Page 443: Four Eagles Inn
Four Eagles Inn
Summary: It's starting to get a bit crowded!
Date: 09 October 2012
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Courtyard ~ Four Eagles Tower
The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
9 October 289

It seems like Kell has not been himself since his return from Middlemarch, not having been able to locate the Terrick Heir. Usually, the sworn knight would be in armor and out riding patrols or being active in another way, but today one can see the Terrick Sworn sitting off to the side of the courtyard, away from the bustling traffic and people present. He is also out of his armor, choosing to wear a set of leather jerkin as half protective gear, half comfort. His sword is still secured at his hip but the man seems to be squirreled away to the side. With seated with his back against the wall, his legs are bent at the knees where his hands rest, gaze cast downward at the moment.

Anais has been more herself since her trip with Kain, though whatever happened the previous night seems to have left her somewhat subdued as well. Still, as always she does her best to present a composed face. She's been checking on the rabbit hutches, and so as she approaches Kell, she has a plump, brown bunny in her arms. "You look like you could use a visit, Ser Kell," she says, moving to sit next to him and shifting the rabbit so it's nose is near the knight. Because…bunny.

The sounds of several horses galloping echo into the courtyard from outside, and the guards outside are first to see five riders approaching rapidly, but they do not appear to be riding in panic. The first two are Nedra, riding her chestnut mare Jinx, and Nathaniel on his dark chocolate mare, Molly. They appear to be in a race, with both riders leaning over the necks of their horses and urging them onward. Nedra is in the lead, but only by half a length, and Nathaniel seems to be gaining when Jinx pours on a burst of speed and charges through the portcullis. "Good show, lady!" the courier calls to her. "As promised, I'll see that she has a fine apple after her supper." Shalla and Petyr, riding at a slower pace, arrive in the courtyard after the pair. Nathaniel drops from his horse, and clicks his tongue in a signal. He goes to Shalla's horse to hold it for the maid while Nedra and Petyr dismount with ease.

Nedra wears a smile that's equal shades triumphant and amused at the same time, "You almost had the lead, Master Corbitt," she is saying as she rests one hand on Petyr's shoulder and slides down out of the saddle with ease. She lands lightly, resting most of her weight on her right foot and balancing with Petyr's help as she favors her left ankle still. "Jinx wasn't about to let Molly win, however. What I would give to set a real race though. we just need a flat stretch of land without trees getting in the way. Lovely trees, just not good for a nice flat out race."

Stepping out from the tower itself, Martyn takes a few sips from a small flask, before he notices the horse racers, and hurries to pocket said flask. Looking around at the others present as well. Stepping a bit to the side of the entrance, in case someone will be going in or out for now.

"But, things have been busy, and tense," Anais supplies for Kell, smiling faintly to the knight. "It's all right. I'm sure you've been doing everything you can, Kell." She shifts the rabbit in her arms as the others come thundering into the courtyard, and despite the brief tensing at the sound of hoofbeats, she smiles once more when she sees it's nothing more than a race. "Was it something you needed?" she asks Kell, looking back to the knight. "Or is it news?"

The Lady of the Roost is not the only one who tenses at the sound of fast and heavy hoofbeats, Kell's eyes quickly looks to the portcullis and gate, relaxing after seeing the familiar Terrick courier and Mallister Lady. The knight's attention then returns to Anais though he can't help but look down at the plump bunny for a moment before raising his gaze, "No news, M'Lady, besides what I have already told Lord Justin. I was going to find you. To apologize." His eyes pulls away at that, unable to meet her gaze, "I was too focused at what was happening outside of our walls, that duties within was lacking. There is no excuse for that, Lady Anais. For such… to have happened, asking for forgiveness would be too easy."

AFter the others have dismounted, Nathaniel looks around the courtyard. His gaze falls to Anais and Kell, and he bows to both of them. "Lady, ser," he greets. "If our entrance disturbed you, I must apologize." He glances to Nedra, and then continues, "The lady Nedra and I were talking bout our horses, and thought that a short race might be in order, since we needed to return here." He looks more closely at the bunny, and he smiles with fondness.

"Which part do you think is your fault, Kell?" Anais asks, smile slipping crooked as she reaches a hand for the knight's shoulder. "You've done everything we've asked of you. And nothing that's gone wrong in the last few weeks could have been stopped." She pauses, wincing slightly. "Well. Aside from Jacsen slipping out, but no one could expect him to wander out on his own, and I think most would have had a hard time stopping him. There's nothing for you to apologize for."

There's a growing crowd in the courtyard, with Anais and Kell near the wall, one of the rabbits from the hutches in Anais' arms. Nathaniel and Nedra have just ridden in with the usual coterie of guard and handmaid as well. "Nathaniel, Lady Nedra," Anais greets each with a nod and a small smile. "It's all right, Nathaniel. I don't mind a bit of a startle if it means people are enjoying themselves."

"And your courier almost won, Lady Anais," Nedra says, her words hard on the heels of Nathaniel's, her eyes bright with laughter that threatens to spill over at any moment. "His Molly had a good head start but Jinx," and she rests one hand fondly on the side of her mares neck, "really put her hooves to the contest and pulled ahead after the first turn." She aims a grin at Nathaniel, "One of these days his Molly is going to win, just not today." Nedra turns to smile at Lady Anais, taking in the expression upon Kell's face and feels her own smile falter a bit, still resting one hand on the arm of her guard as she gives a careful and discreet wiggle and winces slightly before saying: "It's to lovely of a day to resist, Lady Anais, but I do apologize for thundering in like this. We should stop just before the portcullis, I promise to do so next time." A sidelong glance at the courier, "Granted, he'd have won at that point," is said in a lower voice with a laugh.

Remaining where he is at the moment, Martyn gets that small flask of his out again, taking another long sip from it, while looking around a bit carefully now. Making no move to go join people at the moment, it would seem.

Kell appears to be trying to find a way to explain why it fault would be his, or at least some of it, but he remains silent for the time being as he turns his attention Nathaniel, nodding his head respectfully to the courier. "I hope you won the race, Master Corbitt, or we may have to replace you with the person who won as the Roost's courier." With others arriving, the Terrick Knight appears to try to change his outward demeanor, offering a joke as his own thoughts and concerns pushed away for now. Then Kell bows his head respectfully to Nedra, "Good day to you, Lady Nedra."

A call would go out from a sentry above, even as the gates open. A rider approaching. Though given the activity, it seems that the guards are not entirely worried. Soon enough the man is allowed passage into the courtyard, where is is slow to dismount. One of the guards coming over takes the reigns, to which the man-who clearly could appear a fish out of water, stares at him. "I've m' own horse thank you." His accent much more akin to those north of here. Well, far North. Still there is a glance to the rather big sword strapped to the front of the saddle, and there he shakes his head. "I've that too-an it's not leaving th' horn. If you could just put me in with th' Lord of the Manor, I would be obliged.." Polite-somewhat.

"It's all right, Lady Nedra," Anais assures with a shake of her head, smile flashing as she turns to set the rabbit back into her hutch. "For the record," she adds, smile twisting mischievously over her shoulder, "The beach is the best place for races. So long as you hit the right part of the surf." At the latest arrival, she pauses, brushing her hands over her skirts and stepping forward. "I'm Lady Anais," she calls over, taking a closer look at the man. "Have you business with the Roost?"

Coming through from town and seeming to head for the courtyard with his entourage is the Fenster young lord, Alric. Having returned from Highfield and looks a bit weary, though not riding to the tower without a reason. Annoucing himself as he rides in not far behind the Flint.

Riding along and unlike the Flint he does let the stable boys look to the Fensters horses for the moment. Letting the Flint go ahead first of course. Heading towards lady Anais it seems.

Nathaniel grins when Nedra gives everyone a good idea of the race that they couldn't see beyond the wall. Then, when Kell jokes about replacing him, the courier laughs. "Ser, you would need to speak with Lord Mallister about that replacement," he answers. When a stranger arrives, Nathaniel turns and steps toward the man no horseback. Bowing respectfully, he greets, "Welcome to Four Eagles Tower, lord. The hour is late, but we do not turn away friends even now. The lord of the manner is busy, he is well represented by the lady." He nods toward Anais, because there are two ladies present.

Seemingly having made a decision, Martyn moves away from where he's been standing, heading straight across the ourtyard towards the portcullis and out. Looking straight ahead now, as he disappears out there. Looking rather determined.

Nedra is laughing at Kell's words, "As much fun as that would certainly be, Ser," she is saying in return, "I have a feeling that there might be a bit of argument over allowing me to take the post," another grin aimed toward Nathaniel even as she turns slightly, hearing the sound of more riders approaching. In the process she gives a warm smile to Lady Anais, "The beach, you say? excellent. Master Corbitt, the challenge is set and declared, the beach, at noon!" she says, en sotto voice, eyes sparkling with amusement and challenge before she turns entirely toward the gate again in time to see the arriving riders. She spots her cousin as well, a small brief frown upon her face as she sees the flask in his hand but sets it aside to see the new arrivals. She searches for any visible sign of heraldry to announce the knights house, catching glimpse of the silver pin in the shape of a hand but not immediately recognizing the device. For the second arrival, however, she does recognize the arrival of the young Fenster heir.

When another new rider is announced and the stranger appears, Kell is back to business and he quickly rises to his feet, especially as Lady Anais is also doing the same and returning the bunny to its temporary home. Walking at the Lady's side, the Terrick Knight is acting as her proper escort, especially when greeting the new arrival. He remains silent though, just watching the Lord though he does gives the trailing man, Lord Alric, a glance as well.
Emrys turns his head as Anais calls his attention, and his gloved hand keeps a hold of the reigns. "Anais?" he repeats, as if tasting the name, more than trying it. And then he simply nods. "If you're the Lady here, then I will speak with you." And so he offers a curt, if not awkward bow as means to greeting. "I am passing through your lands, and I thought it was polite practice t' let a Lord know, when an armed man comes through not of his Home, or Family." the words chewed out before he is looking over towards the other rider through the gates. A faint raise of his brow, before he is looking back towards Nathaniel-brief nod and now to the Lady once more.
"Emrys Flint." Lord should be thrown in there, but the man doesn't seem to fuss over it. "I'm on my way home from.." and finally he is relinquishing his reigns to the guard who is still staring oddly at him. "The' Isles. Men are jus' now vein' sent back with the King's Peace kept."

Alric offers a nod to Martyn as he passes the man. A bit thoughtful though he won't ask right now. Continuing in line, so to speak, behind the Flint lord. Though moving up to be able to greet all of the people with a bow. "Greetings all. My ladies, my lord, ser, master." He offers. Making sure to greet those around. Though then he will let the Flint man speak first. Recognizing his house fairly quickly. It is his job to know after all. Besides, he saw it a few times in Highfield as well. He does look to be more serious than he usually is. The Fenster men standing behind him. Listening to the lord for now. Though he does offer a smile to Nedra as well.

The visiting Emrys's behavior does cause Kell to furrow his brows, perhaps the knight's already dark mood that was hidden away coming to the surface with such casual words he is hearing when the Lady Anais is being addressed. "M'Lord, it is /Lady/ Anais Terrick that you are addressing." The correction done, though normally the sworn knight may have kept his mouth shut when speaking to one of his better, but these days, he appears to be a slightly changed man.

Anais arches a brow slightly at Emrys' response to her name, though there's a touch of amusement in her features as well. "Anais Terrick," she nods in return. "Lord Jacsen's wife." There's something strange in her voice at the last, but in so few words, it's hard to put a finger on what. "Thank you for the courtesy. I believe there are a few other Flints currently in residence at the Rockcliff Inn in town, if you'd like to meet up with some of your countrymen for the trip back to Flint's Finger, though they may be here for a bit. It's my understanding they've offered their aid in searching for my husband." She nods to Alric, acknowledging him, but Emrys has her attention for the moment.

Emrys turns his gaze towards Kell. "I'll keep that in mind." he adds to the knight's either pleasure or displeasure as the case may be. "You'll pardon me if the name means nothing, but I shall take your word for it. I don't." and he's turning to watch as the horse is lead off a furrow showing in his brow. "I'll pardon if I don't know whom everyone is. But whatever kindness I can give, in return for th' hospitality that I seek, I'll take." There, that's out. And so with a sigh he is bringing one hand to scratch through his mop of hair, and smooth it, in trying to be somewhat presentable. Though as to the news of Kin, there is a blink from the older man and one red brow shoots up rather quickly. "Which ones?" because that is more important than seeking out the inn immediately- at least. "An your husband..Lord Jacsen?" making sure he has it right. "Is missing? For how long?" small things, of course.

Nathaniel steps back once the man introduces himself, and glances to Kell and Anais. Although uncertain about what it is, he certainly notices /something/ peculiar about how Anais identifies herself, and that prompts a flicker of curiosity from his eyebrows before he glances at the others in the group. Seeing that several people beside himself have arrived on horseback, he offers. "I'll call for stable-hands to see to the horses, if there are no objections." He then steps to his own mare, and takes her rein to lead her in the direction of the stable. A boy runs out to meet him and eaterly takes the reins, knowing that Molly might be the easiest horse of the lot to handle.

Nedra's curiosity is appeased when the arriving knight introduces himself to Lady Anais, feeling a faint smile tug at her lips at the quick pace of the conversation. She gives Jinx another light pat with one hand, seeing the proud tilt of her mares head and knowing full well this little race will probably mean another escape artist attempt. A quiet sigh and she opens the saddle bag to retrieve a small apple that she feeds to her horse, holding the apple in the palm of her hand while the mare sniffs at it, most delicately, perks both ears forward before accepting the offered treat with dignity. Whereupon the apple vanishes in a matter of seconds while Nedra listens to the conversation with interest . Nedra sees the stable boy hesitate when faced with Jinx or Molly and the quick decision to take Molly instead of the chestnut colored mare and carefully contains a laugh of amusement.

Kell's mood doesn't change though he bites back any other words he may have for Emrys, perhaps it is the unique way that the northernman speaks that the Terrick Knight is having trouble fully understanding. So he is choosing to err on the side of caution and not causing an unnecessary scene, especially since Anais is here to defend herself if it comes to verbal fencing. He remains at the Lady's side though, keeping an eye on the Flint for the time being.

"Almost two weeks now," Anais answers Emrys with a somber dip of her chin, though her shoulders remain straight as she draws a deep breath. "We've been led to believe he's in the custody of bandits, who are demanding a ransom. We're doing our best to try to find them and bring him home." Or so she's been told, at least. "We'll be glad to offer you a bed for the night, though I fear you may have to share the room. We've a good number of visitors of late."

Alric doesn't say much, though he believes to know a bit of the Flint man, if not too much perhaps. Studying them and listening to the conversation. A nod offered to Nathaniel as well before be moves a bit towards Nedra and offers Jinx a gentle pat and stroking along her mane, if he is allowed. Trying to occupy himself while he waits perhaps. Though something seem to cross his mind. Leaning in to whisper to Nedra, if a bit discreetly while petting the horse, then looking back to the others.

Alric whispers to Nedra: Roost seem crowded think Seagard might be less so?

The gruff Northerner merely nods, with a grunt to punctuate the understanding of the situation. "Fucked luck, if I may say so. Which direction was he lost in? And which of my kin has signed on to help you? I am sure I can let you know whether they are worth the stone they claim to be in it." Tracking and the like. Still he turns his head to regard the others, his dull green eyes watching Kell curiously for a moment, before they transfer over towards the girl who is busy chuckling-or trying to hide said chuckle. That brings a smile to the man's bearded face for a moment before he is looking back to Anais. "Makes no matter to me." Emrys says, "As long as whomever I am with does not mind snoring, an th' occasional fart-then we'll be right or as normal as rain." Deadpan there for the moment as he reaches up to scratch his chin.

Nathaniel shakes his head and chuckles when the boy rushes to claim Molly, leaving Jinx and any unknown animal for someone else to fight. When he sees Alric, the courier bows to the young lord, but his eyes always go back to Anais and Kell, to judge their own assessment of this stranger from the north who has arrived at a late hour. He steps slowly toward Nedra and Jinx, and offers, when he is close enough, "If you wish, lady, I'll see to Jinx personally. She did win, although we'll see how things turn for both horses on the beach at noon."

Anais, at least, isn't thrown by Emrys' blunt words. There might even be a glimmer of amusement in her eyes. "Well, I think everyone is quite used to sharing space at this point." She nods to one of the stable boys, who steps forward to take the man's horse. "We've Einar and Pariston, if I've heard correctly. Our own huntsman speaks well of both of them, so I've reason to believe they're good at what they do."

Nedra looks a bit startled when Lord Alric walks in her direction and his quiet words are responded to with a slow nod of her head, "Perhaps," is her quiet voiced reply, "though I can't speak for sure on it, Lord Alric, but I should think so," she clarifies her own answer before glancing back toward the conversation that Lady Anais is having with Ser Emrys. Her blue-grey eyes briefly meeting Ser Emrys's green ones and she gives a glimpse of a smile in turn before turning slightly toward Nathaniel and nodding as she hands over the reins. "She's going to try the lock again," she warns the Terrick courier quietly. "I'll come check on her in a bit, but she's going to try it, might want to warn the stable hands."

"Pariston I know not." Emrys begins, "But, Einar. Aye him-I do know. I told his father about his dead brother an eldest son. Died fighting-which is a fitting way to go down. Better than being crippled or pissing yourself away." A snort before he turns his head to spit. "Apologies.." he murmurs towards Anais before continuing. "But, when I say Einar he was a little turd-can't say as to what his worth would be." a bit of a grin. "I suspect the Lord, will be a fine tracker if he is a Flint-though." Given that Anais is not thrown by the behavior-it is likely to continue on. "Most Flint men are good either fighting or fu-fa-" and there a cough. "Hunting." a nod to the change before he is looking back towards the stables. "If you like, I can sleep in there, if there's hay an no rats. A hot meal will suffice if you're hard on room."

Alric contiues to listen to the conversation, a bit surprised by the wording by Emrys perhaps, though nothing more than interest shows on the young lord's face. Nodding to Nedra's words as well. Though she might notice that his appearance and behaviour calls for being a bit different compared to the one she might be used to. Though it does seem to change at her words about Jinx, as a low chuckle leaves him.

The rather casual and not exactly proper way of speaking does throw Kell for a little bit of a loop, when it comes to a noble's behavior but he isn't exactly as on edge as before. So his presence is no longer purposely noticeable as he tries to fade more or less into the background at Anais's side. His presence will only be noted again if there is a need for him to step forward again and at this point, it would be because there is danger to Lady Anais or those around her.

Anais keeps a steady eye on Emrys as his language almost devolves. One might get the sense that women in the Banefort are well-used to the silent approach to language management. "I'm sure we can find space for you in the stables, my lord. If you're hungry now, I can see that the kitchens prepare something for you as well," she says with a small smile. "And if not, then I will send someone for you when dinner is served."

Nathaniel goes to Nedra and takes the reins firmly in hand. "It wouldn't surprise me, lady," he answers with a grin. "This girl is forever at a game to outwit the hands, and she wins more often than not. I'll put her in the stall next to Molly. If she has a head for mischief tonight, I'll stay near both myself." He looks to Emrys, and then to Anais, "I'll see that he finds the table when it's time, lady, and if he's like Master Pariston, I'm sure that he'll be of help in the search."

There is a brief nod given to Anais, before he is looking off into the direction of the stables. "That'll suit." and without much ado, it seems the Flint is heading off in the direction of the stables. Likely to see to his own things first, before worrying about putting mead or food in his belly. There is a pause though in his walk as he turns to regard Anais for a moment. "Thank you for your hospitality, Anais Terrick." And so off Emrys goes.

Nedra laughs now, nodding to Nathaniel, "That she is, Master Corbitt, that she is indeed," is agreed once she's handed the reins over and gives her mare a long look. She finally shakes her head before giving a subtle tilt of her head in a nod to her armsman Petyr. With one hand resting on his arm, Nedra moves at a slow pace closer toward Lady Anais, still favoring her ankle with each step.

As the new visitor appears to have been given a place to stay, Kell's tenseness fades from his shoulders though his eyes follows the departing Flint Lord. A slow breath is released though as there is apparently no trouble, which is good if you ask the knight's opinion.

Having fallen silent for a moment Alric continues to let his eyes study the people around. Offering a bow to Emrys as the man makes his leave. Looking to Nedra as he seem to catch on to something seeming a bit off. Though not asking right now, instead turning towards Anais. "I must confess to having come to ask much the same. Though with so little room perhaps it would be wiser for me to find lodging somewhere else. I would usually try and find myself a stay at the inn, though with recent development I do not think I would have the coin for such." He admits. Studying the lady he speaks with while offering a smile.

"Be welcome, Emrys Flint," Anais nods to the man as he heads toward the stable, then turns toward Alric and Nedra with a small smile. "Forgive me, Ser Fenster," she apologizes. "It seems we are never short of new arrivals here in the Roost. I hope you and yours are faring well? I've heard…rumors, though nothing I feel certain enough of to trust."

"As for space…" Anais' smile turns rueful as she looks over her shoulder toward the keep. "Lady Anathema and her sons have departed, so that's freed up two more rooms. I'd thought to split up some of the people who have been sharing so far, but they can share a few more nights if needed. Or, as Lord Emrys has found, there is always room in the stables. Meals are simple, but we've fed more on less in the last year."

Guests, guests, and more guests. Add another to the mix in the diminutive, quiet form of Ilaria who is wandering about Four Eagles much as if she were well at home. Her handmaiden, Heolla, is walking beside her silently while the young girl peruses her prayerbook, but at the sight of a 'crowd' she is content to relinquish the text and make her way toward the gathering. Familiar faces bring a smile to her own, and she draws up quietly beside Anais without making a move to interrupt.

When one visitor leaves, the second approaches and Kell eyes Alric warily, though it is more likely because of Emrys's presence earlier and the Flint's abnormal behavior as a noble. A respectful nod in greeting is offered to the Fenster Knight but that is all that is given as Kell again tries to remain unnoticed at Lady Anais's side. Of course he would not be much of a guard if the approach of Ilaria was not noticed, so Kell turns his gaze to the young Haigh Lady, bowing his head in greeting to her, "M'Lady."

Nedra glances over her shoulder to watch Nathaniel start to lead Jinx away and sees the first bit of mischief displayed in the side-step and nearly stepping on of Nathaniel's toes, and this within the first few paces. "Oh dear.." she says with a sigh before turning back to Lady Anais. "If you'll excuse me for a moment? I need to see that mischief maker properly sorted before she figures out how to slip the halter and gallop free through the courtyard like mad." Nedra gives a curtsy and a smile to Lady Anais before having Petyr lead her toward the stables. It's only when no one can see her face that she lets herself wince as she wiggles her left foot again between steps and shakes her head, admonishing herself to not try to land on her feet next time she's thrown!

Alric nods to Anais, "Thank you my lady. And it is more or less just the four of us. Me, my guards, and my cousin." His cousin probably staying away as not to scare the crap out of people or get them denied. OR he just found better things to do while Alric dealt with this. "The stables would be fine." He offers and bows respectfully to her. Then offering an incline of his head to Nedra, "My lady." Then it is the same as he turns to greet Ilaria. Having been alerte of her presence by Kell. "Lady Ilaria, pleasure seeing you again." Offering a small bow to her. Then he focuses on Anais for another moment.