Gnome Tinkering Complaint Letters

Dear Mister Gnome, I am writing to you in order that I may express my enormous displeasure at having found my much beloved house tag has vanished from the 'who' list command. I have been informed by a helpful gentleman of the Master Kittridge that this is a result of your 'tinkering'. I would take it as a great kindness were you to restore my house tag at your earliest convenience and cease such 'tinkering' immediately so as not to repeat this unfortunate incident. Yours, Nares

Dear Mister Nares, I wish to thank you for your recent letter in which you expressed your displeasure. After careful review of your complaint, we have deemed the the issue arose from a random session of tinkering, in which Code Gnome tried to correct an issue and apparently caused another one. We have directed the Gnome responsible for coding to correct this at his earliest opportunity. If you find that this issue has not been corrected within the next 365 business days (Standard turn around time for a Gnome, you see), you are welcome to reach out to the Mystical Fae Prince directly.

Dear Mister Gnome, first let me thank you for your prompt response to my letter. It is refreshing indeed to learn that there are still some members of the workforce who take pride in both their art and customer service. Since receivig your reply I have checked the current status of the issue and found it to be resolved. Should I have similar difficulties again I shall not hesitate to make use of your servies again. Yours, Nares.

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A few weeks later

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Dear Mister Gnome, you may recall a short while ago that I wrote to you with regards to the unfortunate loss of my house tag from the 'who' list command. At that time, you were able to swiftly recitify the problem. It would seem, that you have once again been tinkering as the issue has reoccured. I would take it as a kindness if you could see about fixing it at your easliest convenience. Yours, Nares.

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