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Gambits Accepted
Summary: Wayland and Tenysa get a better sense of each other. Sort of.
Date: 05/08/2011
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Wayland Tenysa 
Parapet (Tordane Tower)
The circular rooftop is set with crenellations and two guards watch over this area on shifts. Set in the center is the roockery, created with iron and wood, the cage is ventilated and has openings on either side to allow for Raven releases. The view of the town and surrounding area is large, with the breeze rushing in off the waters.
Fri Aug 05, 288

Up on one of the parapets of Tordane Tower, a breeze is just barely enough to cut through the brutal heat that's been baking lands from the Roost to the Mire and further. Guards keep watch on this side sparesely, one at each corner that change their position every so often. In a conservative dress of gray and blue, Tenysa is standing at the high wall, her arms folded on the warm stones as she watches the grounds below.

A nod is offered to one of the guards as he steps aside to let Wayland pass. The Knight is fully dressed with the new colors that were adopted since the union with the Naylands. It doesn't really seem that he is here for Tenysa but finding her there makes him tilt his head. He stops for a second just to look at her and then nods his head, starting the walk one more time. Right hand resting on the pommel of his sword, he calls out when he is closer "My Lady?" And now Wayland bows to her. "I trust you are enjoying the view?" He asks, looking down at the ground below and the land that extends in front of them "Not to mention the blessings of a good breeze"

A finger of wind blows a few strands of hair across Tenysa's cheek as she turns her head. "Lord Ser." She takes one hand off the parapet so she can face him, that hand sweeping the side of her dress for a polite curtsey. "I am enjoying it greatly, thank you. One can't spend all one's life indoors." A slight smile. "And what brings you up to such heights?"

"I quite agree?" says Wayland about the concept of not spending all life indoors. At her last question, he just shows a faint smile and adds "Isn't it obvious?" asks the man now, pointing out there "You get such magnificent views from here, and it's also a good place to just, wind down a little bit" A nod is offered to her after saying this "I just finished my days work with my page, sent the boy to work at the stables" The man takes a deep breath and places his free hand on the stone edge, leaning in to take a better look.

"Indeed." Tenysa's half smile lingers as she looks back out over the wall, returning her arms to the comfortable position they were in before Wayland showed up. After a few moments she asks, "Have you and the Lady Igara been here long?"

Wayland looks at Tenysa's face for a moment, complete silence as he listens to her question. Soon, the man nods his head and offers "I've been here since I was seven years of age." A faint smile shows on his lips and adds "Lady Igara has been here for far less, but if I'm to be honest, I don't remember the exact day she arrived." The man clears his throat now and adds just a little more "I came here to be guided on my path into Knighthood"

"Pardon my ignorance," Tenysa says, sounding amused at herself. "But I recall now, you served Lord Geoffrey." Her allows her voice to soften in volume at the mention of the dead Lord. "What was it like, to squire for such a man?"

Wayland just shakes his head "There is nothing wrong with not knowing something" says the man "What was it like?" asks Wayland nod, nodding his head and thinking about this for a moment "Lord Geoffrey was an outstanding man, he was harsh in his teachings but good and fair." A nod of his head "He made sure that all his Knights were good men and made sure to prevent from me to take a step aside from the path of Knighthood" There is another faint smile on his lips and he adds "So what are your hopes? For Tordane I mean?" he nods and looks at her more fully "Do you have any expectations, my lady?"

Likely the sort of answer Tenysa was expecting, but her deep blue eyes watch him nonetheless as he speaks. At his question, the side of her mouth quirks again. "To the serious questions we come, and it isn't even lunchtime yet." The half-smile doesn't leave her face. "I am a Nayland, Lord Ser. Thus what I hope or expect from Tordane is the greater good desired by my Lord Uncle." Her head tilts a fraction. "You are very loyal to Lady Isolde."

A soft laugh comes from him as she speaks about serious questions "I beg your pardon, my lady, sometimes I'm very straight forward" he nods his head "It is not ill intended, I assure you" Dark eyes meet her deep blue ones and he looks into them for a moment. His own portray a sense of calmness coming from the man. He nods his head at her answer but says nothing, however, when she says that last, he just nods once and offers "That I am, my Lady; as I've said, I've been here since I was seven years of age."

"It is no trouble. I can appreciate a man who doesn't pretend to ask about the weather when what he really wants to know is if someone will knife him in the back." Blunt too, this one. There's nothing hostile about her matter-of-fact tone. Tenysa nods once and then looks away, brushing a few pebbles off the flat top of the parapet tell. "I hope that she is continuing to adjust well to this."

Wayland tilts his head and shows a soft smile when she speaks about the knife "Interesting choice of weapon" says the man, smiling just a little more at this. As for her question on Isolde, he takes a deep breath and he says "Well, I would say my lady would be the correct person to ask that question to" he nods to this and adds "I am loyal to my lady of course, but I am afraid I don't ask a lot of questions to her, it would be wrong of me." he nods his head and adds "But I do think she is adjusting well"

"It was figurative," Tenysa replies mildly, with a smirk that makes that completely insincere. When he speaks of Isolde she listens, lifting her chin and then letting it down in a slow nod. "Of course. Though one doesn't need to ask in order to observe. I wish nothing more than to help her ease her transition. None of us are so blind as to believe there aren't obstacles."

Wayland smiles "Figurative or not," says Wayland, fully capable of reading certain expressions "A woman capable to handle a blade is more than attractive" He nods his head that and then offers "All transitions have their obstacles, in general, but it is very good to know that you wish to help her in this process" He smiles gently to this and then he offers "Tell me about your home, Lady Tenysa, if you please"

Tenysa makes an amused sound at that first, but nothing more said. She inclines her head as the topic shifts, allowing him to steer it as he likes for now. "My home." Her dark blue eyes flicker away, indicating southeast. "About two day's ride for the strong, between the Blue Fork and the Kingsroad. On a lovely day you can spot travelers on their ways north and south, with all their different banners and sigils."

Wayland does show a smile of amusement as she makes that sound and when she moves to the topic of her home, he listens. "Do you miss it?" He smiles and adds "Rest assured, my lady?I am in no hurry to see you leave of course, but I am curious" A nod of his head after that and he rests a little against the wall. "Have you seen the Twins? It's been a long time since I don't see them, I've been there even after I came to Stonebridge but still, I don't go very often"

"Who doesn't miss at least something about their home on occasion, Lord Ser?" Tenysa smiles slightly. "I have never been quite that far north, no. Only heard stories and half of those I suspect are from people who have never laid eyes on it either. Tell me of it."

Wayland shows a faint smile and thinks for a moment "The Twins?" starts the man, nodding his head "I remember when I was a child, there were other children with me. I am sure that by now, you know that the Twins are famous for holding many, many Freys" He smiles at this and continues "We used to run around the towers, create chaos in the kitchens. Lord Walder Frey would always found about it and there was punishment involved, but it was never something bad. The man does like to create offspring, but he has no ill intentions towards them."

Tenysa smirks, tucking the stray bit of dark brown hair back behind her ear. "Lord Frey's boundless heart -" Or whatever you want to call it. " -is well respected, of course. It is no wonder his blood should become such a good knight when he comes already from a small army."

Wayland notices her smirk and arches one eyebrow, tilting his head "My Lady Tenysa, I can never know if your words are true or not, allow me to congratulate you on this matter" He smiles a little at this and then nods "But yes, a small army, that's what many say and,well, yes, that is basically what we Freys are"

Tenysa smiles a little in return, just a hint. "You have your own mysteries, my Lord Ser, so consider yourself in good company." Her tone, if it's to be believed right now, is subtly approving of the weird little sport. Almost like someone engaged in pleasant small talk over the opening moves of a game of chess. "Indeed, it's what you are." Her teeth just barely show as one side of her mouth tugs up more than the other. "Of course, standing here you're just one man."

"A man or woman without mysteries is just not so much fun, and yes, I do consider myself in very good company" says Wayland, smiling a little at this. At her last comment, he can't help but to tilt his head and nods in acceptance, carrying a soft smile "That is indeed, quite true, I am just one man and glad of that being the case, my lady" He smiles just a little more and adds "Can you imagine the horror of being more than one at the same time" he shakes his head "It can drive anyone mad, wouldn't you agree?"

Tenysa laughs, a single point of sound. "Of some more than others, no doubt." She glances over the parapet one last time, looking out over the calm. Who knows how long that will last. "Well, my Lord. I told Lady Isolde I would be along this afternoon, and I do keep my appointments. It has been a pleasure."

Wayland nods to those words "Of that, I am sure, my lady" He follows her gaze, to see where she is looking at then, he looks back at her "Ah, of course my lady" A polite bow is offered and he adds "I bid you a good rest of the day and may we see each other again soon enough" With that, he takes a step to the side and finishes with "The pleasure was all mine"

Tenysa inclines her head to the Frey knight, returning the same polite curtsey as she did when he first arrived. She sweeps past him and heads for the stairwell, her shoes making even taps on the sun-baked stones. There's not a single look back.