Garett Westerling

"I don't believe in fate or destiny. I believe in various degrees of hatred, paranoia, and abandonment. However much of that gets heaped upon you doesn't matter - it's only a matter of how much you can take and what it does to you."


A veteran of Robert’s Rebellion, even if it was on the wrong side, Garett isn’t the kind of person to really question where he goes or who he’s supposed to fight for. Considering himself more a soldier than a knight, more often than not preferring to stay out of the limelight than in it. When given the choice between combat or House matters, eight times out of ten he’ll pick combat.

The middle child of Ser Ilde and Josephine Westerling, Garett was not the most vocal of children. Usually reserved and quiet, even as a boy, he never said anything unless it was worth saying. This is a trait that follows him to this day, though it's intermingled with a sense chilly off-standishness that only tended to change when he began his martial training.

Training that he generally seemed to excel at, even though he wasn’t the best when it came education, tending to apply more to life smarts instead of book smarts. This was something of a bane and blessing for his father; his eldest son Dyrion had no taste for the field of martial prowess that Garett had, who would most likely enter the prestigious ranks of the Knighthood, so there was no worry about the security of the family, however it wasn't something that was exactly expected.

So while Garett only just barely survived his younger education by the skin of teeth, mostly for a lack of trying or interest. His attention was seriously much more focused on being a squire and entering Knighthood himself. For the much of the next ten years, shortly after the birth of his younger sister Danae, only then, now that the family was secure with Dyrion being groomed for head of the family, was he truly allowed to apply himself for Knighthood.

While this goal was reached eight years later at the age of eighteen, one of the people he could say he even became moderately close to was his sister, Danae, befriending her throughout her years growing. This only really changed due to distance, when Garett left home to take up his own post. And things were more or less uneventful for him. Perhaps nothing noteworthy, besides defending The Crag from pirate raids.

It was this way until the time of Robert’s Rebellion. Being the kind of person who tries harder than most to not pay attention to news of the rebellion, who it was being fought and why, Garett did the only thing a loyal soldier would do; defend the country. It was only there during the fighting that he did begin to see why there was a rebellion to begin with. Perhaps it was a moment of morality or justice, but as much as he would not turn sides, as much as he felt he was the right thing he should do, he did not. Much to his still bitter shame that he defended something that, when seeing things firsthand, probably would have picked a different side were he given another choice.

Once the end came and the rebellion proved successful, Garett found himself swearing fealty to the new establishment, quietly taking back his post in The Crag, wanting to forget about the part he played. Again, sometimes, his only confidant in these matters was Danae, and even then there are things he simply will not speak of, rather focusing on his duty than anything else.

When the Ironborn Invasion began, he did his part in the effort, doing what he always did; protecting the people and following the duty of being a soldier. During the midpoint of the war, those in command of troops had become worried that holds along the coast, such as the Crag could be viewed as vulnerable to raids or all-out attacks. Being his home, Garett volunteered to return after receiving an injury to the shoulder, figuring he would be more use there, than waiting to heal to enter the fray again.

During his time at the Crag, there were few skirmishes, but nothing major. Weeks later, his family, growing nervous at the idea that the Ironborn could take the opportunity to attack the Riverlands, worried for their daughter Danae, Garett's sister, was making trade agreements, he offered to go there himself to look after, taking his squire Desmond Westerling along for the ride.

After an extended stay in Stonebridge, Garett left for the Crag to speak with Lord Gawen Westerling about the state of affairs, urging his uncle to try and do something about the situation in the city that was revolving around his sister in an effort to avoid all out war in the Riverlands. Whatever he wanted to say was never heard, as he never got that far, the ship he was on being caught in a storm and wrecked. For all intents and purposes, he is considered dead, lost at sea.

Physical Features

Garett, but all intents and purposes, nevermind like many others, has the look of a life-long soldier. Sharp features, oval face with angular lines that make up his face. Thin lips are covered by a finely groomed, extremely short goatee, that is the only indication of darker shade of blonde hair, due to his keeping his hair down a very short shaved head. His eyes a light, crystal shade of blue. Garett is rather tall and decently-built man made from numerous days of training, standing at six foot and three inches and weight just shy of two hundred pounds, give or take.

Garett's clothing is tailored to made to suit his personality; utilitarian while still being elegant. Shades of black and off-white swath his person, from black velvet vest, a thin silver chain that goes from his back to his front, vanishing into a small pocket. Under the vest is a off-white long sleeve tunic, it's cuffs at the wrists and neck embroidered with silver thread. Over all this is a black surcoat trimmed with a shade of faded yellow, the designs of the coat itself covered in various stylized designs. His lower portions is composed of a black leather belt with a silver buckle that holds up a pair of black trousers. The knee-high riding boots that cover his feet up are made of black dyed leather, the upper ridge stitched with a soft natural white leather for accents.

RP Hooks

  • When becoming a squire, Garett was sent north to Winterfell, into the care of Ser Tristan Stark, a family friend, to begin his training, which lasted for ten years. Though in those ten years he did not stay in just the north. Garett isn't wholly open about it, but he claims he has been to many places about Westeros as Ser Tristan had something of a 'wanderlust'.
  • Also in the twenty years since leaving home to become a Knight, Garett made friends with a Ser Thanos Mallister and the two have been close a long time. Traveling companions and comrades in arms, the two have kept a healthy relationship through the years. Thanos himself resides in Riverrun, where Garett had visited recently.
  • It's speculated that Garett, when finding out about the abuse that Ser Auliffe inflicted on Desmond as a young squire, that he physically beat the Knight within an inch of his life for the dishonor of treating another noble in such a way.
  • Garett fought for the Royalists during the rebellion, something that is still a person shame to him and regrets to this day. After receiving a grevious wound during battle of the Trident, he couldn't support the Mad King any longer and abstained from any more fighting, most because he coudln't.

"I think about the meaning of pain. Pain is personal. It really belongs to the one feeling it. Probably the only thing that is your own. I like mine."


"Why do you think the old stories tell of men who set out on great journeys to impress the gods? Because trying to impress people just isn't worth the time and effort."

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