Page 358: Flint Based Conversations
FLint Based Conversations
Summary: Anders and Einar, with the aid of Cordelya, discuss a couple of pressing matters.
Date: 14/July/2012
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Paddock, Terrick's Roost
Roost Lane runs right up to the front of the town's main stables. The rear of the structure is backed right against the interior wall of the town with the heavy wooden roofing gently sloped down towards the dirt road. Thick wooden beams are plunged into the ground and serve as a base for the walls between each stall. Hay serves as most of the flooring in the area with a large stack of it off to the side. Each stall has at least some on the ground to serve as bedding.
Sat Jul 14, 289

There is something that is good for the soul of a man that can be found in the stables, particularly for a Northerner, and Anders can be found just outside the stables, a long line on the horse held as his courser runs circles around him. He clicks to the horse, bringing him down from that run to a trot; nice and controlled. The horse has a sweat sheen upon him, as does the Young Lord Flint. They've been at this for awhile, apparently.

Einar is specifically looking for Anders and it doesn’t take him long to find him thankfully. Pausing a little outside of the range of the horse he gives his cousin a brief nod in greeting, not particularly wanting to step in closer lest he end up in an altercation with either horse or rope. It should be fairly obvious from his bearing though, that the squire needs a word with his knight.

The horse is being guided to go progressively slowly, so it's not too long after the trot that Anders gives a curt 'Whoa!', and has the animal come to a sliding stop. As the horse turns inward to face his rider, Anders walks towards the beast, coiling up the line. "Einar.. you look as if you wish to say something more than 'Dinner is ready, shall we hold a seat for you at the table?'."

"I have no idea about dinner" Einar confesses as he closes the distance between them, although he waits until he's beside Anders before going into any more detail. "Two things," a brief pause as he thinks, then nods once two himself, " or at least two that I can think of right now. There might be more." The horse is given a quick glance, mostly to make sure if seems to be behaving before he elaborates fully. "Firstly, and most importantly I think, I was talking with Justin Terrick a few days ago. Apparently his House are looking to borrow money to buy food and want to check their options." Dropping his voice so it shouldn’t carry he continues, "he said straight up that he is not authorised to negotiate but wanted an idea of how a formal proposal might go down. I told him that it might find more sympathetic ears should it come alongside say an audience in relation to the port business. I gave him a couple of days to try and sort that but have heard nothing else back from him since so I must assume he's struggling to get through to either his Lord Father or his brother."

Anders puts a hand on the animal's nose to rub it and calm him as Einar approaches. The horse's ears perk forward and the nostrils flare in recognition and the head dips. "Justin Terrick seems a good man. Met him the once, and Corrie has a kind word to pass about him." Corrie's hardly not kind in some way, but he's getting better at judging those 'kind words'. "I am certain there are things that can be done to alleviate the problems the Roost faces, from fishing to other foodstuffs. A continuation of what our troops did when they were quartered here. Of course," and Anders slows, "negotiation regarding the Roost's good will regarding the port would go far."

Speak of the devil, or the damsel as it were, and she will appear. While horseback riding has become an impracticality with the clear roundness of her belly, she still loves the gentle beasts. Especially her poor Penelope who is feeling neglected to be ridden. It means as long as Corrie is having a good day, she comes to visit almost every afternoon. This would be one of those times. In a deep green gown, a simple one piece with that extended empire waistline to accommodate for her clearly grown belly, and soft brown boots, she looks comfortable and elegant at the same time. She arches a brow as she hears voices, not having expected the men. "…Boys?" She calls over to them both, smiling a bit more as she approaches.

Einar nods as he listens, "I though as much, and made it clear to him that as he is not authorised to speak for the Terricks, nor am I for us, but I think it might have helped to pass on a few details which he was unaware of. I hope it did anyway." With the horse calm and settled he ignores it for now and continues, "he may come speak to you himself, or he may manage to get someone more official. Either way though, expect some form of approach, on either matter." Corrie's call then cuts him off and he glances her way before inclining his head politely to acknowledge her presence. He doesn’t say anything else for a slightly awkward moment then adds, "and the second thing." A deep breath as he briefly examines the ground in front of his feet, "the second thing is something your Lady Wife 'suggested' I should speak to you about."

"Your authority lies in your proximity to my ear as my advisor, cousin and friend. If he approaches and tells me that his voice is that which determines the outcome of our meeting, I will speak with him. If he approaches and he doesn't carry such weight, I will still speak with him, to learn what may possibly weigh upon those who do carry the burden." But, Anders undoubtedly knows already. Feeding of a people would take a great deal of his attention, and did when the Northmen were quartered here in war.
When Corrie is well, she is radiantly resplendent. When she is not, well.. it becomes plainly obvious that she is not. In this case, as the Young Lady Flint approaches, her voice carries, pulling the attention away from the current conversation. Chance, too, the charger, lowers his head and nickers a greeting. "My Lady.." and he looks to Einar again, his brows rising. "Second thing.. suggested by my Lady Wife.."

Indeed, the swings between sanity and not have been… Dramatic, to say the least. Torn hair, ruined dresses, broken skin of herself and her maid's, the bad days are quite bad. But this is not one of them. Her thinner hair is neatly plaited, any ripped or torn areas hidden and well combed away, the dress lovely and comfortable. She brushes her fingertips tenderly along Penelope's neck, making a few gentle murmurings of love in her mare's direction before she rubs at Chance's side and then comes up to stand with her husband. She leans over to press a kiss against the side of his mouth. "Good afternoon, love…" Then she looks back to Einar, grinning a bit more. "Aye. Do speak up, Einar… I was wondering when you were going to get to it." Her eyes are almost mirthful and proud.

Suggested. Ordered. They're largely the same thing right? There's another, mercifully brief, uncomfortable moment but Corrie's comment offer shim an in so he takes it. "We've both been busy," he replies to her, “this has been my first real chance." And to be fair, he'd actually prefer it if she weren’t within earshot. Still, there's no backing out so he turns back to Anders. Taking a deep breath he closes his eyes momentarily before looking at his cousin once more. "It's Ser Saethwyr, well, not him specifically. I have nothing specific against him but.." and there he struggles for words glancing back to Corrie briefly as if to ask for help. He wants to just dismiss it as nothing, but that’s not really an option with her there and so he settles for a slightly deflated, "I guess it's complicated."

Anders grins as he receives and gives a kiss in greeting. Reaching out for her hand, he watches the pair now in their give-and-take, his brows still raised in curious askance. "Okay.. Ser Saethwyr Charlton. Now, we're getting a little closer to the matter. What of him.. or not quite of him?" He waits, his lips setting into a thin line as he attends the explanation. "Everything in the South is complicated, Einar. Tell me what is so different about this?"

Corrie makes a small sound in her throat, not exactly glaring at Einar, but she does give him a small bow of her head in encouragement of his words. "Just say it, Einar… we are all family…" She murmurs gently, her voice calm and clear. Completely the elegant Young Lady that she is supposed to be. She tenderly squeezes her husband's hand and then settles fully into position at his side. Even as Einar speaks, she gently guides Anders' palm to rest on the far side of her belly, where she can feel the child faintly stirring now and again. It's become habit in their stolen, happy moments together. Even if it's not entirely proper.

While in other circumstances, Corries move to her husbands sight might be interpreted as an us vs gesture, Einar knows them both well enough to take it as meant and simply pauses long enough to decide on exactly how he's going to say it. "It's him in this instance" he starts, "but it could have been an other," and of course potentially could be again. He's aware though that that explanation isn’t helping Anders and so he, faintly guiltily, and somewhat awkwardly confesses, "when he's with Tia, she seems so happy. It's silly really, and I'm sorry to bother you with it," not that that's a dig at Corrie mind, more his own perceived weakness. "It just reminds me of that summer before King Robert's war, when everything was better. Before everything changed."

It is true; they're all family, and Anders' attention is firmly upon his cousin. His head bobs unconsciously as he waits for the words, and as they come, his hand is brought to rest upon his lady's side. He can feel the stirrings, no doubt not quite as well as Corrie can, but!
When the words begin to come, however.. his hand stills. "It was a good time, before the war, cousin," Anders agrees. "When things were simple and we were mostly left alone. But now, I can't say that things as they are now is his fault. It is .. a different time. Worse for some, better for others. But, in it, as always, we have to find our way." It's a gentle question, "Are you jealous, as I've quietly believed? It's not unheard of for a brother to take the widow as wife. In some cases, it's encouraged."

"I suggested much the same, Andy, but he insist he is not jealous. I think simply… Saddened. Seeing the woman who should be loving his brother, well… possibly fall in love with someone else. It's bringing back more bitter memories of what he has lost… If nothing else, it hurts that she has moved on… before he has. If he can at all." Corrie tries to explain gently, no chiding in her voice now, but tender understanding for the younger squire. Her eyes are genuinely worried for him as well, she having given all the advice she could and still having failed to help matters. She keeps her husband's hand gently against her side, but all her focus, and his, is truly for Einar.

"As I have said before," Einar answers with a quiet determination, "I will say again. I love her as a brother does a sister, there is nothing else." There isn't the anger of the previous time he was asked that, but there is a brief flash of annoyance as it seems his word was not enough for Anders. When Corrie fills in he nods slowly before adding, "not just that, but yes. Before you all rode they were happy and looking forward to life and children. I was free to make my own choices. Everything.." he catches himself and glances once more to his good-cousin, "almost everything was better then and Ser Charlton is simply a reminder that it can never be that way again."

If he can at all. Anders exhales in a sigh, his jaw shifting to the side as he considers first his wife's words. It's not that he ever doubted his cousin's words, it's just.. feelings change and discoveries are always made. He hears the frustration, and ultimately, it comes to 'choices'. Letting go of Chance to let the animal graze, he runs a hand through damp hair. "I see.." he begins. "Before we rode, we all were happy. After we returned home, things have changed and we realized that 'happy' is not something that can be held to but rather grabbed in the fleeting moments." He watches his squire, and his words soften, "I know of the debate you've been holding since coming across that battle septon. I would rather you finish and accept your knighthood before you depart from my side to join in to follow your first love. I won't have it unfinished between us." He takes a step back and retakes his horse to lead him back to the stables to be cleaned off and watered. "Beyond that.. never let it be said that I don't understand your words. I just have no way to begin to address those feelings. In that, I am sorry."

The fact her husband *doesn't* have the magic answer is enough to make Corrie frown, just a bit. She squeezes his hand tenderly, letting it go from her stomach and straightening just a bit. "…There you have it, Einar… something to look forward to. If you… if you still wish to give your life to such." she murmurs, though there is now a bit of sadness in her face at the thought of losing Einar from their lives as well.

Watches silently as Anders leaves then continues to gaze absently in the direction of the stables for a few moments. It's almost as if he didn't hear Corrie speak, but then he turns back to her as if only just remembering her presence. "Sorry," he apologises briefly and somewhat absently, "I was thinking." Then more firmly, "It has been my wish for many years now, even since my Lord Father disallowed it. I simply learnt how to bury it." A slightly heavy exhale that might be considered to be bordering on a sigh before he adds thoughtfully, as if he's trying to balance something in his head and has not yet had time to work out exactly what this new information from Anders means to the status quo, "I wonder which way things would go if my father holds his ground?" Returning a little more to the here and now he fills in some details Corrie might be missing. "It was he who set up my service with Anders, after my brother… when he realised it would be down to me to continue the line. He will not be happy at the thought of my reverting back to a situation where that is no longer possible."

Quietly, Corrie lets her husband go focus on the creatures as she steps closer to Einar instead. It was most certainly not picking sides previously, simply that she spends so little time with her husband and well that she wanted to be near him. If even for just a few moments. "Finish your service with my husband, Einar, and I think that he will put in strong words with your father to let you do as you please. HE is the Lord of the house, after all. Your father should obey." Corrie's soft voice reassures tenderly, if firmly. She believes all she says.

"He is not yet," Einar answers, although more academically than anything else, "and my father is a proud man who would not take the lose of his legacy lightly." It's certainly not a defiance that he himself had ever considered. His brows are creased in thought again, "I know not what my Lord Uncle would say, and he would be final arbiter."

"We shall see. And there is still time…" Corrie leans over, giving his shoulder a brief, tender squeeze. But then her features seem to acknowledge that something else is in the room. Or, at least, her eyes are elsewhere for a few heartbeats. She then frowns, "I…should head back inside. Be well, Einar… keep heart." She whispers, before quickly turning on the ball of her foot. She has hope to make it inside before things that she sees just become worse.