Foul Words is but Foul Wind
Foul Words is but Foul Wind
Summary: Rosanna writes to Dmitry by way of Lucienne.
Date: July 15, 289 (OOC Date)
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Rosanna Dmitry Lucienne 
July 15, 289

My dearest Luci,

I hope you will do me the courtesy of handing on the enclosed letter to your charming cousin, Lord Dmitry. While there is nothing untoward about its contents, my family is unreasonably controlling of my correspondence with the opposite sex, so that even a note of friendship is something to be scoured. It is highly inconvenient.

I look forward to the time in the hopefully near future that you and I may talk privately ourselves. I have much to share with you that the confines of these pages can not adequately hold. Your cousin knows most of it, however, and may be willing to share some. Suffice it to say that I am displeased.

Your dear friend,


My Lord Dmitry,

It is interminable being here and making nice with all of these people. I am furious at the lot of them, and sitting and waiting for the opportune moment is unbearable. Lord Rutger spoke to me as if I was a child and had no thought of these matters myself. He made a very half-hearted attempt to pretend to be sincere as he wished me the best in my own future even as he removed himself from it. I did my best not to claw his eyes out, but I'm certain the effort it required will give me wrinkles in the bloom of my youth. The man actually had the gall to whistle as he left me there in the orchard. Whistle, my lord. As if he was taking his leave of me more cheerfully than he came to speak.

It is too much to be borne, this idea that Lord Rutger should remain untouched in all of this. Even if the world is to know the truth of his sister's wanton behavior, he will only feel the barest weight of the shame by familial association. I am sure that you must have some delicious thoughts and ideas of ways to rectify this situation, however. You are nothing if not clever.

I have resisted the urge to do bodily harm to Lady Roslyn on no less than fifteen occasions. I trust you are suitably impressed by my self-control.

Lady Rosanna Groves