Page 443: Given The News
Given the News
Summary: Ser Ozric summons Ser Justin to fill him in on what their fathers decided the night before. Justin is not pleased.
Date: 09/10/2012
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Ozric Justin 
Roof Terrace, Four Eagles Tower
This is open to the air except for the rookery at the opposite end of the open walkway. Parapets and crenellations are about.
October 9th, 289

Today's schedule for Justin has been his usual. He arose before the sun, departed into the town to see ot his duties and to look into the Kain matter, then returned for his mid day meal. Last night's meeting however did not allow him to address his needs with his father and he has been vaguely agitated, unable to fully focus on the lesser demands of the moment. So he fell to pacing his chambers and awaiting the very belated summons - only to receive it from Ozric of all people instead of his father. No one it seems has informed him of the events of last evening.
So it is that Justin ascends the stone steps of the tower to come out onto the terrace. He looks a little strained, likely not having slept much the night before or perhaps has a trace of hangover from trying too hard to find sleep.

With the matter of the night, still freshly on the elder knight's mind-he's sent his page to go and find the Sheriff of the Roost-which apparently is oblidging now. As Justin would see upon his coming to the top of the tower, Ozric is leaning against one of the parapets, staring out over the land-much like he did on his own this past evening. Still when young Robett comes running over, there is a brief pause followed by a nod given to the younger knight.

"Coz." the gruff voice croons out. "I am sorry to pull you from your duties.." and there his pale blue eye regards the man for a moment. "Are you alright?"

"Of course I'm fine. My head hurts but it will pass. The lady Rebecca paid me a visit." As if that were reason enough to make his head pain him. Justin thins his mouth as he comes to stand next to his cousin and look out over the sea and land, as he has done many a time over the past six months. Usually he takes his suppers up here, if the weather is fine in the evenings.
"A trusted and valuable man has been attacked and his father murdered, yesterday. It needs looking into, on top of everything else." Jerold's son cants his head to look at Ozric, "And more time wasted, since I got to cover almost nothing in the meeting last night that needs to be dealt with. And now what? Has my father lost his mind utterly, where my sister is concerned?"

Justin adds low, "Or did Ser Bolland make him see some measure of reason?"

Ozric smirks at that news. "I heard she is a witch, or mad. One of the two mentioned." the one eyed knight states before nodding. "I am glad, though you've been seen to. Perhaps she could see to that wounded huntsman as well, if she is adept at healing arts?" A question there before he throws it out. "Dark times, Coz..But we can come back from this. I would like to know more on that-once you do." he states before he is looking back out to the land, a small frown forming.

"He has not." Ozric states before he is looking back to Justin. 'Ser, you may wish to brace yourself, or punch the wall behind you. But, your father is not going to do anything with Lucienne. Mine is." he will let that sink in before hitting again. "And that is because your father has abdicated his seal to mine. Lord Bolland will be the new Lord of Terrick. And the line of succession will follow through him." And there he sighs. "I am sorry."

"-She- hasn't touched me nor will she. No more sane than my sister is, that one." Justin's baritone offers, "Or a witch, aye." Who knows? Women are difficult enough things even without madness. He refocuses upon the distance as he listens to his cousin, calloused hands to rest upon the parapet stone.
News of who is to deal with Lucienne only turns his head, "As long as she is dealt with… so she may damage this house no further. I will send her away myself if I must." And then the other shoe drops. Just like that.
Justin straightens to meet Ozric's gaze. For several heart beats he only /stares/ at his cousin. It is a broadside, a shock at the least from a completely unseen direction - his /own/ father. It takes a moment for Justin to unlock his jaw, "Just like that? My father simply .. gives it to your father, and /you/. Without even speaking to me." Why does that even surprise him? Jerold's youngest son turns his head away and he's hard pressed not to laugh, it's so ludicrous.

Ozric shrugs. "I do not know what they talked about-or what all they have been talking about for however long, cousin. I cannot think that any man would make such a decision lightly." Still he doesn't walk over to his cousin-but rather is content to remain leaning against the parapet. "As to your second question-my father rarely tells me of his decisions. It does not entirely strike me as odd." And with that he raises a hand. "Before you say further, you and Anais are to be cared for. We will still try to find Jacsen-and I would like you to remain on as our Sheriff." he will let that settle for a moment. "I will do my best with my father to consolidate what losses we've had so far. And we will all together try and get this family and House back on it's feet. But, for that I need you Justin. You're older than some of my kin and you have experience, albeit little in what needs to be done."

Cold silence is Ozric's reply. Justin's back is rigid, feeling that knife his own father has so kindly stabbed him in the back with. His jaw set, he looks out over the land that falls away to the south in gentle ripples, his gaze icy with his anger. Likely his mind is not nearly as still as his body. There will be time to digest, to think. Better than rash words.
Without turning to look back to his cousin, Justin says low, "I see. There is no need to 'take care of' me. I'll see to myself. I have always served my House, cousin. I will tend to … my duties." Such of them as are left to him.

"If you take offense with the words, then speak to your father cousin." Ozric states in a bark, there the bite showing in his voice as he stares right back at Justin. "I expect all men of this House to take care of themselves and I expect knights to do one better. However your father does not." Despite the chill look and tone coming from his younger cousin. And now the easy lean is gone as the older knight stands tall. "We do not need scandal. And we need unity." There the bluntness to it coming out. "Will you strive for that unity-or will you sulk?" there's the rub of it. "This is a shite blow, that I know. But, believe me Ser. Were you to ask me what I saw for myself-I would have told you I would have become a knight of the Gate before this damned scenario, presented us."

"I don't think it would be wise for me to speak to my father just now." No, for Jerold would find his son far too willing to break the old man's head than even Ser Bolland was, last night. Justin huffs a breath in lieu of a laugh. No, he will not laugh. He turns his head to regard the new heir, "I will see to my duties. You will see to yours, cousin." As far as he's concerned, this conversation is over, for now. The Sheriff turns towards the stair to depart, unless Ozric should detain him further.

"I would agree with you Ser." Ozric states as he crosses his hands over his chest for the time being. There is a brief look to the stairs and then back towards Justin as he retreates for the stairs. "Indeed you will. We do not have time for any lapse-or anger. Save it for our enemies, Ser. Not your grudges." And with that he allows the Sheriff to fly off and do his duty.

Question is, who /are/ his enemies, now? Justin doesn't say a word. He gives his cousin a brief, cold look, then descends the stairs to leave the tower. At least he has plenty of work to bury himself in - there's no end of that.