Page 213: Frey Pet Tricks
Frey Pet Tricks
Summary: Deirdra comes upon a pair of Freys and their very large dog in Tordane Tower.
Date: 15/02/2012
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Tower Hall — Tordane Tower
The entrance to the tower opens into a larger common room for receiving guests. Effort has been made to bring warmth and light to the interior, as well. Rugs have been hung from the stone walls as well as placed on the floor to bring at a welcoming ambiance. There is a large table with several chairs off to the left of the door, a cooking hearth against the back wall, and a wooden staircase that leads up. An antechamber behind the stairs is where the servants live and bed down.
Wed Feb 15, 289

Evening at Stonebridge. The fire is crackling away in the common room, and Lorna has managed to score some precious, highly coveted alone time. Well, she's partially alone - she's sitting in one of the chairs, stabbing more than stitching the embroidery she's working on, while a wolfhound lounges at her feet. The breathy alto she hums in is rather pretty, at least.

Alas, the lady's alone time is soon to be interrupted. Albeit the interruption may not immediately be noted. Deirdra enters the the common area unaccompanied, still in a day dress of deep navy blue, but with her hair down and a book in one hand that looks like a tome she intends to spend some leisure time with. She dog is noted before the lady. And the dog may note her before Lorna does. She stops in her tracks, regarding the wolfhound. A touch warily, perhaps, but her posture is straight and confident. She will not show it fear.

The humming stops abruptly as Lorna looks up. She considers the new face, and looks down at the dog, who is docilely chewing on a bone. "Her name is Stormer - she won't hurt you."

"Your dog is very large, my lady," Deirdra observes. A touch dryly, perhaps. Though the curtsy she drops to Lorna is deep and gracefully respectful. "Forgive the intrusion. This seemed a pleasant way to spend the end of the day."

"She is, and it is." Lorna says with a smile. "She was a gift from Stonebridge's master of hounds - she took to me the day after I arrived." She rises to her feet politely. "I'm Lorna Frey, and yourself?"

"A pleasure, my Lady Frey," Deirdra says. She is, perhaps, just a touch pointed about the title. There's an almost corrective note to the way she addresses Lorna. Though it isn't too sharp. She's all of respectful. She even offers a slight smile. "Mistress Deirdra Colmes, at your service. I'm one of the retainers here with Lady Rosanna Groves. I presume you're attached here as a lady-in-waiting to the Lady Nayland?"

"You would be correct." Lorna says cheerfully. "I've been here just a few months. I hope your lady is finding her stay comfortable and pleasant?"

"Tordane Tower has been most accommodating, my lady, yes," Deirdra replies, coming a bit closer to the fire. "My lady is very pleased with the courtesy, though she misses the orchards of Kingsgrove. Not to say the rose garden isn't lovely. Do you mind if I…err…sit?" Though she eyes the wolfhound as if somewhat unsure she wants to sit too near her.

"Please do." Lorna invites, adding earnestly, "She won't hurt you, really. She's very well trained. Would you like to see her do a trick?"

"I'm more of a cat person, generally," Deirdra says dryly. Though she does come to sit by the fire. As opposite of Lorna and her wolfhound as possible. "A trick?" She sets her book down. The title is one of those cheap mummer's romances, if one is paying attention to such things. Perhaps Deirdra assumes one will not be. "Of course…" She folds her hands in her lap, to keep her appendages close for this 'trick.'

Lorna smiles, and pulls something out of her pocket - probably a tasty bit for just such an occasion - which might or might not be slightly appalling to Deidrda. Walking a little distance away. "Stormer! Come here. Come here, girl." The dog abandons the bone and obeys, rising and moving to attend Lorna with a wagging tail. Obviously that's not the trick yet, though.

"That's…impressive, my lady," Deirdra says, in a puzzled sort of way, but she's drumming up enthusiasm in case that is the trick. She even offers a soft little palm clap. "What a…smart animal."

"That's not the trick." Lorna says, amused. She holds out her hand, displaying the tidbit - the dog almost gets up, but a cautioned restating of her name keeps her seated on her haunches. Lorna drops the treat to the floor. The dog should lunge for it, shouldn't she? But no…she sits there. Looks up at Lorna, who has held up a single finger. Down at the treat. Up at Lorna. And then after a few moments of possibly surprising restraint, Lorna calls out, "Treat!" And only then dog go and gobble the tidbit up.

"Ah…" Deirdra shows more genuine approval for that, smiling some at the great dog. "If only men were capable of such restraint, hmm? How long have you had her with you?"

"A few months." Lorna says. "But I'm quite good at training animals." She heads back to her seat, and Stormer follows oblidgingly. Once seated, her head goes into Lorna's lap, and Lorna ruffles between her ears. "Indeed. I find animals much easier to improve."

Deirdra laughs softly. "People can be trained, if one is patient. They are much more work than your fine hound there, however. And some of them aren't as well worth it, in the end. Tell me, my lady, are you much in touch with your…" She pauses, brow furrowing slightly. She clears her throat. "…you will forgive me, I am…not as learned in the Frey family tree as I should be. Are you much in touch with Lord Walder at the Twins?"

"Father?" Lorna lets out a laugh. "Hardly. He has so many children he hardly knows what to do with us, and I frankly befuddle him, when he can remember my name. Why do you ask?"

"Your father. Ah." Deirdra nods to herself like she's filing that particular bit of information away. "Yes, of course. I was just curious. I have what you might call a casual interest in Riverlands politics, and I was wondering how the Twins was faring during this conflict we find ourselves in with the Iron Islands."

"A casual interest?" Lorna notes, blithely. "Quite a few people have a casual interest in Riverland politics. The Freys do as the Freys do." Lorna shrugs. "We're not always all in agreement, but then, not all of us have a voice in the matter."

"There are so many of you, my lady, I can't imagine it's easy to find agreement among such a prodigious family," Deirdra says with a slight smile. "The Groves are a smaller clan, and even they have their familial disagreements."

She chuckles. "Yes, we are a very prolific family. But generally, the Freys as a family prefer minimal effort for maximum achievement," Lorna's tone is wry, "Whenever they can get away with it."

"It's not an impractical way to conduct one's self," Deirdra says, her tone carefully neutral as to whether she agrees or disagrees with this practice. "Impracticality is something, certainly, the Twins shall never be accused of. I'm curious, my lady, what was it like, growing up at the Twins? I must confess I have never ventured to that part of the Riverlands. I was born in Seagard and lived there all my life, until these last six years, when I undertook service for the Groves."

Alexander comes in from outside, the dust of the road still heavy on his cloak he seems to be looking for something, or someone. His eyes slowly scan the area as he removes the dirty cloak, revealing the sword at his hip, as well as his tattooed arms.

"I remained at the Twins until around the age of twelve or thirteen." Lorna says, "After that, I was fostered at Riverrun." She looks up from her seat, the wolfhound which had its head in her lap lifts it up and looks toward the door. "Ah. Cousin." she greets Alexander - Frey familial relationships are so complex, anyone who isn't your parent or sibling or child tends to be referred to as cousin by default.

"Ah, Riverrun." At this, Deirdra shows brighter interest. "The court of Lord Tully himself. My, my, my. That must have been thrilling for a young girl. I had some modest exposure to Lord Mallister's court at Seagard. My father was castellan for the house, in my childhood days. But I can't imagine it was anything on the glories of a Lord Paramount's house." She seems about to go on, but the word 'cousin' from Lorna makes her rise to her feet. She turns in Alexander's direction and offers him a deep, graceful, practiced curtsy. "Lord Frey." It seems a safe guess.

Alexander walks over and gives Lorna a friendly hug. "Lore, it is good to see you. I had wondered where you had scampered off to and hidden out at. I hear you got some trouble down here, enough that they are saddling you all with me." He then turns and smiles at Deirdra, "and who is your beautiful friend?"

Lorna blinks in surprise as Alexander embraces her, and pats his arms awkwardly. "Ever the flirt, cuz." she says with a small smile. "This is Mistress Deirdra Colmes. She's one of Lady Rosanna's retainers. Mistress Colmes, this is my…well, to be accurate, my nephw, Ser Alexander Frey."

Deirdra lets out the softest of little laughs when Alexander compliments her, chin dipping in a proper show of modesty. Though she doesn't exactly blush, and she eyes the lord with no small amount of curiosity when her eyes come up again. "Ser. Your lady cousin introduces me most completely. It is a pleasure." Her brows arch a notch at the artwork visible on Alexander's arms and neck. "She was telling me of the time she spent at Lord Tully's court. I take it you have also traveled…far afield from the Twins in your lifetime."

Alexander nods, "I am afraid I havn't been to nearly the highbrow locations Lore has. They tend to keep me away from court, for some reason." He bows slightly, "It is my pleasure Mistress Colmes."

"Alexander was a pirate!" Lorna declares grandly, and adds sidelong, "No, not really. But the notion's rather dashing, isn't it? He did spend time at sea, though."

Deirdra gets another soft laugh from the pirate comment, shaking her head. "A joke, I'm quite certain, my lord. At sea, you say? Where did you sail to? As I was just saying to Lady Frey, I grew up in Seagard, which is a port of respectable size. Though I never made much of a sailor of myself."

Alexander shrugs, "Myr, Pentos, Astapor, Tyrosh whereever the ships I worked on were going. I didn't have much choice in that. Mostly just moved from one crew to another working for my passage."

"He's also quite the conversationalist. Alexander, you're being rude - say hello to Stormer." Lorna indicates the wolfhound sitting at heel next to her.

Deirdra makes a curious "Hmm" sound. "If you will forgive me for saying so, my lord, that's an…unorthodox way for a highborn man to make his way to the more exotic corners of the world. How did you come to…crew?" She looks to Lorna's wolfhound. "Yes, your lady cousin was kind enough to introduce me to her most impressive beast as well. How did you come upon the name Stormer, my lady?"

Alexander takes a knee and smiles softly, offering a hand to Stormer to take a smell, before offering her a skritch between the ears, "Well my apologies Lady Stormer, I seem to have missed you there, were you being shy?" He cocks his head coyly, then glances at Deirdra, "I wasn't exactly there on my grandfathers dime."

Stormer seems to appreciate the attention, and nudges against Alexander's hand - but doesn't go more than a few steps away from Lorna. "Stormer…storms are powerful, and frequent enough in the Riverlands. I liked the sound of it." the Frey female explains. "Have you been out during a storm, Mistress Deirdra? It can be quite exhilirating."

"I generally seek shelter during storms, my lady," Deirdra replies. "So I'll have to take your word as to the…exhiliration involved. Though you make it sound quite thrilling." To Alexander, she nods. "I must admit, it doesn't sound like the sort of venture a noble father would pay to see his son away on. Nevertheless, it must have been…educational. Is that where you got…I'm sorry, but whatever do you call those pictures on your skin?"

Alexander smiles, "Storms are great, as long as I have some rock solid ground under me when they hit." He shakes his head, still petting stormer. "I'm sure if you have grown up in seagard you are somewhat familar with sailors, no?" He nods toward his arm, "Yes I got these in several different ports."

"I'm sure as a lady, she is not familiar with most sailors!" Lorna replies, pretending to be shocked and appalled. "They're called tattoos." she supplies for Deirdra helpfully. "They're quite common across the sea, and some parts of Southern Westeros."

"Somewhat," Deirdra says. "My late husband dealt with them more than I. He was a merchant, you see. I still have some of my investments from the money he left me in shipping, however, so I try to stay abreast of the more logistical concerns of such things. Though I fear the war with the Islands has cost me some of my holdings in that area." She frowns some. "Fortunately, that's not my primary income. I should take the time before the war progresses any further to move some of my assets elsewhere, however, now that you mention it. Since Seagard is finally reasonably safe to travel to." To Lorna she corrects slightly, "Not a lady…my lady. Though I fancy myself a respectable woman, and I am complimented by the turn of phrase."

Alexander nods, "The war with the Ironborne has taken a toll on a lot of merchants. Still those who have survived should find thier profits a bit higher for the lack of competition."

"Being a lady's as much about decorum as blood." Lorna insists. "And even a lady as indecorous as I knows it." A faint grin, before she adds more solemnly, "Did you lose your husband in the assault by the Ironborn? I'm very, sorry, mistress."

Deirdra gets another laugh out of that. "I assure you, my lady, being a lady is very much a matter of blood. Decorum does have its value, though." At Lorna's question, she shakes her head. "Oh, no, nothing of the kind. He died many years ago. In a storm, come to it. His ship was lost at sea, on a trade run to the Westerlands." She speaks of it without any apparent difficulty. "But that was some…goodness, ten years gone by now. He was a thoughtful man, and left me well provided for."

Alexander smiles, "If being a Lady is decorum over blood, then I think I might be losing the title of Lord quite a while back." He listens quietly and nods solemly as she speaks of her husbands demise.

Lorna tsks. "You're a Ser, not Lord, cousin." Lorna reminds. "Like how Ser Rygar is Ser Rygar, and Lord Rafferdy is Lord Rafferdy." She sighs a little, and it's unclear whether it's a pleased or unhappy sigh. "Did you hear? He won over Ser Gedeon at archery for my favor." To Deirdra, she notes quietly, "You seem well situated, mistress. It's good that your husband considered you."

"I am comfortable," Deirdra admits simply. "And congratulations to your…Lord Rafferdy, is it? It is only fitting, I think, that a man should have to earn a woman's favor. Such should not be simply given." Her smile crooks again. "But. I should leave the pair of you. The hour is growing late, and I still have some reading to do. I have enjoyed your company very much Lady Frey. Ser Frey."

Alexander says, "Good to meet you Mistress, I should be finding a place to place my own gear I now that my transfar is official.""

"Good evening, Mistress Deirdra. It was a pleasure to meet you." Lorna says, "And I look forward to more formally meeting your ladyship."