Page 283: Friendly Combat
Friendly Combat
Summary: Lord Anton pays a visit to his former sworn sword to offer a little practice for the upcoming duel. Garett watches. Philosophical debates ensue.
Date: 28/04/289
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Gedeon Anton Garett 
East Bank — Stonebridge
Pavilion, exiled knight, yadda, yadda.
28 April 289

Tomorrow, Ser Rivers… er, Tordane… er, the blond knight from Oldstones… is to meet Ser Rygar Nayland in a duel to the death. But, that's tomorrow. This morning, a couple hours after sunup, has the Tordane banner waving over Gedeon's tent and the man himself crouched near a bucket of clean water, giving his face and hair a quick rinsing. He's got his leather jerkin on, though it's open, and there's a waster resting nearby. Cooling embers in the cleared space before the tent suggest a fire made and banked already, breakfast prepared and eaten.

Today, the Knight of Oldstones (note the capital letters) is come. Anton's black destrier stands out among the traffic by the bridge, and the black-clad knight atop the horse does even more. He dismounts some ways from the pavilion, walking the horse as he approaches. "Gedeon," he greets the younger, blonder man, "I see you acquired a banner."

Likely there's probably been reduced traffic on the bridge in lieu of recent news, but there's at least one person that possibly curious by the goings on. And that would be a particular icy Westerling Knight known as Garett. Reguarding the banner as he comes to the crest of bridge, he stops only for a moment, surveying the camp with same impassive and cold expression he wears for every other instance. After such, he continues onward, for now something of a simple observer for now. But then, he could just be on a walk. Any reason to avoid the inn unless sleeping is a good one.

"My lord," Gedeon says, lifting his head and giving it a shake. The motion sends water droplets flying and his hair sticking out in ways most ridiculous. He hastily pushes a hand through it before standing and walking towards Aton to hold his other, dryer hand out in greeting. "I have," he agrees with a rather silly smile. "Thought it might be a good idea to have one of those." Garrett, quiet and hanging back as he is, doesn't seem to yet be noticed.

"My lord," Anton replies, lips curled into a smirk. He shakes his former squire's hand, and then ties off his horse to a post before stepping back to eye the banner again and nod. "A good idea," he agrees. "So, are you ready?" he asks. With his back towards the bridge, he also does not yet notice Garett's approach.

Looks like Garett was just taking a walk, but the presence of the encampment and the recent news going for a week seems to be getting the better of him, even for someone who would prefer to stay out of affairs like these. Taking an intake of air, he adjusts his directions, and heading on over, hands held loosly behind his waist. Quietly, he beings to approach, but being the polite sort, he'll wait until the talk between Gedeon and Anton is finished. He doesn't look to be in a hurry, though, having the expression of a wall, it'd probably hard to tell what he's feeling.

Gedeon's gaze drops for a moment and the younger man looks pleased but almost abashed by that return 'my lord'. "Find out tomorrow, won't I." His brow quirks as he offers Anton a playful smirk. "Want to kick my ass one last time? Maybe I've gotten better since Braavos." lancing over, he notes, now the slowly-approaching Garrett. "We might even have an audience," he adds wryly.

"I should hope you have," Anton replies, snarkily teasing, "Though without me around to be an example I suppose I shouldn't count it likely. Get your blade, then." He turns back to his mount to remove his coat and doublet and toss them over the saddle, then draws his sword, and find the batting to tie round it so they don't accidentally kill each other. He stretches, and turns to look at Garett as he does. "Do you know him?" he asks Gedeon.

"Don't stop on my account. And no, he does not." Garett says, neutrally, emotionlessly, and coming to a stop. "I merely wanted to meet Ser…" he pauses, blinking once. "I'm not rightly sure which name would be appropriate." the Westerling notes. "I wanted to meet the man on at least one side of this conflict. I believe it's honorable thing to do. A warrior should not be alone on the day before his greatest victory or his death. Ah, I'm sorry, my manners. Ser Garett Westerling. You spoke to my sister recently. I suppose that was another reason I'm here. Danae has most times has a good sense of character. Wanted to see that for myself, if you'll, of course, allow. If you're currently preoccupied.." he gestures with a headtilt at the two of them, "I can excuse myself."

"Ser Garrett Westerling," Gedeon says to Anton with a quick smile, though only after Garrett gives his name. "Brother to the Lady Danae Westerling, quite an enchanting and estimable young woman. Well, ser," he says, and this to Garrett as he bends down to collect his waster, tossing it from hand to hand, "you can always call me Ser Gedeon. That name, at least, hasn't changed. My friend and I here are going to have a spar in the hopes it will make tomorrow more likely my victory than that death you mentioned. You're welcome to stay, though, if you like."

The taller knight lets his companion speak first, and then gives him a sidelong look. "Already too high and mighty to provide introductions, my lord?" he says, before nodding politely to Garett, "Anton Valentin, Knight of Oldstones. As Gedeon says, you're welcome to remain. I, at least, am capable of talking and sparring at the same time. We will see whether my friend here can manage it yet or not." He trades his blade for a waster for the moment, and, loosening his shoulders, steps away from the pavilion to square off opposite Gedeon.

"Fair enough, Ser Gedeon." Garett that name is good enough for him. Watching on with what appears to be the beginnings of a spar, he nods, possibly approvingly. "I'll thank you for saying so, Danae is a good woman. And that's not to say I expect you to fall tomorrow. Likely, I don't really have anything to think on the matter at all. Only that it is a shame that seems to of come to this, but I tend to view combat is useful only when it's needed." he says, tone still chilly and flat. "Thank you, enjoy watching a good spar. Probably wise to do anyways." A nod goes to Anton. "Ser Valentin. Good of you to come to a friend in need."

Gedeon affects a prim sniff. "When I am lord, I will have people to do introducing for me," he replies before he shakes his head and snickers. Glancing over at Garrett he adds, blithely, "I had heard that about your view of combat." Then he steps back, his attention settling on Lord Valentin. "All right, you cocky bastard. Let's have at it."

"I don't think I've had the pleasure to meet this Lady Danae," Anton says. He takes a couple lazy practice swings, the blade slicing through the air with a swish. "I am sure if Ser Gedeon esteems her then she is a most intelligent and personable lady. I will have to meet her." As Garett goes on, he says, "I can't say I'm much pleased by the idea of the duel myself, either. It would be better were it likely to end this matter for good and all, but I doubt the Naylands will take defeat lying down. But it cannot be helped. Were you on Pyke, Ser Garett?" he asks, as he steps forward and lunges at Gedeon.

"Have you know?" That actually elicits a reaction from Garett, in the form of a brow raise. "I would wonder from who. Probably Desmond, that lad is always talking." That said the said, the old Knight start to lazily walk in a wide circle about the pair, as if evaluating their form or stance. "I think Ser Gedeon probably knows her better than I. We have been…seperated for a long time. And yes, Ser Anton." he replies, quickly using that as a segue. "I was on the island, but not for as long as I'd like. I was injured in the early days of the war, and sent to the back ranks until I was asked to go back to the Crag and bolster it's defenses in case the Ironborn made raids there. Which there were a few, but they almost seemed half-hearted. My family then later asked me to come to Stonebridge to look after Danae, as with a good portion of the military focused on the island, they feared that the Ironborn might make a deeper push into the Riverlands. I came here, bringing my squire with me."

<COMBAT> Anton attacks Gedeon with Greatsword but Gedeon DODGES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Anton with Greatsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

"Ah. Injured," Gedeon says with a nod. "Miserable luck." To Anton he adds, with a sudden, quick grin. "You may meet her yet, my lord." And then they're at it, Anton swinging for Gedeon and Gedeon lifting his blade to meet it. He's quite and the first 'blood' goes to him as he leans out of the way of Lord Valentin's thrust to tap his chest with the tip of his waster.

"Bad luck," Anton agrees, "But clearly not a serious wound, in the end, it seems," he says, with a brief head-gesture towards Garett's state of apparent health and limb-possession, "That must be a relief to your family. I've heard there's trouble with bandits around here lately," he remarks, "Extra guards for a precious sister does not seem unwise. Ha!" he laughs as Gedeon's quick wristed move beats him, and grins, "Good, you've mastered that one, finally." He steps back, brushing the waster aside, and attacks again.

<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Anton with Greatsword - Light wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Gedeon with Greatsword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

"Story of my life. Of any soldier's." Garett replies dryly. If that was a joke, it's hard to tell, but his sense of humor is probably an aquired taste. "Pyke was not as bad as the Trident, but it does stick out in my mind, if only for how short I was involved in it. As for luck, well," a light shrug. "One can not win them all, but you can try. No, it wasn't as bad as it could've been, merely a mixture of old armor and well-aimed armor shot." he describes clinically. And absently, his stormy eyes wholly focused on the footwork the two display, then up to visually scrutinize their bladework like an old teacher does for a squire. He does this relative silence. "As for your earlier comment, Ser Anton, no, I believe the result, should Ser Gedeon here end up on the winning side, could possibly complicate things further. Though, it is for these exact reasons I'm little more than a soldier. My sister and do the politicking all she likes, I'll have none of it, thank you."

Gedeon has a quick smirk for the compliment, but the moment is very short-lived. The next foray lets Gedeon get a rap to Lord Anton's arm, but it's just another tap. It return, he's smacked so hard across the chest with the side of Valentin's sword that he staggers back, winded. Had it been a real blade, Gedeon would likely be in two pieces by now. He coughs, shakes his head, straightens. "Well. That'll bruise."

"I'll tap you next time," Anton says as he settles back after the blow, "Can't have you aching tomorrow. Ser Gedeon is the lawful heir, by the king's hand," he says to Garett, "If the Naylands didn't seek to disobey the king's ruling, this would all be as simple as can be. Your sister is political?" he lifts a brow, looking aside to his friend, "No wonder Ser Gedeon likes her. He is ever in need of help in such matters. Hasn't the skill for it himself, I'm afraid."

<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Anton with Greatsword - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Gedeon with Greatsword but Gedeon DODGES!

"She hasn't said as much openly, so perhaps I'm presuming too much." Garett idly states. "Call it…a feeling." Regarding the entire issue with of Stonebridge, he shrugs. "It's not my place to say. I loathe to get involved in such affairs or to even pick sides. All, I will say is that the King's word should be honored anything else. Granted, yes, I know the accusations the Naylands have brought to bear, but…the King's word, to me, is final. That should be the end of the matter, but things never are that easy." A frown, the most often seem inflection on his face when it's not looking so stony. "Hollow words." he mutters.

"I am a simple man, I," Gedeon agrees, "and the Lady Danae has finer-honed wits. I expect she'd be very good at politics, if she wanted to try her hand at it." The next round ensues once Gedeon has his breath back, and once again, he manages to avoid Anton's waster, even smacking the taller lord on the back of the hand with his own. "Tap," he agrees. "Like so." With a quick glance towards Garrett he adds, "There is a fine distinction between having politics and having opinions. So I hear, anyhow. Having a thought on Stonebridge could be one, even if not the other."

"Everyone has an opinion," Anton disagrees with Garett, "Maybe it doesn't fall squarely to one side or the other and maybe you don't care to own it, but you have one. I heard there are quite a few Westerlings about these days, ser," he says as Gedeon taps him on the back of the hand and he snorts at the blonde knight's words, and attacks him once more, "What do they make of all this? An uncomfortable time to be visiting, I would think."

<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Anton with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Gedeon with Greatsword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!

"Well, don't my word for it. Just because I think she has a mind for it, doesn't mean it's true." Garett makes sure to point out, possibly debating shutting about his sister. "It's just my opinion on it." A snort. "Too fine a line, if one were to ask me. Just because you have an opinion on one particular matter, does not mean you have a motive behind it. That it cannot be genuinely honest for the simple sake of being so. And usually, most people don't like my opinions because more often than not, they tend to revolve around things most people don't want to hear. Another reason why I wouldn't make good at politics. Or so my betrothed tells me. I'm inclined to believe her." Watching on, he sighs slightly. "There are, I find it just as surprising as everyone else, to be frank. Danae, then myself and Desmond, though I'm sure Desmond will go off on his own once become a Knight in his own right. As for Lord Roric, I have yet to actually meet him, other knowing he is Lord Gawen's brother here to improve house relations. As for what they make of all this? Probably better it's other houses and not our own, but I'm the pragmatic sort. There is always something going on, it just depends on wether or not you personally wish to get involved in it."

"Honesty is a motive," Gedeon muses for a moment. "What's one of your opinions that nobody likes, then? You've got me curious, now." He darts in, beneath Anton's thrust out with his waster to land a firmer blow against the other man's chest. Straightening, he scowls. "My lord," he points out, "I've started winning. You're not paying attention, stop talking."

Anton gets thwapped across the chest while his own waster's blunted edge slides harmlessly past Gedeon's stomach. "You're right," he admits, "I'm clearly not focusing." He scratches at his forehead with the back of his wrist, and attacks Gedeon again, the light wooden blade swung swiftly.

<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Anton with Greatsword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Gedeon with Greatsword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Anton with Greatsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Gedeon with Greatsword - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!

"Honesty should be something you strive to better yourself. I suppose if you want to call it a 'motive', that's suitable enough." the Westerling utters bearishly. "For starters, you sometimes lead with your shoulder too much, Ser Gedeon." Garett states simply, having been watching the two of them spar for a bit now. "Keep your arms inside your body if you can. As for others, I think most people would generally get along better if they stayed out of each other's buisness. Wishful thinking, I know, but a man can have his daydreams. Others don't take kindly to the idea that I plan on letting my betrothed hunt with her falcon as much as she wishes when she is my wife. But again, that's no one's business but my own. Respect is only given when it's earned, never demanded. Cowardice is letting someone else fight for you, but then again, I've never liked the idea of someone 'championing' for another. You say the words, be prepared to back them up. I'm sure there's other, but I can't rightly think of them at the moment."

<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Anton with Greatsword but Anton DODGES!
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Gedeon with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

The talking must really have been the trouble, for now that he has sworn to focus, the fight grows faster, a flurry of strikes and counter-strikes traded by the two knights. To a trained eye, both of them are highly skilled, experts with obvious experience. Gedeon manages a mock-slice to Anton's ribs, and gets a blade slipped just shy of his neck for his trouble. The blonde knight's counter-attack meets only air as Anton moves unexpectedly, quick on his feet for so large a man, to tap the blade against his friend's chest. "Even with my reach being longer than yours this is nothing like it will be against Ser Rygar's polearm," he warns, "But he's slower than I am. I'd stick to a lot of dodging like that, I think."

"That's the overall plan," Gedeon agrees, more focused on the fight, now Anton is as well. "Stay away from his weapon, poke him with mine. And, apparently, don't lead with my shoulder as much, our friend Ser Westerling advises." He frowns faintly. "Is it improper for women to hunt with hawks? I thought they all did that."

"I never thought so, but apparently it's a matter my Briallyn has been taking some flak for. Though, I think most of it comes from her cousins." Garett replies. "Again, it's not something that I'm going to care much about. I know how much she hates needlework, she'd much rather be the active sort. I would tell them to stay out of her affairs if she'd let, but she me to have a 'good image' for her family." his tone gets a bit chillier when in reference to doing that's somewhat against his character. "Image…perception…standing…bah."

<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Anton with Greatsword but Anton DODGES!
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Gedeon with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

"I've understood hawking to be occasionally acceptable for ladies," says Anton, "Though conventional hunting is not, and I imagine enjoying it too often would be considered unusual and unseemly." He moves rapidly once more, slipping his blade through Gedeon's guard to tap his chest again. "More left," he murmurs in correction before saying to Garett, "Perception and standing are the most important things a noble can possess. If you care so little for them, ser, why do you come to court at Stonebridge, or marry a noblewoman? There are plenty of places for fighting men who would rather live like commoners. Tourneys, or across the Narrow Sea."

Gedeon grunts as he's tapped again, adjusting his stance a little and pushing back his shoulders. Definitely don't care much for the trappings of honor in the disputed lands. Too hungry to win slivers of land from one another to bother with how they're doing it. It might suit you, if that's the sort of lifestyle you'd prefer. Simple fighting, little posturing."

"And they are overvalued, I say." Garett replies. "Too focused on themselves or each other to see the larger picture. I cam to Stonebridge because my family asked it of me and I care for my sister. I am marrying Briallyn because I love her, not for what her family will give as a dowery. Believe me," and daresay, he actually chuckles lightly, "it was -not- expected. Tourneys do not entice me, I have no need for pride or rewards or even valiantry. But trust me Sers, it is something I have in the past twenty years of my life given considerable thought to. I remain because…." he takes a moment to look away, drawing a sigh. "…because honor demands it. It is the right thing to do. My needs or wants are inconsequential."

<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Anton with Greatsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Gedeon with Greatsword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

"Exactly," Anton agrees with Gedeon's assessment of the East, "The only thing that matters there is whether you've the talent, the will, and the luck to survive." He lowers his blade after that, but only for a moment, whatever he was about to say delayed as he attacks Gedeon again. This time his attempt to slip around the quicker man's guard fails, and he gets a rap to the chest instead, and falls back. "There," he nods, approvingly, before looking back to Garett. "And when you sister marries, Ser?" he inquires, narrowed gaze observant, "When she has a household of her own which, if what I have heard of her today is true, I can hardly doubt she will. When she no longer requires you, what will you do then?"

"There," Gedeon repeats, nodding with some satisfaction as he begins to better anticipate Lord Valentin's moves. He draws in a deep breath and rolls his head in a quick circle. Some kink somewhere quietly pops. "If you are here because of honor," he says, "Does honor not, then, oblige you to be a participate in those other things of which you find so odious? Reputation? Image? Standing? I cannot imagine your family wishes to lose any of those things. Are you not, as a representative here, required to present yourself in a manner best reflecting them?"

"I would say that one who questions what they do because of the judgements of others has no mind of their own." Garett replies. "I honor and respect my house enough that I don't cause trouble for them, but I won't let them, or anyone else force me to be something that I'm not. There is so much more to nobilit than vanity and power. And vanity is precisly what worrying over much about your reputation is. Reputations, image, standing, what value does it have? What are they, a means to an end? The end reward? The only thing that matters to anyone?" he guesses at. "Power, wealth, land? These are tangible things, but petty things…transitory things, all likely to be ground into the dust long after you and I have passed on, when this bridge is no more. We surround ourselves with the ideas and trappings that this must be all that life is about. I question otherwise. I believe there has to be something else. What I don't know, and possibly won't ever know, but what others care for, strive for, I have had no desire for. Because you see what it does to people. And I won't be like that. That doesn't mean I view myself as better, in likelyhood I make things much harder for myself than what it has to be. But does that mean I disrespect my kin, my house? No, I only do what I can for them in my own way, more often than not I figure it would've been dying on the battlefield, but the Gods have decided otherwise thus far. As long as I don't do anything to tarnish my own 'reputation', such as it is, or my houses, I doubt that they much care what I do. I'm a Knight with a squire and watching over my sister, there is nothing my house has to fear publicly from me." Another shrug at Anton. "When that day comes, I find something to occupy myself with. Possibly in smithing, it has always been a hobby that I have myself to enjoy." He shakes his head. "You see? My opinions are not what you would call favorable ones. But then again, I was more or less raised in the North, so that may reflect my thoughts as they are. In the end, it is fine, I am fine with that."

"I would think that a difficult line to walk, Ser Garett," Anton opines, leaning on his wooden sword, sparring finished for the moment, it seems, "To honor and respect your house and not cause trouble for them, while openly despising the things most of them and most all of their associates hold dearest. Not to say it can't be done," he shrugs, "But I would think it would be a very fine line indeed."

Gedeon drops his waster in the grass when Anton leans on his. He puffs out a small breath, leaning forward to give his back a stretch. "The judgements of others can be important," he adds, "if one wishes to make alliances, trade agreements, the other sorts of things useful to a noble house. Nobody can know everybody else. Sometimes you have only what you know of a man's reputation to go on. It's not vanity, it's helpful information. And, that bridge you scoff there has been standing for over a thousand years. We will be dust long before it is. Money and power and land may seem as little to you, but that's because you have it. You were born with it. You and your wife and your children, when you have them, will never be hungry. Will never want for shelter or warmth or the luxuries coin can bring. It is easy to disdain what you cannot lose, what you have had your whole life. Many who seek those things do so to strengthen their family, to have security for their progeny and their line, that their name and blood should prosper when they are but bones and ash. Is that such an unworthy desire?"

Garett raises a hand. "You misunderstand, Ser Anton." he says evenly, as his voice has been this entire time. "I do not despise them. Fact is, there are some who apply this way of thinking readily and I would still call them a friend. Do you blame that person? No, my resentment possibly lies in soceity, the world in which we live in. Not the kingdom or the houses, but the mentality as man as a whole. But, there is little I can do but survive in such a world as best I can. I'm here to make anyone's lives more difficult or cause the downfall of anyone else, myself included. I simply do not agree with how things are overall. But do I hate them? No, I do not. There is too much hate in this world already, I need not add to it. Is it a fine line? Of that, there is no doubt. I have done well so far, but I am quite aware of what could happen should that line break. The difference is, I will have no one to blame.

Then he glances at Gedeon. "I think, as a Westerling, I don't have much to talk on that aspect. I scoff at nothing, it was an example. Again, I make no intention to sound like I'm so much better. I'm not. I am…" he shakes his head, "possibly giving the wrong light onto the situation. Ser Gedeon, where does wanting the best for your family end and the poison begin? I respect the working man, I work beside them often. I lived, fought, and bled, next to farmer's and merchant's sons and saw them as my brothers in more battles than I frankly like to recall. Living in the dirt, from encampment to encampment. And I should point out, anyone can lose everything. It's easier than one thinks. I think the question you're asking me is if I had money and power, would I give it up? If I didn't have the obligations that I do, if it were only me, in most cases, I probably would. Because I am unimportant in the large scale, but this probably proves your point, doesn't it? But, I respect your opinion, and quite possibly you're the first person that had view on the opposing side of the subject that I actually respect. If only more people thought like you do. Maybe I would have more faith in the system. And for people as a whole."

"We are perhaps not the most typical audience for such a conversation, Ser Garett," Anton remarks, lips curling into a crooked hint of a smile, "Being only some years ennobled myself, and my friend here only days. I think we see things differently than most. It is easy to sit in this world, even on the edge of this world, and think it would be better if it were more like that of the common farmers and merchants. And they sit in theirs and think it would be better to be one of us. It is a rare man who is content with his lot, whatever it might be. But I think that if what you want is to live quietly, apart, as a blacksmith, then you should find a way to do it," he says, shrugging, and turning to head back towards his horse, tossing the waster towards the pavilion, "Because there is always a way to get what you want, Ser. If you want it enough. But," he goes on, stretching briefly and then pulling on his coat once more, "It is good that you don't hate this world, because I think that would go badly for you, as it sounds like you are resigned to be stuck in it for a time. I would suggest that if leaving entirely is not to your taste, you find the parts you like and focus on them. Dwelling on the rest will get you nowhere. And I have an errand," he announces, dressed again, "I'll be back in an hour or two, Gedeon, we'll talk. Ser Garett, it has been very interesting."

"Even the poorer nobility has more wealth than the richest farmer," Gedeon replies with a gentle shrug. "But I'd have to agree with Anton's words. He has stood on both sides, and I have, in my way, and I cannot claim either to be superior to the other. Only different. And, as Lord Valentin says, if you want something greatly enough, you can find a way to attain it. Or escape it, in your case." He collects the tossed waster and his own, nodding to Anton. "We'll speak, then," he agrees. "I'm glad you came." To Garrett he adds, "Ser, I should retire a while, see to a few odds and ends before the day stretches much longer. Good to have met you, and I hope you'll give my regards to the Lady Danae, when next you see her."

Well, Garett, possibly thinking that's gone and opened his mouth a bit too much, nods at the two of them. "Of course, Sers." he backs away from the encampment to come to the ledge of the bridge. Hopping up, he slides over to sit on the thick stone railing that separates the road from the water below. It's there he'll sit for a time, mostly because he doesn't feel like heading back into town just yet. And, because he might just enjoy the view.