Page 442: Getting off on the Wrong Foot
Getting off on the Wrong Foot
Summary: Mortimer and lady Gaelena meet. Things could have gone better.
Date: 08/Oct/2012
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Gaelena Mortimer 
Courtyard, Four Eagles Tower
The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
Mon Oct 08, 289

Coming down the stone steps, graceful movements make her steps fluid and smooth, Gaelena has a young woman following after her. "Come along." she says, while the young woman carries a blank painters canvas and a small trunk under her arm. Coming off the steps she tilts her head upwards, lifting a hand to her forehead to shield her eyes from the sun. Moving her head one way and then the other, gauging the direction in which she wants to travel.
"Do you wish to go to the coastline, M'Lady?" says the young girl thats patiently pauses behind her. "The Gardens are very beautiful near the Sept of the Seven." Gaelen lowers her hand and turns to look at the woman, "What of the forest line? is there much danger to be close to it at this time?" the boney girl tries to shrug her shoulder, but with the weight of the canvas it does not move much. "I don’t know, M'Lady. I could check.."

Mortimer is having a bit of a slow day all told, but given his line of work, he can live with that. A quiet lunch with his family done with it's back to work, in the case, a walk up to the keep to see if he can find Lord Justin. Not that it's anything as urgent as the search from Lord Jascen, but he could do with a quick word about what to do with the five lads currently kicking their heels for assault. Stepping out into the courtyard he takes a quick glance around and failing to spot the Sheriff he makes for the steps up into the hall. It isn't until he's drawing closer to the party heading the other way that he overhears a snatch of their conversation, specifically, the word 'danger'/ THat draws his attention and he diverts slightly to intercept the group. "Excuse me m'Lady. Mortimer Trevelyan, Deputy Sheriff. Is there anything I could help you with?"

"Theres no need to bother Ser Justin with questions like that now." Gaelena shakes her head along with her statement. "I'll ask him later. I-" stopping short on her words, her attention turns and falls on Mortimer. Bowing her head to him, "Hello, Deputy." looking back at the young woman looking to complete her sentence, but then pauses again to look back, "You might know." she starts, "Is it safe to go near the forest edge for a bit of painting? Or would it be far wiser to stick closer to the coastlines?" Feeling the strands of hair falling over her shoulder she tosses her head back, flipping her hair off her neck. "Oh, I'm Lady Gaelena Terrick." she mentions after shes asked her questions. She must remember that she has manners. "Ser Bollands eldest daughter."

Having met Lady Faline already, Mortimer had figured that Gaelena was in fact Gaelena. It's nice to have it confirmed though, she could have been a visiting lady from another house after all. Offering the standard obediences he bows once, "good afternoon Lady Gaelena." The woman with her gets a brief nod before his attention is back on the lady and her questions. "This close to town the forest edge should be safe, although I am sure that your Lord Father would be happier if you took an armsman with you. The coastline however should be safe." Unless the Ironborn sneak in again of course, but he doesn't think that to be any realistic threat.

The young unnamed woman behind her gets the idea that they may be standing there for a moment or two longer. With that idea in mind, she sets the canvas against her foot so that it is not dirtied by the ground. The trunk is shifted to a more comfortable spot on the woman’s hip and blinks blankly after the Lady Terrik and her Deputy Sheriff.
"You've made my decision much harder now." Gaelena tells him, its hard to tell if she is teasing or not since her she isn’t smiling and she turns her head to look towards the coast. "The forest is what draws me more than the waters. If you think it safe, I'll take a guard with me and head that way. I'm sure my Lord Father would take the word of a Deputy Sheriff." She at an age after the bloom of youth and looked to be someone with experience. "I find forests to be very mystical. Even more so as the evening approaching. I would imagine from the coast there would be a nice fog that creeps through the trees."

"There can be m'Lady," Mortimer replies in relation to the fog, "but mostly either first thing in the morning or at night." As for the draw of the forests he just nods politely, it's not something he's ever felt himself but then nobles have time for that sort of thing don't they. Especially the ladies. "Just make sure you don't stray out of sight of the town," he warns, looking to both women as he says it, "and going ahorse wouldn't hurt." That and making sure the armsman is an archer, but he trusts the garrison enough to sort that amongst themselves.

"Sound advice." Gaelena replies, already devising a plan for the midst mystical trip to the forests edge. "I will not. I do not woman to become like my cousin and go missing. I'll stay within sight." Looking back at the young girl she frowns and says, "I'll need a chair." noticing that one had not been within the items that were gathered with her. Though seeing that she had her hands full, she hesitated about offering, but finally did. "Here. Give me the canvas." reaching for it and taking it within her hold. "The paints too." gesturing towards the small trunk on the maid's hip, "If you'll get a chair and my stand for the canvas." Hoisting the trunk onto her side much like the maid had it moments ago.
Gaelena looks awkward as she turns back towards Mortimer, feeling out of place holding things in this manner. "Which way is the forest?" she asks, "I'm very turned around and still trying to learn my direction of the Roost."

"To the north m'Lady," Mortimer answers with a smile, motioning with his hand as well, just in case it isn't clear. The maid gets a brief, very brief, sympathetic look before his attention once more returns to the noble in front of him. He's trying not to make it sound like a lecture he adds another piece of advice, "I'd also be careful to follow any advice of the man who accompanies you." Not that he's known some nobles who'll ignore warnings, oh not, not at all. "I am certain that nothing untoward will happen, but he will be in the best place to make a call as to anything that might happen."

Looking toward the North and then up to the sun at its position in the sky, Gaelena nods and looks back toward Mortimer in time to see the brief sympathetic look given to the maid that is with her. This causes the Lady to eye Mortimer, "Do you think I'm treating her harshly or unfairly?" she asks with a level tone. Keeping still with the items in her arms, adjusting them as needed for comfort. "She knew what she was to help me with."
The advice to follow direction only adds to her mood and she blinks at him, "Yes." she says after a moment. "I will follow direction." she was not a young girl and she knew the rules of the way life had to be. Whether she liked them or not, that was an entirely different matter at all together.

"No m'Lady," Mortimer answers quickly, politely. He almost makes some excuse about the heat and the weather, but he's not about to start actively lying to a Terrick. "I'm sorry m'Lady, it's just things are a little tense around here at the moment," thanks to a certain Young Lord, "everyone is a little on edge." He certainly doesn't to be the one who sent a lady out who then got into trouble.

Gaelena looks at Mortimer that shows that she doesnt compeltely believe him, but she nods at his apology, accepting it. "Yes. They are. And all have a right to be given the time. I imagine it'll only get worse for some time." the young woman comes back with an easle and a stool in her grasp. Hearing it, but looking to see that it is true, the Terrick notes the woman and gives her a nod. "Good. Perfect. That'll do." turning her attention back to Mortimer she stares at him a moment longer. "Deputy." she says, "If you'll excuse me. I think I'll look for a painting location." starting to move out of the courtyard. "Come along." the statement is obviously meant for the young woman, as she quickly does as she is commanded to do.