Page 489: Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire
Summary: An accidental shooting and a one way trip to the Sept!
Date: 24/11/2012
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Mortimer Keenan Dania 
On the road and the Roost Sept!
November 24, 289

Daylight is fading and in the twilight of the woods there is the sound of an arrow's backside feathers humming. A young boy is hunting for dinner. Along the road at the edge of the forest Dania rides at a canter. The horse’s hooves drown out the sound of the arrow that the boy had shot. Dania feels a sharp pain in her leg; quickly she brings her horse to halt. From the woods there is curse and the young boy now pale and shaking goes running away.

Shock, the fading light and pain she is not certain what to do. She sits there perfectly still on her horse not moving. "Bloody stranger, damnit Crone!" She curses loudly as she makes a decision and she starts to ride back towards the Roost, so much for leaving.

It had been a long day and Mortimer would have been happy to be finally heading home were there not still missing children out there somewhere. As it is he's simply glad of the chance to finally take the weight off his feet, sit in front of the fire with his wife, eat and put his son to bed. It's the simple things that can bring the most contentment and tonight he figures he's earned a few hours rest.

It seems someone thinks otherwise though. Maybe he's offended a god by mistake, or maybe the world just hates him. Either way, his quiet, relaxing walk home is rudely interrupted by the approach of one of the guards who should have been patrolling the road. The message that there's a horse approaching with an apparently wounded rider, gets the guard sent to the sept to rouse a healer as he himself takes one look down the street that leads to his house before turning and heading for the edge of town.

Keenan has two of his remaining bully boys walking with his as he enters the Green whistling a tune. He walks across Dania's path observing her apparently in pain. "Mistress Dorsey," he exclaims, "What appears to be the problem?" He is as upbeat as someone can be whilst displaying genuine concern. "Can I offer you assistance?"

The curses that come from Dania could and would make a sailor blush. Those curses are also what is giving her focus. The pain in her leg is something she has never felt before and it is a pain that she hopes and prays that she never has to feel again. The good news is it is bringing her back to the Roost; the bad news is it is bringing her back to the Roost. She can see the Roost coming fast as the hooves of her horse pound against the ground. She can no longer hold on to her reins so she has let go of them and is holding on to the horse's mane. When she reaches the main road she gives up and shouts "whoa." Hoping the horse listens. The horse does not and goes his own direction most likely the stable. She does not hear poor Keenan. Her focus now becomes get the reins again and stop the horse. Reaching for the reins she pulls the horse to a stop. She is breathless.

It seems that Dania reaches the edge of town before Mortimer does, for the familiar horse is spotted heading for the stables at the inn as he emerges from one of the side streets. He knows Dania is about so starts to turn towards the road out instead when he hears her curses. It's not quite a full 180 turn he makes, but it's near enough and he starts off at a jog that quickly becomes a run when he spots the arrow. "Mistress Dorsey!" he calls out as he tries to make a grab for the reigns to bring the beast under control, "are you alright?"

Keenan turns and looks at the retreating horse then his men. After a few awkward moments all three of them run the the direction of the vanishing Dania. "Mistress Dorsey?" He says as he cathces up, "You look pained - what is the matter?"

"No, get me to the Sept." She says to both men. Mortimer is able to get the horses reins and Keenan and the men are there. "Do not pull me off the horse. Take both of us to the Sept. Get Justin Terrick, do not tell him it is me. I need him to control Sparrow." Her words are tight and her face is pale as a sheet and even in this light it can be noticed. Her words are a little slurred like she has been drinking but still the woman is managing to give orders. She is blinking now. "Lord Terrick, thank you for the inquiry. No, I am not fine get me to the Sept and get me a drink."

Mortimer gathers the reins and takes a brief moment to try and calm the horse, giving it's nose a rub and muttering calming words to it, before he registers that Dania has hailed a Terrick. Glancing round he spots Keenan and gives the man a brief nod "m'Lord" before he then says to the two men with Keenan, assuming one of them would be going for Justin, "I think the Lord Sheriff is out on patrol, but check at the stables by the paddock for his horse incase he has returned ahead of schedule." That done, he starts trying to coax the horse towards the sept.

Keenan nods, "then I will help you get to the Sept if that is agreeable to you…" Still not sure how he can help - getting the drink maybe. He looks at both sides of the horse, "Oh my - someone took a shot at you - and hit you. Who would that be?"

"I have no idea." Comes her slurred dunk like words. "I Did not notice it was getting dark. I just noticed the pain when it stung me; I was trying to canter out of here. Damnit, I was trying to leave." She mutters. "Stupid arrow!" She grows quiet and shivers a little bit and swallows.

The horse is calming but his nostrils are flaring and he paws the ground impatiently. But he is listening. His flanks heave and he is lathered with sweat. When he is being led to towards the Sept he follows. His flanks still heaving and nostrils flaring.

Mortimer listens silently as Dania tells her tale, although for now he's mostly concentrating on keeping the horse calm and moving. Given its agitated state he sticks to the principal of 'slow and steady' for now. When Dania is done though he asks "how far out Mistress? We can send a patrol to check for bandits, but in this light they'd need to know where to look."

Keenan looks at the arrow. "If we cut the feather we can get you free Mistress Dorsey," more focused on the midwife's plight. "We'd have to push it through. "We've got to separate you from Sparrow." He looks at the horse. "My men can settle the horse while we move you…"

"I do not know right now, ask later?" Dania says to him as she focuses on what he is saying. "Down the road in the forest." She pales more. "No, cut free! Pulling out, will bleed out! Not sure what it hit. I have not looked at it. I would first get me a drink or poppy. I want to make sure sparrow is okay. Morty, he needs to be walked out." She says this to Mortimer. "Keenan, can you send of the men to get my brother, but he might be on the hunt. Never mind I think he is on the hunt."

Morty? Were the situation otherwise that might have been greeted with a raised eyebrow and a faint look of disapproval, for now though it's utterly ignored in favor of continuing to mutter calming words to the distressed horse as they approach the Sept. Calming words are then also offered to the rider, "let me worry about Sparrow, I'll ensure it's done," Mortimer offers, meaning that he'll pass it to on to one of the keep's grooms he trusts and go check the road for signs of bandits while there might still be time to pursue. Glancing sideways to Keenan a moment he raises an eyebrow questioningly, attempting to silent ask if the Lord is happy to take on care of Dania once they're separate.

Keenan sends his men with a curt order, "Do it," he says. Nodding at Dania's logic, "it would be difficult for you to inspect the wound if you are not off the horse. Milk of the poppy would be a good idea - but it wold slow your mind as well. Are there no other healers who might come to your aid in the Roost?" Keenan is hoping Dania's brother might be one. As for Mortimer wondering whether Keenan will take

By the time they reach the Sept Dania's eyes are closing and she muttering a song half to herself and half to the horse. "Morning has come night is away, come with now and welcome the day." She looks over at Keenan as she stops singing. "Sept should have a healer. They always have a healer. Sometimes I share supplies with them. They are good people." She looks at Mortimer as they arrive. "Please he is my one and only Sprrow. I owe you my dear boy. I owe you. Not a word of this to anyone." She tells both men with that drunk slurred sounding speech.

"There are a couple who live by the Sept," Mortimer confirms, "at least one of which should have been roused a few minutes ago when word first came of a rider." Stopping outside the Sept, since the horse cannot go in he keeps the horse's nose close still muttering calming words while keeping hold of the reins. "He'll be fine," he offers to Dania, then concentrates on keeping the horse calm and still while Keenan deals with helping Dania dismount.

One of Keenan's men comes back with a pair of what appears to be a set of clippers and plyiers. Gently holding Dania's leg the arrow is severed between her leg and the horse. Leaving effectively both wounds plugged. "Get a healer will you?" Keenan says to his subordinate. In the meantime he carries Dania himself. "Wish I'd gotten more exercise," he jokes - "How are you now Mistress Dorsey?" Facile question. A servant comes to lead the horse away.

"I have been better, I am tried. I want my brother. This hurts." The movement brings tears to her eyes and she is trying desperately not to cry. She turns her head away from him and hides her face in his doublet if she is allowed. She swallows hard. She is pale sweaty now and she shivers. "Tell the healer that I need poppy. Make sure the healer washes his hands three times before he or she touches my leg. There instruments need to be cleaned in vinegar." She finally grows quiet.

Keenan gets Dania to a room and lays her down on a bed as the healer arrives. "Milk of the poppy I believe she requested Lady septa," but the woman has already brought the proferred narcotic, "Wash the instruments in vinegar - oh and your hands three times also…" Keenan is enjoying annoying the healer with directions as Dania's proxy. "Is she going to be okay?" he asks.

The older woman looks at Dania and then looks at him. "I do not know, I have not examined the wound yet." Dania is awake and shivering now. The woman gives the juice of the poppy and Dania's eyes start to close. She can barely get out the word thank you.

The older healer gives Keenan an odd look. She shakes her head and goes to wash her hands but only once as she does this an apprentice brings Dania a blanket to cover her. Tools are laid out and they gleam in the lantern light. The healer then cuts away Dania's high thigh riding boots and she tears the open part of her skit. She grows quiet as she examines the wound. "If she does not get wound fever then she will be fine. She also will be fine if she does not bleed to death when I remove what is left."

<FS3> Dania rolls Body: Failure.
<FS3> Dania rolls Chiurgeonry: Failure.

Keenan sits back and watches, "Let me know if you need anything," he says frowning at the Septa. And watching the progress. "So how does it look?"

"She has an arrow shaft stuck in her in her thigh. Either a really lucky shot by someone or she got attacked." The woman says. Then with competent skill the woman takes out the offending shaft of the arrow. The older healer keeps her from bleeding out. She then repairs the damage and when she is done she removes Dania’s gown and apron dress. Not to mention Dania’s other boot and stocking. Her apprentice helps. Soon Dania is tucked between the sheets with the blanket on top of her. She is unconscious still. The woman then looks over at Keenan. "Lord Terrick, she did not bleed out, now we sit and wait to see if she gets wound fever."

Keenan looks to the Septa - "Alright - what do we do if an infection sets in?" Call a red priest of Rhllor occurs to him as a standard form septa baiting suggestion but he does not mouth it.

"Fight the fever and hope she keeps the leg. If the infection gets worse and the leg starts to die, we amputate. But, she is strong. I will do everything in my power first to keep us from doing that." She explains to him. "For now we wait. You can wait here with her or you may check on her later if you wish Lord Terrick."

Keenan isn't exactly doing anything more important at the moment and this is his friend or so he thinks. "I think I'll stay with Mistress Dorsey for now. See if she becomes coherent. Master Trevelyan will want to know what she has to say anyway."