Page 185: Golden Haired Harpies
Golden Haired Harpies
Summary: Cherise lays down her concerns before Danae
Date: 18/1/2012
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Cherise Danae 
Danae's Room, Stonebridge
Herbs, clothes, a bed and dirt. The usual Danae stuff.
Wed Jan 18, 289

Much like when they were younger Cherise took her own liberties when it came to her kin, imposing herself when seen fit no matter the circumstances. So not to wait for an invitation, as Danae was still a maiden and no reason for unsavory things to be explored behind closed doors, the lady Charlton entered Danae's private chambers after biding her hand maids to remain outside. Behind her the door was closed and hands folded before her in the natural fashion most noble women had adopted. "Oh good, Danae, you are here."

"Cousin," Danae squeaks somewhat indignantly, tugging the dress she was shifting into back up her shoulder with a flush. Her ladies' maid steps back with a giggle that is silenced with a flat look from the Westerling lady. Ahem. The maid curtsies with a smile to both the ladies, before shiftly taking her leave. "Dear one, there is such a thing as knocking," she fusses, attempting to tighten her stays awkwardly.

Yes there was, however the woman was already furthering herself into the chambers while catching only a glimpse of Danae's dressing activity. Her eyes were to the hearth and it's low brazen flickering. "There is, isn't there?" Then again this was not her tower nor her quarters. Cherise's pale eyes do flutter towards her cousin, then the servant. With a commanding wave of her hand she states sharply, "Leave us." Now her movements are guided to replace the servant's purpose in aiding Danae's dressing.

Danae takes a deep breath, looking over her barely freckled shoulder at her fair in quiet curiousity as she places a hand at her waist. The already exiting servant does so quirker with Cherise's command, skittering out into the hall much to her lady's bemusement. "I did not think you much interested in commanding my staff, dear one. What brings you to this unannounced visit?" She wonders with the arch curve of a brow.

While she may have servants to preform this task daily for her for the past few years Cherise does know how to dress herself, and possibly another person. With fingers beginning to work on the lacings of Danae's attire her eyes are lowered, watching the movements of her dainty tendrils. "They say when with child a woman becomes estranged from her normal self." Not that she was or anything. "I suspect my husband may try to kill me after he is granted this child."

"I would not think so, cousin. The most I have seen a woman with child do is glow with the expectations as you do now," Danae replies warmly, staying still as her cousin laces her gown — as if they were still girls after a misdeed. She purses her mouth at Cherise's next words, countenance growing dark. "…and what has passed to make you speak so?"

"My dreams…" She shares openly. Strange hormonal dreams prying on her worst of fears. "I accepted the the Erenford woman as a lady in waiting. The one who had killed her husband? Or at least it is rumored." She relays with less enthusiasm, "He called her beautiful…"

"A dream is a dream, dear one. It is not a portent, merely a horror of your uneasy mind mind and with further battle abrew for your husband it is not one likely to go away soon," Danae murmurs softly, low voice soothing. At the news of the Erenford woman's addition to the Charlton household, she crinkles her nose in mild consternation which goes unseen to Cherise. "I had heard those rumors — does she not have a child herself? Why ever did you allow her into your fold if she causes you such unease?"

She gave up on the strings momentarily, tossing her hands into the air. "I do not know. I had voiced my concerns of such though Aliester had waved them away. Perhaps seeing no reason for my … sweet Seven." Cherise presses a hand against her forehead. "And yet I am still troubled by it, no matter how pleasant she appears. He sees this as an opportunity naturally. I.." The woman sighs, regaining the laces to continue her progress. "I do know this, I should not wish her preparing my teas or meals or anything I am to consume that is for certain. I will need you Danae until I am positive she poses no threat to me. I had thought to travel to the Roost just before the men march to Seagard. A second thought had occurred to me to remain here, where I will be close to someone I trust entirely."

Feeling the strings fall from her cousins hands, swinging against her back once released, Danae turns towards Cherise in a flare of gold locks and cool lavender skirts. Her hands settle at her cousin's shoulders and guide her towards one of the chairs near the window, pale eyes wide with concern. "Come, sit. This stress is not good for you, dear one. I have a little of the Western courage with me and we shall take some with our tea," she bids. "It is a coup for your husband to have an Erenford in his fold, but wise of you to be careful of her. A pity if she is as lovely as you say — Any help of mine which you need, dear cousin, you know that you possess it. I will take care of all your teas and deliver them only to you."

Cherise does follow when encouraged and politely bidden, sinking her form into a chair as a hand protectively lays across her rounded belly. "It. It is this.. thing." She looks down accusingly. "Not ever have I been so uncertain with my path and this." The pat though purposeful was still gentle. "Thank you Danae." Her name was spoken on a fond tongue no matter how often she pricks and pokes fun at her more demure kin. "The ones you have prepared do have positive results, I am eating. More often than I ever have and sleep comes easily." The rest was all in her head. In watching her cousin the woman's brows knit together. "Be friend her if you can. She states she will give me nothing but honesty however that has yet to be tested. I cannot have my eyes everywhere and you are more familiar with this area than I."

A soft smile curls her mouth, accompanied by a low sigh; Danae leans in to place a kiss to the top of Cherise's honeyed blonde head, finally the taller of the pair with the latter seated. "My little lord of a cousin is no thing. The entire world is in upset, I can only imagine what that means to you as you take on a lady's hardest task," she says, taking what begins as a chiding tease and turning it into honest sympathy. A freckled hand cups Cherise's cheek as she dips her head in a nod. "Good." She should be eating more, eating for two as she is. "Ah…but honesty in who's eyes is the truth of it? A woman with such…stories around her and such manner to her kin is not one to do be easily dismissed. I shall be as sweet to her as the apples in spring, dear cousin. She must be a most charming woman of acquaintance for my sweet hearted cousin to take her into the fold." Danae busies her hands for a moment, pouring them both tea and fine some small spirits to add to it. All the while in stern contemplation as she considers the situation, the only sound to come from her in the rustle of her skirts. "You should look to take in her child as well, cousin. A tender and welcome mercy for any woman left husbandless, would it not me? She shall be ever so much more indebted with her tender babe so close."

Cherise accepts the kind gestures of affection without protest. Leaning forward just a touch when the kiss is planted atop of her recently styled and brushed golden mane. "It means I should always prepare for the worst." She relays to Danae in all honesty where she could do so in her company. Not so much with others. "Her daughter…" The Charlton woman is considering this gravely while the tea is poured. "After my husband and the men liberate Seagard. Yes.. that would be a generous thing." At least a tool to be considered. "Charming perhaps." Once her tea was poured she then reaches for her cup, blowing softly to the heated waters. "You never did speak of what transpired between you and the Nayland lord at the camps. Was he surprised to see you?"

Any hair that is mussed by her kiss is delicately straightened with the utmost regard for Cherise's coiffure, a gesture that is as tender in its own way as the kiss. "It does," Danae agrees, regardly her cousin with a half smile before folding herserlf into her own seat and pausing for a sip of tea. Her smile curves smooth and sharp as Cherise considers her advice, pale eyes sharp as any merchant weighing coin for goods. "You are too kind." Simply, devastatingly sweet…truely. The alternation of subject draws a frown. "Surprised is certainly a word for it…it is remarkable that our exchange did not draw an audience for all his shouting."

Her smirk is small and knowing, rumors of some shouting had been passed through the camps though she held mercy not to approach the subject in prior company. "He is a fool to not see the boldness of your decision." Only a few words were mentioned though she could only guess why the male felt so angered at Danae's arrival. "There was an audience I am afraid though they were minded to pretend to keep their heads and nose elsewhere." Cherise drinks from her cup once, then twice before speaking again. "I hope he was not too cruel."

"He thought me a fool for coming at all, shouting so furiously as for me to not even explain that we did in fact come under a guard. I had more own reservations about the trip, as you well know, but it assume that I would do something without such — forethought," Danae frowns further, lifting her tea in an uncharacteristically sharp motion. She groans for the admittance of an audience, dragging her fingers across a cheek. "At least any words they heard were his and not my own. Had I begun to shout, my guard would have rushed in and things only should have been all the more out of hand." Sighing softly, she adjusts her white-knuckled clasp on the delicate teacup. "No. Not too cruel, but I do not know…"

Drinking to her tea as Danae shares, she nods where appropriate. Commenting only after the last of her kin's words. "He could not be so daft as to think either your or myself would have been endangered? House Charlton hosts plenty of well trained men as my guards. Far better than the Nayland's could offer." As truth she tilted her nose upwards. "And since then has he made his apologies? Have you spoken since?"

"Daft /and/ so concerned, dear cousin. I observed that we knew better the dangers of what would happen should the Ironborn overtake us — that did not please him in the least," Danae notes archly. She takes a maidenly sip of her tea to bolster herself in the face of the subject. Blue eyes flick away from Cherise as she purses her lips, allowing a quiet, "No. He has not and neither have I. I have not seen him since that evening."

"Not a single letter then?" She inquires as Danae drinks to her tea. "While I am sure his concern could be reasonable as for the manner of it's delivery… oh Danae you are better off than finding content with a Nayland." The last of the words said in distaste. "Were you content with him? To see as a possible husband?"

"Why on earth should he send me a letter from the battlefield?" Danae wonders of Cherise's question, shaking her head in the negative. No. No letters. "It's delivery had much to be desired, yes." A sip of tea is taken gently as she shrugs somewhat helplessly at Cherise's question. "I — there is something I like very much about his manner cousin, nor is he poor to look at. The association would be political so well as one of emotion."

"He would if he was apologetic." Cherise lays with certainty. However as she provides some insight into her feelings for the Nayland the Charlton woman deeply sighs. "A love match hmm? So rare they are." The cup of tea is lowered back onto the table as she has had her fill for now. "I would agree he is.. somewhat handsome. And while he does not have a castle of his own I suppose the link with Stonebridge is profitable…"

"I know not if it is so fully a love match as that, cousin. You know as well as I for all the free grounds I have to make my match, one that was not beneficial would not be sanctioned," Danae offers with a wry smile. "He is handsome. The like for horses aside, it is a reasonable match. He seems does not mind my perdilictions although with the wide habits of these Riverland maids I can see why…" So wide and varied in skills as these ladies are. The conversation softens after that, turning to that of the Riverland houses and their ladies as the Western-born sit for their tea.