Freya Caul
Emilie de Ravin
Emilie de Ravin as Freya Caul
name: Freya Caul
father: Mern the Mummer
mother: Alicia Caul
spouse: None
gender: female
age: 19
height: 5"3
weight: 50kg
eyes: Blue
hair: Golden Blond
house: None
position: Commoner


Freya Caul was born in 270 into a large family of miscreants who lived near the Roost. The Cauls were never an honest bunch and had their fingers in every dirty little game that was available. When the males of the family weren't out poaching they were running rigged games of chance. Though never caught their custom dropped off too quickly to make any real coin in this enterprise. Despite adversity Freya's childhood was a happy one. Though she was only a half sibling to her seven brothers as the only girl the family doted on her. She rarely was hungry. The Cauls may have been scum to everyone else but they looked after their own.

Freya's mother Alicia was not fond of the idea of her only daughter growing up in poverty sought out Freya's father Mern the Mummer who was a flamboyant mummer working with a travelling circus. From the age of six she was raised as a carnival performer. Little did her mother suspect the carnival was an elaborate front for a band of thieves her lover and Freya's father being the principle of the operation. From a young age Freya was astoundingly beautiful. Something that Mern took advantage of in plying his trade using her as a distraction. She also learnt to cut purses and sneak into and out of the houses of the wealthy when the carnies happened through larger towns.

As she reached womanhood Freya grew into an even more astoundingly beautiful girl. Apart from thievery she became well practiced in archery and learned a little swordplay (for a dangerous sword dance) in order for her to participate in some of the displays of skill that the carnival put on. She also excelled in some of the escapology shows where she had to pick a lock and escape from a chair before a pendulum cut her in two. Unlike a lot of women in her position she never grew haughty was always approachable and friendly. Given her looks Mern was under constant pressure to whore her out. To his credit he decided he would not do this to his daughter. Freya for her part was not a model of chastity. Though she couldn't be called a slut she took many lovers from the age of sixteen to the present.

Notable amongst her paramours was a young nobleman whose pocket she was caught picking. Mern accused her of getting caught deliberately so that she could meet the young man. The relationship ended messily when on one of their escapades they drenched each other in fragrant oil. The noble jumped on her shot off her body because of low friction and knocked himself out when his head collided with the wall. Freya was worried that the watch would blame her for the incident and dressed hurriedly sliding off her feet several times even half doing the splits. Another time she caught the eye of a beautiful Summer Isles high class prostitute working in one of the famous brothels of Kings Landing. Not usually into girls when a pass was made at her Freya found that curiosity as much as the fact that she was flattered saw her saying yes. This experience was less comedic and more educational she learned much of the art of pleasing both sexes in the bedroom from this woman. Though she never bedded another woman after this Freya often flirts with the idea (and with other women as well as men).

Mern the Mummer and his carnival of thieves ran out of luck when Freya was around 17. A clever sting caught her father handling fenced goods. Freya was out shooting game with her bow when she returned many of her friends were dead. Her father was given a public execution for innumerable property offences and Freya fled back to her family just outside the Roost. Her timing was poor however because shortly after her return to the simpler life of poaching and petty theft the Ironborn invaded. All of her family were killed including her mother, step father and seven older brothers. Freya knew the misery of being a thrall for a grand total of two hours before she managed an escape. Her skills as a thief proving invaluable. She fled and hid for the duration of the conflict snatching food where she could and hunting and fishing. When Robert launched his counter invasion Freya spent a brief time as a camp follower in the army. She resisted the advances of many of the young soldiers and knights mainly because of the lingering shock of the death of her entire family.

After the war was over Freya took up with a small band of poachers not dissimilar to her deceased family but with none of the closeness. The poachers were in bandit territory between Stonebridge and the Roost. A stupid place to be given the aggressive manner in which it is now travelled and policed. Mern the Mummer has become something of a folk hero in the tall tales of the smallfolk that include some significant footnotes about a beautiful daughter the criminal had who disappeared around the time he was executed. Similar local gossip speaks of a beautiful girl born into the Caul family who was probably killed around the Ironborn invasion. Freya herself is unaware of this talk - or the fact that she is the proverbial unicorn at the intersection between two urban myths. It is unlikely that she would be believed if she declared herself to be Mern the Mummer's daughter without substantial corroboration.

More recently Freya has been captured by Ser Kell of Terricks Roost who wiped out the band of poachers she made berth with them having turned to banditry. Despite Lady Anais arguing that she should be hanged the Sheriff of the Roost Lord Justin took pity on her and sentenced her to three months of indentured labour in manacles with the local Leatherworker. Glad to be alive Freya has seized this opportunity to engage in employment that doesn't leave her half starved.


Alicia Caul (mother deceased); Mern the Mummer (father deceased); Several brothers also deceased.

Physical Features

Freya Caul is a young woman who appears to be in her late teens to early twenties. She is of lower than average height at around 5"3. Her skin is a perfect hew of alabaster that compliments her long honey golden hair which runs in a single braid over her shoulder. She is mildly unkempt as is want for a commoner but this does not detract from her overall appearance. Her face is youthful with full lips that constantly half smile and an upturned nose. Large blue eyes peer out upon the world through dark lashes with a mixture of curiousity, mischief and amusement. Lithe and voluptuous her figure epitomises a perfect balance between attractiveness and utility. Her bust is large and impressive decolletage is a common feature in her outfits even the leather armor she often sports does little to conceal her figure. Her hips have a delicate rondure to them that is appealing in a thoroughly unsubtle way. Today she is garbed in a peasants blue dress with an open top and torn hemline. It was probably a fair garment at some stage but presently its only virtue is that Freya is wearing it. She has a friendly and approachable look to her.

Allies and Foes

None yet.

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