Page 573: Going and Staying
Going and Staying
Summary: Two couples with very different plans for the Day of Mischief meet briefly in the Roost.
Date: 16/Feb/2013
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Mortimer Nathaniel Kalira 
Town Square, Terrick's Roost
The town square of Terrick's Roost was once considered well-kept. The stone streets run right up to the building fronts around the edge and the locals have kept the spaces between free of grass and weeds that might otherwise sprung up between them, although dark streaks of stubborn soot have crawled in between the stones. There are several homes and shops located here which show the scars and cinders of the sacking of the town at Ironborn hands. The ruin of the town's Sept can also be seen from here with its ornate stone front rising above the surrounding structures just down the cobblestone road.
Sat Feb 16, 290

It's early evening and the sunset that has just graced the coast can best be described as stunning. Well, okay, some poetically minded people could probably do a hell of a lot better than that but stunning covers it for those with less artistic tongues. With town nice and quiet and his son safely away with family out of town, Mortimer is heading back down into town from a cliff-top walk with his wife.

Indeed, the deputy and his wife were not the only ones to enjoy this evening's sunset. Two couriers are riding side by side along the western road that leads into the town from the coastline, where such a sunset would have been nothing short of glorious. Their horses' pace suggests that the pair are not in a hurry or on business, but are enjoying free time. "This will be a good evening for the trip," he says to Kalira. Then he nods ahead and comments, "That looks like the deputy and his wife." He raises one hand to wave.

Kalira guides her mare into a steady walk that keeps pace with Nathaniel's Molly, her own eyes squinting a bit against the last of the dazzling colors of the sunlight reflecting against the rocks and the buildings that face the sun sighing toward the horizon. "The weather is clear," she agrees, the reins held in one hand, the other reaching for a flask of water tucked into a pouch on the saddle. "I think you're right," she agrees in a quieter voice, a smile tugging free as she waves as well.

While normally the sound of hooves approaching down the road from behind would attract Mortimer's attention a lot sooner, tonight it seems that his mind is elsewhere and it's not until the mounted pair are almost upon those onfoot that they notice, moving first to simply clear the roadway before the identity of the pair becomes clear. Offering a friendly smile he greets the pair with a nod, "Master, Mistress. To Stonebridge? Lovely evening to be aout and about."

Nathaniel grins and bows his head when Mortimer hails them while leading his wife to one side. "Indeed," he confirms. "We're heading there tonight. It's perfect weather for the ride. Even the fish enjoyed the sunset," he chuckles. "One practically jumped into the pan so we had a fine meal on the beach before we started on the trip." Then he adds, "The town is quiet. If I'm right, all of the troublemakers have headed east to target the lords and ladies, which should mean some quiet for you."

"You know," Kalira says as she slows her mare to a halt alongside Molly, "that's a very good point. All the trouble makers have headed east, it'll be a pickpocket fest of epic proportions, I should imagine. But, aside from that, this would be the ideal time to pull some heists of rather epic proportions. Perhaps we should stay and help lend a hand to patrols or something," she offers.

"That's the hope," Mortimer replies with a smile, "just keep your eyes open while you're there as it won't just be the Lords and Ladies they're after." As it seems that they might be on the verge of conversation rather than just a passing meeting, his wife excuses herself on the grounds that she is tired and after extracting a promise from him that he won't be too long she slips off down the side street that leads to their home. Watching her go a moment he turns back to the couriers and shakes his head to Kalira, "go. Enjoy yourselves. The pair of you deserve it."

Nathaniel frowns when Kalira speculates on possible trouble. He looks at Mortimer. "She's right," he agrees, with a nod to Kalira. "We'd probably worry too much about you and things here to enjoy the celebration. Beside that, we don't need to visit Stonebridge to enjoy our free time." He inclines his head to much more respectable Freya, and decides, "We'll stay here and help you if you need extra hands."

"Are you sure?" Kalira asks of the Deputy Sheriff, worry evident in her tone of voice as she glances sidelong at Nathaniel. "We can dance anywhere, any time. Though," and she has a small smile on her face, "I do have a costume that I think will be fun."

Mortimer shakes his head in mild amusement. "Please, allow me to assure the pair of you that the Roost will not fall just because the pair of you decided to ride over to Stonebridge for a night or so. I appreciate the concern but be off with you." As Kalira mentions a costume he turns and looks to Nathaniel, "You wouldn't want to let the lady down now would you?"

"I'd die first," Nathaniel answers Mortimer, smiling yet with a solemnity in his voice that confirms feelings that the deputy might have suspected for some time. "But you're our friend. If any trouble comes, send for us at once, even in the middle of the night. We can break camp quickly. We know back ways and our horses are swift. We can be here sooner than almost anyone."

"And, you never know," Kalira adds, "we may just need a good excuse to remove ourselves from the possible chaos ridden festivities that may ensue. If there's one thing that's bound to happen is that things that shouldn't happen - will. And the resulting gossip will be vicious, cut throat and bloody, when everything is said and done. I honestly feel like they should sell tickets to this thing, mark it as a spectator sport. I'd wager the steward of Stonebridge could turn a tidy profit."

Mortimer is definitely amused by that and he once again shakes his head. "You'll forgive me if I say my first port of call will be the Captain of the Guard up at the Keep. I'll bear you in mind though if the need arises. I wouldn't hold your breath though." Truth be told he'll be highly peeved if trouble does break out, it's not often he gets the chance to actually make plans for quiet time. He grins briefly at Kalira comment about selling tickets then shrugs slightly, "if what I hear of the Lord Steward is correct, he would have done if he thought he'd make profit."

Nathaniel looks from Kalira to Mortimer and bites his bottom lip. "Of course you'd call on the captain first, and Lord Justin if he's here," the courier agrees. "I meant if you find that you need more than you have, and particularly if you need trackers." He looks back to Kalira. "He does have a point about the guards at the keep."

Kalira laughs as well as she nods to Mortimer, "I just bet he would, if it would've worked," she agrees. She gives a slow shrug of her shoulders, "Then, I believe, the matter is settled. We'll head to Stonebridge and be amused by the entertainment to be had. But, truth be told," she adds, another sidelong glance at Nathaniel, "our Nathaniel is to well behaved and mannered to pass for a nobleman. He'd need to drink more, swear and probably chase around at all hours just to keep pace."

Mortimer eyes the pair carefully a moment as Nathaniel starts to attack his own lip and is about to ask if they're actually looking for some excuse to not go as he's sure he could find one if needs be. When Kalira speaks though he holds his peace, figuring he was reading teh situation wrong and so instead smiles back to her and nods. "Aye, you're likely right. Just make sure he doesn't get himself into any trouble will you? Cos I for one ain't riding out to Nayland land to pay his fines."

Nathaniel blushes deeply at Kalira's comparison of himself and nobles. He looks at Mortimer and waves his hand. "My father didn't bequeath his gift for carousing, insulting people, and chasing skirts to me, as he did to my brother," he agrees. Then he looks at Kalira and adds, "I assure you, in the presence of our deputy, that I'm going to Stonebridge to be with /you/, not to make mischief with anyone else."

Kalira pats the small coin pouch at her side, "Don't worry on that account, I'll be able to spring him. And, if I don't have the coin, I'll just break him out of the holding cell. never fear, there isn't a door or a lock that I can't finesse, if need be," she boasts with a grin. "My father used to hide presents under lock and key, I learned how to pick locks by the time I was eight." She grins back at Nathaniel, "I know. And I like teasing you."

Mortimer raises an amused brow at Kalira's brag, "I'll bear that in mind," he offers dryly before turning to Nathaniel once more. "An' you keep her out of trouble too mind, and not just 'cause I don't want to have to deal with angry Erenfords if any harms becomes her in the company of a Roost man." Then to both of them he adds, "was there anything else you were wanting? Don't hold your ride on my account." Which of course has nothing to do with the fact that his wife is waiting for him at home.

Nathaniel shakes his head and chuckles. "Master," he answers, "On the night when Kalira fell from her horse and hurt herself, I told her that I would stay with her as long as she needed me." He reaches across the small space that separates him from Kalira, and his hand rests lightly on her arm for a moment before he returns it to his own reins. "I haven't left her yet, and I won't at Stonebridge. If anyone threatens her, that person will answer to me." He focuses a determined gaze at the deputy. "We watch out for each other." Then he looks down the street along which Mortimer's wife disappeared some minutes ago, and he nods. "And you have someone at home watching out for you. Go to her, and share what quiet time you may before some other trouble unsettles the pond."

Kalira links one hand with Nathaniel's even as she smiles at Mortimer, "Go enjoy your evening, Master Trevelyan, and we will get on with ours and head for Stonebridge. Give your wife our warmest regards and apologies for keeping you out so late," she offers a small grin before turning to Nathaniel. "Race you to the edge of town?" she offers with a trace of impish amusement in her eyes.

Mortimer smiles back to Nathaniel and nods in understanding before quipping, "right, so that's two lots of fines then, only we'll bill the Erenfords for one. I understand." Kalira gets a slightly different smile as he replies, "oh don't worry about that Mistress, we intend to. Now be off, the pair of you. Go enjoy yourselves and don't worry about us back here, we'll be just fine." Stepping back a pace to give them room to ride he offers a brief parting nod although he seems to be waiting a moment to actually see them off.

Nathaniel inclines his head to Mortimer. "Indeed, do apologize to your wife on our behalf. If you like, we'll bring something back from Stonebridge for her - a bonnet to shelter her hair, perhaps, or spices that aren't easy to find here." Then he looks at Kalira and grins. Tightening his hold on the reins. "I accept but we'll need a fair count." He glances to Mortimer.

"Now Nathaniel," Kalira says with a slow smile forming on her face, leaning subtly forward in her saddle, one hand calmly coiling the reins, the other reaching for Shadow's mane, fingers entangling. "You know the saying, don't you? If you find yourself in the middle of a fair fight.. the game is rigged." This is said with a last warning flash of a grin and, using just the nudge of her knees and leaning subtly forward just a few more inches, she's off like a arrow!

Mortimer just eyes Nathaniel a moment then shakes his head in amusement. "Get out of my town Master Corbitt," he states with a grin. He's about to turn to say something to Kalira as well when her horse leaps forward so instead he turns back to Nathaniel and just points eastwards after the lass. "Three?" That done he simply watches for a moment or two before turning and heading towards his own home.

Nathaniel eyes Mortimer and that tone of mock-seriousness. Then he grins and his eyes twinkle merrily. "Hiya!" he calls more for effect than anything, because Molly responds to the subtle pressure of her rider's knees against her ribs. She goes in a matter of lengths from full stop to a pace that is just short of a full gallop along the east-bound street, with tail and mane whipping in the wind. Nathaniel twitches the reins and Molly dodges around a cart still delivering goods in the town.