Firth Frey


Firth is one of many of Walder Frey’s daughters. Her mother was Walder’s third wife. Firth has been married in only name for eight years. She has no children. She has left her husband’s estate and she successful in getting the marriage annulled.


She is only close to her brother Wayland and her younger half-sister. She is not close to her father or his wives, and she has been known to show a bit of back bone to her father. However, she dreads disappointing and father.

Physical Features

Eyes as green as moss gaze from beneath gracefully arched eyebrows add a dramatic effect to her pert upturned nose. Her long auburn hair, thick and subtly wavy, falls nearly to her waist, the waves catching the light and making the faint strands of gold gleam especially in the thin braids that are worked along either side of her head and bound back from her face with a ribbon as green as her eyes. Her skin looks very much smooth and there is a soft color to her cheeks and her lips, and for a woman in her late twenties this speaks well to the delicate touches that time has graced her face with, adding a laugh line here and there. Slight of build, with long slender arms and graceful hands, she appears to be a woman who is both active yet a lady of leisure, a curious balance to walk. A delicate band of gold encircles the ring finger of her right hand a blood red ruby winks from the center of the gold band and catches the light from time to time. Her hands are delicate but they are strong, much like the woman herself, and though she is softly curvaceous she is not voluptuous.

Allies and Foes

Fallon Grell

Recent Activity