Page 196: Good Morning to Your Mistress
Good Morning to Your Mistress
Summary: Einar discovers that Cordelya has snuck along after seeing her escape the Flint tent the morning after being banished from her husband's side. He acts as a proper squire should and does his best to take care of the situation.
Date: 28/1/289
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Einar Cordelya 
The Flint Campsite
The busy war camp of the halved Flint party.
Saturday, January 28th, 289

Someone, probably the strange Jael, put Corrie to bed last night in the Flint's main tent, where she'd normally be sleeping with her husband — except for the fact he is too injured to be moved from the Charlton sick tent. She needed the rest desperately, so it's well into the morning that the woman stirs and finally drags herself up and out of the tent, the echoing memories of last night a tight ache in her chest. She's still in the ugly small folk clothing she wore to hide among the other camp followers. Her hair is a mess and her face is still a touch stained with the echo of tears from last night. She pushes one hand back through her mussed brown curls, stepping into the morning sunlight…

With Anders out of action, Einar's time has been both busier than before, and more hectic. There's been far less directed stuff to do, but far far more general organisation and dealing withthe miriad of 'stuff' that happens. For now though, he's fed and watered the horses and looking forward to a few quiet minutes working on whatever it is that needs doing this morning, before he needs to go and start checking troops and talking with the Captains again. With that in mind he strides towards the Flint tent, not expecting anyone else to be around.

Cordelya is rather just -standing- there, quite lost of what to do with herself. Banished from her husband's side, she has no where to really go. All the other wounded have been well cared for, though she could probably make excuse to check up on one of them. For now, though, she's standing like some sapling lost in the wind, her arms folded across her mostly flat chest, hugging against herself as she tries to figure something to do and finds herself feeling nothing but lost. A few quick blinks try and push back a fresh wave of those tears. She thought she was done with those last night.

Einar pauses as he appraoches the tent, the figure that stands before it is familiar somehow, yet it takes him a moment to place it. He advances a step or two before the realisation dawns on him and he all-but forgets his previous concerns. "Cordie?" he says, questioningly, and barely above a whisper. "Cordie?" The second time it's stronger, aimed at gaining her attention and he quickly moves to cover the ground between them. Noting her distress he moves to place an arm around her shoulders as he does so.

Sometimes it's hard to pull Corrie out of her daydreaming, staring off into nothing for hours, lost in her own head. This is not one of those times. She's trying to find some piece of reality to which she can cling so she -doesn't- go off into those states which would be so much easier than actually living right now. So she looks up at the second time, blinking towards Einar. He isn't hard to recognize, even if she had spent as much time hiding from him as she did her husband. At least previously. Now, it's of no matter. She blinks once more as his arm goes around her, but she doesn't pull away. It's just a bit harder to fight those tears again. "…Aye… I… I snuck after… I was… sitting with Anders… until last night." She tries to explain weakly.

It would be fair to say that for the moment, Einar is lost for words. Thankfully, there's action that can be taken while he lets his brain catch up with this latest occurance. "Come," he offers quietly, gently, "lets find you a seat. There's fresh water in the tent.." He's not going to say she looks a state, it'd probably come across all wrong. "You look like you've barely slept," he adds, concern evident in his voice, "have you eaten yet? I could call for breakfast if you need."

"I…I slept plenty. Last night. After… After Anders commanded me gone from his tent…" Corrie admits quietly, a hint of an exhausted crackle behind her voice. Sometimes exhaustion is more than physical. She doesn't fight his arm, though, letting him try and lead her back towards the tent she just exited. The question of food makes her shakes her head. "No… not… not yet. Not today…" Or possibly yesterday, she considers. "…I… I'm not hungry. You should go check on him, Einar… I… I need to know how he is…"

Einar listens intently, but makes a note to ensure food is brought anyway, although he says nothing more on it for now. "I'll check on him, I promise you okay." He states simply as they move, "let me just see you settled first, then I'll go get you an update on his progress." He means it too, although not until he's convinced she isn't going to do herself a mischief while he's gone.

Cordelya just -left- that tent! But, for lack of better idea, she nods towards him and allows herself to be lead back into the now still empty main tent. She walks slowly, still in a hint of a daze, distant and lost. "Thank you… I… I'm just so… worried…" Corrie admits, trying to find other words but they simply aren't there. She lets herself be brought back into the tent, towards the sitting area.

Einar nods solemly, he'd been worried too, deeply worried, but it did at least look like Anders is on the mend again. "I know Cordie, I know" he mutters reassuringly, guiding her to a seat. He goes himself to fetch a bowl of water and a cloth from th side and brings it back, wetting the cloth as he does so. "It'll be all right though, I promise you. Both your gods and mine will see to it."

Cordelya probably would have never left the tent if he was looking like he might take a turn for the worst, but the fact he had enough strength to demand her leave in the first place was probably a good sign. Corrie doesn't fight his arms, allowing herself to be brought over into that seat and sat down even as she takes another shakey breath. She is -not- going to cry again, she's determined herself on that. "I… I hope… I sent Mistress Delacourt to him, if he will not have me at his side… she's just as good as I, if not better. But… Gods, Einar, the whole reason I follow you all in such a disguise was so I could be -near- incase something like this happened! Now there is no point to any of the danger that -any- of us are in!"

Einar sets the bowl down on a side table before crouching down infront of Corrie to clean the worst from her face. Or, indeed, to hand her the cloth if she decides to do so herself. "He's in good hands," he says, tone still light and hopefully reassuing. "I'll go see if he's awake," he adds as he stands, "just wait here for me, I shalln't be long." And with that he's gone, partially to check on Anders, and partially to ensure there's breakfast prepared for the Young Lord's wife.

The dirt on Corrie's face isn't as bad as it once was, though there is some left over from last night at the side of the road. She doesn't bother with the cloth, but she lets him get the worst of it off of her face. She just closes her eyes, swallowing that tightness down her throat as she nods in his direction. "…Thank you, Einar…I… I will wait here. Give him my love, please?" She asks shakily after him, as he slips out the tent. Maybe Einar didn't hear her? Or he has an awkward thing or two to say to Anders!