Page 552: Garden Gathering
Garden Gathering
Summary: Hosts and guests gather in the garden to greet before Alric's and Ilaria's big day.
Date: 26/Jan/2013
Related Logs: Alric's and Ilaria's betrothal time and anything leading up to the wedding.
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Garden Terraces
The terraced gardens of the Keep wrap around its southeastern side, travelling downward in beautifully-tended steppes toward the expanse of the green below. Statues and topiary decorate the lawns and line the neat pathways, with several balconied plateaus from which to enjoy the breathtaking view of the neighbouring lake and moor, from which the holding takes its name.
Sat Jan 26, 290

It is a beautiful morning and an equally beautiful morning. Haven risen early the day before the wedding, Aemy has plans for the day that include one very charming and handsome Ashwood. While she strolls about the garden, the morning dew drops glisten on the different topiaries and flowers as the suns golden rays dance along the ground.

Soon enough, however, a Fenster is arriving and not an Ashwood. IF he would be as charming and handsome lies in the eyes of the beholder perhaps. "Lady Aemy?" He offers with a warm smile forming, happy to see her. "I'm happy to see you. How are you? How is lord Robben?" He asks and looks to see where her entourage is.

Just along the way, perhaps near a topiary stands her maid Kyra speaking in quiet tones with Redmond. The rest of the entourage isn't seen around yet. Hearing the voice, one that was once so dear to her, that she had always eagerly went seeking him out.. the mistakes of her past haunt her. How immature she was, he had been right. Though she does not curtsy, she does offer a nod of her head and a warm smile that quite meets her eyes. "Lord Alric, what a pleasure to see you. Tomorrow is finally the day. I cannot imagine how you feel, with mine still so far away, I still feel those nervous flutters in my stomach when I think about it." The question of the whereabouts of her betrothed is met with another smile, a loving one. "He is wonderful, thank you. We traveled here together from Heronhurst. I must admit he is charming and the journey was over before I knew it."

"And how are you, my lord?"

Alric smiles and nods. Offering a glance towards the entourage and then to her before looking to the sky as she speaks. "That sounds quite nice. I am well, thank you." As for her flutters of nervousness, he nods. "It is like that all the way to the wedding I suppose." Especially for him, since he has too many regrets. But he will do what is right. "I am happy for you. Both of you." He says before letting his eyes go from sky to her.

There are two nobles on the garden terrace just speaking quietly amongst themselves, a Fenster and an Erenford. Accompanying the fairer of the two is a handmaid and a guard, standing at a nearby topiary to give the illusion of a privacy that never exists in the life of a noble lady. "I am almost certain everything will be fine, my Lord, though I cannot claim to know my cousin Lady Ilaria as well as I know her elder sister, I do know she is proper and lovely and devout." There is again talk of her betrothal to Lord Robben Ashwood and with a quiet smile, she acknowledges her contentment in that match. "Thank you, I will relay your words to him as well. It looks as if there is going to be quite a turnout for your own wedding.

The lady of Erenford's latest words are to be revealed as quite as prophetic as they are tactful, as a newly arrived rider on a swift, light, dappled palfrey veers into this part of the gardens. Though the horse is speedy, it bears no courier, but an armoured knight - and a rare sight, for this coming wedding, or indeed at any other. The newcomer is known and knows both the nobles afoot, if but in passing, and his salute is irreproachably respectful, if swift and formal.

"My lady Aemy, and my lord, the fine groom," Ser Maldred remarks with a smile that hardly warms the air it cleaves. "I bear the respects of House Frey…in anticipation of this…charming…and what is more, so very convenient match."

Alric nods, "She is. I am sure things will work out." The hinting nervousness can be seen on Alric with his wedding drawing close. Hands clasped behind his back as he studies the Erenford lady for a moment before looking away again. "Please do. It glads me that you have found one another. You are both quite lucky." He offers and does take a look around. His arm having a black band tied to it still. For once it is not around his wrist but actually around his upper arm. "Oh, it does indeed seem like it." He tells her with a grin. There are some people running around in the area after all. Though this might be a bit more secluded than other areas but there is still servants preparing for the wedding.

As the bastard Frey shows up Alric turns and raises a brow to him. "Ser." As for him bearing the respect of house Frey makes him grin a bit but not seeming to mind it much. "Your presence is always so joyful ser." He offers in return. "Will I be seeing any of your other siblings around perhaps?" He asks and just keeps studying the man for now.

"I think you are right," Aemy agrees with Alric, "How could they not? You are a very determined man, in my experience, and when you want something to happen, it usually does." The opposite could also be said, when he did -not- want something, then it did not happen. "Thank you, once again, though I believe I am the lucky one."

The sound of hooves pounding on the grass is the first thing that alerts the Erenford to another presence. Watching the approach of the knight, a warm smile finds its way over her features and into her eyes. "Ser Maldred Rivers," there is distinct delight in crossing his path again, echoed in the quick curtsy she offers him. Bastard? Sure, but still she respected him enough from their previous meeting to extend that acknowledgement.

Rarely is this knight of the Crossing to be urged so quickly to laughter, but the Fenster's courtesy provokes his mirth at once. "Always joyful? You have a…very merry soul, my lord, if you have so delighted in all our meetings. I remember our first," long ago, when House Fenster fawned upon Charlton and Maldred and his kin met with no very warm welcome at Highfield, "with a different humour…and Lady Aemy, always an unblemished pleasure." Will they still exchange such niceties after *her* wedding, to some ape of Ashwood? Only time will tell.

"Alas," Rivers goes on to the lordling, "I can give but few assurances for the rest of my blood. Mine aunt is not fond of marriages, nor my sister at Stonebridge, overmuch; and my cousin Lyanna is otherwise engaged yonder." His gaze spins back over in the direction of the twin towers of Frey. "I gather," he concludes ironically, "there have been a certain pair of killings lately that absorb all dear Lyanna's sense of romance…"

Alric nods as he listens, "I suppose that you are right." He tells the lady before turning eyes to the bastard once more. Letting him speak with Aemy and seeing them greeting one another. He chuckles at the memory of their first meeting, "Well, you came and told me to go do things to myself, more or less." Keeping his wording refined at least. "If things went good or bad is another thing." He adds and smirks. Though at the words about the death, he nods. "And they will be mourned." He says and seems honest about that, ignoring any sarcasm that Maldred might show.

There is a look between the two at the veiled greeting hinting at more sinister greetings perhaps. Choosing not to elaborate on that, nor to question it, Aemy just keeps a bemused smile on her face. "I think that Young Lord Alric is certainly joyful.. though always?" Pretending to contemplate as she glances to the man in question, "I can remember a few times that was not the case."

Lady Aemy is perhaps not as filled with self-importance as a lot of nobles, though there is certainly pride in herself and her house. "And you, Ser Rivers, I have to say the same, it is indeed a pleasure seeing you again." The warmth in her tone is genuine, as is the look of disappointment that Lady Lyanna will not be able to make it.

"I shall leave the mourning to courtiers as silken as you, my lord," Maldred remarks, as he at last takes the moment to descend from the palfrey in a single side swing, to stand at ease beside her with her bridle at hand. "I am strung of more hempen matter, myself, and I expect I shall be used for vengeance. But it is a hard theme to consider on an eve of…of joy, indeed." As if he had not himself introduced the subject…

Spinning sidelong towards the as-yet-maid of Heronhurst, Maldred laughs with a certain forced note, "Maldred will do very well between us, if it please you, my lady…I don't feel the pressing need for any, ah, variations on my full style…"

Now he addresses lord and lady both: "And what of the morrow's bride? My acquaintance with her is still more glancing, alas. Would it were closer." He takes a step nearer to Alric himself at that, almost as if symbolising something…

Alric nods and smiles. Listening to Aemy and raises a brow at her. Tilting his head, "I am always joyful, in some kind of way." He tells her and thne looks to Maldred once more. Grinning at his words, "Mourning is done out respect. To remember those that pass." He says and still seems quite unbothered. Being back to his usual confident and unemotional self perhaps. Raising a brow at the bastard as he step closer though he does smile a bit about the bride, "I have had little time to speak with her this last few days. Nerves I think. From the both of us. I look forward to seeing her." He admits with a warm smile.

Still the veiled insults and comments between the two that just border on.. polite sarcasm are amusing, though there is something the lady has to attend. "Although it is a pleasure seeing both of you again, I regret that I must do a few last minute errands I had planned for the day, if you both would excuse me? Lord Alric.. Maldred," using the name just as he had instructed. "I bid you both farewell for now." Another curtsy is given before Aemy turns to go inside, followed by her entourage.

"This mare enjoyed her last stay here, as I recall," Maldred murmurs, giving the palfrey's fine, long head an offhand nuzzle, "and I am sure yours too will be more than pleasurable, my lord, so now I must set about making sure she is quite as comfortable again. Courtesy to - and before - ladies, above all else, eh?"

His subsequent bow to the departing Lady Aemy is swift but deep, "My sweet lady of Erenford - we shall drink the jolly couple's health together. Farewell." And then he is off too, leading his loping beast towards her hay.

Alric nods to the words from them both, "Of course, ser Maldred. Se to it. I hope things will be quite as you hope it to." He offers and will just smiles and let him slip off. Then eyes shift to Aemy as she is about to leave. "Going to lord Robben? Wish me to escort you?" He suggests and smiles softly to her. "I could use a walk after all."

"I look forward to that, Maldred, do have a pleasant day." Though just as she is about to turn and walk back the way she came, Alric makes his offer, "If you wish, I am supposed to meet him soon for a visit to the market place and to give him a quick tour of the House of my mother."

There is a nod to the lady as Alric moves with her, "I shall deliver you safely to my dear friend then." He tells her and smiles brightly at that. Watching the leaving bastard one more time. Though he isn't really sure where Robben currently is.

Having gotten the rest he needed, Robben steps out into the garden now, looking around for a few moments now. Expression a bit thoughtful as he does.

Aemy is standing beside Alric, hand through his arm as he had just offered to escort her to seek her betrothed. "Why thank you, my lord. I admit that even though this is the house of my mothers birth, I am quite lost when it comes to navigating the corridors."

Her entourage is very nearby Kyra and Redmond.

Alric chuckles and nods, "I am still trying to learn as well." He suggests and smiles to her. Letting his eyes go towards the exit and thereby spotting Robben. Smiling brightly to him. "If it isn't the man we're looking for. Lord Robben." He says and will let Aemy slip out of his arm if she wants to greet Robben. Once she has then Alric will try and offer a brotherly hug to the man. "Good to see you."

Pausing for a few moments as he's greeted, Robben turns to offer a smile, first to Alric, and then an even wider smile to Aemy. "Lord Alric, Lady Aemy." It's spoken with a smile, as he greets them both. Offering a similar brotherly hug in return to Alric. "Good to see you too, my friend. Not getting too nervous, I hope?"

Aemy does indeed remove her hand from his arm and in turn offers a quick hug to Robben that has nothing to do with sisterly affection -at all-. The contact is very brief though, not wanting to alarm her entourage. "Lord Robben, there you are." Her smile is vibrant, one she reserves just for him. "Did you sleep well?"

Alric chuckles at Robben's words, "I am, still. But. I will do what I can to get over it." He says and smiles. Watching the hug between Aemy and Robben as well. Watching them both for a moment before his gaze drifts. Letting the two of them catch up.

Robben smiles at Aemy's words. "Quite well, my lady. I almost fell asleep before my head touched the pillow." Offering her another, wider smile, he adds, "I hope you got a good night's sleep as well?" Looking to Alric again now, and offering him a smile. "Good. Only natural to be nervous, but it will be fine."

Aemy quietly takes Robben's arm without it being offered, speaking softly in return. "I did sleep well, my lord. It is wonderful to see you. Are you ready?" Though she looks to Alric now, "We were going to the market, you are welcome to join us if you would like."

Alric gives Robben a look and gesturing with his arm, but Aemy is soon taking the Ashwoods arm and he just grins at that. "I suppose you are right. We will see how it all goes down tomorrow." He suggests and smiles. As for the invitation to join them, he shrugs. "If you are sure. I would not wish to spoil what time you two have together."

Letting his arm be taken, Robben smiles a bit. "Ready," he replies with a nod to the lady, before he smiles to Alric. "It will be fine," he offers, with a bit of a nod.

Arm and arm now, Aemy looks very content to be exactly where she is. "Of course you are welcome, Lord Alric. Only.. when I purchase gifts for you and your betrothed, you have to pretend to be surprised when you get them. Perhaps this is also best so that you could choose what it is you desire."

Alric chuckles, at Aemy's words and then nodding to Robben's. "I do trust that the both of you know us well enough to think of something good." He offers. "Although I would recommend perhaps something in indigo color? I know that lady Ilaria enjoys the color." He tells them and smiles at that.

"Something in indigo. Got it," Robben replies, with a wide grin now. "Anything in particular you feel you would need or want?" he offers, a bit lightly. Looking to Aemy again, with a smile, he nods to her. "Ready whenever you are."

"Indigo?" Aemy echoes, walking now with her arm linked with Robbens, her guard and handmaid falling in behind them. "I think, Lord Alric, I should get you an indigo tunic so that you and your wife would both enjoy it," she teases.

Alric shakes his head. "I am sure that you will know when you see it." He tells Robben before looking to Aemy and nodding. A slight grin at what she had said. "I do think that would be quite nice. I trust you to find something." Just like he already has one final gift for his betrothed. Still wavering a bit in his certainty about the marriage, but Robben and Aemy seem to have been of some help at least.

There are quite a bunch of servants running around in and around the actual castle as well. So it is hard to find privacy within the keep currently.

Robben grins at Aemy's words about an indigo tunic, before he nods to Alric. "I'm sure we will, when we find it," he offers, rather lightly. Moving along with Aemy now, their arms linked.

Accompanying Lord Lothar on a stroll through the gardens, or perhaps he's stuck accompanying her - it's hard to tell, at a glance - Lady Nedra has engaged the young Terrick in a mild conversation that spans the gambit from art (which they both enjoy), weather, the road from Terrick's Roost to Broadmoor and other such sundry topics. Their path through the garden is accompanied by Nedra's maid and one of her armsmen, though certainly in the sturdy company of the young Terrick knight she is perfectly safe.

Lothar is accompanying Lady Nedra and nods a bit as they talk of art and doesn't point out that she called him a knight twice in her first pose and once in the second one… "So Lady Nedra what do you think of Broadmoor so far? I've found it to have it's own unique beauties although it's nothing near as wonderous as the coast or the mountains."

Alric nods again to Robben's words about the color and he doesn't want to intrude on their moment as they seem to be heading towards the market. Though along with Aemy's entourage of course. Though he would join if ther are insisting. On their way it does seem that two recognizable people arriving and that would be a Mallister and Terrick. There is a smile and a wave to the both of them before shifting a bit to bow and greet them properly. "Lady Nedra, lord Lothar."

A brief stop as Robben spots Nedra and Lothar, and he offers them a polite nod. "My lady, my lord…" Otherwise keeping silent as he looks to the two, then back to the lady at his arm.

To be fair, it isn't that Nedra forgets that Lothar isn't a knight, it's that he has such good manners, she can't help the comparison. "I think it's lovely," she replies, glancing around the gardens with artistic appreciation, "I do wish that such gardens as these were found at Terrick's Roost," she admits with a small trace of a smile. "I would miss living near the coast, personally, I would miss the sea and sailing along the leading edge of a storm, as lovely as rolling hills are mountains are, I prefer the sea." She is admitting this as she and Lothar encounter the Lady Aemy and Lord's Robben & Alric. Nedra gives a curtsy of greeting to the three ven as she aims a warm smile at Lady Aemy to whom she steps forward to offer a quick hug before saying: "Good day to all of you," she offers as she steps back.

Lothar offers nods all around as they get swarmed with people and stuff, "I do prefer the ocean to the rivers, and the mountains to the ocean…" He hmmms as glances around the gardens, "They do have nice gardens though."

Where else would Ilaria be at a time like this except wandering through her home with her Septa at her side. The two females confer in silence as they meander out into the gardens while a bored Heolla trudges behind. The young Haigh fiddles with the fringe on her sleeve and stares at the ground while Septa Shiella murmurs bits of this and that to her. Anyone who is hovering within a foot of them would easily overhear the Septa offering marital advice interlaced with religious parables and other such things. The girl, however, is quite silent as they pause to admire a topiary shaped like a rearing horse.

Alric smiles to both of the newest arrivals. A hint of his nervousnes showing, with his wedding so close now. The nervousness he has shown for some time now, if perhaps a bit more intense lately. Though he seems at least to have calmed down a little. It doesn't take long before his wandering gaze catches sight of Ilaria and mixed emotions might show. "Lady Ilaria." Comes his steady voice though. Gesturing for her to join them. "Would wish to join?" He asks. Offering his arm to her if she does join them.

Aemy is on the arm of Robben and Nedra arrives with Lothar, she offers the two of them a curtsy, along with the others as well, letting go of Robben briefly to return the hug, "My lady, it is so wonderful to see you again. I am happy to see you made the journey here safely." Straighening, she quietly slips her arm back through the arm of her betrothed, offering him a smile as she does so.

"The roads were much quieter han I had worried they would be," Nedra replies with a smile to Aemy's question. "Lord Lothar's brother was kind enough to offer a few extra guards to accompany my own on this visit, and Lord Lothar," she turns and smiles again at the young nobleman, "was equally kind to delay his departure to allow us to accompany him. All told, we managed to make the trip less like a traveling circus and more like a organized party." See, no wagon train of belongings, just riders and horses!

The familiar voice draws Ilaria out of her reverie, and Septa Shiella falls silent - for now. The girl's steady green gaze focuses on Alric for a moment, but it takes a second for recognition to register; she most surely was lost deep in thought. "Oh, Lord Alric," she greets in a slightly breathy voice, unwinding her arm from her Septa's to clasp her hands together. "I, umm - yes, I think I shall. Although I must ask, you have not seen my sister anywhere about, have you? We are to meet tonight with Lady Ceinlys, and I want to insist she be there."

Drawing away from her Septa's side, Ilaria moves with rustling skirts toward Alric, and she hesitates only a moment before relenting and accepting his arm. "I see everyone has escaped the house and spilled into the garden. Dodging the panicking servants, probably."

Robben listens in quiet as he remains by Aemy's side for the moment. Looking around at the various people present at the moment, he nods to each of them, still remaining a bit quiet for the moment.

Alric smiles to Ilaria as she moves a bit. "Unfortunately not, my lady. I am sure that your sister will show up soon enough." He suggests and will give her hand a reassuring squeeze when she takes his arm. Lowering his voice as he speaks to Ilaria, whispering concerin into her ear, "How are you feeling?" He asks and then smiles a bit weakly. Then he does turn to listen to the talk between the other two ladies. "That sounds quite nice, lady Nedra. That was quite a kind gesture from you as well, lord Lothar." He offers and does try to calm down some.

The trip to the market got delayed by the arrival of many more wedding guests who are out in the garden talking together, hugging, just generally speaking amongst themselves. Aemy has her arm linked with Robben while Ilaria has just linked her arm with Alric and Nedra is accompanied by Lothar.

As Aemy looks back up at Robben, her smile brightens, "If you would like now, my lord, would you like to do that bit of shopping and tour we were planning?"

"Nothing is amiss." Ilaria offers Alric a faint smile and, like a dutiful future wife, turns her attention to the others standing near. "Forgive my late arrival to the conversation. I must ask, though - what have you said, Lady Nedra, that sounds quite nice?" Her smile widens a bit, and the expression appears to be genuine enough. Both Septa Shiella and Heolla withdraw from the group to a fairly safe distance but continue to eyeball the gathered nobility with diligence.

Approaching the group from some distance away, two figures step closely as they wind around the garden terraces. The first is a cleaned up and well-looking Daryl Ashwood, having shed his typical armor get up for a nicer, more formal ensemble. He peeks around and grins just a touch, eyes focusing on one of the statues as he passes before whispering to the woman at his side, the Steward of Broadmoor herself; Ceinlys.

There's an immediate snicker following the hushed tones before Daryl notices the group, smiling and motioning with his head in that direction. "There's the happy couple…" He pauses, clearing his throat, "Lord Alric and Lady Ilaria, I mean." A quick glance away before he maintains confident swagger on his approach, opting to let the woman beside him make first greeting.

Nedra gives Lady Ilaria a curtsy in greeting, "Merely explaining that Lord Lothar and a handful of his men were kind enough to allow me and mine to travel with him so that we may attend your wedding," Nedra explains as she straightens again. "The roads here were much quieter than I had worried they would be," she adds, further, "and please allow me to express my best wishes that the day be as lovely as this, tomorrow?"

Followed, as usual, by that sour-faced handmaid of hers, the Lady Ceinlys nevertheless appears in good spirits as she strolls the gardens with the Ashwood Lordling. Glancing to him sidelong and only just suppressing a laugh after following his gaze to the statue, the raven-haird young woman merely shakes her head in amusement, offering a murmured response in an aside.

As they approach the larger gathering, blue eyes scan the small crowd with practiced ease and interest, taking note of who has arrived, and who is on their arm. "Be nice." She doesn't bother to whisper the suggestion, though they're likely still out of earshot. and then, to more pressing matters. "Cousin." Raising her tone a little, Ceinlys addresses Ilaria with evident warmth - at least, considering the source. With a last glance around those already here, she draws slowly to a halt on the fringes, her arm still looped through Daryl's comfortably. "Keeping busy, I see?"

Robben nods a little bit at Aemy's words. "If you are ready for it, I'm ready," he offers to Aemy, with a bit of a smile. Offering a nod to Daryl and Ceinlys arriving as well. "Lady Ceinlys, cousin." he greets them a bit quietly. Looking between the others for the moment as well.

Alric nods to Ilaria, offering a small smile to her. Turning towards the others as well. Letting Nedra explain the situation and what was nice. As Daryl speaks his eyes go to him and the steward. Smiling at them and bowing his head. "Lord Daryl, lady Ceinlys. It is good to see you both." He offers and will just stand there for now, along with his future wife. Seeing Robben and Aemy preparing to leave, he offers one last nod to them. "Take care lord Robben, lady Aemy. And Lord Robben, I will see you later." He says with a small grin.

Prior to their approach, Daryl stifles a laugh, but when he reaches the group its faltered to a confident sort of smile, his eyes locking on Robben and very briefly to Aemy, "Cousin. May I borrow your ear a moment?" A small beckoning gesture before he smiles warmly at Alric and Ilaria, "Lord Alric, Lady Ilaria…You as well. I'm glad I could make the trip." Then his emerald hues settle on the Mallister a woman. There's little hesitation before his smile brightens again, "Lady Mallister. It has been some time, how have you been?" His gaze lingers as he awaits response before he'll move to speak quietly to Robben.

Truly it was not intentional, for both Robben and Aemy to be leaving just as Daryl and Ceinlys arrive, though perhaps the timing was fortunate. "It was lovely seeing you all again, Lord Alric, cousin, Lady Nedra, Lord Lothar (if he's still around)… trying to greet everyone before making their departure finally, though stopped again as the others come near enough for greeting. Offering a warm smile for the both of them, accompanied by a curtsy, she greets them in turn as well, "Lord Daryl, Lady Ceinlys," her cousin as well, though she had never known her very well. "If you would all excuse us we were just going to explore Broadmoor, I wanted to take Lord Robben on a tour of the House of my mothers birth."

Truly it was not intentional, for both Robben and Aemy to be leaving just as Daryl and Ceinlys arrive, though perhaps the timing was fortunate. "It was lovely seeing you all again, Lord Alric, cousin, Lady Nedra, Lord Lothar (if he's still around)… trying to greet everyone before making their departure finally, though stopped again as the others come near enough for greeting. Offering a warm smile for the both of them, accompanied by a curtsy, she greets them in turn as well, "Lord Daryl, Lady Ceinlys," her cousin as well, though she had never known her very well. "If you would all excuse us we were just going to explore Broadmoor, I wanted to take Lord Robben on a tour of the House of my mothers birth." Though as Daryl requests Robben, she smiles and gracefully removes her hand from his arm to allow him to go speak with his cousin if he would like. Clasping her own hands together as she looks between the two cousins.

The slightly disjointed round-robin of greetings that spin about the gathered nobles makes Nedra's lips curve in a smile of quiet amusement even as she is nodding to Lord Lothar as he takes his leave. She is glancing back to Lady Aemy and Lord Robben, they - too - appear to be about to take their leave, and Nedra finds herself more than a bit amused at the expressions presented. "Lord Daryl," she offers another curtsy, "quite well, thank you, yourself?" said as she straightens again, drawing once more to her full height - which isn't all that much, but it's what she has.

Robben nods a little bit at Aemy's words. "And don't forget we need a trip to the marketplace, my lady," he offers. A brief pause at Daryl's words, and he steps a bit away as he's released. "Sure, cousin." Listening to the quiet words, he offers a bit of a smile as he nods again. "I'll make sure to be back for it," he offers, after a few moments of pause now.

Inclining her head politely in greeting toward all who address her, Ceinlys keeps the majority of her attention upon the bride and groom, shrewdly studying their manner with one another. Though it's all done with that half smile of hers lingering in play about her lips. Aemy and Robben are afforded a smile for their words - after all, she's not involved in that particular mess. As an afterthought, though, she speaks toward the Erenford, seeing as the men take a moment aside. "Lady Aemy.. Lady Nedra.." Including the Mallister, also. "I had planned a quiet evening for we ladies to gather and aid my dear cousin in the final preparations for her vows tomorrow. I should like to extend invitation to each of you, also. Nothing formal.. just a little feminine respite. Over wine."

With the greetings done it seems that Alric catches that look of amusement on Nedra's face and he grins slightly at that before looking to Daryl, "And I. Or perhaps rather, we, are happy to have you here." He offers in return before letting the two Ashwoods talk. As for how they act, at least the bride and groom seem to be behaving yet being slightly familiar with one another. Perhaps a good thing. Or at least that is how Alric views it currently. Letting the ladies talk and for now he will just turn towards Ilaria for a moment. "I hope your stay in Highfield was pleasant. I apologize for leaving early, I had some issues to deal with. I was about to ride out when word arrived that you and your cousin were already in Broadmoor." He explains and does try to bond a bit more with her.

Daryl dips his head in a little bow himself in return to Nedra, catching her amusement and matching it with a small grin himself, "I'm doing quite well," he asserts confidently. Nevermind his former betrothed having been hanging on his cousin's arm, or his stripped and returned nobility. "Thank you." He replies politely, a nod towards Ceinlys then as she mentions a ladies night, one hand set on Robben's back as he looks to Alric, "And while the ladies enjoy their night out, i'd be honored if you'd allow Lord Robben and I to buy you a drink as well, M'lord." Directed towards the Fenster. Ahhh. The medieval bachelor party. Offered by none other than Highfield's top drunk. "It is a special occasion after all." He looks expectedly towards Alric then, with a small glance to Ilaria with a reassuring smirk as if to say 'I'll take care of him.'

Nedra glances from Lady Aemy to Lady Ceinlys and back, a sidelong glance sent toward Lady Ilaria before back around to Lady Ceinlys, "I appreciate the invitations, Lady Ceinlys, and I would be honored to attend. I must, of course, see if my goodsister Lady Saffron or my cousin Lady Muirenn already have something in mind. We haven't had a chance to all be in the same room since the wedding at Heronhurst, but I would imagine there will be plenty of time for that after the wedding as well." Her eyes lift back towards Lord Alric as he speaks to Lord Daryl, head tilting subtly, then back to Daryl, "I'm pleased to hear this, Lord Daryl, and may I convey again to yourself, Lord Robben and your entire family - again - how saddened we all are by your loss," speaking for her family in general if not just for herself in that moment.

Ilaria takes in the ebb and flow of nobles to and fro, making smiles and pleasantries where necessary, greeting and parting, all whilst stuck on the arm of her betrothed. Her posture is somewhat tense, and her features are drawn, but her smiles - although so large in number as to give her a headacher - are more or less genuine. So perhaps her relief is nearly palpable when Ceinlys arrives with company to greet her. "Oh Lady Ceinlys! Yes, of course, as if I could be anything but busy."

Reaching up, Ilaria flicks hair back from her cheeks and turns a suddenly sparkling gaze on Daryl. "Pleasure to see you again, Lord Daryl. I hope you will enjoy your stay in Broadmoor." As for the talk of a ladies' party with wine, well… She runs her fingertips over her forehead while looking between Alric and Daryl, but her expression falls into a slight, confused frown. Her attention returns to Ceinlys. "That sounds like a lovely idea, cousin, and I look forward to it."

"I did what I could, regarding arrangements, before my departure to Highfield." Ceinlys offers another faint smile toward Ilaria, though flashes a glance to Daryl too. "I do hope everything is to your taste, thus far." She offers no comment to the remark made about the recent ceremony at Heronhurst. Given what took place there, it's likely not her favourite topic, even now. Still, she at least grants Nedra a smile for her niceties.

"Of course, if you wish to catch up with your own family, m'lady, I entirely understand. There will be plenty of time for celebration tomorrow, after all." Looking back toward Ilaria, the Steward thoughtfully regards the change in countenance when the girl settles her eyes upon the other Ashwood.. and chuckles softly, clearing her throat to seek drawing attention away from there. "With any luck, the Lady Katrin will have arrived by then. I cannot recall the last time we were all in the same room, come to think of it."

"I hope I do as well," Daryl counters towards Ilaria with a crooked smile, "I do recall something about being a 'guest of honor?'" A small teasing wink, as if he wasn't being fully serious there. When Nedra offers condolences to him and Robben, he grows more serious, dipping his head some again as he replies, "You're too kind, M'lady. We appreciate the words of comfort." His words are practiced and formal, as if he has had to say them a thousand times over…And there's not a hint of sadness in his tone. A brief glance to Aemy then, though its only for a split second while he waits for Alric's response.

Alric grins and nods to Daryl when addressed, "I suppose that I don't have a choice but to agree, do I?" A hint of playful nature showing in his words. Though as the talk turns a bit towards the death of Ashwoods, Alric's hand moves to the black band tied around his upper arm. Looking to Ilaria and seeing that sparkle in her gaze and then the frown. Which does make him a bit confused as well but not saying much. There is a bit of worry for lady Ilaria though. Hoping that she is alright. Though soon eyes shift towards Ceinlys as she clears her throat. For now only standing still and listening it seems. Not much he has to actually offer to the conversation. Especially after his questions being lost in the moment.

"I recall the last day before my brother's wedding," Nedra says with a slow shake of her head, amusement in her eyes, to Ilaria: "I thought our mother was going to go mad, or drive us all mad, with the last minute details. flowers had to be this precise and the decorations needed to be exactly this or that. all the small things prove to be just the background sort once the wedding starts and then the banquet that follows, so I'm sure it'll be lovely," she adds, reassurance offered in her tone of voice. She glances towards Ceinlys again and nods, "I'm sure there will be, either before or after, but it's so nice of you to help out with all of the arrangements, Lady Ceinlys, having an expert hand in the details must make it so much easier to accomplish." Her gaze shifts again toward Daryl, offering another solemn nod before she, too, falls silent once again.

"Even if I had the heart to complain, you know I would not, cousin," Ilaria returns in a teasing tone, separating herself gently from Alric's side to approach Ceinlys. "But I do not, and I love everything. I would have chosen you to help me see it through in any case, because I trust and admire your taste." Her gaze darts toward Daryl for but a moment, and she offers him a slight smile. "You will, of course, still be a guest of honor, Lord Daryl, and I trust you not to ruin the moment with a foolish act. Of course not."

After a single breath's pause, she claps her hands together at her waist and returns her attention to Ceinlys. "Indeed, it is owed entirely to your skilled planning that there is little left to do, even if my mother is wont to make servants run amock for the tiniest things. In that, I think we have something quite in common, Lady Nedra. It must be unique to mothers alone. They are the most skilled at making us completely mad."

Robben nods a little now, listening to what's being said. "Thank you, Lady Nedra," he offers after a few moments of pause. Looking between the others for a few moments, he offers a grin to Alric. "That's right, Lord Alric. You can't get out of this one." Nodding a bit as Aemy takes her leave to take care of something, watching as she leaves, before he looks back to the others for the moment. Keeping silent for now.

"Guest of honor my foot." Ceinlys' response to that notion is straightforward, though she's eyeing Daryl and not the bride when it's voiced. "By that, she means 'you're honored to be here'." Grinning suddenly and shaking back her waist-length ebon hair, the Steward nudges the Ashwood with one elbow, before returning her focus to the other noblewomen. "Lord Bastien intends to come for the occasion, too, you know. And Seven knows who else. What else is there to do but spend ridiculous amounts of time and money, then fuss over a broken rose-stem?" She's referring to an incident earlier in the day, though, rather than speaking in metaphors. Brigid almost had a fit when one of the younger girls accidentally ruined one of the gorgeous scarlet blooms.

"I should take my leave, for now. But cousin, I thought we might gather in your chambers, whenever the hour suits you. I'll see to having the refreshments sent up then. Oh, and perhaps the minstrels might like the opportunity for a brief rehearsal, too?" Ideas upon ideas. There's nothing quite like a Broadmoor party to force folks to let their hair down. So to speak.

That naturally charming grin is raised towards Ilaria, brows raising in mock surprise, "Foolish act? Me?…Surely you jest." That's when he's met by Ceinlys' elbow, eliciting a wider grin and a fun loving look towards his attacker, "Oh, but I am. Very honored. But I think that my likeness, fashioned here in the gardens.." He sets hands on his hips, eyeing a good spot not far from them, "…There. That would make everything that much better." He laughs softly, in good spirited jesting before nodding to Alric, "I suppose you do not. Though I assure you a good time. It's…Kind of what I do." Each lady about is given a quick glance, ending with Nedra. His smile lifts a touch more. "Anyway," More seriously, "Thank you for having us, Lady Ilaria, Lord Alric. I'm excited for the both of you." He shuts up then, grinning a touch. The group is assembled around the gardens, just chatting.

"It's a skill acquired by age, vast experience and the knowledge of which string - specifically - to tug, Lady Ilaria, that will drive us mad the fastest," Nedra suggests with a smile at Ilaria. "They did, after all, make those ties in the first place. Ah, the joys of family?" she says with a wry smile before sharing another nod with Robben before Lady Ceinlys' words bring a quiet, and somewhat startled, laugh from Nedra. Her attention drifting around the gathering of nobles, seeing the various expressions that all have put forth upon their faces at any given moment, ending back around to Lord Daryl as he happens to be the one holding forth at the moment.

Alric chuckles a bit as he listens to Daryl. Letting ladies chat a bit. "That does sound like quite the pleasant time for you all." He says and just smiles to them all. Trying to keep up with the conversations but not fully seeming to follow. "Lord Daryl, I am quite certain that you can bring a good time. We did have fun times talking back in Highfield." He does remind the man and let his gaze shifts between them all. His earlier questions having to wait for now and he will just enjoy the moment.

The very idea of any likeness of Daryl in the gardens causes Ilaria to titter quietly with amusement, unwilling yet to give over the the unladylike guffaws of which she is sometimes capable. "Thank you for your attendance, Lord Daryl." As Ceinlys continues to discuss party preparations, however, Ilaria eventually returns her attention to her cousin and lifts her eyebrows. "Minstrels? Oh, I think it would be quite fun to listen to them a bit while we eat, drink, and chatter." As an aside to Nedra, Ilaria looks askance and laughs quietly, raising her hand in a silent gesture to acknowledge the truth in the Mallister's words.

Robben is unable to hold back a half-smile as he hears Daryl's words. "Your likeness, cousin? Wouldn't that be better to place in the fields, to scare away birds and such?" Spoken rather lightly as he looks between the others present for the moment.

Sabriel hasn't been home to Broadmoor in months. Not since she was sent to bring a message to Stonebridge that turned out to have more to it than she thought. Now that the betrothal announcement has been made, though, it's apparently safe enough to let her come home. For a special occasion. Call it parole. She's been scarce, though, found more with the horses and the hounds than the horde of wedding guests, and is only now emerging into the party.

The Steward can't help but laugh at Robben's comment, not bothering to stifle it behind a hand. Whether she had intended to speak further or not, Ceinlys is distracted by the arrival of another cousin, this one less known to her for many reasons. "Sabriel." She offers her greeting pleasantly, a way to draw the fae-creature into the throng easily, should she desire. "You're looking well." A smile is cast aside toward Alric, perhaps gentle encouragement for the groom to follow her lead in engaging another of his soon to be family members.

"That we did, that we did." Daryl agrees with Alric, smirk fully in place until Robben makes his little side comment, a good mannered slap on the back sent to his cousin. "Depends what time you carve the statue, my friend. If its later tonight after we've drank Broadmoor dry, well. It could scare away all manner of beast." As Sabriel approaches, it seems the Deputy was just about ready to rescue him from wave upon wave of Haigh females, but alas. He is too late. Idly, he smiles and nods to Alric and Ilaria, stepping out of their way so they could greet the newest. He leans in then to whisper a few words to the Steward beside him.

Nedra shares the smile with Ilaria, knowing that her words - true as they are - would have earned her a glare and a bit of Conversation with her own Lady Mother, had she chanced to some how over hear Nedra's not precisely complimentary remarks. The newest arrival is greeted with another smile, having not had the good fortune to meet Lady Sabriel as of yet, Nedra simple tilts her head in a nod while waiting for introductions to be passed around the gathering (again).

It is a time of wayward children returning home. Like her sister, Laryssa has been away. However, not for such reasons nor for so long. Instead, she took a visit to the lands of their allies to begin making herself known. As these things go. Having arrived a bit early for the festivities with the escort of the Highfield Sheriff, she gave the man time to settle himself into Broadmoor. Or perhaps it was giving herself time to return to the schedule and cycles of home. Today, however, she is giving the Jast Knight the tour she had promised. Much of the keep has been shown off and explained in detail. Erik has been shown Laryssa's favorite sites and places. A septa and maid both are a few paces behind the two nobles. "While I found the gardens at Highfield pleasant, they did often make me yearn for our own," she's explaining as they step out of the gallery.

The terraces are full of statues and society both, and one more figure may be easy to miss, especially largely girt in mail quite as grey as granite. Afoot for a rarity these days, but not yet clad in the slashed, doubleted finery of any feasting costume, Ser Maldred Rivers leans against an equestrian sculpture, looking half as if he intends to vault onto its back beside the feminine rider there depicted. His even if hardly affectionate expression assesses at a distance faces strange, familiar, and even akin. One of the most amusing pairs to him, bringing a full on smirk to fruition, would appear to be the brace of cousins from Highfield.

Robben shakes his head a little as he listens now. "True. I've seen how bad you look when drunk," he remarks to Daryl, before he adds, "But it's okay. Not everyone can have my good looks, after all." Still spoken rather lightly. Looking around for a few moments, gaze stopping on Maldred for a few moments. Eyes narrowing very briefly, before he looks away from the man again as he looks around the area once more.

Nothing like a crush of nobility in one location to make a girl feel smothered. As people turn to others to continue conversation, Ilaria finds herself suddenly without anyone looking directly at her - and it is a damned relief. She reaches up to rub her palms over her face before exhaling loudly, and with the hesitation of an ignorant, blushing bride, the girl extracts herself from the throng and returns to Alric's side. Of course, the men are discussing drunken shenanigans, and she cannot refrain from rolling her eyes in exasperation.

Likewise moving a little aside as Daryl does, clearing the path for conversation to flow, Ceinlys glance toward the Keep, no doubt itching to make good her escape, having voiced that intent a moment ago. For today, it's the task of Ilaria and her betrothed to greet Broadmoor's guests - not hers. She should enjoy the respite. As the Ashwood leans inward to speak in hushed tones, the young lady smiles slowly and offers him a nod of assent, briefly holding his gaze in a knowing manner. As still more guests arrive, the raven-haired Haigh allows her gaze to wander the undeniably beautiful gardens.. and it falls upon an unlikely addition to the sculptures and topiary scattering the landscape. So this is who the Freys send. Charming, utterly charming. Still, she flashes the distant figure a half-smile, whether he notices or not, before stepping away from the body of the group.

Still attired in mourning hues - a mark of respect, given her lengthy time in the late Lord Aleister's service - the noblewoman still manages to move with grace across the manicured lawn, one hand falling to grasp a fistful of her skirts and raise them just a touch aloft of her boots. A glance back over one bare shoulder finds Ilaria and her obviously growing unease. But she can handle herself. And Ceinlys has things to do.

Today, Erik is garbed in a much more appropriate outfit than he usually would be wearing at Highfield or while riding to Broadmoor, escorting the Lady Laryssa home. Wearing the appropriate noble outfit of quality fabric and such, the Jast Knight can be seen arriving at the scene at the side of the young Haigh lady. He appears to be enjoying the tour that has been given thus far, though his eyes may be focused on different aspects of the keep than what Laryssa had intended. But his behavior is of course of the best, enjoying the pleasant company of the Haigh.

Once they enter the Garden Terrace though, Erik immediate sees that this is where quite a number of guests have gathered. "It appears that the gardens here are much more popular than the one at Highfield, and perhaps more beautifully decorated as well." The mix of people and statues are noted, a bit different than the one at the Ashwood Keep. "The view appears to be magnificent as well, Broadmoor is very beautiful." His gaze slowly return to Laryssa as he smiles warmly at her, in appreciation of what has been shown to him thus far.

"Lady Ceinlys," Sabriel greets the other woman as she approaches, sketching an awkward curtsey. Still, she lingers at the outskirts of the crowd, maintaining her own space. "It's good to be home," she adds with a small, more genuine smile. "It seems I've missed two litters in the kennels, even. With some promising hounds."

Indeed as more people filter in Alric is just smiles and greeting them all. Bowing a bit to those he will call family. "Lady Laryssa, lady Sabriel." He offers as well as anyone else that is arriving. As Maldred makes his return, Alric bows his head a bit. Keeping nearby to Ilaria as they both seem to be greeting everyone. There is indeed a chuckle or two as the conversation goes on. "IT matters little how we look when drunk, today we will just enjoy." He offers to Robben and Dayl both. Not that he usually drinks enough to make a complete fool of himself. As Ilaria returns to his arm, he grins a bit at her. Seeing her seeming blushed and knowing of her shy nature. Giving her a comforting and reassuring pat to the hand on his arm. Whispering and then turning eyes to look out over those there again.

Eyes then shifts towards Nedra, "By the way, is your cousin, ser Martyn, arriving as well?" He asks. Perhaps all the talk around has him a bit curious about the man for some reason.

"That is a terribly good question, Lord Alric," Nedra responds, shaking her head slightly as she speaks. "I'm sure that if he is in attendance that he will be in his best and rarest form," she adds, a subtle shade of humor coloring her tone of voice.

There is indeed a number of guests within the gardens and Laryssa takes in each in turn. There's a brief tightening of her jaw as she looks in one direction, but it all fades once she spots her sister. The blonde's visage clearly brightens. "It is," she says to Erik, clasping hands before herself in a bid to avoid running towards Sabriel. "I'm pleased you like it. Are you enjoying your stay?" She will, if able, begin heading towards the others where they have gathered. "Lord Alric," she offers in return to the man who, yes, will soon be a part of the family.

"Try to show some humility, cousin we're in the presence of ladies." Daryl reminds Robben, an amused smirk shown considering he is anything but. He follows Ceinlys' gaze towards the Frey bastard, and a bit of a smirk rises, one very similar to his late Lord cousin's. He doesn't let his attention stray too long in that direction, following Ceinlys' departure with his eyes and finally spotting Erik and Laryssa on their approach, a look to Alric, "You say the word, M'lord and we will begin." It seems the growing crowd has him wanting to jet as well. Moving some towards the Jast then, Daryl gives Robben a little playful shoulder check and speaks to Erik, "Town's still standing. Robben and I were about to treat Lord Alric to a drink to celebrate their union tomorrow…Care to join?" A look around, a rising grin, "You know…Unless you'd rather mingle." His knowing smirk seems to suggest that Erik would -not.- Finally, he looks down towards Laryssa and smiles a bit, "Good to see you made it safe, M'lady…How've you been since we last spoke?" His eyes linger briefly before looking back to Erik.

Ceinlys slows her stride as her path crosses that of the shyly approaching Sabriel. "Hello, cousin. And who could blame you.. I think we all yearn for home, while we are scattered to every corner of the Riverlands.. yet, I cannot curse my own fortune, when you were sent to Stonebridge of all places." The woman's lack of sympathy for or interest in the Naylands struggles of late is no secret, especially here. "And yes.. I'm told the new pups are of fine stock. I'm of half a mind to take one for myself. I'm quite certain my father wouldn't be unduly concerned if one were to accompany you, on your return journey, hmm?" Quirking a brow, she implies that she probably won't ask, and he probably won't notice."If you like, we should find some time tomorrow to spend with them. Your sister, too, if she wishes." Her gaze carries back toward the crowd on the sloping lawn.

Maldred has not missed the various challenging glances his emergence drew, the beauty's or the boy's, but he steps from the stone horse's shadow with ebullience that appears to react only to the…man of the hour, Young Lord Alric, of the oh-so ancient, and noble, and, indeed, useful, House Fenster. His sauntering path takes him directly towards the plighted pair, and his pale head falls forward in - admittedly brief - obeisance. "So here at last, my lord, is your beautiful Lady Ilaria," he greets Alric in good cheer, perhaps rather as a fox might remark to a farmer, "What a delightful hencoop you seem to keep."

Aeron was probably physically drug to Broadmoor by Sabriel. It was under protest and he may or may not of whined and groaned about it, however it's unlikely he was able to really combat his bethrothed guilt. Not like he was the one that kept her there, anyways. But being the kind of guy that he is, in the end, he eventually resigned to having to make a visit to Broadmoor. Not like he wouldn't be doing so for the majority of his life anyways, so might as well get used to the idea. That doesn't stop him from entering terrance with a bit of trepidation, causally hanging around the lingering edges of the gathering, perhaps a bit more than the odd man out. Should've never left the North, should've stayed the hell away from the Riverlands. That's probably what he's thinking right about now.

"Indeed I have, My Lady, the hospitality of your House is most appreciated, thank you. If it gets any better, then Highfield may end up losing it's Sheriff." Erik says with a chuckling, his words spoken obviously in jest. Obviously. The young noble knight is able to discern from Laryssa's body language that she appears to be trying to control herself which causes him to laugh lightly in amusement again, "Lady Laryssa, if you see someone you wish to speak to, please do not let me keep you. This is your home and you have just returned, I am sure there are many people who you would like to spend time with."

When Daryl approaches though, Erik shifts his attention to the Ashwood noble and nods his head in greeting, "Good, I am glad that the place has not gone up in flames because I was no longer watching over you, Deputy. And… I think I will pass this time, on the drinking games. Unless you wish to have a repeat of last time?" The question directed with a grin, a reminder perhaps.

"Stonebridge isn't-" Sabriel pauses, catching her lower lip between her teeth. "It isn't that bad, actually," she finally says, chin rising stubbornly. "And the Lady Anathema knows as much about herbs and healing as any Maester, and more than some. She lets me study with her, as well." Catching sight of Laryssa, she breaks into a rare, genuine smile for her sister, not stinting against raising a hand and waving excitedly. She's not the proper one.

Robben just shakes his head a little as he listens for now, offering Daryl a bit of a grin, before he simply goes back to listening and watching people for now. Offering a bit of a nod and a smile to Laryssa as well.

Ilaria tilts her head just a bit when Alric leans in to murmur something to her, and she directs her gaze up at his face to study his expression beneath the fringe of her eyelashes. "We shall see," she replies quietly, flashing a brief smile before turning to greet the next person to stop in front of them. But the unfamiliar sight of Maldred gives the girl pause, enough that her touch on Alric's arm shifts from feather-light to a vulture's death-grip. With widened eyes, she looks from Maldred to Alric and back again, awaiting a proper introduction. Luckily for everyone involved she takes no notice of the local Nayland.

"I have been well, Lord Daryl," Laryssa offers to the Ashwood, though her tone is fairly flat, words almost clipped. Polite, yes, but it's not as warm a response as some may receive. She provides a smile and nod to Robben. There is a soft laugh for Erik and she turns slightly to him. "My thanks, m'Lord. It has been months since I have seen my sister. If you wish to drink with your Deputy, please do not let me keep you from that. Though I suspect you may wish to save such drinking games for later." She inclines her head to the men from Highfield and steps away, "If you'll excuse me." Then she's off at a brisk pace towards Sabriel, the septa and maid following behind.

As if on cue, Ceinlys' eyes flit beyond her cousin to the handsome stranger lurking in the background. "Hmm.. no, it does likely have its good points. Just.. rather well hidden, perhaps, at a glance." When the raven-maned woman looks back, though, she's catching that excitable smile and wave. Chuckling softly, she takes one sidestep and, with a gentle gesture of one hand, ushers the younger woman forward. "Go on. I shan't keep you any longer." Seeing as she's looking in that direction, the Steward idly watches Maldred's approach to the group, from a safe distance, folding her arms across her slender midsection.

Finding herself on the edge of the edge of the gathering crowd, Nedra decides to take her leave as well, knowing so few of those now assembled. She offers a smile, in general, to the growing group, makes her quietly worded exit with, "If you'll all excuse me?" before she turns to slip from the garden, accompanied by her own maid and armsman.

"You know the outcome would be different this time around, Sheriff." Daryl says with a chuckle, "Though it is more out of respect for Young Lord Alric and his bride to be, so I must urge you to reconsider." A small grin then, and he tilts his head in time to spot Sabriel waving towards Laryssa excitedly. Well. Who could -this- be? A look to Laryssa then and his grin raises some, "Your sister?" As his hues trail back to Sabriel, and he spots Aeron aside. How do you get a Nayland and Ashwood to come within any close proximity? Surround them with a multitude of other nobles who they'd rather not have to smalltalk with.

"Ah. Good," Daryl replies towards Laryssa with a similar tone, clearing his throat as he follows at a more casual pace to approach Aeron, inclining his head then. "Lord Aeron." He can't help but contain a small grin, "You look to be enjoying yourself. Is this…?" An expectant look towards Sabriel then, and back to the Nayland.

Erik's words make Alric raise a bit of a borw. Though there isn't much said. Looking between him and lady Laryssa and smiling a bit before eyes shift again to Daryl. "Will do. Not to worry." He tells him a bit amused. Then a nod to Ilaria's words before feeling her changing in her grip and watching Maldred. "Ser Maldred Rivers. Pleasant to see you here. None of your house yet able to make their way here?" He asks and keeps his posture, though he does pull Ilaria a bit closer to try and offer some form of comfort and shelter from the bastard Frey. "And idneed. This is lady Ilaria Haigh. My wife to be. Lady Ilaria, this is ser Maldred Rivers of house Frey." He explains. As for Maldred's last, he gives a grin and a short chuckle. "This is an excellent place and nothing less." He says in an half answer. "I appreciate you coming here." Then will let the man move on.

If there are more greeters then Alric will pleasantly greet them as well. Does this really have to be the same tomorrow at the wedding as well? A bit curious and amused at that thought perhaps.

There's an ever so dry smirk from Aeron. "Need to work on your sarcasm there, Lord Daryl." But there does seem to be a little bit of relief that it's not just Sabriel that isn't going to have him shot on sight. Sharing the glance to Sab, he shakes his head. "Soon, but not today, sadly. She wanted to come home to see family and far be it from me to say no. Buuut, she wanted me to come along. Still not sure if it was exactly wisest thing ever to agree to. But, then if I didn't, I know I'd feel bad about it. So. Here I am." Pause, then more lowly to the Ashwood. "I don't know -anyone- here."

"Laryssa!" Sabriel exclaims with a swift smile as her sister approaches, stepping forward to catch her in a hug. Again, not the proper one. But as least she keeps it to just a hug, rather than any spinning or bouncing, right? "It's so good to see you again. I swear, I thought I'd never get to come home again when Lady Anathema opened that letter from Father. Stupid, clever, Father," she sighs with a roll of her eyes, some grudging respect in the words. Gods know, she won enough battles in that particular war. "But the Naylands said I might come home for Lari's wedding," she continues with a smug smile. "And Aeron came as well. Have you met Aeron before?" she asks, looking over her shoulder toward the Nayland.

"Aye, my good young lord, it seems I am alone thus far," Maldred admits, in tones radiant with regret, "but if I lack the name of House Frey, let me assure you and your lady fair that at the least, I carry its full tribute of affection." His bow is gallant. His carriage is graceful. His gaze remains, at the most charitable construction, bold. He passes on, but neither far nor fast.

When Laryssa excuses herself from the group, Erik inclines his head to the Haigh lady before turning his attention back to Daryl, smirking. No other words were said to his Deputy though as the other is distracted elsewhere and heads off, the Jast turning his gaze to Alric and bows his head respectfully as he was with Daryl and Robben. "Lord Alric, congratulations on the day you've been looking forward to finally arriving tomorrow." Then his eyes turn to Ilaria who is clinging onto her husband's arm as if he were the last piece of floating timber after a ship sank into the sea. "And this must be your lovely bride for tomorrow." A respectful bow is also offered to Ilaria while the Frey bastard that had just greeted the couple is duly ignored.

"Sabriel," Laryssa greets warmly, but perhaps with less enthusiasm than her sister. Mind, the other Haigh would well know that this is the extent of excitement in public for the younger of the two siblings. She does return the hug, even if the septa nearby frowns over it. "I -heard-," she says when the explanation is given. How could she not? There's a small shake of her head, "I told you to try working with him, less he do something like that." But since when does anyone listen to their younger sibling? She casts a glance towards Ceinlys, even if the woman is trying to extract herself. There's an inclination of her head in acknowledgement and respect, but her eyes go to Aeron. She gives a brief, small nod to the Nayland. "A pleasure to meet you, Lord Aeron." There is a momentary flicker of gaze towards the Highfield contingent, but she's soon returned her full attention to her sister and the Nayland.

'Clinging' would be quite the overexaggeration. Ilaria relaxes by degrees as the introductions are made, and although she is staring ever so intently at Maldred's (begrudgingly handsome) face, she cannot trace even the barest flicker of recognition in his eyes. Her initial impression is thusly proven false, and she releases Alric's arm in time not only to greet Maldred's turned back with a belated smile, but also to squint at Erik when he approaches. Had they met before? Had they not? Too many faces today. She leaves the greeting to Erik, allowing her face to settle into a calm, somewhat frosty mask that cracks only long enough to bestow a smile when absolutely necessary.

Across Sabriel's shoulder, her gaze drawn back from watching the group, Ceinlys returns the nod offered her way by Laryssa, accompanied by a faint smile. She may not know these cousins so well as the others, but under this roof, they are family. Besides, technically she can't plot anyone's death, with the banner of peace in sway. Fortunate for some.

Leaving the bride, groom, well-wishers and.. others.. the noblewoman turns on a heel and in a swirl of ebon and midnight hues, takes her leave, moving briskly for the long gallery. Her handmaid trots to catch up, grumbling all the while.

Daryl chuckles faintly at Aeron's response, nodding as he speaks and stepping aside some to allow the Haigh siblings their room. "Ah, Lady Sabriel, then." He lowers his head in a bow towards the improper sister, seemingly amused at their stark differences. "Obligations," Daryl replies quietly to Aeron, "…I completely understand." As he stands beside the Nayland, his attention shifts from person to person as he too comments lowly, "Well, obviously, the couple of the hour, there…" A look to Alric and Ilaria, as he continues, all in hushed tones, "The Sheriff," A glance to the Jast knight. He peers around, "I saw that bastard scurrying around somewhere…Ah. There." A small little head tilt to Maldred, "The Steward…" His emerald hues linger just a bit on Ceinlys, a small smile issued. "Annddd…My dear betrothal-stealing cousin, Robben." A light, jesting laugh, as he raises his volume to a normal tone, "It is quite a bit daunting. But if you feel like you are cornered, let me know, i'll cause a ruckus and draw eyes away from you." A smile granted back at Sabriel then, "Lord Daryl Ashwood," he offers in greeting.

Alric nods to Maldred, "It is quite pleasant to know that at least you will attend." He says, keeping his diplomatic standing for now. No reason to start fussing, for now. As Erik moves over he smiles, "Thank you, ser Erik." The smile seeming genuine. Giving a glance to Ilaria as well. "She is. And I am quite lucky." He admits. There is a appreciative smile and nod towards Daryl as well as he is helping himself and Ilaria along and Alric does his best to deal with all the introductions. "Lady Ilaria Haigh. Future young lady of house Fenster." He says with a gesture to her, "Ser Erik Jast of house Jast. The sheriff of Highfield." Gesturing to the sheriff at that. Maldred getting another smile and nod as he moves along. There is another smile to Ilaria though as her grip loosen a bit.

Offering a bit of a nod to Erik as well, Robben goes back to looking around the garden at the moment. He looks back to the others after a little while, stepping a bit over in the general direction of Ilaria and Alric, steps a bit slow for the moment.

Aeron has never liked large groups of people and it's possible the man just might melt into the bushes if he had his way. But he clearly the rangerish sort, not the kind suited for things like being social and -talking-. That's just weird stuff. But Daryl is gracous enough to list of the number of people, who they, why they're important, and whether or not he should steer clear, the Nayland nodding every now and then. "I think the only one I know is your cousin, honestly. Heh, daunting isn't the word for it. If I get by with just a few dirty looks my way, I'll consider that I've done a good job." he replies lowly to the Ashwood next to him. But he does bow for Laryssa, if it looks a bit unused, as if he hasn't done so in some time. "Good to meet you, Lady Laryssa. Your sister has spoken well of you during her stay at Stonebridge. I think, she had said if there was anyone she wanted to see the most, that it was you." Though when Sabriel shifts her view to him, it does get him to smile honestly. "Enjoy seeing me sweat, my dear?" he remarks to his betrothed. She knows all too well of how him and large groups never mix well.

Lady Ilaria cannot help but let her gaze wander toward Maldred time and again, but when introductions are made it would be far too rude not to pay attention. "Lord Erik Jast," she repeats quietly so as to memorize the name, and she dips into a slight curtsey as soon as Alric ceases speaking. "It is a pleasure to have you with us at Broadmoor, Lord Erik, and I hope you were able to leave your duties in the hands of a trusted second while attending. It would be most unfortunate for an emergency to call you away too soon. Have you been here long, or only arrived just today?" Her steady gaze flicks past Erik to take in the others mingling briefly before returning to his face. "And did you travel in company?"

The bastard from the Crossing has indeed moved on, almost; the smile that ripples over his thin features when he notices how hard Lady Ilaria had grasped at her future lord's arm - that should leave charming scars on the feeble courtier's flesh! - is hurriedly suppressed, and he seems about to surrender the moment without a single sly inference or polite insinuation.

And then he whips around again. "But I had forgotten, my lady - we have indeed met before…somewhere or other…and not, surely, merely in dreaming…?"

"Now you know how it feels," Sabriel smirks to Aeron, stepping back from her sister to nod to Daryl. "I believe we met. Briefly. In Highfield." A beat. "Though I don't think you were really in a state to remember it. A pleasure to have a name to go with the face," she says politely. Or as politely as she can, at least.

She just cannot get away. Laryssa offers a sidelong glance to Daryl and clasps her hands before her as Sabriel steps away. Shoulders back, chin held high. She does smile a bit broadly to Aeron. "Lovely to hear that my sister did not forget about me while off and away in Stonebridge. I am rather pleased she was allowed to come for the wedding." A look, to Sabriel then, "How long will you be staying? I do hope you won't be leaving too soon. It has been far too long and we have much to catch up on."

When the introductions are made, Erik turns his full attention on Alric's bride to be, bowing again, a bit more offical now. "Lady Ilaria, it is an honor and a pleasure to meet you finally meet you. And I am glad to be here, Broadmoor is very beautiful as your Lady Cousin was kind enough to give me a tour. Highfield is in good hands, my men know their duties and they know not to fail me. This would be my second day here, My Lady, I arrived a little earlier than intended. Lady Laryssa was visiting Highfield and was returning home so I offered to ride escort for her and her party." Just to be safe, of course.

Erik then turns his gaze back to Alric and smiles at the other man, "And thank you very much for the invitation, Lord Alric. I am glad to be able to step away from duty to attend your wedding, and to be able to visit Broadmoor for the first time." Before anything else can be said, the Frey's words cuts through and interrupts, causing the Jast Knight to frown and direct his glare at Maldred. Hearing the words, Erik can't help but smirk, shaking his head, "Nobles do not dream about mere commoners." This was probably suppose to be a silent thought but instead, the young noble knight has spoken them, loud enough for both Alric and Ilaria to hear, even Maldred.

Oh great. One of his drinking nights has finally caught up to him. Daryl smiles apologetically towards Sabriel and dips his head, "Of course, you must've found me in rare form." He lightly coughs into a closed fist as he looks away, smirking some at Aeron, "You should've seen how many I recieved at Lord Otto Erenford's wedding." Spoken quietly, but he's unable to contain a chuckle. "But what can you do." You know…Besides behave appropriately. "Stick to your betrothed, smile and I think you may just make it through." As he catches Laryssa's glance, he frowns a touch, and quickly speaks to Sabriel, "Nice meeting you…Eh, again, M'lady." He turns with a small nod to Aeron and moves away for some reason, towards the couple, Erik and Maldred. He seems to catch the words issued, or perhaps the jist of it, as there's a small chuckle that emits from the Deputy's lips as he nears, looking briefly at Maldred and moving for Alric once more with a 'Can we leave now' sort of look. Seems he's thirst.

Ilaria is smiling pleasantly and following along with Erik's conversation, nodding when appropriate and even sparing a glance toward the aforementioned Laryssa. Her expression softens for a moment before her attention is waylaid by the Frey bastard's interruption. Or, perhaps it was not intended as such, but an interruption it is nonetheless. Her lips press together in consternation, although her perplexity is visible in the crinkling of her eyes as she squints up the brusque man.

"Did we meet before, indeed?" she inquires of Maldred, looking sidelong toward Erik with lips pressed together in obvious disapproval. "I cannot say of whom I dream, but I know when asleep we no longer play master of our own thoughts. We are along only for the ride. Ser Maldred, I implore you to search your memory and recall if wine was involved. If so, then I am afraid my own has been impaired."

Distracted for a moment from the bride-to-be - from whom his attention has barely varied thus far - Maldred turns merrily enough towards the big Westerman, holding out a long, thin, smartly mailed hand. "You're the Sheriff of Highfield, I believe, ser? We haven't met to speak of, yet we should be better friends. We're kin from afar; for they say your mother was a Lannister, and mine was a whore with yellow hair, too."

Then - once more, as if involuntarily, he spins about back towards Lady Ilaria, turning his back on the scion of Jast. "Sheriff of Highfield…Highfield! That was it, my lady, and not, alas, for long. My lodging there was sadly cut short."

"I think I'll stay a few days, at least," Sabriel answers Laryssa with a swift smile. "Or until Aeron's completely crawling out of his skin. Maybe two days past the point where he just starts crawling out of his skin." Isn't she just the best betrothed? This is what happens when you ship her out. "I thought I might see you while we were in Highfield, but we couldn't stay long."

The bastard adds, "I can't imagine why."

There is a brow raising at Maldred's words. He seems to keep his posture for now. Glancing towards Erik at that as well. Followed by a glance to Ilaria. "I am sure that you might have had a run in or so." Letting Ilaria speak then. Not wanting to silence her. He will just offer what he can for now to try and keep Ilaria safe and calm. As for Daryl's look, it is answered in return, with a' Not yet' sort of look, added with a tiny shake of his head. Then eyes go back to the bastard. "It has been quite kind of you to be here and I am sure that most of us have met at one point or another. If you do wish, do join us for our small get together later." He tells him and smiles. Staying where he is for now. Then the explanation comes. "See, all knows each other." He says and winks at that. Keeping his ever diplomatic approach to it all.

Aeron gives a knowing nod. "Ah, yes, I know how that is." Sharing quieter words with Daryl he nods again. "That's what I intend on doing, honestly. I'm fairly certain I'm being punished for something. For what, I can't say, but I'm just sure it's something I did at some point. Steel trap, that's her memory." As the Ashwood parts, he returns the nod, perhaps not looking totally at ease, but at least if he's nearby Sab he won't be precieved as too much a threat. Really, he's not. "Oh, I know how it feels. Remind me to try and convince my mother to cut the guest list in half at our wedding. If only for both our sakes." he notes to Sab before shrugging a little at Laryssa. "She didn't forget, I promise you. She was rather…'vocal' about returning home. Can't say I blame her, really. I couldn't leave either." That said, he frowns at Sabriel. "See, I knew you were punishing me for something." he grouses.

"If I can tear you from your betrothed's side," Laryssa says to Sabriel, a somewhat knowing glance cast to the Nayland, "we will have to spend one of those days together. I shall have to get my fill for I hate not knowing when I shall see you again." And she doesn't intend to make a trip to Stonebridge anytime soon. Shoulders relax somewhat as Daryl steps away towards the bride and groom to be. There's a soft chuckle for Aeron's words and the younger of the Haigh sisters tilts her head slightly. "Ah, are we not all being punished in some form or another? The Seven have their plans for us all, but I do believe they have a sense of humor as well." She does overhear some of what is going on with the other conversation and turns somewhat to glance over. Oh, the bastard. Of course.

Listening rather thoughtfully for now, Robben looks around again, offering a nod in Aeron's direction as he spots the man. Looking back to the others for now, he seems to overhear Maldred's words, and he just shakes his head a little bit. "I've always found imagination to be a useful skill in the world, Ser Rivers," he remarks, a bit absently now.

"Not punished!" Sabriel protests. Though she grins. "Just…an exercise in understanding. This is my home. Now you can see more of what I'm like when I'm in a place where I'm comfortable. And I know the people. And the animals. And the places." There might be a slight twitch of her lips at the last, but she's already turning back to Laryssa. "I would have spent the day before I left with you if I'd known," she admits. "But Father. Well. You know," she waves a hand dismissively.

The proffered hand by the Frey bastard is ignored, Erik's dark gaze steady on Maldred's before a smirk appears, "You are lucky to be able to hide behind the banner of peace, commoner. Only a craven like you would speak those words knowing there are no consequences right now. It is sad that the Freys are so mis-represented by a pitiful worm like you, having to grovel on the dirt at our feet." Then with a rather grim looking grin, the Jast leans in, "I suggest you return to the stables where you are most likely staying, it appears that you are deep into the cups to have your tongue waggle so loosly like the mutt that you are."

Daryl frowns lightly in response to Alric's look, but nods a little, seemingly bored so he turns towards Maldred at his words. There's a very casual sort of smile then as the Ashwood eyes Maldred, "Ah, right. Older lady, with the curls in her hair? You share her features; wrinkled face, feminine frame…But most of all her… Big mouth." A light chuckle, and he shrugs softly, "Let me know if she is still plying her trade, I hear good things." A little nudge to the Jast knight, "Best to pull out, though, right? Wouldn't want any more mistakes!" He sighs lightly and looks about some. "Could go for an aleeeee.." He trails off.

"It's comforting to know that you're not all that comfortable in Stonebridge." Aeron notes, but it might sound like he's saying that more for himself than an observation of Sabriel. "But then, why would you? One can only be so entertained by flood plains until they get the urge to claw out their eyes. Sure as blazes not the mountains." No, the Riverlands will never be up to snuff of the North. Catching Robben's nod, he offers the man a polite smile and returns it before looking back at the pair of sisters. "If you want to spend a day with your sister, Sab, feel free. Finding time to occupy myself with trying not to be shot will be an exercise in mobility and subterfuge. The Old Ones test me, as they always do."

If loyalties are being tested, Ilaria owes hers to those of her class. Alric may be unwilling to speak up, but she is not. "I rather think that was quite uncalled for, Ser Maldred," she answers, keeping her voice quiet, although she is cut short by Erik's rather over-enthusiastic rebuttal. Her lips purse, but the look she can offer the bastard is a calm, nearly neutral expression. Alright, so maybe her cheeks are a little flushed in frustration. "The stables! Of course. My lord," she pauses, turning toward Alric and touching his arm to catch his attention. "Since Ser Maldred is most acquainted with you, perhaps you can show him around a little."

"You'll find her at the Twins, my lord of Ashwood," Maldred answers brightly, "lodged not far from my lord father, your liege. I expect he'll permit a leal servant such as yourself a jolly enough ride; he is a charitable lord, after all, and I gather your cousin and House Erenford judged you unfit to go with noblewomen."

All this time the Frey has kept his back to the western wind of House Jast, while his hands are together now, one wrist toying with the other. He appears to have unlaced one gauntlet, but it stays on for now, and he looks up rather meekly to Lady Ilaria. "My lady, this outlander churl has affronted my honour, Lord Alric's, and yours, by his proffer of violence amid your…so very happy ceremonies. I will not deface it any further by responding to his boorishness…at this time. Lord Alric, if you consent, I am indeed most interested in the horseflesh of Haigh." And the breeding stock, the wistful look with which he parts from Ilaria might intimate. "I shall go ahead, and expect you whenever suits your pleasure."

And the bastard pads on, past the stone horse and towards the stock of flesh and blood.

Alric smiles as Ilaria speaks up, even hinting on a smirk at that. Looking between them all and nodding. Seemingly pleased with Ilaria's words perhaps. Nodding to her words, "Oh, I suppose I could show him around. What would you want to see first ser Maldred?" He asks and grins. Most reason that he is being so calm and pulled back mostly being because of the las time he dealt with bastards. He is not known to get along with them. "If you please, ser Maldred. You are welcome to stay, mingle. Or I can show you some of the more exciting spots perhaps. I heard my cousin is renewing his workspace." It is said rather lightly though. Glancing around at all the others and the feelings seem mutual for now.

"Neither of us knew," Laryssa says for Sabriel, offering her sister a warm smile. "If I must, I may find myself visiting Stonebridge. I'm sure I will grow bored of these halls without you soon enough." A glance to Aeron and a broader smile for the Nayland. "I am sure you can find something with your time. There will be plenty here who may not even carry what they require to shoot you." Her words are pleasant enough- perhaps she is attempting to develop a rapport with her sister's betrothed? Something ekes into her senses and she looks towards the others again. Brow furrows and the girl murmurs an apology to the two as she extracts herself and makes her way towards the Highfield men. "Lord Erik, Lord Daryl, would the two of you care for a drink? I'm sure something can be arranged."

"I'll introduce you to the kennel master," Sabriel suggests to Aeron, her smile a little more gentle this time. "Before I go and spend a day with Laryssa. He can help you with Cinder, and show you a few of the nicer places around the keep. He's been with the family since I was just a girl, but the worst you'd have to fear from him would be the standard 'don't you dare hurt her' speech that I'm sure you'll survive a thousand times before these few days are over."

"Ever notice how he makes his insults in parting?" Daryl notes aloud with an amused sort of grin, dismissively giving a handwave towards Maldred as he steps off and seeming more or less unoffended, though he notes the way Maldred eyes Ilaria in passing. A raise of his brow, but he doesn't comment. When Laryssa approaches with promise of a drink, he seems overjoyed. "Ah, yes, finally. Though Lord Alric will have to join us, its in his honor after all." Setting a hand on Erik's back he whispers something, and he then nods to Laryssa, "I will clean up some and meet you there." Then he's stepping off without a word.

Any further comments by the Frey bastard more or less flows past the Jast Knight, his eyes focused mainly on the commoner's actions than the words that fall from his mouth like shit from ass. Erik seems to wait for Maldred to make a move of some such but when none comes, the man can only relax his stance slightly with a smirk, watching as the Frey walks away and soon he is forgotten.

Erik does turn his attention to the approaching Laryssa, inclining his head respectfully to her but does not respond to her invitation, just yet though. Instead, he turns his attention to Ilaria, bowing again, "My Lady, I must beg for your forgiveness. That was… very poor of me and my behavior, for interrupting such festive times. Please understand that those were my actions, not ones that respresent the House I serve. Again, I apologize."

"Indeed," Robben remarks at Daryl's words. "And I was going to share a cup of drink with him the last time," he adds. Of course, the sharing was through throwing the thing at the man's head or something, but that doesn't need to be said for the moment. Just listening for the moment as he looks around again, the expression a bit more thoughtful now.

Ilaria listens impassively to Maldred's charges, but as the man has deemed them not important enough to stay and see through, she dismisses them by turning her gaze toward Erik. Once again, she finds herself listening, watching the man's expression and gauging his sincerity. "Oh, come now, Lord Erik. I am not going to have you flogged and then tied to the back of a runaway carriage. I am more than aware that there are some people in our lives that we will meet who have a special knack for piquing us. He is yours, and I, in fact, have mine." She smiles, allowing Alric to step away and tend to the guests as he may, and instead reaches out to put her hand on Erik's most briefly. "Nobody has died. Be welcome, and go and enjoy yourself, my lord. Meeting you has been most interesting."

No longer willing to stand idle while others approach her, however, Ilaria takes her leave quietly and begins to wander in search of a new spot to stand for another twenty minutes. She has at some point in the past half hour taken notice of a visiting Nayland, and her curiosity has been stimulated. She circles around to hover near Sabriel's elbow, sparing a glance or two for Aeron.

"Oh joy. Silver linings, I suppose. Quicker, but more painful." The Nayland quirps to Laryssa with a light smirk. "I think the general concensus has been, 'don't you dare hurt any Haigh woman here', rather." Aeron notes back to Sab. "Thank you, Rafferdy. Ugh." he remarks sarcastically, intermingled with a serious level of disdain. "No, don't worry, I anticipated the frosty welcome on my part. Were it not for Lord Daryl and Robben, I think I would've gotten much the same at Highfield as well. It's pleasant to be reminded at just how disliked I am, y'know?" He says that with a smile, as if it's something accepted with humor rather than fought against. "But I think that'll work better than trying to hide all day. And I'd rather you have your time to spend with your sister. Wanted to get you out of Stonebridge. And….I could use some help with Cinder now that I think about it."

"You are welcome as well, Lord Robben?" She had not seen evidence of him expressing a desire for drink, but Laryssa was in Highfield long enough (read: more than an hour) to learn of Erik and Daryl's need for ale. She clasps her hands before her, casting a soft look to her cousin as she departs: "Please let me know if you need my assistance. I'm sure all is in order, but just in case…"

Alric knows well enough Maldred's dislike and wanting to try and get him to lose it. Which is what he is avoiding most of all. He remembers well enough his time back in Highfield the first time he ran into Maldred. So for now he nods to the others. Perhaps catching Maldred's look but only watcihng the man for some time, keeping his neutral and slightly smiling appearance before looking to Ilaria. "You alright?" He asks, wanting to make sure. Then he sighs at Daryl's words and laughs a bit. Offering a nod to Ilaria. "I will see you later." He offers and is pulled along to starts his barcrawl or whatever it seems to be in their plans. "So, lord Daryl, lead the way."

"Aeron," Sabriel chides quietly as her betrothed mentions being disliked, her voice low. "Nobody is disliking you. In fact, I'm sure my father thinks you hung the moon for taking me off his hands. Lari!" she exclaims more cheerfully as Ilaria approaches, smile flashing. "Oh, congratulations. Aeron, this is my cousin Ilaria, of course, who's made it possible for us to be here. Ilaria, this is Aeron Nayland, my…" She pauses, as though testing the word. "Betrothed."

With Ilaria's response being a positive one, Erik can only flash a pleased grin in response, nodding his head, "Indeed you are right, My Lady." She is also right in that no one has died… yet. "And thank you, I have greatly enjoyed my time here at Broadmoor thus far. In great thanks to your Lady Cousin's tour here. I hope our future meetings are also interesting, but in a different way." A brief glance is given to Laryssa when he speaks about the tour, before looking back to Ilaria. "I should not take up more of your time, others may become jealous that I am holding your time hostage." With that, Erik offers Ilaria a final bow of his head before she departs.

The Jast then turns his attention to Laryssa, "Did you mention wishing to find a drink, My Lady?" All that talking earlier has apparently made the young knight a bit thirsty, though he isn't a lush like she may think that he is. "And I trust that you found who you were looking for?" He is again ready for Laryssa to guide him once more.

As Daryl departs, Laryssa's brow furrows briefly. The young woman draws in a breath and instead provides her focus for the Jast Knight. There's an easy, soft smile for the man. "I did," she says with a small tilt of her head in assent. "I heard some of what was said to the… man," must select polite words, "that just departed and having had my own encounter with him as of late, I thought perhaps you could use a drink after. I know I did."

Robben looks a bit thoughtful, pausing for a few moments as he hears Laryssa's words. "Hmmm? Oh, I'll join you a bit later?" he offers a bit quietly. Offering a half-smile as well now.

Alric chuckles and shifts over towards the Jast then. Grinning at Robben, "Where you thinking of going?" He asks. Wondering where Daryl had to rush off to for a moment. Quite sure that he will be back soon though. "So, what now?" He asks and chuckles and smiles to those nearby. Erik getting a pat on his shoulder before he offer Laryssa a smile and a nod. "Apologies that we have only had little time to speak, lady Laryssa." He offers with a kind smile. Eyes looking around the crowd a bit and nodding to whoever looks his way.

When the subject of Maldred is brought up, Erik manages to chuckle in amusement to Laryssa, shaking his head, "I believe I can use a drink in general, so where would one find some wine to enjoy? Perhaps one of local stock?" He inquires, seeing if Broadmoor also has their own wines to try out. When he feels the pat on his shoulder, the Jast turns to Alric and grins, "Lord Alric. It appears that later tonight, we are suppose to meet up together with Lord Daryl and Lord Robben here, for a bit of ale." A bit is most likely a gross understatement.

"If you wish, Lord Robben, or you can wait for this evening." Laryssa smiles to the Ashwood, before her pale eyes drift to Alric. A tilt of her head to him, "It is only to be expected, Lord Alric. You are a very busy and popular man right now. As you will be one of the family soon, I am sure we will have plenty of time to get to know one another." A smile is offered then, but it shifts gears when she looks to Erik at his words. "Wine it shall be, then. I am sure we can figure something out."

"Ah, I'll wait for the evening, then," Robben offers with a quiet smile, before he looks over at Alric. "Thinking of going? Well, I don't know yet," he replies after a few moments.

"Sabriel," Ilaria greets warmly, touching the girl on the elbow before leaning in to brush her lips over her cousin's cheek. "I am glad to see you have been returned from Stonebridge in one piece, even if there is something a little more feral about your eyes." The words are, of course, in jest, and accompanied by a light little titter. When the introduction is made, she studies Aeron more openly now before nodding to him politely. "My lord," she greets, linking her fingers together behind her back. "Welcome to Broadmoor, and be welcome to the festivities tonight and tomorrow."

Alric chuckles and nods as he is informed of the situation. "Ah, that so." He says. Nodding to LAryssa as well, "I am sure that we will, my lady." Eyes shifting towards Robben then with a small grin as he moves towards the man. "I think I will need to keep an eye on you through the evening." He teases nods to the man. The one person he probably knows best out of everyone here. Letting eyes scan the area. Whispering a bit and with a wide grin on his lips. Though he will then pull him along if that is fine with Robben and just for now taking a moment to relax and calm down. Tomorrow will be more of this after all so he does deserve at least a moment of calm. Eyes going towards the Nayland along with Sabriel and Ilaria. Offering a bow of his head in appreciation and as a greeting.

"Sab, you really don't have to….oh, evening Lady Ilaria." Aeron starts, partly resisting her tug, but ends up being drug over to meet with the bride and groom. Yep, he was ready to be scrutinized and studied to hell and back the moment he stepped in Broadmoor. His bow is rusty, appearing like he doesn't do it often, but he makes the attempt for Ilaria and Alric. "You're far too kind, my Lady. But congratulations to you both. And Sabriel has done more than come back in one peice. I'd like to think her presence improved things at the tower. The rose bushes, especially. I think she's made a personal claim on the garden."

As the people around them continue move and mingle, including the Lord and Lady of tomorrow, Erik seems ready to depart the gardens with Laryssa to find a source of wine, wanting to most likely get a bit of rest before what is suppose to happen tonight which will most likely result in more drinking. "You've been most excellent in showing me Broadmoor so far, Lady Laryssa, I know you won't disappoint." He says with a grin to the Haigh lady.

"I have," Sabriel admits in regards to the rose garden, smile quirking as she looks to Ilaria. "It really is an amazing garden. But with the whole mess of everyone trying to decide who was in charge, nobody was taking care of the roses. And since I couldn't quite run rampant there like I used to here, the rose garden seems like a good place to apply myself."

Robben grins, "You think so? I think it'll be the other way around," he offers to Alric. A brief pause as he listens to the man's whispered words, he offers a bit of a grin. "You're welcome. And maybe you might, I'm not sure yet." Looking over at Ilaria as well, he offers her a smile and a bit of a polite nod. "Congratulations, Lady Ilaria. For as long as I've known your husband-to-be here, he's been a good man." A brief pause and a smile now.

There's a soft word from Laryssa to her handmaid who dips her head in a nod and steps off. The Haigh girl turns to Erik and inclines her head towards the Gallery. "I'm glad to hear that, m'Lord." She does break her usual propriety to lift a hand and wiggle fingers towards her sister, before stepping away to lead the Highfield Sheriff back into the keep proper.

"It goes without saying that any place improves with Lady Sabriel's presence," Ilaria murmurs, flashing an amused grin at her cousin before turning her attention fully to Aeron. "I am not the most knowledgeable person, but I have kept abreast of developments in Stonebridge—somewhat. I hear the trade is slowly finding its way back within your walls. Shan't be too much longer before it is bustling again." Mmhmm. She smiles prettily at Aeron before turning her attention to Robben.

"Thank you, my lord, for your kind words. It seems my husband's good nature has blessed him with a circle of loyal and understanding friends. I think a wife could not ask for much more," Ilaria dissembles, lifting a hand to tuck a stray wisp of hair back behind her ear.

"I couldn't agree with you more on that. And it's amazing because it's been by your hand that it's been allowed to flourish." Aeron agrees, looking for at Sab for a moment before turning back. "It is slowly finding it's back, yes. Lady Mother has put lion's share of attention at promoting trade amoungst the other Houses, and my parents are doing the best to correct the idiotic mistakes made by our relatives. They have their work cut out for them. Granted, as for trade, I can't say I have much to do with that, most of my work has been trying rebuild the city."

Alric smiles and nods to Robben. A slight grin at him not being sure yet. "I am sure it will be something hard to know yet." He tells Robben and moves along with him towards the others. "My lord. Lord Aeron is it?" It is his job to know people after all. Studying the man and offering a bow of his head and then looking to Sabriel. "Lady Sabriel. IT is good to see you." He offers and nods to her as well. Perhaps there won't be too much of scrutinizing though, if the lord is lucky. Alric is seemingly mostly wanting to be able to enjoy himself for now. Smiling and just greeting and talking. Even if Aeron does get a brief studying look, but nothing too bad. At the compliment from Robben, he grins. "You are biased though, my friend." He teases and looks over towards Ilaria. "I have, and I am glad for it. Though I do think there is always something that you can wish for, lady Ilaria." He suggests and smiles.

"Lord Alric," Sabriel nods to Ilaria's intended. "I hope you've been enjoying yourself here at Broadmoor and haven't had too many of the threatening speeches," she grins briefly. "Of all of us, I think Lari's the most valuable asset. So you should get plenty of warnings about not- Well." She pauses, smile quirking as she looks to Ilaria. "Sorry, but with you gone, I think it's going to be a good thing there won't be any more suitors for me to chase off. I'd only have Laryssa left to foist them off on," she winks.

It is not much longer until Daryl Ashwood makes his way back onto the scene, having had ample time to clean up some as well as get a small headstart on the drinking that he had promised Lord Alric. Reapproaching the couple to be, the Ashwood smiles some, one brow raising as he looks from Robben to Alric, and finally Ilaria, asking, "Mind if I steal your betrothed for a bit?" He half smiles, looking at the men around and then noting Aeron. "You too

"Lord Aeron, if your willing. We're buying a drink for Young Lord Alric here, in celebration." The Ashwood finishes.

Robben grins, "I might be," he offers to Alric, before he pauses for a few moments at Daryl's reentrance now. "Time for that, I see…" Offered a bit quietly, with a bit of a grin now.

Alric grins and nods to Sabriel, "I got a few I suppose. But. I am lucky that I am a diplomat and ride a lot I suppose." He says grins a bit at that. Looking over to Ilaria. "Lady Ilaria is quite an intriguing person an I am happy to learn more of her." He offers. A quick glance to Robben as well before Daryl returns and is trying to pull him away. Alric will look to Ilaria though. "I suppose my time is come. I can meet you after, if you wish." He suggests and smiles.

"Drinks?" Aeron perks up. "Uh, sure. I'd be more than happy to." Looking between Ilaria and Alric, he nods. "Thank you for the pleasant welcome. I appreciate it greatly." Then he looks at Sabriel, wordlessly, as if to say; 'please oh please can I go play?'.

Sabriel actually looks relieved at Aeron being invited to go drink with the other men, smile flashing as she looks to Daryl. "There you are," she says lightly to Aeron. "That sounds like it should be fun. Go, enjoy yourself," she says with a flick of her fingers, stepping out of the way to make room.

"Yes it's about that time," Daryl replies to Robben, arm wrapping around his cousin almost to the point of a half headlock before releasing. Yes. This was his domain, and he was eager to see what Broadmoor had to offer as far as drink went. A delighted smirk towards Aeron and he adds, "Long as you can hold your own with the rest of us." His tone is teasing however, and he motions for Alric then, beckoning him and attempting to usher him away from the female company, one hand guiding him at the back towards the inn. A wink towards Ilaria and Sabriel, "Thank you kindly, Ladies. I'll see them back in one piece….In the meantime, why not enjoy a night to yourselves? We could certainly meet up later." When we're all good and drunk…But he doesn't say that part. Right now the Deputy is just rallying the troops towards the inn. The group more or less hasn't moved much from the gardens.