Garion of Fairmarket
Brant Daugherty
Brant Daugherty as Garion of Fairmarket
name: Garion of Fairmarket
father: Waylon Rells
mother: Lonna Rells
spouse: Ah, yes!
issue: at least not known
gender: male
age: 24
height: 6'1''
weight: 186lbs
eyes: cerulean blue
hair: brown
house: none
position: minstrel


Garion of Fairmarket is an aspiring minstrel, who always tries to enthral the people around him with a few quicksilvery words or honey-tuned songs. He claims to be called 'Garion Goldenbreath' back in Fairmarket.

Garion is the second son of a tailor in the Riverlands, selling his goods in Fairmarket. When he was young, he loved to listen to bragging nobles, bathing in the admiration of a young boy, while his father was measuring both the lenght of their legs and on the sly the lenght of their noses – but young Garion believed everything.
Often he sneaked out from his work to wave a wooden sword to pretend he was one of the knights of the sappy tales he was told – only to hang on the lips of every bard to collect more of their words and sounds to carry them all over the Riverlands. Soon he discovered, that his talent to spread such stories of chivalry and glory outshined many others. After years of work at his fathers shop, he was able to get his first, old lute – and soon discovered yet an other talent, for his fingers seem to go easier on silvery strings, than on golden threads on a nobleman's new doubled.
When he was eight-and-ten his father died mysteriously, after he was said to sew a dragon on a black cloth and his older brother, with whom he hadn't had a hearty relationship took care of the business. Garion hesitated not long to leave his mother and his two sisters to breath more of the fair air around the nobles and to prove himself with his songs – and to take the place he is made for, as he often claims. He did not only leave his family behind - he wasn't heard to call himself by his family name again and only a few still know the dusty little tailor shop, where he grew up as a 'Rells'.
He prefers the company of nobles to the company of his kind – commoners - but nobody could call him not charming and warm in their presence too.

He knows well how to get along, when the rain of coppery moons dried up again. By now, he witnessed many of the tales of his youth become nothing but naive or even hideous lies, though he got to appreciate his talents of putting the right tales into the right ears to have a warm fireplace to sit at, a blushing maiden to admire him and a cup of wine to cheer him up, when night quietens court.


Physical Features

Six feet tall and in his twenties, this bard carries himself with unusual self-confidence for a man of the common folk.
His brown hair is well-ungroomed and gives him the look of a wind-kissed travelor. His eyes are of a cerulean blue and often carry the spark of mischiev, as they meet others. A bold smirk adorns the corners of his mouth, always ready to break into hearty laughter or only to change slightly and become a pawn of a secret or the seed of a new song. Often a two-day-old beard crawls daringly over his smooth cheeks.
Garion is wearing a rich attire of a dark, blue cloth with golden embroideries, though an attentive observer may notice it subtly patched and worn out at the seem. Almoust always he is carrying a wooden lute at his back and whenever possible a wineskin at his hip.

Allies and Foes

Recent Activity


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