Page 276: Getting My Bearings
Getting My Bearings
Summary: Keelin and Eamon are exploring the Roost and run into a fairly newly arrived Justin who is paying his respects.
Date: 20/04/2012
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The stone here gives way to more carefully tended grass and the plots of the deceased members of the Terrick family. Headstones dot the area with flowers clipped and placed at a few of them. To the side, built into the wall, is a locked gate that descends under the castle to the crypt where the House Lords are entombed.
April 20, 289

There is a man here, a young man, kneeling before a grave among the many here. He is alone, looking at the recently turned earth. There is more than one new plot here, the one he kneels before belonging to the former Lady Evangeline herself, and near to hers, one for Lord Ser Revyn as well. After a pause, the young man moves to stand, looking down on them in silence.

Keelin has actually not spent all that much time at the roost. He arrived after the siege started, and helped to break the siege from the outside. With the Stonebridge folks. Then off to Seagard and the Iron Isles, so he's really only just now getting to know his way around this place. He is off duty, wearing what looks to be hunter's clothing, more leather than not. He doesn't even have spurs on his boots, though he does have a small insignia on his sleeves, a small silver key on the Mallister background. He comes to a stop as he sees where he's ended up, eyes flitting around and noting the man already here ahead of him.

Justin does take notice after a moment that someone has arrived into this otherwise quiet place. A small bird starts from a bush near to Keelin and that turns Justin's head to look. He quickly glances back to the graves and wipes a hand over his face, his grief something to be kept private and not to be shared. He takes a slow, deep breath to compose himself, frowning. Otherwise he makes no move to greet the other, his gaze to drift back to study the other lightly.

Keelin certainly recognizes house Terrick colours, and since he's merely a common knight, he bows in an efficiently graceful way. "Apologies, Lord Terrick?" he says, the question obvious in his voice. "I did not mean to interrupt. I'll just head out again, and come back another time." He actually does take a step back, but waits to make sure the Terrick is okay with that. Cause if he has to go to Lady Muirenn with news of a Terrick lord upset with him, her septa will crow gleefully.

Justin frowns, "No, if you serve my House or are a guest here, you are welcome. You needn't depart on my account, Ser." He makes his own guesses, based on the man's armaments. He even makes a dismissive gesture to indicate his indifference, "I'm Justin, newly returned home. And you are …?"

"Pleased to meet you, Lord Justin. I'm Keelin Dorsey, Knight of the key, and sworn to House Mallister, here along with Lady Muirenn Mallister." Who he figures everyone knows, even if they don't know Kamron and Martyn. "Newly returned home? My condolences on your losses then - I'm sure it must have been a shock to you."

The young Terrick lord gives a slow nod, "Ah, I met her brother just today, Lord Ser Martyn." Justin turns his head to look back to the recent graves of his mother and his uncle, mouth grim before he takes a few steps away from them and in Keelin's general direction. He keeps his own light baritone low in volume, "Yes, just yesterday I arrived back. Though … I had news, by letter, for some things that have passed. There is much work to be done here." Justin looks pretty grim for his age, tucking his hands loosely into his sword belt when he comes to a stop.

Keelin has been exploring and found his way to the lichyard, which is where he inadvertently ran into Justin. The two men are just introducing themselves. "There is definitely a lot of work here," he agrees. "As in Seagard. But - now that the rebellion is over and the Reavers put back in their place, we should have time to rebuild, perhaps better than before. That is why we are here. Lord Martyn, Lady Muirenn and Lord Kamron are come as Mallister representatives to help with the rebuilding. We brought supplies and a few strong backs. Including my own, I suppose."

Justin listens quietly to Keelin before he says, "Your strong backs and williness is much appreciated. I spoke with a man today, the 'acting' Sheriff named Mortimer. He was telling me of bandits beginning to plague the roads and some of them possibly opperating out of the Tall Oaks area? Do you know anything of this, Ser?"

Keelin thinks about that. "Tall Oaks is no longer a keep, I know that much," he says. "We had heard of bandits, all the way over in Seagard, but we saw no signs of any on our way here, though we did look." He shrugs, letting his hands rest behind his back, and then says, "We'll join in the patrols though, and I'm sure that a few additional knights and squires will help make the roads safer. It will also help to get the small folk into cottages again. There are a lot of camps along the sides of the roads, and those poor folk are easy targets."

Eamon Carver looks left and right repeatedly as he makes his way through the Roost. The man is not the travelling sort, and seems to have lost his way in these new surroundings, though he would likely never admit to such. Instead, he ambles about aimlessly

"Aye, and easy recruits also, if they have no food or shelter." Justin agrees ameniably enough. "Patrols will help as men can be spared. As long as security and rebuilding in town doesn't suffer for it." The new arrival gains his interest if only to pause and study yet another stranger to his eyes. Almost everyone here he's seen of late he doesn't know or little remembers.

Keelin nods his head. "Aye, that's the rub of it," he agrees easily enough with Justin. As Justin's gaze goes past him, he turns to spy the new arrival. "Ser Eamon, good day to you. Are you exploring too?" he asks, with a nod to his fellow knight. "Lord Terrick, this is Ser Eamon Carver, also with House Mallister. Ser Eamon, Lord Justin Terrick, newly returned home." He figures he might as well do the introductions given he's actually the only one who might have met both the others.

Eamon walks towards the others somewhat awkwardly. "Just getting my bearings, milords." he says to both, unsure what to say when he has already been introduced. Recalling his brief tenure as a squire, he simply opts for a "Well met." and hopes that is the proper conduct for introducing oneself to a man near the corpses of his ancestors

Justin smiles a little thinly in appreciation of the introductions kindly handled by Keelin. "Problem is, it will take us time to replace lost food stores and rebuild homes. Perhaps father will invite homeless families to tent on the green for a time, close in and sheltered … if their able bodied will work to aid the rebuilding. Even the unskilled can be shown how to debark logs, mix plaster, or help to carry. Better than they being idle and out of work, hungry." He has no idea how their own food stores are and sets a note to mind to find out if they can spare some.
There is a nod to Eamon as they come to join them. Justin doesn't seem to be a man who is uppity, standing relaxed and moving his hands to lightly cross his arms over his chest, standing hipshot, "Ser, welcome. And all the more welcome if you aid us in our time of need."

Eamon nods to Lord Justin, smiling with the half of him that's capable of such. "I plan to lend whatever aid I can. Seagard has been likewise hurt, and relations between lords and vassals have never been more important than they are now, in the wake of the mad king's removal."

Keelin nods to Justin, adding, "I know that we brought our own supplies plus a bit extra, so I'd think they are in short supply." He shrugs though, leaving it up to the nobles to work that detail out. "I've been taking hunting parties out to augment meals with venison and the like, but even there, we're not finding as much game as we should, I'd say." He shrugs a bit, since Eamon really said it all. "I am sure that if we work together, we can pull through."

The young lord smiles grimly and nods, "I just came from Seaguard myself where I was laid up with my wounds. When I was fit to ride, I did what I could to see that Lord Ser Haffrey Tully's things were sent back to his family. I was Squired to him when the Ironborn killed him. Yet again Seaguard has been most hospititable to my family and has my thanks."
What Keelin adds makes Justin thoughtful, "Hunting parties are a good idea. I will gladly go with some of those and have a look at the wood for ourselves."

"You too, hmm? How badly were you hurt?" he asks, though certainly he's not showing signs of being wounded himself. At least, not any more. "I'm sure we'd be glad of another on the hunting parties. We're also helping the Lady Muirenn put together an herb garden, since she figures the herbs will be of use, both for cooking and medicinal purposes." He can at least fill in on what he knows. "I'm afraid though I can't help you with the information about what Lord Terrick has planned."

Justin hrmms, "Herbs are wonderful for cooking." Not that he knows anything about them /or/ cooking. A man can like good food though. "I was … hurt pretty badly." He touches his lower left ribs, "Several wounds. I mend." Though he's still taking it easy, also. A messenger arrives looking for Justin and he says, "Excuse me, Sers." He steps out of the are to hear what's needed of him.