Page 336: Footloose
Summary: Huntmaster Kain asked Ser Justin questions about dancing.
Date: 21/June/2012
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Mallister Campsite, Seagard
This is the Mallister encampment. It is large and purple.
June 21st 289

The Ghost in the Darkness, there's a reason some call him that. "No, it's alright, Lady Banefort. You might be able to cast some light on…this problem of mine." The jerky he has in his hand is a larger peice, and he breaks off smaller peices every once and awhile. "I'd happy to help train him if you want. Or teach you how to train him as he's going to be your dog. I'd rather he listen to you first before anyone else." But that said, he sighs, looking at Justin. "I need help, Ser Justin. I need to learn how to dance."

Both of Justin's dark brows rise and he lifts his right hand to lightly skim fingers over the edge of his stubbly jaw, "An admirable ambition, Master Kain. However, I barely know how to dance myself as Lady Roslyn can attest. I should think we can find you a teacher. Perhaps one that would teach me more myself when I am mended." He taps a finger lightly against his chin, glances to Lady Saffron, then away as she wouldn't be a suitable teacher to pair up with Kain. Hmmm… who to suggest? "Does Mistress Dania know how to dance?"

Bear is quite enamored with the huntsman — he has treats after all. At the man's offer, Saffron looks up with a hopeful smile on her lips. "You know, Master Kain, that would be wonderful. I hadn't even thought of that, but I will need some guidance — and you seem to know your way around dogs." Then she sobers a bit at the man's sigh, which is soon followed up with an arching of her brows in slightly surprised expression. To be honest, she is surprised to hear that Kain even use the word dance without perhaps a bit of disdain. And then Justin goes and says Mistress Dania, and she looks bewildered. Where has this gossip been hiding!

"It is for Mistress Dania that I am being asked to learn." Kain suddenly stiffens up. "It was the one stipulation she asked of me when she agreed to me….er," Oh look, puppy. Another bit for the puppy. Sighing, his free hand runs over his face. "…to court her." he finishes. Apparently she's had these…feelings for, I don't know, awhile. I had no idea, I never thought she would ever find me…you know, like -that-." It becomes clearer and clearer that Kain is and has been a solitary creature his entire life, Justin knows this after spending enough time in the woods with him. "I admit that I've had…something towards her for some time, but I never said because…well, really, who wants the dirty hunter who spends all his times in forests? I never thought she'd ever see me. But then she was the one who gave me the favor during the archery competition and…and.." he's flustered. Kain is -never- flustered. So calm, so aloof, nothing ever seems to phase him. Except women, apparently. "I don't know what to do, Ser Justin. You are the only man I trust."

Justin listens, barely any changes of expression to flit over his face. He gives a slow nod, "I see. I …. rather hoped you two might get along. I thought you would be good for each other. However, if you have any mind to be courting, you must put that before her brother, first." Justin gives the huntsman a serious look, "Though, I will stand to vouche for you to Ser Keelin. You are a good man, Kain." Yes, finger tap-tap along his jaw before he lowers his hand back to his sword belt, "Since she did not offer to teach you herself, we'll have to find someone else. Perhaps Mistress Sofya, or Mistress Oliva." The Terrick looks to Lady Saffron incase she has any opinion to offer as to possible dancing instructors, "Might even be that Ser Keelin himself is a good dancer. I think I heard some rumor of it from the Freys tournament."

After a breath, Justin adds, "Failing that, I'm certain Lady Anais would be willing to instruct, if there were a few of us that she not be giving a single man a private lesson." Keep it appropriate, of course.

As Kain expresses his feelings Dania, Saffron actually brightens to the point she is beaming at the huntsman. "Oh, Kain… its always the dirty hunter that the ladies fall for." Says the woman with a slowly growing reputation as a storyteller. Of course that's what she would think. She does look over toward Justin with a small smile, and then back to Kain as she clasps her hands behind her back. She has never seen a more adorable sight as the flustered hunter. Bear apparently hasn't got a care for human emotional drama, he wants his treats. As he's thrown another bit of meat, he gnaws at it happily. He starts to trudge back toward Saffron, nosing his way around her skirts idly. "Is this for the dance at the end of the tournament, Kain?" She asks, almost coyly.

"I think it might be." Kain replies. He seems very unKain-like right now. "She seemed so happy when when she told me how she felt. I didn't know. Truly I didn't know, she even told me resisted other men's advances because of me. She's quite desirable, and I was content to think of her from afar. Because, I never imagined my life with someone else involved. Tired of stories and imaginings my father piled up on me, tied of looking at the damn necklace around my neck. I told her that I came with more baggage than she knows. And she didn't care. I don't understand it." Frustration, there's little anger in his voice, as the man never truly seems to get 'angry', more like annoyance. "Whatever help you're willing to give, I'll gladly take it, Ser. Even if that means being pointed in a particular direction. But I do need to talk with Ser Keelin. He is her brother, he deserves to know exactly what's going on. I just hope he doesn't want to punch me out for it."

Because it needs saying, Justin drawls to add, "As for being dirty, bathe and shave. We can probably come up with something for you to wear, also." Not himself though. All the clothes he brought are of black for he is yet in mourning. "I think I could spare a few coins to get you a decent tunic and trousers and surely someone can lend you suitable shoes." You don't wear boots to a dance, ideally. That part about resisting other men because she already had eyes for Kain almost makes Justin laugh, "Is that why?" A comment which he does /not/ explain. "If Keelin wants to punch you for it, take it like a man."

The Banefort Lady cannot help but laugh gently, kindly, at the words around her. She steps up, even as she sweeps down to gather up the little Reach pup in her arms. "She is very lucky to have such a handsome man seeking her affection, Master Kain. I would not say it if it weren't true." She gives Kain's forearm a gentle squeeze before she looks over at Justin. "If you need my help getting him cleaned up, just let me know. I'm sure that we can put him together nicely." And she winks to the huntsman. "If you will excuse me, though, I'm meant to check in on my cousin." Before the Mallister Aunts come seeking her again…

Mindful of his snugly bound ribs, Justin inclines himself slightly to her departure, "Of course, Lady Saffron. Any opportunity you can bring cheer to my goodsister, is a fine thing." His gaze follows the puppy she probably scoops up before he looks back to Kain himself.

"Damnit, if I bathe any deer in the forest will smell me coming from a mile off." Kain replies, as the man tends to think of his duty always first over personal joy. Because, well, that's just how he operates. Though he doesn't really smell like anything. More like pine and burning wood, certainly not carrying any scents of man who doesn't bathe all that often. Perhaps he's just really good at masking his own odor, though, considering how much food he brings in, he'd have to. A hand reaches to scratches at the cheek stubble and goatee. "I guess I could shave though." he says quietly, nodding. "I would be in your debt, Ser Justin. I don't…really have anything that you'd call good clothes. I have what I wear." Which is basic clothing and then his leathers for hunting. "I would rather not get into a fight with Ser Keelin, unless I'm doing so from afar."

Making his way back to the Mallister part of the camp, Martyn looks like he's been either bathing, or just washed his face rather carefully. He's walking a bit slower than usual, looking around a bit absently. He pauses for a few moments as he reach that part of the camp, but soon makes his way over in the direction of his own tent, steps seeming to be rather heavy at the moment.

Justin lifts a hand with one finger, "Agreed, but it isn't deer you are stalking at the dance, it's far more dangerous game; woman." The Terrick nods, "I can't walk too far yet, but if you go into Seagard and pick out a tunic and trousers you like, find out how much they cost, and I shall cover it. I assume your taste won't run too fancy or expensive, but get something reasonably nice. As I am returning home with slightly more than two fat ransoms, the least I can do is drop a few stags when you've worked so hard to do as we've bid. That, and I also owe Jarod his fill of drinking until he drowns. That was all the ransom he would take of me."

"No, I'm not one to have expensive tastes." Kain shakes his head. "Given the choice, I'd rather make anything I use. But, I'm no tailor." He looks down at himself. The trademark cloak, the leathers, the boots, the belt, and the fingerless gloves. "Thank you." he says quietly, humbly. The man never asks anything for anyone, so to do so now, well, it's obviously important. "I'll make sure it won't be anything excessive, Ser."

"I trust you, Kain. You have earned it." Justin says quietly, "The rest of what I'm bringing home I'll spend in Stonebridge to buy as much planting seed and a few oxen as I am able. Our people need it more than I need that breastplate I've pined for."

Martyn grimaces a little as he moves, stopping to look around once more. Nodding to the other people he sees, he offers them a brief smile, although it's a distracted one.

Martyn catches his eye. Justin studies the Mallister knight before he gives a nod, "Ser Martyn. You did well at the joust yourself. How did you do at the melee?" Though he's still injured himself, apparently Justin's back on his feet some. He's starting to look tired though like he's pushed himself standing or walking around about as much as he's up for today.

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he hears that question, "Well, if there was something awarded for cutting through a whole lot of empty air, I'd win it, I imagine. Don't know why I always tend to be hit in the chest by Charltons, though." There's a hint of a smile for a few moments. "And how are you, Ser Justin?"

Leave it to Kain to slip off like a whisp of smoke in the night. Justin is aware that the master hunter has eased away and he let the man go. He would shrug to Martyn's question though his own snug bandages beneath his surcoat reminds him not to do that, "I will mend, same as the rest of you who took a beating in the melee." He eyes Martyn's chest, "Maybe the Charltons think you'd look better with cleavage. Always best to dissabuse them of that notion early."

"I'll keep that in mind," Martyn replies to the attempted joke, unable to hold back the hint of a grin. "And it's good that you will mend, it looked quite bad there for a while," he offers.

Justin shakes his head slightly, "It felt pretty bad. I couldn't get my breath. I've learned I need a breastplate for the joust. I hadn't intended to ride the second day and wouldn't have if Lord Patrek hadn't asked me to show as a Champion." well, he's proud obviously to have been asked, his first tournament he's competed. "Now I should get back to my pavilion and rest. Good evening, Ser Martyn."

Martyn smiles, "You really deserved your chance as a Champion," Martyn replies after a few moments, before he nods a little bit, "Of course. Same to you."

"Thank you, Ser." Justin gives by way of reply. He's tired from his small venture to walk about the camps. He turns to head back.