Page 366: Four Eagles Atop Four Eagles Keep
Four Eagles Atop Four Eagles Keep
Summary: The Mallisters at The Reach meet and talk.
Date: 22/07/2012
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Roof Terrace, Four Eagles
22 July, 289

Kamron has made his way back up to the roof after the stargazing the night before, sitting on the ground with his head leaning back against the parapet and one knee drawn up before him. His eyes are closed, his face turned up toward the sun, and a soft smile on his features. He might be asleep, except for the soft humming he's letting out, the tune to an upbeat sort of ballad popular on the Cape.

Mid afternoon finds Nedra seated on a worn looking horse blanket, one that's she's used for many years for Jinx, with her sketch board propped on her knees and her usual array of charcoal pencils and other odds & ends tucked into the leather satchel tucked at her side. Anathe is seated nearby, holding a embroidery loop with one hand and working something intricate into the material with needle and thread. The breeze, warm that it is, is just cool enough to be comfortable but one degree or so in either direction would not have been as pleasant. The breeze ruffles at Nedra's hair and the edge of the parchment that she's working with, but Nedra doesn't do more than look up from time to time to get another mental snap-shot of the sky-line of the city around the tower as she makes careful but precise lines to frame the image.

"Are you sure you saw her up here?" comes the velvety cadences attributed to the youngest of the Mallisters residing at Four Eagles. The tone is dubious, matching the crinkled nose and skeptical expression that is settled on Muirenn's face as she mounts the stairs. "It is so dreadfully hot Minnie." The reply is barely audible as the shorter maid and elderly septa work to keep up with their long-legged mistress. Reaching the roof, she blinks in the bright light shading her eyes with a hand until they adjust to the afternoon sunshine.

Kamron pries open one eye to look over at Nedra, "Haven't you already sketched that, Neddie? At least once or twice?" There's an easy, light sort of teasing to the words, just an older brother needling his younger sister. Muirenn's arrival draws both eyes open, and the man nods, grinning, "Afternoon, cousin. Lovely day for a little sun, isn't it?" Okay, maybe he's teasing her a bit too. Either way, he seems to be in a good mood.

"Yes, but there's always room for improvement," Nedra replies as she brushes a long strand of hair back from her face, leaving another pale charcoal smudge on her skin in the process. "The first couple ones were more .. box like with vague shading. I'm getting better. Plus, I can always use the original ones as kindling when I'm starting the fire to warm up tea," she adds. There's a muffled sound of amusement from Anathe, who has seen Nedra burn more than a few copies of her sketches, but she doesn't chime in with a remark - as none is necessary. "So, nine weeks hm?" she asks, teasing her brother a bit as she turns her gaze back at the sketch, hearing the sound of Muirenn's voice as well but in the process of shading in a bit of detail she doesn't glance up immediately.

As the shadows of sunblindness ease into recognizable figures and shapes, Muirenn sticks her tongue out at her older cousin and giggles. A fan, a lovely concoction of enameled wood, is withdrawn from the band that girds her waist. A graceful flick of the wrist opens it and she stirs the air a bit around her. "I think that practice makes perfect, and Nedra does a wonderful job with her artwork. Whilst I do a lovely embroidery and am practicing on tapestry…I truly cannot sketch nor paint." Gliding over to give Kamron first an embrace, she adds with a grin "I like your lady very much. What would she desire for a wedding gift? I am struggling to come up with something that would please her." Dainty steps move the tall teen from Kamron over towards the blanket. Easing down onto a clean edge, she glances over at the latest of Nedra's attempts and ohhhhs appreciatively, her fan gesturing to one aspect "You have caught the shadow quite nicely there…the way it is blended is very good."

Kamron shakes his head at the fate awaiting the earlier paintings, "I wish you wouldn't burn your old sketches. They're good." The question draws a laugh, and he nods, "Nine weeks. About eight too many. At least, I think so. Still get a little nervous now and then." Looking up to Muirenn, he grins, "Something that she can take for rides or walks, perhaps? She likes to get out into the wilds, as best as she can. Perhaps a shift especially made for swimming, or a picnic set?"

Nedra glances up at Muirenn and smiles, "Thank you," she says softly, "I keep working at it. Eventually I'll have it good enough that I can keep it instead of using it as kindling. I'm hoping to move from sketching it to painting it," and she casts a sidelong glance at Kamron. "I'd love to paint you and Saffron in your wedding attire, you know. But I wasn't sure if you'd be willing to sit long enough for that. I'm thinking I could sketch the two of you first, just to get the impression to work with and then I could paint you both - separately that is - and make one canvass." She shakes her head slightly, "Some of the old stuff is just awful, Kam, you know that," she adds, a quiet laugh following her words. "Oh, a picnic set would be a great idea, what are her favorite colors?"

It is one of his absolutely favorite places around here to do some thinking, and so Martyn makes his way out onto the roof now, pausing a little bit as he sees people present there. Grimacing a bit, he steps over in a bit of a different direction right now, to try collecting his thoughts a bit at the moment.

Pondering Kamron's suggestions, Muirenn nods "A picnic set would be excellent. A set with their initials perhaps?" She glances over to Nedra and grins. Lounging back, one hand supports herself as the other wafts the fan to bring about a bit more breeze. "OH! An even better idea!" Leaning in, the dark red head bends as the girl whispers her suggestion to the other woman.

Nedra tilts her head to catch Muirenn's words and nods, "That's perfect!" she whispers in return, her mind racing ahead to thinking about how to make Muirenn's suggestion a reality. The smile on her face fades, abruptly fades in fact, when Martyn steps out on the rooftop as well, her lips pressing together in a fine line before she turns her face ever so slightly - but resolutely - way and back to the sketch she's working on, though the lines have gone from careful thin traces to harsher strokes of the charcoal stick.

Kamron blinks at Nedra's words, sitting forward a little to scratch at the back of his neck, "If you can get us to sit still that long, Neddie." A little laugh accompanies the words, but he nods, "I think that would be really nice though. And a painting would be more than enough of a gift. But her favorite colors are natural colors. Nothing too overblown though. Simple and elegant would suit nicely." Martyn's arrival draws a bit of a nod, but he doesn't interfere with the other man's thoughts, letting him wander off to another part of the roof. The knight narrows his eyes as Muirenn whispers to Nedra, then just shakes his head and chuckles, "Go ahead, have your secrets…"

Martyn looks a bit thoughtful for a few moments, glancing over to his relatives for a little while. Expression almost like if he was preparing to head into battle or something, before he lets out a depp breath, looking more back to normal as he steps over in their direction, a bit slowly.

Glancing over at her brother, the sound of his steps drawing her attention, Muirenn just rolls her eyes. Leaning over she curls an arm around Nedra, murmering "He is a man darling…and while he is my adored brother, I freely admit he is not nearly as glib and suave as Kamron. He feels horrible about his words. I rather think he was entirely overwhelmed by pressure and couldn't find the right words to say so said whatever words popped into his head and pieced them together into a sentence without much thought being given."

Nedra makes a quiet sound, consciously setting aside the charcoal pencil before she breaks it and carefully smooths the edge of the parchment she's working on as she says: "So, because he's a man and opened his mouth and strung a bunch of words together that embarrassed me to the point that I'm still embarrassed, I should just.. wave it off with 'he's just a man'?" she asks in a soft voice. "Muir, it's one thing to be embarrassed by family in a family setting, we do that to each other all the time I supposed. But he did it in front of Ser Harold and Lady Serica - he offered me to poor Ser Harold first, you know. THEN when Ser Harold would OF COURSE prefer to dance with his wife, he offered me to poor Ser Nevan next, on a platter, no less." She pierces a look in Martyn's direction, "Poor Nedra, won't one of you please dance with her? She's awful to dance with, your poor toes, but be kind?"

Kamron chuckles at Muirenn's words, "That's what happens when you over-think, cousin." Shifting his attention to his other cousin, he grins, "Isn't that right, coz?" Nedra's words, however, draw him up to his feet, a frown on his lips as he looks back to Martyn, "Wait… you were trying to find a dancing partner for my sister, coz? If the men about her are stupid enough not to want to dance with her, it's their loss."

Nedra interjects quietly, "I didn't ask anyone to dance with me, I merely asked if there would be /more/ dancing. i wasn't angling for a partner, just wondering if there would be more."

"No! You shouldn't just wave it off. It was abombinably rude and thoughtless behavior. But you know he didn't *mean* it, nor did he mean to purposefully wound you." Muirenn gently brushes her fingers through some of Nedra's loose curls, calm and comforting. "He must be quite thoroughly snubbed…but eventually forgiven…for he loves you dearly and never would purposefully hurt you." Leaning in she murmers softly to her cousin, "….. just look .. … .. is …….."

Martyn winces a bit as he looks between the rest of them now, especially at Nedra's look in his direction. "I…" he begins, looking between the lot of them. Looking like he's trying hard to figure out what to say now. "I'm so sorry…" he offers a bit quietly now. "I was thinking… Wait, it's clear that I wasn't thinking…" Pausing a little bit as he hears Nedra's words, he grimaces a little. "I thought you wanted to dance with someone. Someone more competent at that than me. Not that you'd have any trouble finding anyone more competent, of course." He pauses again, grimacing a bit. "I'm so sorry…" he repeats.

Kamron nods to Nedra, "I'm sure you didn't ask anyone to dance with you, Neddie. Because you've been brought up right." He offers his sister a smile, "Of course, you also know how to get a man to ask you to dance. Because you've been brought up right." He looks over to Muirenn and Martyn, smiling a little, "Just because you're a threat to someone's feet doesn't mean a woman doesn't want to dance with you, coz."

Nedra leans slightly toward Muirenn to catch the murmur and gives a startled breath of laughter at Muir's words even as she nods her agreement. The laughter is swift fade however and Kamron's words actually help soothe her temper a bit. "It's not that he didn't want to dance with me, Kamron, or that no one wanted to, it's that he offered me up on a platter, for pity's sake. That's what I can't abide. For the love of the gods, Martyn, how could you?"

Fanning herself gently, Muirenn continues to recline on the blanket beside Nedra. She gives her favorite girl cousin a twinkling smile and a lazy wink as she continues to idly stir the air. Looking over at the two men, she says "Martyn is everything a girl could wish for. He is loyal, compassionate, strong, handsome, brave, and can be quite charming." Her teasing smile softens, "Sadly, I do not think he sees that in himself which is why he likely believes a woman doesn't wish to dance with him." Her fan snaps shut audibly and her eyes narrow thoughtfully as if she has just had a revelation. It does not seem the teenager wishes to share her thought though as she glances towards Nedra and leans in to give her another hug.

There's a bit of a shake of Martyn's head as he takes a few more breath now. "I wish I knew how or why," he says. "Because then there's a huge chance that I probably wouldn't have done it. And we could have avoided all this." Pausing a bit as he hears Muirenn's words about him, he winces a bit. "Add 'being a complete idiot' to that list, sister. Because it's becoming rather clear that it should be on the as well." He grimaces once more, as he looks between the three of them, before he looks straight to Nedra now. "I know it was a thoughtless, uncalled for and mean thing I did. Problem is, I didn't realize it at the time. I completely misunderstood everything. But know I did nothing intentionally." There's a brief pause, before he adds, "I know it'll be much to ask for right now, but I hope you at some point can find it in your heart to forgive me. Please…"

Kamron nods to Muirenn's words, "Confidence and a good self-image is the key to making a woman want to dance with you." And other things, but you know, let's not talk about that in this company. "And I would guess because he was thinking about Lady Katrin, not you, sister mine. No offense meant, I'm sure. I…" he shrugs a little helplessly, "…rather know what it's like to be distracted by a beautiful young lady that you respect rather a lot."

"Oh Kamron," Nedra says in a tone of exasperation, "there's a fine line between being distracted by Saffron - who clearly respects AND cares for you in return - and being distracted by the likes of Lady Katrin," she pins another look at Martyn. "For the sake of her name day, and only for the sake of her name day, was I polite and friendly. I can forgive you, cousin, because you're being such an absolute bloody fool and embarrassing the lot of us, so what's one more drop in the bucket." She tucks her sketch frame and everything else back into the satchel, "But I'll have you know that it's being spoken of, and by more than just a few houses, as to what sort of fool you're being over the Lady Katrin. Where we use the title 'lady' as a matter of polite address in lieu of her actual ladylike comportment," and she rises to her feet. "You're being a fool and now you're painting the rest of us with the same brush. You're.. infatuation over this woman makes you look the fool, makes the other noble gentlemen respect you less and makes the rest of us wonder just what PRECISE manner of her favor she has graced you with to allow this farce to continue," is said as she rises to her feet. "We've all said it, we've all tried to intervene," before hauling her words up, rather abruptly, and halting herself, drawing a small breath then exhaling. "I believe I need a cup of tea and some time for my temper to cool entirely. If everyone will excuse me?"

"Well, I was trying to spare your feelings dearest as you are standing right there." Muirenn says drily as the fan is opened once more and begins its lazy dance through the air, "And I think that the point was already well established that you, like most of us, can be a complete idiot." The girl gives a faint snort at Kamron's words but politely says nothing until Nedra delivers the rant. After that she merely heaves a sigh and gracefully rises, "Dearest Martyn. You know my feelings and my concerns about the..*ahems*…lady in question. We spoke of it this morning. We love you desperately and do not like to see you hurt nor the redicule that comes into play. You need to make a choice and *she* needs to make a choice. Once the choices are made they must be seen through to the end no matter how painful, for this cannot go on. It is tearing you apart and you, yourself, have admitted how you know this is hurting your family. Either you both make it official and be done with the Nayland entirely and the Lady Katrin and her reputation start living up to the honor that will be bestowed upon her by becoming a part of the direct line of the Mallister House or part ways and let me support you while you grieve, but this cannot go on." Looking towards Nedra she gives a faint smile, "Would you care to join me in my chambers, or do you wish space dearest cousin?"

Breathe out, breathe in. Martyn's expression turns a bit stony as he listens to what's being said at the moment. He doesn't move, until both of the ladies have finished their little speeches. Taking a few more deep breaths, he turns away, looking out into the distance for a little while, before he moves over towards the stairs off the roof, still without saying a word. One fist clenched a bit as he changes his course a little now moving to stop where he can lean against the parapets. Still not saying anything.

Kamron shakes his head at Nedra's words, "Lady Katrin is a friend of Lady Saffron's. She may be confused by the Nayland now, but she seems a good woman in general." He sighs softly, glancing over to Martyn, "And unless Martyn is keeping things quiet, he has no claims on Lady Katrin's sole affections." He nods to Muirenn at that, obviously agreeing, "If a match is made between Lady Katrin and Martyn, then Lord Rafferdy will keep his distance or face the consequences. Until then, he only damages his reputation and hers." Then, however, he stops lecturing his female relations and looks to Martyn, "If there's any truth to the rumors, however, coz, she is not worthy of joining this house."

"I would love to, cousin," Nedra says softly, "allow me a few moments, however, to put my things away and perhaps change into something less.." and she glances down at the charcoal smudges on her gown, then sighs. "Less charcoal smudged," she admits with a sigh of resignation. A glance is sent toward Martyn and the stony silence and the sheer volumes his posture speaks without actually putting word to it, then nods to her brother before scooping up her leather satchel (read: backpack!) and back to Muir, "I should be there within half a candle mark, or less," she promises.

A nod is given to Nedra as she departs before the teenager replies, "Kamron, truth or not…how do you explain rumors of her behavior with this Naylannd in Stonebridge, Seagard, *and* the Roost. In addition she is dragging Martyn into it. Minnie has been hearing the kitchen maids gossiping about him going around punching out strangers. While he has no sole claim on her affections, his behavior towards her is that of a man courting a woman for a betrothal. Even the servants of Four Eagles have noticed and have asked me of his intentions towards her." Turning towards her brother, Muirenn drifts across the roof and goes to stand beside him. Leaning against his strength she adds quietly, "You know we love you very much. I love you very much. That is why we worry, that is why we scold. Did we not care we would leave you be and not say a word but ignore the whole thing." Turning her head to she adds to her cousin, "And while she may be a great friend to Lady Saffron…whom I truly adore… Lady Katrin has exhibited nothing but insincerity in the two ovatures of false friendship that she made to me early on when she was trying hard to gain Martyn's attention and affections. Since then she has been rude to me and less than understanding of the position that she has placed myself and the rest of our family in. Not that I have gone out of my way to be overly kind, but then again I am not the one who is being repeatedly skewered by rumor of trysting alone with a Nayland."

Martyn keeps quiet for a while longer, just shaking his head. Pausing as Muirenn makes her way over, and especially as she speaks. "I know…" he offers to her a bit quietly. "And that's just what makes it all harder." He goes silent again for a long while. Looking completely unsure of what to say or do, he just looks around for a while. "But you shouldn't call me brave, sister. Because if there's one thing that's not true, it's that." More deep breaths now as he looks between the others. "I just don't know…" He goes silent again now.

Kamron looks up to Muirenn, "With one word, cousin. 'Nayland.' And neither of you has been particularly polite to the other." He holds up one hand to forestall immediate response, "I'm sure you've tried, cousin. But I've seen the two of you interact." He sighs softly, "I don't have the bad blood," he gestures to his sister and female cousin, "Nor the affection," he gestures to Martyn then, "for her that the rest of you do. Perhaps I'll talk to her, see if I can make her understand the possible consequences of the rumors. Because if Lord Mallister hears too many of them, he won't allow a match to be made." He frowns over to Martyn, "I'm sorry to say it, but I know we've all thought it before, coz. If she can stay away from the Nayland entirely, the rumors go away." Martyn's words cause him to frown a bit, "You are one of the bravest men I've ever known, coz. Because you think about it and then still do it, whatever 'it' is."

An arm goes around her brother in a gentle hug, "It's what Martyn? We talked about this in the Sept. Perfection is an ideal that is impossible nor expected. As our cousin says, you are one of the bravest men I know…and worth so very much more than you think." Muirenn gives a faint smile as she watches the man beside her who looks so much like their father, "Talk to me.."

"No!" Martyn says that word quietly, but with a bit of force now. Although it's interrupted by his sister hugging him. He doesn't move away from that, just remaining where he is for the moment as he turns to look to Kamron. "You, cousin. You are a brave man, I'm not. I've never really been." He swallows a bit as he adds, "Most of the things I've ever done, I've done because I've been afraid for the consequences of not doing them. Nothing else."

Kamron shakes his head at Martyn's words, "Coz. Conquering fear like that… it's the only way to be brave." He moves over toward the siblings, reaching over to clap the man lightly on the shoulder, "Have you asked Lord Mallister to speak to Lord Haigh? Do you mean to?" He leans forward, studying the other man's features, "Because if you don't, then I won't bother Lady Katrin at all. But if you do intend to request a betrothal, she has to understand what she's getting into. The Mallister name will not be dishonored. If it comes to that, the Nayland will feed the crabs before anything actually happens."

"That is what bravery is Martyn" Muirenn replies softly, "You do what you do because you know you need to whether you want to or not. That is the very definition of bravery in my mind." She doesn't release her hug, instead stares at him steadily her question little more than a murmer, "What is bothering you and what has brought this on? Is it Harlow still?" There is a pause as she glances towards Kamron, a bit curious to her brother's answers.

Martyn goes quiet again, grimacing a bit as he listens to the questions. "Will it ever end?" he says rather quietly at the mention of Harlaw. "There are times at night, I'm there again, in the same combat, with the same result…" He looks to Kamron now, before he adds, "And I always wake up at the same moment." He then pauses for a few moments, "And I was planning to ask that. I just need to figure out a few things first… But I know that no matter what I decide, I will try to hold on to her friendship at least." He shakes his head a little bit as he looks between the two of them at the mention of feeding the crabs. "Don't you think they might be too picky, cousin?" See, a hint of a joke now.

"We will just be sure to not feed the crabs at Seagard. They are deservedly picky, only wishing the choicest of meals." Muirenn grins faintly and squeezes her brother tightly before releasing her hug, saying quietly "In time, the memories will ease. Though I know it doesn't *seem* manly…you and our coz should talk about things." At Martyn's response regarding his decision, Muirenn gives a slight shake of her head and says only, "It is as I said this morning dearest brother, a choice needs to be made once and for all by you and by her. I know you are aware…and I will say again that whatever decision you make I will stand by you, whether I agree or not."

Kamron reaches up to grab the back of Martyn's head, scruffing his hair a moment before leaning forward to knock foreheads lightly, a brotherly gesture of affection, "I'm not so arrogant as to think that the gods acted through me, coz, but don't think think if they wanted you dead, you would never have come off Harlaw? You can't live in the past." He glances over to Muirenn, frowning a bit, "Lady Katrin… she helps you look into the future. I like that about her. If both Lord Mallister and Lord Haigh approve of the match, we can take action against the Nayland if he does anything. And no. I think that crabs will eat anything they can grab… like Naylands."

Martyn pauses both as Muirenn releases the hug, and then at that forehead-knocking from Kamron. "Well, maybe they had hopes for me back then, cousin," he comments rather lightly. "But in truth, isn't life all about them wanting us dead at some point or the other? Not that I want to be dead, or anything like that." Another brief pause, before he adds, "And I don't live in the past, cousin. It's just that I'm not sure if one can face the future without being able to come to terms with the past." He glances around for a few moments again, grimacing a little bit now.

Meeting Kamron's furrowed brow with a smile of true sweetness, Muirenn just shrug and says "Kamron, I will not lie..nor will I coat it with honey. That would be dishonest to him and to myself. I will, however, swear not to mention my feelings regarding the lady Haigh again and shall bite my tongue." Likely until it bleeds and the maester must put stitches in it, however, Muiri leaves that unsaid. To her brother, she gently takes his chin with her fingers if he allows and turns his face towards hers "You are correct Martyn that you must come to terms, but you mustn't brood and dwell on the past. You know I will always tell you the unvarnished truth. You are a brave, good, kind man…and you know I believe that the Seven have a purpose for you. However, it is up to you to actually *live* your life and discover that purpose…to stop brooding upon the past. Look at it, examine it once more and then declare it done…set it aside and move forward. Promise me that you will do this?" There is a faint furrow of her brow as she adds grudgingly, "And if it means *her* in the family…well…then so be it. I will accept it and make the best of it…because it will mean your happiness."

Kamron shakes his head, "Maybe they have hopes for you now, coz. Come to terms with the fact that you fought, you got beat, and you survived. Is there anything else you need to come to terms with?" He nods to Muirenn, smiling at her words. "That sounds very mature and noble of you, cousin." For a wonder, it actually doesn't sound like he's teasing one of his kinfolk.

Taking a few deep breaths again now, Martyn looks a bit unsure of what to say. Considering his words rather carefully for the moment, he finally is unable to hold back his laughter. It takes a little while, before he shakes his head, a bit lightly. "You know, a little while ago, I thought I wouldn't say it, but of all the people I could be stuck with as family, I'm so glad it's you."

"It is rather noble, I am not entirely sure how mature I am about it…but I shall try to behave." Muirenn replies to her cousin with faint amusement as she glances towards her brother…a bit surprised (but pleased) by his laughter. "Well, I am glad darling brother, for better or worse you are stuck with us. I expect you to go be all solomn and morose for perhaps a day and then let it go. It is the past and it is gone. You have me and I am turning nineteen in two months and still there is no word of any sort of betrothal alliance…nor is there word of anything for cousin Nedra. We are wasting upon the vine and it is both your duties to ensure that my proper behavior is appreciated by *some* family and is not a waste." She glances towards her brother and then Kamron, adding with a giggle "First though, I want to help Septa Morla plan Lady Saffron's wedding. Nine weeks is barely any time at all!"

Kamron snorts at Martyn, "Hey. You've gotta have trust in your family." He grimaces in amusement, "And yes, that means that we need to trust you too." Muirenn's words draw laughter from him, "Cousin… Nedra has already been betrothed. Her intended died on Pyke. She has a bit of breathing room." And his grin spreads, growing very crooked indeed, "You, however… you are next in line for the both of us to worry about. And yes, nine weeks is barely acceptable." Laughter touches his lips again, "It's far too long."

"Nine weeks is… nine weeks," Martyn comments, before he looks to Kamron for a few moments, "A bit of breathing room, yes. But probably not too much. It's not as if they were wed before that, after all." Spoken with a grin, before he nods at Muirenn. "Well, what kind of families can we find that might fit into that category, hmmm?"

"That is for yo all to determine. It is merely my job to smile, charm him, and charm his family." Muirenn replies airly, "Though I have one requirement. I wish two guards to be brought over with me as well as some of my usual staff. I refuse to be entirely bereft alone in a strange House. Though my name will change, I will always be a Mallister." With a giggle, she presses a kiss to her brother's cheek and then a similar one to Kamron's cheek "I must go and meet Nedra." The fan is tapped against Martyn's shoulder, "One day is all you are allowed dearest and then it is forward."

Kamron nods to Martyn, "Oh… I'm quite sure that we'll find very nice young men about for both Muirenn and Nedra. The Roost seems to be quite popular right now." He give Muirenn a hug as she steps close, "Must be all the lovely Mallister ladies present." He waves off Muirenn's concerns, "I'm sure we can arrange such a thing. After all, Lady Anais has two men of the Banefort here as well. But go, go enjoy my sister's company as I'm sure she will enjoy yours."

"Well, we'll have to make sure they can be held to the right standard of course," Martyn pauses for a few moments at the kiss to the cheek, and then the fan tapped to his shoulder. "One day…" he says, a bit slowly, nodding a little bit. "Take care, sister, and thank you," he offers, with a bit of a smile. Turning to look at Kamron again, he offers the man a grin, "Perhaps we should spar at some point in the near future?" he suggests, after a few moments of pause.

Kamron chuckles at Martyn, "Definitely. I could use the exercise." He stretches broadly, "I don't think I've gotten any work in except helping Percy since Seagard." Laughter follows those words, "Then again… I didn't much want to move for a couple of days after Seagard." Moving over to stand alongside Martyn, he looks out over the sea coast, "You been able to get any exercise in, besides training and building?"

"You mean aside from beating up squires, cousin?" Martyn comments a bit lightly. "Had a very brief little practice fight with Ser Justin out in the cove a little while ago. Wasn't that much of an exercise, though. We both went down far too easy."

Kamron frowns a bit, "Right. There was something about you punching a squire, wasn't there? He must have said or done something rather bad to get you to hit him." He leans on his forearms on the parapet, crossing his wrists idly, "So what did he do or say?"

Martyn grimaces a little bit now. "Well, I may have overreacted a bit, though. But he spoke about… Well, someone in a rather disrespectful way." He pauses for a little while, before he adds, "And you remember when Xander came in with the hurt shoulder? That was probably because…" He grimaces for a few moments, before he sighs, "I lost my temper."

Kamron frowns darkly, "Some squire was talking disrespectfully about Muirenn? Or was it Nedra?" His own right hand tightens up into a fist, and he shifts his stance, then relaxes again, chuckling a bit, "Although I suppose you already paid him back. You've got to get your temper in hand though, coz. It can get you in trouble. You're at your best when you're able to think before you act. Anger doesn't let you do that."

"No, not about any of them, cousin." Martyn offers with a bit of a shrug. He then nods a little bit as he hears that part about his temper. "I'm trying to. It's just that there's been so many things happening lately." He sighs a little, before he shrugs, "Let's just call it stress, or something, okay?"

Kamron nods his head, "Tell you what. I'll do what I can to make some time tomorrow to try to slam a hole in my shield, so you can work off some of that stress? That sound good to you?" There's a pause, and he shrugs, "Hells, I might even be able to manage it this afternoon or evening. I'm supposed to work with Percy a bit, but he can learn by watching too."

Martyn grins. "That sounds like a wonderful idea," he offers. "If you think you can get the shield repaired afterwards, of course. Wouldn't want to leave you shieldless, after all."

Kamron laughs softly, "As long as there aren't any archers involved, I should be fine without a shield." He laughs softly, "But I'll just make you buy me a new one. You've still got Ser Kittridge's ransom from Seagard, don't you? So you should be flush as all hells."

"Quite a bit of it still remains, that's true," Martyn replies, with a bit of a chuckle. "So if I break your shiled, I'll get you a new one, that's a good deal."

Kamron nods his head, reaching over to clap Martyn on the shoulder, "I've got an appointment right about now. Looking over some books. I'll try to come find you in a bit for a match, eh?"

Martyn smiles, "Sounds like an excellent idea," he offers to that. Reaching out to offer a clap on the shoulder in return. To the shoulder that's been the least wounded, of course. Because he isn't mean. "I'll be ready for it."