Page 151: Getting to Know You
Getting to Know You
Summary: Elinor and Kell leave the blacksmith's shop and encounter the arrival of Sarojyn and his men on their way to the castle.
Date: 13/Dec/2011
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Road, Terrick's Roost
Open road leading back to the castle from the town.
December 13, 288

Stepping out to cooler air at Elinor's side, Kell offers a possible outcome that could be viewed as a positive, "Perhaps the Ironborn are here to beg for forgiveness for their past transgressions and also to make amends and reparations." Though he isn't exactly sure if that would be something that Elinor wanted to hear, for all he knows, she would rather they all be killed or a war declared on the Islands.

She'd snort if it was in her. Instead Elinor simply shakes her head, "They lack sympathy Ser Drakmoor." Hearing only of the bloody tales that occured in the aftermath of their raids. "Please do not try to make them appear civil."

Right now, a small group can be seen leaving the town's Smithy, the Hedge Knight Kell walking with Lady Elinor and behind them trails a Banefort guard as well as a couple of Elinor's maidens. Elinor seems to not be in the best of moods right now with the knight trying to tred on thin ice as he speaks, notably due to the topic at hand, "Perhaps, M'Lady, plenty of stories I have heard of the Ironmen are grim and I know many people that leave near the coast are in constant fear of them."

As the sun begins to crest down towards the horizon, a group of five riders make their way into Roost Lane from the direction of the town square in a formation that see's one boxed in the center, while the other four ride at each 'corner'. Each rider and horse bares the colors of House Camden and rather then be armed with a sword, each one has a bow which is held in one hand. A slow trot seem to be in order and as the horses move more fully onto the lane, they seem to be following it towards the castle that lies a bit further west.

"They do, for those near the coast have long memories, should they live long enough." Elinor relays as the open air proved to yield better results, especially when out of the company of that man with the unplaced accent. "Enough of this, Ser Drakmoor. I am more than certain the subject will arise daily until the likes of them leave the Roost. Hopefully to return to their lands." Perhaps not with the latest of rumors. The lady then pauses in her walk, turning herself to completely face the knight when one of her maidservants, Thalia makes a mention of the arriving company. The colors well known and again take the lady by surprise. Naturally Banefort and her company would clear off to the side of the road, less they be trampled or block the arrival's path.

Inclining his head at Elinor, Kell is more than willing to drop the subject and he knows she is right, the subject will indeed come up, especially when Elinor has a run in with one of the Ironborn as it is only a matter of time if they are staying at the Roost. The sound of horses riding through town does attract the Hedge Knight's attention as he turns to the source of the sound. Stepping to the side with Elinor, Kell also wishes not to be trampled by a horse as that would be extremely embarrassing, and probably painful though his eyes do focus on the bows first before the see the colors of the House.

As the group of riders begins to draw closer, it's clear that Sarojyn sits amongst the center, eyes shifting and darting about as they move about the road. When they fall upon Elinor and Kell, there's a faint whistle that escapes his lips, a sound that draws the group to a slower trot and then eventually to a halt, not far from where the others stand. From atop the horse, there's a slight bow of his head in the direction of Elinor and then another, smaller one, to Kell, as he offers, "Lady Banefort. Ser Drakmoor. I hope you find yourselves well this eve?"

"My Lord Camden." The lady Elinor is the first to award courtesies to the Lord of the Tall Oaks, followed shortly by her maidservants and Banefort guardsmen, "Well and whole upon arrival." Minus the unpleasant encounter just moments ago. She wiped away that evidence by the display of a genuine smile. "I ask of yourself?" She briefly takes a survey of the Camden's retinue, wielding bows and all mounted. Concern flashed in her features.

The man in the middle is identified after a second or two as Kell's short term memory clicked, remembering seeing Sarojyn at the dinner that Elinor invited him to. The Hedge Knight bows his head respectfully to the other man and adds the appropriate greeting, "Good evening, Lord Camden. Doing rather well, M'Lord, thank you. We arrived here from Stonebridge without trouble." Kell does glance back to the bow though remains silent for the time being as Elinor asks a question to the Lord.

Sarojyn allows his attention to look between the two before it finally comes to settle upon Elinor, a light smile touching his lips as he gives a nod of his head, "I'm pleased to hear that you arrived without incident." There's a turn of his head towards one of his men so that a slight nod can be given, an action that has the men lowering the bows to secure them to saddle. As he looks back to Kell and then Elinor, he's offering, "Well enough, thank you. An unexpected return to the Roost, though, to see my neice back to our lands for a family affair." Which, would explain the bows, for they are not as easily readied upon the road as a sword.

Elinor nods slowly, "I see." She starts a small measure of relief is revealed after the men harness their bows. "I am disheartened to not yet make her acquaintance before she is to depart again. Hopefully the matter of family important is not a dour one so that she may return in time." Whatever it is, the lady does not pry too deeply into matters that are not her own.

Now the reason for the bows are clear as Kell recalls being educated by Lady Elinor about House Camden and how they were pacifists, preferring to end conflicts with words and not blades. Kell would offer his sword to Sarojyn for the trip if he needed one more since there is safety in numbers but he has just arrived and after the Lady received unsettling news in the Smithy, the Hedge Knight decides he should stick around for a little longer. Kell does nod his head at Elinor's words, adding his own, "I hope all is well, M'Lord, and may your return be as safe and uneventful as ours."

Slipping down from the saddle of his horse, Sarojyn eases a hand along the steed before moving to pass the reigns off to one of the other men, "See that the horses are fed, watered and rested for our return." There's only a simple nod in return before the four men begin to continue the trek along the path and back up towards the castle. Looking to Kell, there's a slight incline of his head and a quick, "Thank you, Ser." Then, it's to Elinor, to whom he's offering, "Not so dour that she will not return in a couple days time. I am surprised to hear that you have not crossed pathes with the Lady Liliana. She has been a ward here for quite some time."

Following Sarojyn's dismount Elinor remains standing in place with her hands gathered at the forefront. Her maidservants standing behind their lady and the Banefort men behind them. "Unfortunately I have been sequestered to my quarters here for far too long my lord." Since the wedding of Anais and Jascen, Elinor had kept herself out of sight for a short while. "As a guest here I admit, I have not been so easy to embrace certain visitors and thought it best to busy myself with some task or another." The woman smiles faintly, "In doing so robbed me of the pleasure of becoming familiar with your niece my lord."

Kell now reverts to being silent as the Elinor and Sarojyn speaks of a Lady Liliana. At times, the commonborn knight may fit better being a guard as he seems to be the quiet type around nobles, even after years of knighthood, the youngman is still adjusting to life being around nobles. He spent more of his knighthood protecting than entertaining himself in the company of lords and ladies, though at times it that would be required but most of the time, it was his sword, bow, or lance that was needed.

The smile remains light upon Sarojyn's lips as he offers another nod of his head towards Elinor, "I'm afraid I know all to well the feeling of such a thing, M'Lady." The smile warms a touch before he continues, "I'm pleased to see that you have decided to venture forth from the Castle. There is much see to in this land as I'm sure that Ser Drakmoor can attest to." A look to the Knight and then back to Elinor. "But I must apologize. I hope that I am not keeping you from something?"

Elinor even shares that smile with Kell as he is mentioned, "That he can. Ser Drakmoor has shared with me some stories of his travel and his origins. Though no he is no bard, he has managed to encourage my interests in traveling abroad beyond only what is familiar to me." When she resumes her gaze upon Sarojyn the lady then shakes her head, "But no, my lord, I was just on my return to the castle after visiting the Smith. And as you, and your men, seem to be on the same course, I would enjoy the company should my walk not slow your purpose."

"Oh, certainly, M'Lord." Kell says with a sheepish grin as Elinor notes of his lack of creativity and mental thesaurus when it comes to words. He does nad at her as he recalls the tales shared though more than half of them has been left out due to the graphic and ugly nature of reality that is Westeros, "I told her of the many beautiful sights out in Westeros, especially at sunset or sunrise." Having stuck to the girly stuff since it is certainly more appropriate then about the bandits and robber knights he had run into in the past.

As Elinor speaks of the tales Kell has told, Sarojyn takes a moment to look back towards the knight, his brow lifting a touch as he inclines his head towards the man, "Perhaps, Ser Drakmoor, you might have time to venture into the woods that I call home. I would be interested to hear such stories at some point." It's a genuine statement and then he's looking back towards Elinor so as to give a slight bow of his head towards her, "I would be honored by your company, Lady Elinor."

Elinor makes a gesture of her facial features for Kell's eyes, encouraging him to agree as not taking him as the sort to decline the offer. She would initiate their short journey from the merchant shop's lane towards the castle after Sarojyn would accept. Even those words had added a warmth to her smile, "This is twice in the same week I have been witness to the Lord of the Tall Oaks outside his natural dwellings." She comments with her eyes on the path before them, her retainers in tow. "Those in the Westlands would believe I am imagining it so. Then again I have witnessed here some things I never thought would stand before me. Let alone reside in the same castle." The woman reaches a hand to the clasp of her cloak, her thumb smoothes over the metal.

As the invitation is extended to Kell, bowing his head at Sarojyn, "Of course, M'Lord, when I am free and looking for another place to travel to, I will most certainly make the Tall Oaks as my next destination to visit." As Elinor restarts their walk back to the Keep, the Hedge Knight keeps pace and then winces at the Lady's words, knowing exactly what she is speaking of. He gives the Lord a glance, almost wanting to explain Elinor's meaning though thinks better than to bring it up as he had promised to drop the subject.

Beginning to move as the walk is restarted, Sarojyn's hands reach to the edges of his cloak so that it can be pulled just a touch around his body. A turn of his head lets him look to Kell, to whom he offers a nod to, "Then we look forward to your visit, Ser Drakmoor." Then, he's looking back to Elinor as so that a soft laugh can be offered and another bow of his head, "I fear that you are not imagining things, M'Lady. It has taken some time, but those that reside in the Oaks are breaking from their seclusion to visit with those of the other Houses." If he catches the meaning of her last statement, he makes no mention of it, for he's moving into a question, "How are you finding your time at the Roost? Has your Lord Father bid you stay with your sister until she gives you leave to return home?"

"Very new and at the same time exciting my lord." Beyond the obvious. "Before the wedding my sisters and I have never been beyond the Westerland's boarders. Or to reside as guests within another Lord's dwelling. Our dear father kept us close during the rebellion." Elinor shares while keeping a pace of good measure, certainly not to rush their arrival to the castle. "It is his wish that we are here until a suitable match is befitting the standing of House Banefort." Elinor's says almost monotone as if it has been recited to her daily and the phrase has just lost all appeal. Still she takes a deep breath inward, swelling her shoulders chest. "My father has the best intentions my lord, he is a wise man and has not taken the offers thus far lightly." Or so she believes are the best intentions. "I do believe my sister would care that she has family still close to call upon in times of need."

As Elinor shares her own story and what life was like before and during the war, Kell remains silent and listens, "Lord Banefort is a sensible man, the roads are probably not as safe with the war going on, M'Lady." The Hedge Knight says as there are probably more bandits on the roads with most of the able men and knights out fighting for one side or the other. As Elinor goes on about suitable matches and stuff, it reminds Kell of what noble life is like, how marriage is just as important as the way of the sword and most unions may not be of love but necessity, which he finds somewhat saddening.

Listening to that, Sarojyn gives a slight incline of his head towards Elinor, the smile remaining warm upon his lips, "I share in some of that, Lady Elinor, for I have not yet left the Riverlands. I can not imagine what it must be like to be so far from home." Hands release the edges of his cloak so as to clasp together before him. "But by that token, there is much to see in our lands. Should Lord Jacsen and Lady Anais decided to venture to my lands, you would be most welcome to join them." He looks to Kell at the mention of Lord Banefort so that a nod of agreement can be given before he's looking back to Elinor. "I would imagine your Lord Father does what he thinks best and I do imagine the Lady Anais is glad to have family present. I know when I last spoke with her, she was still trying to get accustomed to things around here."

"No, they weren't. Our father attempted to shield us from much of the tormoil that wrecked through the Westlands as many took up arms to serve their duty." She replies to Kell before answering the Camden. "It was… difficult at first." Her brows deepen when recalling the memories of that journey. "I may only speak for myself as I am sure my sisters harbored diverse assumptions. I sorely miss the hills of the Westlands and my intimacy with the territory. However duty called us away and knowing that I am serving that gives my longing some purpose."

Elinor peels her eyes away from the road ahead, looking to Sarojyn, "I am honored for your invitation my lord. As with all new unions it is challenging to gain your footing once replanted. I feel blessed to aid my sister in hers." A curl in the corner of her mouth forms, "There is very little that can be written of my life my lord, I am sure your story is far greater than mine. Wont you share it with me?"

The picture that Lady Elinor paints of her duty seems intriguing to Kell as he has never thought of what noblewomen do in this realm as duty, but when it is brought to light what Elinor thought of it as, he can see it rather clearly that it is the same duty he had sworn upon, except his is sword and shield while hers is needlework and ettiquette, just as taxing. The Hedge Knight then turns to Sarojyn as the mystery of the Camdens should prove interesting and he is certainly intrigued by their philosophy of peace where as most would choose war.

Once more, Sarojyn finds himself simply listening, eyes drifting to the road ahead before returning back to Elinor as he gives a nod of his head. "Duty is a valiant thing, Lady Elinor, but it is not the only thing that one should strive for." Perhaps the first insight into the ways of the Camdens. "Perhaps one day I will make it to the Westlands and see for myself just how different things are to where we are from." There's a look to Kell and then back to Elinor as he continues, "The Oaks would also welcome another beneath their canopies, Lady Elinor and should you find yourself needing a reprieve from the sun and bustle of the Roost, you may find peace and quite amongst them." Eyes drift back to the road and the approaching Castle. "I fear my story is not all that interesting, in the least. I have no tales of war to tell. No songs of victory. It is no secret that my House prefers the notion of peace to war. My people are hunters are trademen and in that, I am no different. One must see Tall Oaks, to truly understand the difference between it and the Roost or Stonebridge."

"Very true my lord." She nods her head, agreeing. "There are tall tales of those who forget themselves amongst stacking expectations." Elinor smirks, recalling some of the childhood stories of life lessons meant to steer little ones straight. "I should hope, if and when, your visit south will be an enjoyable one. As should I if upon the Oaks. Although there is a common ground for trade between our Houses. Timber and shipwrights, although I am not one of position to broker such talk." That was reserved for her brother Quenten and her father. "I am sure my father would be interested as takes a great interest these sort of arrangements."

When the castle was in near view it had both a positive and negative end. "It is interesting my lord, for not many houses would take up the mantle as peacemaker and maintain it for many, many years as House Camden has. It is commendable, one that grants respect from those who care not endure the hardships and sacrifices wars may bring."

Kell walks with the group though he has little to input, the Hedge Knight not really a man of words, especially when it is with nobility who know much more than he does. However, on the matter of warfare or lack of warfare, he nods at Elinor's words as if in agreement, "Indeed, Lady Banefort is right. It's hard to draw a blade with the courage to fight and see things through, and sometimes harder still to keep the blade sheathed when all around are charging to fight, M'Lord. Despite it being a war, there were good, honorable, and brave men on both sides." There is a brief pause, knowing there were also the opposite as well. "The Houses that should be shamed are those that send a son to both sides, willing to sacrifice one or both to ensure favor no matter which side won."

A smile crosses Sarojyn's lips as he gives a nod of his head towards Elinor before his attention is then drawn to the castle that draws near now. "You're right, Lady Banefort, in that there is a common ground and it is something that I will send word to your Lord Father about, to see if he might wish to establish some fashion of trade." Then, at teh comments of peace and warfare, his attention shifts back to Elinor, to whom he dips his head into a slight bow, "I thank you for your kind words on the notion of peace. I'm afraid that many do not share your thoughts on it being commendable. Most Houses consider it an act of cowardice." A pause is taken as his eyes shift from the pair he walks with and back towards the castle. "Ser Drakmoor, your words are most welcome. Many a knight and noble alike could learn something from what it is that you say. But, each House has a different belief, one in which they choose to follow. For that, I can not fault them."

"I am sure he would spare both ears my lord." Then again he may not as her father held extremely high ambitions, a trait that may have passed down the family line. "Perhaps those who do not share the opinion, have not known the grievances carried through eras of violence. My sister, Shayla, was made a widow due to a reaver raid. She was fond of her husband, their friendship near the cusp of full bloom. " Elinor takes a moment before rushing to say, "Forgive me my lord, I should not bore you with such talk." Especially not to drive the topic towards gloomy memories. "Will you staying in the Roost for a time?"

"Indeed, M'Lord, we all have our own beliefs. My own comes from being common born, then having fought in the Rebellion, and finally the past few years as a Hedge Knight. We all have different perpsectives on war as well." Kell certainly has had a lot of time to think, as traveling from place to place is not as exciting as the bards sing, most of the time it is quiet and boring on the road, sometimes worrying about where one will find their next meal. Atleast for a Hedge Knight. As Elinor shares a bit about her past, Kell can't help but wince at the loss that her elder sister shared, "I am sorry to hear of the loss your sister suffered, M'Lady."

Looking back to Kell, Sarojyn is offering a nod of his head, "Never forget your perspectives, Ser Knight, or that in which you believe. For they will guide you far truer then the word of a Lord or Lady." He then looks to Elinor, his lips hinting into that of a frown as he gives a slight shake of his head, "Please, Lady Elinor, there is no need to ask for forgiveness. I am sorry, as well, to hear of your sisters loss. I hope that she is one again able to find happiness with another, should that be what she wishes." The mention of his time in the Roost as the hint of a sigh escaping his lips as he gives another shake of his head, "I'm afraid that my journey this time will be short. In the morrow, I will meet with my neice and we will depart back to Tall Oaks. But, we will return in two days and remain for a time, I do believe."

She receives a measure of comfort, from both Lord and Ser to brush aside that moment of doubt. "Thank you my lord and Ser. It was difficult yes, though with each day she gains strength from her faith. I do not know of her wishes of the future as she keeps her heart shielded, even from us who share her blood." Elinor carries a confused expression while explaining Shayla's circumstances. Disappointed even when learning of Sarojyn's brief venture until that to is cast aside upon the promise of another visit. "Then, upon your return if it pleases you, we may converge once again. Perhaps with the evening meal and see through it's fulfilling completion." This time. Less he should be pulled away for house matters once again.

Lord Camden's words are taken to heart as Kell nods his head respectfully in response, "I thank you for you wisdom, M'Lord, and will continue to believe in what I feel is right and true to my vows." The Hedge Knight then grows quiet once more as the discussion ventures to something he does not fully understand, as he has no words to offer Elinor for her sister's sufferings, not wanting to say words that may reopen unnecessary wounds of her past.

"Faith is a powerful thing, Lady Elinor, and I will keep your sister in my prayers, in the hopes that she finds her strength." As that is said, a soft smile returns to his lips before he's looking to Kell once again, "There is no thanks necessary, Ser Drakmoor and if there were, it would be I who should thank you. Few knights think as you do and it is refreshing to meet one who does." Now, he's looking back to Elinor, the smile growing just a touch upon his lips as he offers her another bow of his head, "It would be my pleasure to attend an evening meal with you, Lady Elinor, one that comes with no interuption. When I return, shall I send word of my arrival to you, at the Roost?"

"She would be most grateful." Speaking on her sister's behalf, no doubt will be taken to heart. "If you would, my lord." The tone in her voice reveals a hint of excitement, hands still gathered into one another before her abdomen a poise she often maintained. The lady could not help the smile that appeared then, even when reaching their destination and soon to be parting ways. Two days was nothing. This Banefort was accustomed to the waiting game. "I shall look forward to when you have time amongst us, once again. I do offer to my gratitude for accompanying me." Ever the polite one, Elinor carried the weight of much more to say on the tip of her tongue. Her lips pressed together to seal them away.

With the Castle almost upon them, Sarojyn takes a quick look towards it and then back to Elinor, to whom he's offering another smile and a nod of his head, "Then, in two days time, I shall send word." Finally, he begins to slow, perhaps because he's not sent word to the Roost of his arrival and doesn't wish to inconvenience them. There is another bow of his head that's given to Elinor as he offers, "It has been my pleasure to accompany you this evening, Lady Elinor, and I do hope that you enjoy the rest of this eve." He does look to Kell as well, inclining his head to the Knight in silent thanks before he's looking back to Elinor. "I look forward to my return and to when we can speak again."

"Until that time, I will pray for your safe return upon both destinations." Her frame lowered into a gesture for parting, "My lord Camden." Followed by her maidservants then guards who offered their own in silence. And not to forget he knight, she inclines her head and shares the smile for him as well. "Ser Drakmoor." Onward towards the castle with her retinue in tow the lady carries herself a bit taller.