Page 589: Formal Meetings
Formal Meetings
Summary: Ser Kell Drakmoor returns, and finally meets with the new Young Lord
Date: 4/03/2013
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Ozric Kell 
Throne Room, Four Eagles Tower
Great pillars rise above the occupants of the room, the ceiling arching across the structural supports in a lovely feat of construction. The north and south walls have expansive windows that filter in sunshine during the day while ornately designed torches provide light at night. The room is large enough to host a great feast for quite a number of people but the tables are typically kept elsewhere. The Lord's Throne is at the west end of the room on a dais with a high, circular window that brings in the setting sun with the late afternoons.
March 04, 290

The night is young, but many have already left in the direction of the Kingsgrove out past the Terrick's borders. In that relative ease the Young Lord finds himself dining alone in the the Throne room-with his company being a small sheaf of papers that he is looking over. A cup of one and the bone of the meat he's been dining on, on his plate before him-what else could the one eye'd Young Lord ask for. Well, there is one thing-or rather one man and he's been sent for. And it's there, that Ozric's mind has wandered and singularly landed on. With the return of his uncle's trusted knight-he only has questions. Likely about his cousin, about the Vale-maybe on loyalties as well.

When the messenger found him in the Ash and Oak, Kell was expecting the youth, it was just a question of when the new Heir had free time to summon him. The summons was made and the Terrick Sworn responds rather prompty, following the youth back to the Four Eagles Keep and into the Throne Room. Seeing Ozric, the knight makes his hesitation as he thanks the messenger and approaches. Once he nears though, a respectful bow is made to the Heir of the Roost, "My Lord Ozric. Ser Kell Drakmoor, Sworn to House Terrick, at your service."

With Ser Kell's arrival, there is a look up and the Lord brushes away his food, motioning for a servant to bring another glass, and likely to fill it. Still-the Young Lord stands when he is greeted formally and moves to come down from his table and over towards the Knight. "Ser Kell Drakmoor, welcome home to Four Eagles." he replies formally before he is offering his arm to the man in the means of a greeting. "I am glad to see you have returned from your errand safe and hale." and there he takes a pause for a moment. "I know you lingered in my old home lands. Tell me, is the Lady Lucienne alright, and in good health, company at the Motherhouse?" an old wound, but he does care for his cousin's wellbeing. "And you Ser? How do you find your return?" the Young Lord will wait for answers of course.

"Thank you My Lord, I'm glad to be back. Heard that trouble may be visiting the Riverlands again, so once I heard of those rumors, I felt that my sword may be needed again." Kell says with a nod of his head as he extends his own arm, grasping Ozric's firmly, "Though I am not sure why people are so eager for more bloodletting when we've just been through one not too long ago."
As for the status of Lucienne, Kell is one of the few that knows the truth and the reason why he was sent, all sworn to secrecy to Lord Jerold. He does nod his head again though at the question, "She was escorted safely to the Vale, and she resides at the Motherhouse now, My Lord." A rather broad answer as perhaps any choice words that the Terrick Knight had was held back. Now, onto the question his return, there is a slight hesitation, his tone still respectful though, "I am glad to see the Roost recovering well and on its way to what it use to be like."

"You would have heard correctly. From what I know, I can tell you, as our forces have been mustered." And there the Young Lord looks back towards the knight, the martial clasp given and returned. "And that is because Lord Patrek fears that the Freys might try for Stonebridge now that the Naylands have been ousted. As it is, I will be having all of our knights drilling and making sure our arms men are in tip shape." A nod there before his arm comes down and he crosses away from the other knight, bowing his head for a moment he takes in what is said-or rather is not said. "I see." not much of an answer, but it's own broadness matches what was likely given over. A shift in his stance-and he looks back over his shoulder to Kell. "We are trying. Likely if this war does not happen we will survive. A blow now would likely cripple us worse than when we had the Ironborn here." Given that some of their men are in Ashwood territory now. "And now Ser Kell, I must ask of you, what I have been wondering since you left-will you continue to aid us in that recovery?"

Kell had seen the men training again on the green and the word that armsmen were being mustered, not just House Terrick either, which had really worried the common knight as it all points to one thing, war on the horizon. At the mention of Stonebridge, the Terrick Sworn can't help but wince. He had ridden by the town and decided to press on as changes was happening and he didn't want to get involved, as he had no real idea what was the current events of the Riverlands. "If we are to go to war, I'm sure Lord Patrek knows of our current situation and would support us with our needs as we are their vassals. The Ironborn, it was a surprise attack, this looks different, My Lord." Kell then grows quiet once more as the important question is asked of him, a decision that he has been mulling over, especially after hearing about what has been going on. "I would, My Lord, I cannot abandon the Roost in its hour of need as I did not when the Ironborn attacked."

Indeed, everyone is twitching around the Cape and in the Riverlands in general. All the lords away at Riverrun for some gambit of Tully's, leaves everyone else to wait back and figure out, what in the hell is going on. "I know he does. And we have reassurances that we will be seen to if we're attacked. Likewise we are to move for Seagard if they are attacked. Both holds are not in their former strength." he adds before shifting slightly. Now turning he looks back to Kell full on. "Good. I was hoping you would affirm such a commitment."

And with that the Lord is crossing back up, as the servant has readied the other glass-that in turn is brought down with his own and offered in Ser Drakmoor's direction. "When these trying times are over, we can discuss what you want to do next. I know.." and there is a pause there. "I know you do not know me. Not as a Lord or as a Knight-so you likely are cautious as to what I am." a brief pause there. "I know I would be."

The Ironborn has definitely hit both the Roost and Seagard hard, both suffering great loses, the Roost with its people and also some worthy knights while Seagard lost the great Jason Mallister, Lord Father to Lord Patrek. "My only concern, My Lord, is who will be the ones doing the attacking. I don't see how Lord Tully would allow his vassals to openly war against each other, it would only weaken his foundation." Of course, the games that nobles play at is one that Kell does not understand nor would he likely want to.
When the subject turns to how Kell feels about the new family that has taken charge of the Roost, he listens quietly before finally nodding his head, "Thank you for being understanding, My Lord. Since the Siege, I just never expected for things to have gone this way." The whole circumstances is just so bizarre and having been fiercely loyal to Lord Jerold, he can only half guess at the pain the older man had gone through. "But I am still loyal to House Terrick, I have sworn to serve and will do most to the utmost of my capabilities."

"Likely, I am assuming it will be Frey versus Mallister. With Tully likely trying to keep Lord Walder at bay. Walder Frey does have enough to go toe to toe with the Elder Fish, as it were." given numbers let alone the Frey vassals and what they could field. "Who knows, it is a contentious time, Ser Kell." he adds with a glance towards his own drink before pulling a dram.

"Nor did I, I assure you. I thought my return here, was that father had reconciled with my uncle-or in the worst-, the House Terrick needed all the men it could get." A grim line there, that turns into a wry grin. "I could never have seen the impact or my station, if you had asked when I arrived." he adds softly. A nod is given there. "Then, I will do my best to make sure that I am a good and true Lord to you and yours Ser Kell. And should you have need of any favor of me, ask. I do not garuntee I will grant it, but I will hear you fairly. And treat you with respect as you treat me."

As a common agreement of Lord and Sworn is made formal vocally, Kell bows his head respectfully once more to Ozric, "You do me great honor, My Lord, I will do my best not to disappoint you or House Terrick with my service. I will work with the men starting tomorrow in training. This time if we are drawn into a war, we will be fully prepared, whether it be on the defensive or on offense."

"Good. I would also ask that if you could, go with some of our skilled riders, along the land where we border with the Ashwoods. Ride a normal patrol, and likely we will keep some scouts out there. Just in case." the one eye'd lord conveys back. And so there he takes another pull of his wine before he is crossing back to the table-and the decanter there. "Now as a Lord I have one request of you this evening." And there Ozric levels his solitary gaze on the knight. "Speak plainly and true. And ask of me- if you have a doubt to my position or such- ask it of me now, so that I can think and answer."

With the patrol assignment laid out, Kell nods his head understandingly as he has done this many times before in the past, patrolling the lands of the Terricks when bandits were around in higher numbers after the war. When the final request is made though, the Sworn studies his Lord carefully as the question could be a dangerous one, especially for the commoner. However, for this relationship to work, there has to be a matter of trust and Kell accepts that. "I have no doubts, My Lord." Perhaps the benefit of doubt given, "There is only one concern that I may have, in regards to this House. I have heard of the marriage ban announced for you and the Lady Nedra Mallister. I would offer my congratulations, My Lord… but I guess before I departed for the Vale, I was under the assumption that it was the Lady Anais who was to assume mantle of your Lady Wife."

"Then tell me it, and I shall do my best to rectify that doubt from you." And so he falls silent a tilt of his head, before he nigh over pours his drink. "Ah." There-that would be the source there. And Ozric bows his head, and shakes out one hand of his. "I think that was an assumption also held by Lady Anais. Indeed, my Father and Lord Jerold promised to look after her once we began this change of things.." a look back to the knight as he brings his other hand over to pop a knuckle. "This upheaval. But, we never promised that I would wed, Anais. She is a fine Lady and I do plan to offer her our protection and see that she does find happiness. But, it will not be as my Lady Wife." he adds. "I learned of this when I was away- as many did. If anything this points to me, that this is the will of our Liege, and so I will support it. I can say this in all honesty. Never once did the Lady Nedra convey to me, that this was her wish-nor had we even entered a talk on courtship."

As a bit of explanation was given by Lord Ozric, Kell listens intently and then finally nods his head once the other man has finishes speaking, just more games that the nobles play within their circle. "I see, thank you for giving the reasoning, My Lord. If it is the will of our Liege, then it must be abide by." Now, how well the Lady Anais would accept such protection, only time will tell. For now though, he has to look to the training of the men and the safety of these lands as that is paramount.

He does not expect it will be accepted for long, but he will still offer it and try his best. A shift there and he nods once back towards Ser Kell. "I agree. I can only fathom it is, as it came once all were in Riverrun. And it does ally this line with the Mallisters without a direct line to Patrek." And there he offers a faint smile. "Get your rest. We have busy days coming." And with a brief nod Ozric dismisses the knight and returns to his own duties.