, her lady waiting patiently without for an answer as she's announced.

"You may enter." Pyrs called from the opposite side of the chamber, begining to close the journal and set it aside for the time being.

The handmaid steps aside, allowing Lucienne to cross the threshold first. "Maester," greets the Terrick girl quietly, her hands clasped primly at her front. She hovers a few steps inside the door. "You sent for me?"

He slapped on a decent enough smile for greeting. "M'lady Lucienne, come please." An aged hand gestures to the chair opposite of his desk as his frame leaned back a touch. "And mistress." Not to ingore the help. "It is my duty to see that the Four Eagles prospers, a desire I believe is not too far from your own as well."

Luci's handmaid will just hover by the door, if that's okay. The lady herself makes her way over to the chair, lowering into it slowly and taking a moment to fix her skirts for minimum creasing. "Of course, Maester Pyrs. Is there something you would have me do to assist you?"

"I, do not normally become involved in these matters of family, as my foremost concern is to the Four Eagle's stability." The maester starts, "I will see that the Lady Anais receives a sedation, to temper her mood from further outbursts to which you had unfortunately been the target of."

To say she looks surprised is an understatement - Lucienne's eyes widen considerably. It takes her a few moments of studying the older man's face before she finds her tongue. "Maester," begins her reply, "Please, is such completely necessary? I am of strong enough constitution to weather a few insults, and the lady has yet to bear a child for my brother."

"That is an unfortunate truth." He starts. "It will not come to pass if you wish it m'lady. Such words boldly proclaimed without merit…" The maester shakes his head. "I cannot believe otherwise you would go through such measures and undo your brother's recovery progress. It is unfathomable."

Lucienne sighs, the long breath filtering slowly and frustratedly out through her nose. "It is indeed a grave insult to offer, and completely baseless, I assure you Maester. I would urge you to proceed with the Lady Anais only as you see fit to benefit my House, for contrary to her ravings I have no personal vendetta against her, and would wish her no harm." She folds her hands in her lap, fixing Pyrs with an intent look.

The maester nods, understanding. "I shall, you can be most assured of that m'lady." He does reach for a journal and spreads it open. "You have seen your brother over the latest week am I correct? How would you describe his demeanor?"

That the maester is so understanding draws a small smile from Lucienne, a grateful expression. As for her brother: "We are close, Maester, I try to make time for my brother as often as I can. He has been… lucid one moment, raving the next. Sometimes in great pain, sometimes I could swear his injury was just a figment of his imagination. If I might make an observation, having spent time trying to learn with the Maesters before you, I would assume his dosage is too high, and irregular?"

Pyrs begins scribbling down some notes. "I see." Before he answers the man is focused on his writing. "Yes, I would say irregular. As the previous maester provided him with a continuous administration of the numbing agent, I believe he become tolarant of it. Requiring more as time progressed."

Lucienne looks momentarily pleased with herself as Pyrs agrees with her assessment. Chuffed! "Clearly, his habit needs to be overseen by someone with the knowledge to help him… function, even, from day to day," she says, trying to discreetly get a glimpse of whatever it is the Maester is scribbling. "I do hope to see my brother in better spirits, and better health, Maester. He is very dear to my heart."

If she is able to read his writing it is just highlights of Lucienne's spoken words. Notations to be added to the journals of the Eagle's at a later time. "They do not require knowledge to help him, but be the strong mind against temptation." The maester says while his head is bowed low, writing a little more. "We all do m'lady." His blue steel colored eyes raise, displaying a small smile before lowering them again. "Are there any persons of this keep who may have access in providing him dosages beyond my stores?"

Satisfied that he isn't writing anything to the contrary of what she's saying, Lucienne sits back a little in her chair. She returns the maester's smile, but her expression turns quickly to a thoughtful frown at his question. "Yes," she answers, with barely any hesitation. "Obviously, whomever is supplying to him at present - his page? He keeps a Dornish retainer, too, though I highly doubt Mistress Avinashi would contradict you, Maester. His health is of her concern too, and she knows better. Maester, you don't think… the Lady Anais seemed very intent with her accusations, surely she wouldn't…?"

He paused in his writtings, the present wrinkles across his brow wrinkle. "I.. I have not considered that." The man relays pensively. "She is quite dedicated to his survival. What reason do you have to suspect that she is capable of doing such a thing?"

Lucienne arches a brow, looking worriedly back at Pyrs. "You've seen how terribly she thinks of me, Maester. She even said herself, whatever it was about… about how they eliminate people at the Banefort. And she looked straight to me. I… I'm quite concerned at her unnatural dislike of me, Maester. I always hoped that my brothers would wed and I would gain sisters, not enemies. The Lady Isolde and I, we were so close." Noticing herself rambling, Luci stops, and looks to her lap.

The maester then lowers his plume, soon returned to the inkwell. "Your safety here is a high priority m'lady. I do not believe the Lady Anais desire your 'elimination'" As she had put it. "Your success in marriage will bring quite a measure of respect upon your status as a lady of the Four Eagles. To impede that would be unwise. For anyone."

"I hope so," murmurs Lucienne, not entirely convinced. "Maester, I… thankyou. For sending for me. If you need help where my lord brother is concerned, I am only too glad to give it. I do have the best interests of my family at heart, despite the ills some may speak of me. I am so glad you have been sent us, and I have every faith that you can help Lord Jacsen."

Pyrs bows his head, appearing humbled by the gratitude. "You are welcome m'lady. The young lord is fortunate to have one such as yourself in his life. He may need to draw on your love to see him through this." A half smile came from one side of his mouth. "I will certainly keep you in mind should you be needed for him m'lady. I bid you a good evening."

They share a smile, then, as Lucienne rises. "Good evening, Maester Pyrs," says she, dipping into a polite little curtsy for the older man before taking her leave. Her handmaiden curtsies too, and follows the little lady out.