Page 589: Fulfilling Promises
Fulfilling Promises
Summary: Dania returns to the Roost once more.
Date: 04/Mar/2013
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Mortimer Dania 
The Green, Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournaments, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
Mon Mar 04, 290

It's afternoon at the Roost, past the hottest part of the day but by no means yet anywhere approaching evening. Traffic to and from the tower is light but fairly constant and while the weather seems to be on course for rain later, it's still just a little overcast and breezy for now. The Green itself is busy though, anyone doing a rough headcount would note that most of the garrison seems to be there, along with a reasonable number of other men and most of the tower's knights and squires. Drilling seems to be the order of the day, with the men split off into smaller groups, each of which concentrates on one particular exercise.
Or at least they had been, for it seems to be breaking up now with some collecting up the training weapons, others standing around the several water barrels and rehydrating while the remainder start to make their way back to either town or keep. Mortimer is in that last group, although the sheer amount of water on his head and shoulders would seem to suggest that he's been by one of the barrels and dumped a tankards worth over his head to cool down. His helmet is once more back on his belt and as he walks away he starts buckling on his sword once more, back to work it would seem.

Dania is making rounds and she is melting. Her long hair has been pinned up underneath her straw hat and she is not wearing an apron dress, just her linen gown that travel stained. Her face is read from the head and she is riding Sparrow who is plotting along. He swishes his tail lazily in the heat as he tries to swat at flies that buzz around them.
It is when they reach the green and she can see Mortimer and working with the weapons and his group. She brings her horse to a halt so she can watch. Once Mortimer looks like he is going to go back to work she calls out. "Deputy, good marrow!"

Mortimer is in the middle of adjusting his belt when he hears the call, although since there seems to be no urgency in it he finishes that task before turning to glance over to where it had come from. Dania is easy enough to spot and he turns to head over to her, nodding a greeting as he gets close enough. "Afternoon Mistress, I hadn't thought to see you back here so soon. Not trouble I hope?"

"Just promises I am trying to fulfill." She explains as she takes a cloth she had hidden up her sleeve and she wipes her brow. Tucking the cloth away she pats her horse's neck. "You look as hot as I feel." She says with a tired smile. "I swear I now know how snow must feel when it begins to melt." She studies him with her blue eyes. "How are you doing and how are you feeling?"

As Dania seems to have been heading for the tower, Mortimer glances that way then offers, "If you're looking for Lady Saffron then I'm afraid she's gone back to Seagard for the birth and won't likely be back here for a good few months yet." As for feeling hot, well, he's certainly a lot cooler now and looks with a little concern at Dania, "I have an excuse though, drilling will do that to you. You're not coming down with a fever are you?" Hopefully if she is then there'll be less panic than last time, what with people now having a clue what that particular chalk symbol on a door means. "Me? I'm tired and I ache in muscles I'd forgotten I have. I'm not as young as when I last used to do all that regularly and it shows." That being the drilling and exercises that people are still dispersing from.

"There is no fever I am just hot. Overheated if you will, crack an egg on my forehead and it will be cooked." She chuckles at her own joke. "I heard about Lady Saffron and I am saddened that they would not send word, but it is the way of it. I was coming to check on one of the servants in the tower." She explains. "From there I told a friend I would ride to Kings Grove." She looks down at him. "I promise I do not bring that much excitement with me this time. Rather dull to be honest."

Mortimer nods in understanding to Dania's reply, perhaps a little relief showing as she confirms that she has her health still. "Nothing serious I hope?" he asks, nodding towards the tower, he figures it probably isn't given her apparent lack of urgency, but it doesn't hurt to check. He then glances down the road towards Kingsgrove and frowns a little, "when you go that way make sure you do not ride the road alone. One of the Groves lords encountered bandits only a week or so ago and they've not been rooted out yet."

"We will see what happens there are very few who can and will ride with, but I do promise to speak to my brother." She tells him. "Now as for it being an emergency, it is not." She smiles as she says this. "Any news on whether we are marching to war?" She asks him. "How is Lady Nedra?"

"There are merchants that pass that way often enough, and couriers such as Master Corbitt," Mortimer offers, "I'm sure most won't mind the company for a couple of hours. I can ask around in the market though if you know when it is you're likely to be going?" Keelin however is another good option too. He shakes his head then and explains briefly, "I think we're mostly just waiting to see what happens in Stonebridge. I'm not in command of anything but I've not heard of us planning to march anyway, just making sure we're ready if anyone decides to march here."

"We will see what happens then." Dania comments back. "Now to answer your question I have no idea when I am to leave, which is the issue." She smiles as she says this. "I am sure I will see Keelin and it will happen." She looks at him and she lowers her voice. "How is your head doing?"

Mortimer nods in understanding at the uncertainty of travel plans but offers anyway, "if he ends up busy with all this," a nod towards the Green, "then let me know and I can still ask around for you. There are some who make the trip frequently enough." It is after all, only a two hour ride, some probably commute. "My head? It's still on top of my neck so I can't really complain all that much." He has had another spell of numbness in his arm, but since that was not long after being clouted on the elbow by a training sword he's not reading too much into that.

"Let me know about the headaches." She says to him like she always does. "I know I am like a raven when I say that." She looks a bit sheepish. "Who is training?" She asks. "Is this just practice?" The questions see to pour out of her like water from jug. "How is your son and your wife doing?"

"Like a raven?" Mortimer repeats with a faintly amused expression, "can't say I've ever heard one of them keep asking me questions. Mind, sometimes I wish I could ask them some." Using one hand to wipe away a bit of water that that's slowly dribbling down his forehead before it reaches his eyes he glances back towards the Green once more, "this is just drill, and they are well, thank you."

"To answer your question after the last time we spoke you will need to go to Mistress Janay. She will take care of you if anything happens to me. With your permission I can speak to her about you before hand or when you are ready you can speak to her directly." She says softly to him. "She is located on one of the farms that is between here and Stonebridge. She will be able to help you and she knows what she is doing. I would trust her."

Mortimer nods silently for a moment then answers, "so long as she's on our side of the border that shouldn't be a problem." Then, slightly more forcefully, "although of course, nothing will happen to you so I doubt she'll be needed at all." Slipping his hands into his belt he continues conversationally, "how is Heronhurst? Mistress Valen is well? I'm hoping Master Corbitt is there with her and not dead in a ditch somewhere, but I might have to start sending out a search party soon. I have the feeling Lord Ozric will want him close."

"Believe they are, I have been so busy that I have had a chance to really think about anything." She explains. "Heronhurst is quiet, which right now is a good thing, hopefully if fighting happens it will stay away from there." She shrugs her shoulders. "She is with the Terricks." She adds.

"I'm sorry, who is with the Terricks?" Mortimer asks, sounding a little confused, "Mistress Janay or Mistress Valen? Cos I can tell you for certain that unless she's sneaked past while we've been having this conversation, Mistress Valen is not here. If she should be then we'll need to start looking into where she is and make sure she's not in trouble somewhere."

"Mistress Janay." Dania tells him. "She is with the Terricks, I have no idea where the Valen and Corbitt are, I think they are in the Roost." She shrugs her shoulders. "If I see them I will pass the message along that Corbitt is needed here." she offers him a bow of her head. "Take care Deputy I should be off. If you need me I will hopefully be here a little longer." She offers him a bow of her head.

Mortimer nods at the confirmation then shakes his head once more, "Master Corbitt and Mistress Valen headed back to Heronhurst shortly after the ball at Stonebridge and neither has yet returned. I'll give it a few days longer though, and then if there's still no sign I'll send word east." As Dania takes her leave he returns her bow with a nod, "and I should probably be getting back to work. Good day Mistress."

"Good day Deputy." She and her horse move towards the keep.