Page 472: Fist & Flowers
Fist & Flowers
Summary: Alric and Martyn talk out a bit. With Nedra arriving with flowers afterwards.
Date: 07/11/2012
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Highfield town square & Outside of town, near the river
The expanse of landscape here was (and in parts still is) breathtakingly beautiful. Lush grass fed by the nearby waters of the rivers and smaller streams, while further to the west, the meadows fade into the shade of dense forest. It has been disrupted, though, by the construction begun some months ago that continues still, turning a pastoral landscape into a budding noble seat. Irrigation ditches are complete, a lumber mill buzzes with activity, and a new fence encloses housing and a village that is now well underway. Most prominent is a motte and bailey, which is newly finished and protected by a moat and a drawbridge that is lowered from a small gatehouse. The square itself is overlooked already by a few small establishments; most notably the Ash and Oak Inn, while an assortment of stalls and vendors occupies a smaller square set apart, keeping the worst of trader's activity away from the general traffic.
7th November, 289

Early evening finds Martyn and Miramis making their way back into town, the knight directing his horse back towards wherever it's been kept while he's here, dismounting and letting someone take care of the animal, before he makes his way over in the general direction of the Inn. Expression a bit blank for the moment as he looks around now, while walking with rather heavy steps.

Alric wanders the square. Still not having been able to find Katrin. Perhaps worrying over her meeting with Ceinlys. Finding himself soon at a bit of a secluded part of the square. Seeing the Mallister. Studying him. Closing his eyes for a second before opening and focusing on Martyn. "Ser Martyn!" He calls out in an even tone as his face slowly goes back to the usual smile it has. "Join me." Waving the man towards his part.

Pausing as he's greeted, Martyn stops to study the Fenster rather carefully for a few moments. "Lord Alric," he offers, voice just a even, and expression just as blank. Stepping over towards the man after a few moments of pause, steps a bit slow now, and his hands kept at his back. Carefully keeping them out of sight from the other man as his fists clench and unclench a few times.

Alric studies the man and his appearance. Furrowing his brows. "Spoken with lady Katrin?" He asks with a curious tone. Able to seem rather calm as he usally is. Even the smile still sits on his lips. Even if it is just a small one.

Looking around for a few moments, Martyn then focuses back on Alric. "Would you care for a bit of a walk, my lord?" he asks, shrugging a little bit. "I think this is a conversation I would prefer to have away from prying eyes. A little bit down along the river, perhaps?" He doesn't answer the question in any other way at the moment, glancing back towards the Inn for a few moments.

Alric nods to Martyn, "Either there or my private chambers in the inn." He offers. Though he will move to join Martyn. His own blade hanging as usual from his hip. Gesturing for Martyn to lead the way. He could guess that it would be a yes to his question and he does take a deep breath as they head on.

Martyn considers the mention of those chambers for a few moments, before he shakes his head. "Probably a better idea to get this business done outside, Lord Alric." Starting to lead the way down along the river, a bit out of the main town now. Finding a place, one that seems to be more grassy than anything. Still facing the river for now, not the Fenster lord.

Alric follows along. Nodding to Martyn's words. Watching the Mallister lord as he walks diagonally behind the man. Waiting until they've made it out to the rive and are alone. As far as one can see. The only people around would be those in the town itself. Letting Martyn be the first to speak.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Martyn=unarmed Vs Alric=alertness
Martyn: Good Success Alric: Great Success
Net Result: Alric wins - Solid Victory

It would seem that Martyn would start speaking, but not with words, but his fist, as he spins around to face the Fenster, aiming a punch for the man's face now. "Perhaps a little lesson for you, my 'friend'. A lesson in self defence might be in order?"

Alric was actually expecting a hit and he does lean a bit back and able to get rid of most of the actual force in the hit. He does fall down, though the hit doesn't hurt too bad. In modern terms it might have been like a hard hit in wrestling. It connects but with little power compared to the looks of it. "I figured." He says. Brushing himself off as he moves to rise to his feet. "If that's all perhaps you will let me speak now?" He asks and looks straight at Martyn. Letting the appearance of that smile falter. Perhaps having done so the moment they were out of the view of prying eyes.

Martyn frowns a bit as his hit didn't connect as well as he wanted, taking a few steps forward to stand easily within reach as the other man gets back to his feet. "Talk?" he says, more or less growling now. "You can talk all you want, but it won't stop me from beating the fucking shit out of you…" Waiting until the other man is back on his feet, it would seem.

Alric tilts his head. "What did lady Katrin tell you?" He asks. Curious and a bit confused. Not really having known what has happened or what she has spoken about with Ceinlys either. "And why would you wish to beat up the one that could you if you still wish to persue her? her sister will be a Fenster. I am guessing that lady Katrin will want to spend some time with her sister. Unless other things happen I could ask for her to be a ward. They need someone to overlook their new vassals, right?" Not backing away. Letting Martyn punch him again if he wishes to.

"What does that matter? She mentioned you and her cousin…" No title or name used there, "had talked, and then this. If you take me for an idiot, Lord Alric, that's not wise of you." Now Martyn reaches out to grab hold of the man's shoulder. "And as for why I would wish to beat you up? Ever heard of the situation Lordling against Enraged Knight?" It's said rather calm, as he readies his arm for another punch. Pausing a little bit as he hears the rest of the words, he doesn't punch yet. "Talk…"

Alric shakes his head, "Me and her cousin did mention the two of you. Yes. Though only expressing my concerns that you need to be more subtle. I hope that she would listen to her cousin more than me. And we spoke of you all to attend the trial. Which seems like an unwise idea. Seeing as she shows up with you next to her to see Rafferdy fight for his life. He might just give up right there. That is all we really spoke of on such." He explains. Still seeming calm and just studying the man. "I am trying to help you both out. You wish for her, but if this unsubtle way goes on… I think they would see to it that you two never even enter the same room. Trust me on that." Perhaps speaking from experience. Who knows.

"If I can have view over lady Katrin I might be able to help her with being a bit more subtle. I wouldn't ask her to forget what she wants. I want what is best for her and you are good for her. Though not in the way that things are now. Which is why I told you to have patience. If you are able to be patient and wait for the right moment then you could be able to consider things. But keep pushing and both Mallisters and Haighs will see to that a match is never made. Nor will you even see each other." He says. Speaking quite a lot perhaps. A hand of his own placed on Martyn's. "It's a dangerous game you play. But I will help. In what way I can. But would you not rather try and have her at your side through legal ways instead of sneaking off in the night? Because those will be your choices. I would think the latter being once the former is no longer possible." He says and shakes his head. "But that is dangerous."

Martyn 's grip on the other man doesn't lessen as he listens to what's being said now. He does, however, lower the hand that was about to strike. "How do I know I can trust you?" he asks, after a few moments of pause now, eyes meeting Alric's if possible. "How can I know this is not a trick, and you are just helping those trying to keep the two of us apart?"

Alric tilts his head and offers a small smile. "You don't fully. All I can say is that I am but a romantic. I wouldn't want to stop anyone that I think have a shot at it. Though you two are just causing issues for yourselves. You will end up having her contained to her room and you will not see her. She will constantly have guards and handmaids that are not her own and hers will be gone somewhere. You will be looked on and not allowed close. It's a terrible thing." He tells him. "And if I wished to keep you two apart do you not think that I would have explained more about the spar. The way she acted throughout it. I ask you to be careful. Express your feelings through subtlety. Judging by my own rumour you should know how I seemed to have failed at it. Although there is nothing about me doing anything wrong. Not really. Unfortunately there is where you two need to be. Meeting in public. Along with other nobles. If you feel what you say, then it matters not if you see each other in private a lot or not. As long as she is safe. And you are able to keep your eyes on the big picture." He says and shrugs. "I can't promise anything. Though if you think I am trying to drive you two further apart, you are wrong." He says. Staring into Martyn's eyes at his last. "At the moment you two reek of emotions for one another. As far as I can tell at least."

Martyn nods a little as he hears what's being said now, letting go of Alric for the moment as he turns to look out at the river again, taking some deep breaths at the moment, perhaps trying to hide his expression. Which raises the question, does big knights cry? Because that looks like it's what Martyn is doing at the moment, as he keeps his gaze on the water.

Alric moves up beside Martyn and puts a hand on his shoulder. "What did she say?" Wanting to know the current events of things to keep up. "And try Martyn. I know it hurts and all. But all you can do is try and be strong and find away. For the both of you. She cares for you." He says. Keeping his voice low. Barely a whisper.

"I…" Martyn begins, shaking his head a little bit. "I'm not sure if you really know…" Moving one hand to wipe at his eyes, he grimaces a bit as he looks over at the other man again. "Tbese last few days…" A brief pause, before he adds, "What would you say if I tell you the only reason I came up to this wedding was her?" A brief pause, before he adds, "I came to try to mend a friendship, but will be leaving with something so much more…"

Alric shrugs, "I would say that I am not really surprised. Martyn, don't forget that I was the one that spoke to you about all this a long time ago. Perhaps I stand to blame a bit as well." He says and shrugs. A bit red on one cheek. For some reason. "Do explain more if you wish." He suggests. Though will not pull the words from his mouth at least.

The two of them standing and looking out over the river. Alric having a hand on Martyn's shoulder. Having found a spot where they were able to find privacy away from prying eyes. And easy to notice if someone did come.

Martyn takes a few moments of pause now. "When I met her, I was standing on the edge. Not physically, mind you, but in here." One hand going to tap at his head. "From… certain events I know you know." A brief pause, before he lets out a bit of a sigh. "She pulled me from there. And then I thought I had lost that again recently, and I felt it was going to kill me. But then, I decided I'd have to come here for the wedding, so I could see her again, maybe just talk to her and let her know I still treasured her friendship." A bit of a smile now, as he adds, "These last few days, knowing we both feel the same. That's given me hope back." A brief pause, before he adds, "Needless to say, I will not be going to the Mire. But if you go there, make sure she will be okay?" A brief pause, as he looks back to the water again now. "She told me she will be heading back to Broadmoor afterwards, to be with her family as she tries to sort out a few things." Another brief pause, before he adds, "I only wish she had known what she now knows back when the two of us jumped off a cliff together…"

Some ways away and upwind of the conversation that Alric and Martyn are having, Nedra is walking alongside the river with her maid Shalla, accompanied by her guard Petyr. Nedra has her sketch board in one hand, though the bit of parchment tacked to the front is unused. Instead of sketching she's collected a handful of wildflowers and is handing them to Shalla one at a time so that the younger girl can braid them into a necklace.

Alric stands silently and listens for a moment. Nodding when appropriate. "I understand. Travel along to Stonebridge. You will have to anyhow. Perhaps you won't get to talk too much but you will at least get some time. Just… Don't do anything too foolish." He offers. As for himself, he shrugs. "I think myself and lady Ilaria will be heading towards Broadmoor. Lady Ilaria do not need to witness the trial. But if she pushes for it then I will be going. And I will make sure that they are alright." Then continuing to listen to the last. "One never knows when things will develope. It is something that develops over time. At least that is my belief of it. All you can do now is sit and be patient. And hope. Find conversation with her in public. And try and act happy but neutral perhaps. She should still know." He says. "Subtle." He adds. "Though you both need to stop being so foolish. It's hard, I know." Though as there is approaching people he falls silent and looks towards them. Taking a moment before he recognizes who it is and then there is a smile back on his face. Giving Martyn's shoulder a squeeze. "Lady Nedra." He calls out while Nedra is still a bit away. Perhaps as much to greet her as to warn Martyn of company.

"It would be a bit hard since I believe I won't be going that far." A brief pause as Martyn nods a little bit. "I know one never knows. But it would still help quite a bit if she had known back then. Both for us, and for the fact that there wouldn't be that trial for anyone to end up going to." A brief pause, before he adds, "And I'm very sure she knows. We both said exactly how we feel back on the night of the wedding." A brief pause, before he adds, "She makes me feel far better, I make her feel far better. We both owe it to each other to try figuring out a way through this. At least being apart, like we will for a while now, will be easier knowing how we feel." He looks about to say something more, but the greeting of his cousin makes him stop, turning to look in that direction now. Looking relieved when she's still a bit away.

Nedra's head lifts and the hand that holds the flowers lifts as well, shading her eyes, before spotting Alric and Martyn, waving in reply. She doesn't hasten her steps, however, simply continuing at the same leisurely pace, picking another handful of brilliantly purple wild flowers to add to that which she has already collected. Several smaller flowers are tucked in the braid that's draped over her shoulder and she adds one of the purple ones to the buds tucked into the braid. She opens the knapsack long enough to put her sketchboard away, securing it at her side, and pointing out a flowering bush nearby and detouring in that direction.

Alric nods, "Where are you heading?" He asks of Martyn. Just nodding to his words. "That is good. And for now. Just have patience. I don't know what more I can suggest." He says. Studying Nedra as she comes closer even as they talk. Keeping his tone low. "Find reason other than what you feel. A politcal reason for such a match." He explains. "If you are ready. Let us go to your cousin, for now." He offers with a comforting smile before he turns and smiles towards Nedra. "It is good to see you." He offers as he starts to step slowly towards her. "How have you been, my lady?"

Martyn shrugs a little bit. "Heronhurst. My sister's still there preparing for her own wedding, I believe." A brief pause and a nod. "It would have to be a very compelling reason, though, since it would have to move past the rumors that has been about her and…" A brief pause, before he adds, "And a certain someone who might only have a few days left." A brief pause, before he smiles a little, "Yes, let's go greet my cousin." Turning in that direction, also stepping over towards Nedra now. "Cousin. How are you?" he asks, as soon as he's close enough.

<FS3> Nedra rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Nedra uses a fold of her skirt to gather the flowers into and has no*w added tiny yellow flowers to the mix she's gathered, more in her hair as well, by the time that Alric and Martyn are within conversation range. "Lord Alric, cousin Martyn," she says with a smile, "good day to both of you." She hands another of the long stemmed daisies to Shalla after the maid bobs a quick curtsy to both noblemen, the maids deft fingers weaving the daisy into the chain. "Quite well, and lovely day that it is, I'm so glad to have a chance to do something entirely frivolous before departing Highfield," she admits as she steps forward and tucks one of the purple flowers into one of the grommets on Martyn's shirt and turns toward Alric, taking a daisy out of collection of flowers that she's gathered and steps forward before pausing. Those blue-green eyes of hers sweep over the Fenster lord, noting the bruise on his cheek and the bit of grass stain, "My lord, have you been fighting?" is asked before she steps forward all the same and tucks the daisy into his shirt as well.

Alric grins and nods, "I would think that you will be traveling along with your cousin then?" He asks. "I am not sure if perhaps she is to go back to Stonebridge first perhaps." He says and shrugs. Then nods, "War, greed and deals are usually main for such then. If someone is needed. Perhaps a way to the sea." He suggests and shrugs again. "I am not too sure though. But give it time." Making sure that it only travels between them really. Then turning his focus to Nedra. Moving over and listening. "Indeed. It is quite nice. Where are you heading from here?" He asks. Guessing that she was to escort Jocelyn back to Stonebridge. But he couldn't be sure. As for them having fought, he nods. "Something like that. Just a bit of a friendly tumble. One accidently hit me on the chin." Nothing odd seeing as the two has been seen sparring more than once. Grateful for the daisy. "Be careful, people might talk." He teases her before nodding. "Thank you. The flower looks lovely."

Pausing for a few moments as his shirt is being decorated with a purple flower, Martyn offers a grin to Nedra. "Thank you, cousin. It looks wonderful." At the question to Alric about the fihging, he holds his breath for a few moments before hearing the answer, releasing the breath after a few moments of pause. Nodding a bit as he listens since he heard the question about the travel.

"With Lady Jocelyn back to Stonebridge," Nedra answers, unknowingly confirming Alric's hunch as she leans slightly back and eyes Alric then turns and eyes Martyn.. then back again. "Accidentally, I'm sure," is said in a dry tone of voice before she steps back and gives a light laugh. "Talk? Of what? Nonsense," she dismisses this notion with a wave of one hand. "You are betrothed, and as we are in the company of my cousin, who is certainly above reproach in all manner of protocol and proper behavior, the act of me bedecking you with a single flower - after I did the same to him - is nothing to drive rumor."

Alric glances to Martyn as well but since, other than thanking his cousin, he seems to be rather silent so Alric pays more attention to Nedra for now. "I see. Are you to meet with lady Muirenn after that? Or where might you be heading?" He asks. As for their fight, he grins. "Well, you know… Such things happen some times." He says then he chuckles. "Oh my, perhaps you are seeking the both of us?" He continues his teasing before shaking his head. "Thank you for the gift. Perhaps it will bring me good luck." He offers, then he is back to having a playful glint in his eyes. "Just picking flowers? It makes one wonder." Tapping his chin in a mocking thoughtful gesture. "Perhaps you are collecting the colors of certain houses to remember them easier?" Then he looks back to Martyn. "What do you think?"

As he hears Nedra call him 'above reproach in all manner of protocol and proper behavior', Martyn coughs a little, turning away for now. Shaking his head a little bit to himself, before he looks back to the others now. "Ah, be safe on the road to Stonebridge, cousin," he offers to Nedra, before he looks over to Alric again now, shaking his head with a bit of a chuckle as he listens now. "What I think about what? Collecting the colors of certain houses? Sounds like a good idea."

A small distance from the city center along the bank of the river, Nedra is standing with her cousin, Lord Alric, her maid Shalla and her guard Petyr, speaking on travel plans while picking flowers and enjoying a free day. "Actually, Lady Aeliana and myself have been invited to visit Kingsgrove," Nedra explains to Lord Alric. "It light of what is rumored to happen at Stonebridge in a few days, I think a trip to Kingsgrove would be right in order, my lord, and I look forward to a bit of a sidetrip before returning to Seagard or Heronhurst." She tucks another of the flowers into the braid draped over her shoulder and hands a long stemmed purple one to her maid to continue weaving into a wreath. "I've long since learned to stay out from underfoot when there's a wedding being planned. It tends to make our mothers," and by 'our' she means Martyn's mother and her own, "a trifle mad with lists and such." This said as she casually walks over to Martyn and pinches her cousin, "I'm collecting the lovely flowers that are in bloom, you great gowk, not picking house colors."

Alric glances to Martyn but soon looks back to Nedra. Nodding slowly. "I see. And nothing is to happen at Stonebridge as far as I know." He offers. "If you mean the trial by combat then that is in the Mire." He explains and shrugs. Then listens and nods with a grin. Glancing over at Martyn as well. "Then be well and take good care of lady Aeliana. Not that she can't do it herself." Shaking his head slightly. "Aaww, and here I thought that it might have been so. Then can you recount all the flowers?" He asks. Just wanting to tease her mind. "You can't go around bullying ser Martyn." He says with an amused tone.

Listening in quiet for the moment, Martyn shakes his head a little bit. Pausing for a few moments as he's pinched, he shakes his head, offering Nedra a momentary grin. "So you say. I'm not sure if we can believe you, though." Stepping back quickly, he sighs. "I should go get my things ready for tomorrow. Leaving for Heronhurst as soon as breakfast's done." Looking over to Alric, he offers the man a bit of a smile. "Thank you for the conversation, Lord Alric. I will keep in touch." A nod to both the Fenster, and then to Nedra. "Cousin." And then he's off, back to town.

Nedra and Alric soon follow suit towards town as well. With Alric escorting the lady and the entourage following along as well.

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A party of horse can be seen coming up from the South road. It is not an impressive invasion as much as it is a few arms men and squires that trail along behind the Lord in their lead. A small procession in sum and number-which winds it's way and slows upon coming into the square proper and winds it's way to the inn. A flurry of movement as men dismount-the eldest Squire moving in to the inn with one of the arms men, as the other squire seeks to secure stable room for the newly arrived steeds. The one eyed Lord, now on two feet instead of four strays a few paces further into the square.

One hand smoothes over his left arm and adjust the black velvet band secured there before he is moving on to explore. Ozric slides his hand to clutch at his belt, as he pauses by a stall to inspect briefly, before moving on.

Freya Caul enters the square and naturally gravitates towards her leige and Lord - she is out of her rags and stuffed into a lovely blue gown. Still getting used to it even though she looks lovely - evidently there were things other than shackles that can hamper her movements. she offers a lovely smile to Nedra and the gathered nobles and Lord Alric then curtseys awkwardly.

Once Martyn heads back toward town Nedra, her maid Shalla and her guard Petyr, accompanied by Lord Alric, begin making their way back to the city in the wake of Martyn's passage. "I meant the Mire, of course, I spoke wrongly there," she admits with a slow shake of her head. "Between Seagard, Talon Point, Heronhurst, Stonebridge, Kingsgrove, the Roost and back around again, toss in the Mire and Highfield, it's a grand bit of confused mapping." By the time they reach the edge of the town square again she and Shalla have made a pair of wreaths made out of flowers, many of which are tucked into the long braid of her hair draped over her left shoulder.

Alric smiles and nods to Martyn. Letting him slip away. Then he looks to Nedra. "On second thought, perhaps we should start towards the town square as well? It is starting to get a bit late and I would much like to find my way back to town before we can't even see it." He says and grins, offering his arm to lead her and her entourage back towards the square and town.

It is most likely after some walking and a few minutes after the talking that Freya can spot himself and the lady, along with her entourage. Offering a nod. "Freya. It is good to see you." He offers before letting his eyes trail a bit. Not paying too much attention though he does think himself to recognize the noble. But for now will let it be. Looking back to those in his company.

The noble for his part looks more martial and road stained than anything else. Dressed in rough leather, stained from the road and weather, the only bit of color that is his would be the purple cowl worn loosely about the neck. Gauntlets are carefully removed, before he is turning his head as he catches some movement. The girl with the awkward curtsey is given a brief nod, though he is turning his head to scan over to the advancing party. His blue eye going over the features he can pick as Alric comes closer. The Fenster Lord is given a brief nod, though he doesn't quite know the Lord in question.

However he does recognize the Lady within his company. "Lady Mallister." Ser Ozric offers with a bow of his head. "Pleasant surprise-I'd not know who would still be lingering when I arrived. Good day to you." he offers before he is looking to her escort. "Don't believe we have met, my lord." However Ozric does not supply his name, rather he seems to wait on the riverlander for such.

"Good to see you too my Lord. Would you and Lady Nedra like some company?" Freya is offering her aesthetically enhanced self for the task obviously. She was a little listless and lonely - waiting for a task to be given her.

Nedra's free hand is resting on Alric's as they enter the town square, her free hand holding to the edge of her skirt which is carefully gathered to allow flowers to be tucked within. She is handing another daisy to Shalla when Freya gives that awkward curtsy to her and receives a polite nod in return, "Mistress Caul," is voiced aloud in greeting, glancing from Freya to Alric and back in curiosity. Her hand lifts from Alric's arm as she hands a purple flower to Shalla and spots Ser Ozric, who looks rather road stained and a bit dusty, at the same moment. A touch of a smile forms upon her face as the Terrick nobleman gives a bow of his head in greeting. "Ser Ozric, it is a pleasant surprise to see you as well in return, and good day indeed," she adds. Nedra makes a small gesture, sweeping one hand from Ozric to Alric and back, "my lord Ozric may I introduce you to Lord Alric Fenster, recently betrothed to the Lady Ilaria Haigh," she offers by way of introductions.

Alric grins at Nedra's words. "I understand." He offers. Then he smiles and nods to Ozric. Waiting for them to get closer. "MY lord. I do believe that we met once. While I was still in the Roost. He did try to meet with all of them. Being rather sure to try and remember people. It's his job after all. "Pleasure, lord Ozric." He offers after the introduction. Looking towards Freya and nods. "That would be nice, thank you. Have you gotten time to speak with ser Perrin? I would be taking you to meet with lady Ceinlys but that might have to wait until later. We will see. Have you done anything fun around here? I do think that there was a celebration around here at the wedding. Did you attend?" He asks. Not having been there himself since it probably was some smaller gathering for the commonfolk. As for the curious look from Nedra, he shrugs. Perhaps offering to explain things later.

A smile shows on the Terrick's face before he is looking back towards Alric as pleasantries are dispensed. His eye clearly on the man, that he sizes up before nodding. "A pleasure, my Lord. And congratulations for your betrothal. I am sure both of your Houses are quite pleased." he adds before he is looking back towards Nedra. "I do hope the wedding was quite lovely? I am ashamed to say that I did miss it, but we had other matters to see to." And there he self consciously moves his hand to re-check his black armband. Only then does he look back towards Freya and and then a brow raised back towards Alric-though really it is none of his concern.

Freya nods smiling at Nedra and Ser Ozric in a charming manner - hoping Ser Ozric doesn't remember her as the chained indentured from the Roost. "I met Ser Perrin even organised a ride and some lunch for him and the Lady Jocelyn the other day," Freya is evidently way ahead of Loerd ALric in following his instructions. "Didn't get to see much celebration - did see a massive brawl at the end of a nameday celebration." Freya had been astoundingly busy at the beck and call of a half dozen nobles.

"Know that our deepest sympathies are for you and your family, Ser Ozric," Nedra says softly, her eyes going to the black armband that Ozric wears, her blue-grey eyes holding a glimpse of sympathetic empathy, knowing that of course the head of her House has already spoken for her house on this matter. "The wedding was lovely, my lord, and Lady Tiaryn most especially of course," she adds before carefully gathering a the last handful of flowers and handing them to Shalla before crossing the few feet toward Ozric, "If I may, Ser?" she asks before reaching up and straightening the armband and smoothing the edge of it so that the band lays flat around his arm before she steps back again.

Alric smiles and does size up the other man as well. "Thank you, my lord. And I do believe that they are." He offers. Nodding his agreement with Nedra as for sympathies goes. Letting them catch up a bit as he himself looks over to Freya. "That is good. For now we can just wait. Lady Ceinlys does need a personal courier, most likely. So I am sure that you could do well in her service." He offers and smiles.

"I do, Lady." Ser Ozric replies before he stills, and turns to look down his arm as the young woman sees to the band there, a faint smirk, before he is looking back towards Alric. "Bloody damned hard to do on one's self. I should make my squire do this-honestly.." he adds back to Nedra. "But I thank you for your work.." he adds, before his hand comes back over and smooths over the velvet and he nods once, leaving it there. "Thank you.." Likely though Freya is safe from Ozric realizing who she is-as he was not privy to her indentured hood.

"I imagine that your squire has a lot of duties that he is tasked with, Ser, this is a simple one that is easily tended to," Nedra remarks with a glimpse of a smile and a shake of her head, seeing the smirk upon Ozric's face. "I wouldn't claim to be any where near as skilled at this as a squire, of course. But, this is something simple and easy to tend to. Though," she gives a small grin, "my brothers squire, Percy, does as much work as a squire as he does as courier and general dogsbody."

"Ah, a dogsbody. Had I thought to tag such a man along with me, then my entourage would be grander than what I am comfortable with." Ozric counters with a faint chuckle. "It is a squire's job to be underfoot of his knight. It shows that he is learning, or something." the knight adds before he is looking back to Alric. 'Would you agree my lord?" Perhaps trying to make sure the other noble has something to say-though he was loathe to interrupt the Fenster with Misstress Caul. A call comes from behind him, causing him to turn and nod back in the direction of the inn and where one of the Terrick arms men is left standing. "In a moment." he returns before glancing back to the company before him.

Alric smiles and let them talk. Nodding to Freya as she seems to slip off for a bit. "Apologies, but I should probably go on ahead. Lady Nedra, we do need to catch up more at some point. Lord Ozric, it was a pleasure meeting you." He offers and bows his head. He will then start to slip off. Though he is then addressed, smiling and shrugging. "I can not be too certain. I am no knight. Though I would think it wise to have a steady change between helping him and him helping you. so at times, perhaps you are right." He offers with a small grin. "Again, apologies." He says moves towards the inn.

"All the things that a squire must learn, and somehow they still sometimes end up with the wrong lessons somehow," Nedra says quietly, glancing at Alric then toward Freya and back toward Ozric. "So, you do not feel the need to have a mounted company of a dozen knights, a crier to herald your presence, a scribe to jot down every name and word spoken and a bard to sing the deeds, my lord?" she wonders, a look of arch humor in her eyes before she turns toward Alric again. "I agree, my lord," she says with a nod, "before we depart to Southbridge, perhaps?" she offers before she gives a small curtsy. "It was good speaking with you," her eyes lift again to the bruise upon his face and the grass stains upon his elbow. "Perhaps.. next time you and my cousin take and walk and spar it could be done without either of you ending up bruised or bloody," she adds in a hopeful tone of voice.

"Of course I do not. I am a Terrick, not a Mallister." he offers with a tease burned into his voice to go with his grin. Ozric chuckles and then he offers a bow of his head to the departing Fenster. "Pleasure to have met you, my Lord." he calls out to the retreating man before he is looking back Nedra his brow arching up. "Did something happen?" apparently his squires and men can wait a bit longer.

Alric smiles and nods, "Sounds good my lady. It has been quite well. And hopefully we will. And I make no promises as far as myself and your cousin goes. Accidents happen." He says with a grin. "I still feel the hit I took to my neck and hand a few days ago." He chuckles at that before slipping off. "Be well the both of you."

Nedra glances after Alric for a silent moment, "I believe that he and my cousin had words, though it doesn't appear to have been words in anger, but it resulted in what they are saying is a bit of sprarring." She turns back to Ozric and gives a grin, "In that case, I'm not a Mallister either. I guess I'll have to see if any other house would be willing to adopt me," she muses. "I'm well behaved, I write with a fair hand, recognize and properly identify the Heraldry and colors of all the major and many of the minor houses, my needlework is neat and - if not imaginative - rather nice all the same, I ride well, I can tend a nice garden and such and so on," she recites her list of skills with a grin, "I'm sure I could be useful."

"I am sure you can be as well, Lady." Ozric follows up before he is turning back in the direction of the inn. For a moment the knight considers something before he glances back to Nedra. "House Terrick would formally take you in, however Lady-if serious then I will need a parchment of deeds on your behalf and references I can contact in order to know if your word is good and true." a chuckle three before he nods in the inn's direction and starts walking. "I will be staying there."

Nedra's head tilts slightly as she glances up at the one-eyed knight, "You can't take me simply at my word, ser?" she asks in return, fighting back the laughter that threatens to spill over. "I'll have to see about acquiring that parchment of deeds and a list of references. Perhaps some samples to accompany same," she declares with a grin before that laughter escapes as she glances toward the Inn. "Oh? Lady Jocelyn and I are sharing a room here as well, the accommodations are quite nice," she offers, "clean, that is, and spare, and the staff are polite."

"I take nothing at word, but action-lady." Ozric says over his shoulder as he continues on to the Inn. Pausing he turns back and eyes the woman for a moment as he chuckles, but that dies off. "You are?" a clicking of his tongue "Well is that not a surprise?" asked before he shifts his weight. "It seems I have fortuitously made it so, that I will run into you again. Thank you though for the recommendation. I am sure my company and I will be housed well."

"Deeds, not words, Ser?" Nedra asks, that same amused smile tugging at her lips even as she nods, "and indeed, we are. And it is a surprise, unexpected at that, but welcome," she admits as she glances toward the Inn again as well. "We are far from the sea, I would not have imagined that it would be necessary to go this far from Seagard in order to happen upon you again, my lord. But I will call it fortuitous as well," she agrees.

"Ever deeds over words. With deeds, one can prove the truthfulness of the matter." Ozric states with a flash of his grin. "Indeed. I suspected you would come to the Roost at some point as all Mallisters seem to blow in with one wind or another. But so soon and without port. I am surprised." a grin there before he nods. "And pleased." There the compliment. "If you will excuse me, Lady Nedra. I must see to my things. Thoiugh likely we will run into one another soon."

"Begin as you mean to end, my lord, it is the doing - not just the intent - that matters," Nedra quotes aloud with a smile, "that's something my father is fond of saying." She starts to smooth one hand over the braid draped along her shoulder, forgetting briefly that she has flowers tucked all along the length of it and dislodges one, neatly fields it before it falls to the ground and curls her fingers around it instead. "In a week or so I will again, I would imagine. My brother and goodsister are there, after all, or Heronhurst, in advance of Lady Muirenn's wedding. But I should be returning in short order, though with a trip to Kingsgrove with Lady Aeliana," she adds, her travel plans sounding a bit vague but somewhat sketched out at the same time. She pauses, her lips curving upward in a soft if somewhat surprised smile, "I am glad that you're pleased," and she lets the glimpse of a smile speak for itself as she nods once more. "I hope that we shall, my lord, but all the same, I hope the rest of your evening is well."