Page 293: Forgiven and Forgotten
Forgiven and Forgotten
Summary: Desmond visits Cherise to apologize after the Westerling meeting.
Date: 10/May/2012
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Guest Suite, Tordane Tower
A modest room but with a large high bed that is set with four posts in rich mahogany. A blue rectangular rug is angled in the center of the room. A chest for storing the visitor's goods is at the foot of the bed and a grey blue cover settles over the bed. A hearth to the right of the windows which rests between it and the bed is done over with a iron screen meant to be removed when in use. A pair of chairs rest near the window and about a small circular table set with a candle. On the same wall as the door rests a low chest of drawers, a basin for water and a few wooden mugs rest there for use.
Tue May 08, 289

The morning meal has passed for both the lady, her womanly retinue to include a slumbering Aerick in Cherise's arms. Both mother and child were seated near the amber and red glow of a burning hearth rather than the window for warmth and most of all the babe's comfort. Septa Enya sat across from her as the Lady's handmaidens tended to the bed for changing the layers of cloth. Aerick's little hand held a strong grip on one of Cherise's fingers, that same finger playfully wiggled for freedom.

"Cherise," comes a soft voice from the hall. Desmond enters the chamber, trailing a mildly disgruntled guard who lingers at the entrance until Desmond's hard look drives him off. "I hope you'll pardon my early intrusion, but I'd like to speak with you." As usual, he frowns at the handmaidens moving about, but doesn't ask for privacy.

Lifting her gaze from the adorable young Cherise lays her sights upon her brother before replying, "Good day Brother." She had summoned small smile for him. "I do not mind at all however little Aerick here might." She jested, for the handmaidens were busied in the bedroom chamber and the Septa, well, she had been privy to so much. Though her eyes remain upon Desmond she does not neglect awarding Aerick the majority of her attention. But soon after she tells her handmaidens, "Please leave us." They'll go about the tower to occupy themselves with some other task. Within moments it was just the four of them, the Septa burried her nose into a book. "How might I lay your mind at ease Desmond hmm? Do you require coin for the whores?"

Her tone was serious.

Desmond winces, pretty visibly at the mention of whores. She's teasing, this he knows, despite her serious tone, but he doesn't seem terribly pleased. More guilty than anything. "I'm quite fine without whores, sister, but thank you." Eyeing the Septa, he finally sits beside Cherise, exhaling. "I wanted to apologize for my outburst. I don't have too much of an outlet for my frustration these days." He finally manages a smile at Aerick.

There was something amusing about Desmond's reaction that had curled the lady's lips, however she tried to play it off that her fondness for Aerick had been the cause. "Is that no why men visit the whores? To have an outlet they would otherwise not have with any other?" She asked while adjusting the lay of her son for her brother to view. His blanket had been opened wider, and the babe's form was seated somewhat upright. "Isn't your uncle so strange?" Her words had been sweetened for young Aerick's ears. "He's so tense… balancing two very different worlds on his shoulders." But Cherise lifts her gaze to Desmond, reaching out for his hat and giving it a playful tug. "I forgive you, of course. Though you should see about enjoying a few pleasures. Too much of Garett is seeping into your pleasantries brother." No, not a compliment. "Surly does not suit you."

Desmond can't quite stay grumbly for very long in Aerick's presence, lightly waving his fingers at the babe. "I'll not lie with whores, Cherise," he insists. "Surely you don't /want/ me to…" Said shoulders droop a bit. "I've always prided myself on balance. Ser Garett has taught me plenty, I take no shame in adopting his mannerisms. His… better mannerisms." At the tug, he smiles and pulls away his hat. "Thank you. I'll never be /surly/ anyhow. Aerick is very endearing… Give him a bit and he'll have all the girls smitten." Aerick is offered a finger to toy with.

Aerick gives a full handed grip on Desmond's finger, drawing it toward his mouth. "If not whores then someone. If I have learned anything from my marriage it is that men appear all the better for it afterwards." But her brother had stated his mind and she'll not probe further. "As long as he is good to you and sees you through knighthood, I have no qualms with Danae's brother." Aerick's eyes are opened, their blue and grey stare is settled on his uncle with some interest. "Of that I have no doubt, should he be like his father at all I may fear the early proposals for marriage." Cherise smirked, using one hand to gently smooth over the babe's soft brown hair. "Tell me Desmond, honestly. Do you believe our Danae had taken the Lord Regent into her chambers?"

"No woman would take me, Cherise," Desmond sighs through his smile. "I've not only little wealth, but a malady. Not very desirable. Lady Tiaryn will turn me away here sooner or later. I'm fine by myself." He allows Aerick to pull his finger, but tugs to make sure the baby doesn't get a taste. "Such a sweet thing." At Cherise' question, he rubs his brow through the bandana, smile fading. "I trust my knight. Who better to know someone than their own sibling? You should know that."

Her brows sink at her brother's self revelation and rather than feed it she offers, "Tia also has very little wealth." They are matched in that manner. "She hasn't the heart to turn away any, be they suitors or common rabble." Her pink lips curl into a smile. "I have come to know her quite well during my time here and had I a say, she is quite a lovely interest and would compliment your nature Desmond." It seems he is aware of the dos and don'ts when it comes to young so she holds off from intruding. "She needs a good thing in her life Desmond for all she has endured. Even though she may be years your elder I would support your 'interest' of her, should you wish it." Not like he would attract princesses or anything a few steps lesser.

"He is sweet, isn't he?" Her smile broadens. "He'll want for naught and in his life he shall be a young Lord of a Keep." A sad thought that will come to pass should a dark fate befall the father. "Garett has been absent for much of Danae's life. He knows Danae the girl, not Danae the woman. She is smart, not foolish. You trust him for he is your knight and I do not expect your opinion to stray to far from his, but know this. This is not the most favorable opportunity for House Westerling but it is an opportunity none the less. A single stepping stone for new wealth rather than scrambling around for unwanted scraps left behind." Cherise's gaze falls to her young, Aerick still seemingly attentive of Desmond's features. "I was a witness, to Danae's marriage." She admits to Desmond.

"Heh, I suppose I have forgotten her age. Well, thank you. I simply do not want to get my hopes too high." Cherise goes on to speak of Danae, and Desmond nods slowly. "My… opinion of her matters very little, anyway. It is Lord Roric that she must worry about." It seems he's rather reluctant to comment further on the topic, shifting uneasily before getting to his feet. "Thank you for the company. And yours too, little Aerick," he offers, fondly stroking the babe's cheek.

"You're a Westerling Desmond, your opinion matters greatly." Should he believe it or not. Her eyes do follow his rise as their short time together came to an end. "Nevertheless I understand it makes you uncomfortable. Do not let it hinder your visits though hmm?" She bounces Aerick in her arms, imitating the babe's voice. "Come see me soon uncle Desmond." Her smirk follows the words.

Desmond laughs at the imitation. "I'll be sure to come pester you two soon enough. Good day, Cherise," and with a quick bow, he turns to head out.