Page 016: First Favors
First Favours
Summary: In the course of her duties, Liliana has the oppurtunity to meet Ser Frey and his young page.
Date: 05/08/2011
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Tournament Fields — Stonebridge
Tents, knights, people, made of busy.
Thu 28 Jul, 288 AL

It has been a couple days since the Tournament has started, and this can only mean that a lot of people are actually enjoying the festivities. There are fires going everywhere, cooking different types of food from all the realm. There are different groups of Knights, soldiers and other men, talking to each other, sharing bread and ale, sharing stories of greatness and others of defeat. All in all, it seems to be tournament that many people will remember. Wayland is sitting on the grass, against a tilted log. Next to him, there's a young boy, around ten years of age. Their legs are extended over the grass and on their laps, there's a large greatsword that has an oily look. "Brannon, here…this is how you do it…" He gets a little bit of oil in a piece of rag and starts rubbing it on the blade of the sword, going from hilt, to point. "You first do this…understand?" The boy nods to him and then Wayland nods afterwards "Ok, you try it…"

So many men, knights, lords and commonfolk, and as many women, filling the tournament grounds. everything from camp followers, to members of the men's households, to vendors and craftswomen selling their wares. More than a few of them seem women of noble birth, by their dress, and the guards which are never far from them, but not so noble perhaps as others, as they tend to be moving to and fro with arms full of linens, and baskets and purchases. Ladies-in-Waiting, seeing to the needs of their mistresses. One of these is making her way along the paths between the tents, arms laden down with a basket that seems to be filled with summer apples, eyes darting here and there, curious, pausing now and them as something or someone catches her eye. Close enough to catch sight of the knight and the young boy taking their lesson.

"But why does the blade need to be cleaned?" asks the boy as he looks up to the Knight. "Well…because, different oils have different types of reaction from a blade" says Wayland to his page. He lifts his fingers and rubs his thumb against index and middle finger "See? Our skin produces oil, and it can be damaging to the blades…" He nods and adds "You try" And with that said, the boy rubs his fingers together and then wipes them on his clothes. Wayland laughs at this and says "So, because of this, and many other things…like, dust for example; because of this, we need to keep the blades clean and we use oil to do the task…but it's a different kind" Wayland nods to this and then looks up, taking a moment to look around, scan the area, see what's happening around them. He finds Liliana when she is looking at them and he offers a polite nod to her, from where he is.

Liliana inclines her head, as the older man notices her watching. She hasn't the guile or, perhaps, the desire to play at a coy denial. No, she's no stranger to curiosity, and there's nothing unseemly in such a thing, particularly with so much to look at at tournament. But at the look, she lowers her head, dipping into a practiced, polite bow, "Ser Knight," she offers, to the man, having no means to identify him as anything but a knight, and repeating the gesture to the young boy, "Young master. I did not mean to interrupt your lessons."

Wayland offers a smile to Liliana and then nudges the boy "Up…" and he actually does the same. The man stands up and better looks at Liliana and then, his right fist moving up to his chest, right below his left shoulder "My lady" The boy does exactly the same gesture but is far less used to it so it looks a little awkward on him "You are not interrupting at all, my lady" Wayland seems to approve of this and nods to the kid. His attention goes back Liliana and he offers to her "I am Ser Wayland Frey, Knight of Stonebridge. This here is my page Brannon Rivers" Yes, a bastard born, probably from the Freys. "Would you be so kind and tell me your name?" A gentle smile is offered and then he goes silent, still standing. On the right side of his belt, there's an empty scabbard, probably the one used for the greatsword and on his left side, there's a dagger.

A step back, out of propriety, as the pair, man and boy, rise to greet her, her head inclining in acceptance of the gestures, as well as the offering of their names. "I am honoured to meet you, Ser Frey, and you Page Rivers." She does take a step forward, moving towards the small boy, rather than the larger man, offering him the basket, "Lessons must be very difficult work, you are welcome to some of my apples, if you are hungry." Laughter, warm and merry, at the question, "I am Liliana Camden, of Tall Oaks, lady-in-waiting to the ladies of House Terrick." Indeed, her clothing would bear that out, dressed as she is in the blue and gold of Camden, with a handkerchief in Terrick colours nipped in at her waist.

When she steps forward towards the page, the small boy bows politely one more time and he says "Thank you, my lady, that is very kind of you" He takes only one apple and the smallest one he can find. After doing that, he cleans it against his tunic and looks at how it shines under the light. Wayland however, offers all his focus to Liliana at the moment. "My lady.." he nods politely one more time, adding "The honor is all mine" Now, he does take a moment to better look at how she is dressed "Camden is such a beautiful place I hear" says the man, wearing a warm smile. "I am sure the ladies of House Terrick are more than glad to have your company"

"You are most welcome, little master, but surely a boy as well-grown and strong as yourself cannot subsist on a single apple." No, that he took the meanest of the apples is not lost on her, and Liliana searches herself, finding the largest and ripest, "Please, you would do me an honour if you would take it." Growing children are growing children, and they're always hungry. But she has the good grace not to ignore the Knight, and she offers the basket to him as well, "It is the most beautiful land in the Seven Kingdoms. You have never been there?" Again, that laughter, "I serve them with as much grace as the gods have given me, but I think I am not quite to their minds the sort of lady who fosters at their home."

The boy looks at Liliana again when she speaks to him and then his attention moves to the apple she is offering. He looks at Wayland but says nothing, then looks back at her and extends his hand, taking the apple she offers "My lady, you are too generous" He shows a smile to the woman and then looks at Wayland when she offers the basket to him. Wayland smiles a little more and nods and extends his hand, taking one of the apples from her basket "You are indeed, very generous, my Lady…" A slight bow is offered and then he tilts his head as see speaks about her lands "I'm afraid I haven't, my lady. But the way you describe it, makes me want to take my horse and go there right at this moment" There is an air of calmness in his gaze, calmness…and yet, alert. He lightly arches both eyebrows at her last comment and asks "No? Would you terribly mind if I ask you, what makes you say that?" Smile still holds there.

Liliana reclaims her basket after first boy and them knight accept the apples, "There are more than enough. It would be a discourtesy not to share what I have." Again, that soft smile as she thinks of her home, "The forests are lush and alive, the fields ripe with crops, the grass soft and seemingly untouched by our feet. The streams and rivers clear and cool. It is the land, as it has always been, Ser." A tilt of her head, perhaps as she attempts to answer the knight's question, "I am a Camden. I am a child of field and forest. We are raised differently, in Tall Oaks."

Wayland nods "I thank you again, my sweet lady" the man smiles at her and then takes a deep breath as he listens to her word about her land, as if, almost trying to get a feel of them. "I am a man of the outdoors, I have always enjoyed whatever sights I can run into when traveling" His smile is faint at this moment "A shame that I can't get to do a lot of that, but, still…everytime I get to go out, its more than welcome" He presses his lips together for a moment and considers his next words "Perhaps, next time, I'll be able to visit and, ask the Lord of Camden if he would allow me to camp in those grounds, at least for a couple days" The smile grows a little more now, specially when she mentions she's a child of the field and the forest. "And this is a very good thing, my lady. To be able to grow in such a blessed place."

"Perhaps for a knight, living in such a place might seem a wondrous thing, as it is to all of the people of my House and our lands. My Lord Uncle is kind, and preserves not only the land, but the ways which our people have always lived. I think that he would welcome your visit to his holdings. But our ways are not the ways of the other Noble houses, who see us as little more than glorified tanners and woodwrights. It was not a needle I picked up, when I was old enough to learn the ways of the House but a bow. To this day, I cannot even manage a handful of stitches, without bleeding more blood out of the pricks in my fingers than a man cut clean through with a blade. I am a Lady with very unLadylike ways. Though I have tried to improve myself in the years since I have come to serve the Terricks."

Wayland gives his full attention to Liliana and remains in silence as she speaks. When she mentions that she picked bow instead of needle, he laughs softly "My sweet lady, if that be the case, then I can assure you that, you far better than me with a bow. I am afraid that, I've learned what I needed to learn but then I dedicated myself to polish my skills with a blade, and I am still doing so" He nods to this and takes a deep breath "Ours is a journey of constant learning, for everyone." A nod of his head again "I think I now understand what you meant about the Terricks, but they should be glad, if truth be told.." he nods "I believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with a Lady learning how to use a bow, or how to hunt…" He tilts his head and rests one hand on the pommel of his sword "If your uncle is as half as a good of a man as you make it sound, then I'm sure I will travel to those lands"

"It is unseemly for a woman to hunt with bow and spear. Falcons are the hunting weapons of the nobly born, perhaps my saving grace, in that I have some skill with them. But I would have no way to know how your skill measures to mine. I am certain that a Knight, such as yourself, undervalues his talents. It makes it easier for his opponents to underestimate him does it not? At least so I have heard. We have few knights at Tall Oaks." A smile, as she looks down to the young page, "Have you ever shot a bow, little master?"

Wayland tilts his head as he listens to Liliana talk about Falcons "I can't say I am an expert in the area, but falcons are such beautiful creatures" He nods to this and goes silent for a few seconds, thinking "Do you have a Falcon at the Roost? Or better yet, here?" He definitely seems to be enjoy the sight of them. Now, he arches both eyebrows and smiles in pleased surprise, laughing just a little bit "You caught me, I must admit" He nods and adds "However, I do not lie when I say that, marksmanship is not my strength…" he shrugs casually at this "I mean, I can shoot a bow, yes but not as good as many" A soft smile is offered to her and he adds "Perhaps, at some point, we'll be able to measure our skills against eachother" The man nods again, smiling, and looks at the boy as he is asked a question. Brannon looks up and he nods eagerly "Yes, my Lady…a couple times, using the practice bows of Stonebridge. I've been trying to hit apples but I never did, although, there was once in which I scraped one, I was very proud"

"I do not have a falcon of my own, though I am allowed the use of the House's raptors when I have time of my own. There is a hawking event at the tournament, we have brought some of them with us. I can show them to you if you like." Remaining as she is, a small distance from the the pair of knight and page, Liliana takes care, to pay as much attention to the boy as she does the knight. No child enjoys being ignored, "It takes time and practice to master the bow, little master. You must learn to look with soft eyes." A nod to the Knight, "Perhaps, Ser, we will. I think it would be a contest to either raise interests, or raise eyebrows."

"Perhaps my lady, one day, you shall have a Falcon of your own" offers Wayland with a soft smile and a nod of his head "As for the Hawking event, yes, I am actually looking forward to see that one and…" he tilts his head, smiling just a little bit more "I would like that, yes…if of course, your Lord has no problems with this" His attention moves to the boy as she addresses him "Yes my Lady, I will practice more. I also enjoy swords, I'm learning as well" another eager nod is offered by the small boy after saying this. Wayland chuckles ever so faintly at her las words and then he says "Well, let us have both but pay attention to none"

"Come then, and I will show you to the aviary, and you will be able to see the raptors there. I do not think that the Lord would be troubled by it. It would be an opportunity for his House to show the talents of his raptors to a knight of another." of course, she could well be wrong, but it seems not to bother her overmuch. "It is not far, near to the forest on the north of the tournament grounds. Will you come with me?" Eyes fall back down to the page, "Little master, I have no doubt that you are an able student, and that you do credit to your Lord Ser." if they should consent, she starts off towards the path that will eventually lead them to the aviary.

"Of course, my Lady, we shall join you" says Wayland and the page seems to be happy enough about the idea of going to the aviary. When she starts walking towards the noted path, Wayland takes her side and walks; but it's actually the boy who speaks now "When I grow up, I'll be as good as Ser Barristan the Bold!" whatever shyness he might have shown at the beginning, seems to be completely gone. "Ser Wayland fought against him!" exclaims the boy, marveled about this. Wayland laughs with amusement and nods "Yes, that much I did…and I lost miserably." He can't help but to chuckle after that laugh and he shakes his head "But I did get a few good lessons from the man, outstanding Knight" He tilts his head to look at Liliana and he smiles "Do you get to visit your home? I must admit that I hardly never go back to the Twins"

"And will you serve with the Kingsguard as well? That would be something of great honour for a knight." As though Liliana had no doubt that the young boy would one day become a knight. Amusement, as the page plays up the prowess of his Knight, "A skilled knight indeed, to have faced such an opponent." Liliana's steps are quiet, carefully placed, nearly silent, even the rustling of her skirts hushed, a talent indeed, or perhaps a skill born of long practice. But soon enough they approach the aviary, the sounds of the birds, the bells and their minders a softer sound than the sound of swords and knights. "Not so very often. I miss it dearly, but my Lord wishes me to remain at the Roost."

"The Kingsguard!" exclaims the boy and runs ahead a couple steps with an imaginary sword that he waves from side to side "I would like to do that one day, but it will be enough if I get to see them." He looks at Wayland now and asks "Will I get to see them, my lord?" The older Knight looks at his page and offers a faint smile "Perhaps, Brannon, one day…" He nods to this and then chuckles softly, looking at Liliana again with a smile "A tourney, one on one melee, that old man has to be the best sword in all Seven Kingdoms" There is certain fondness to the memory and no denying that he got his ass kicked. When they approach the aviary a smile grows on Wayland's lips and he closes his eyes for a moment, letting himself be lost in the sound. After those last words, Wayland opens his eyes again and says "Sometimes our Lords make truly soul consuming demands to us" He takes a deep breath and licks his lips "It is my heart's desire, that you get to see your land again"

Liliana cannot help but smile at the boy's enthusiasm, allowing him to run ahead, rather than chasing after him, as she might be inclined. "You were still skilled to have fought him and been defeated. I do not think he would have fought you otherwise, unless he saw you as a worthy opponent. It shames the fighter, to face an opponent who is beneath him. "That they can. Come." Liliana sets aside her basket, moving into the aviary, moving over towards the area set aside for the hunting raptors, "Van, may I see our red?" The man, dressed in Terrick colours, nods and prepares the untie the raptor from her perch.

"That is very kind of you to say, my lady" says Wayland nodding politely to that, showing a smile to the woman. Brannon for his part, has returned back and is walking next to Wayland, looking around with rather curious eyes. When Liliana asks them to step inside the aviary, both Knight and page follow here. Wayland starts looking around almost immediately and Brannon is…surprisingly quiet. Wayland moves his gaze from bird to bird and for a moment, he remains in silence. A silence that is only broken when he leans a little towards Liliana to speak in a more quiet voice "These are some magnificent birds…" and when she asks for the one that belongs to the Terricks, he lifts his gaze and looks in that direction.

Liliana is not idle, while the red is brought to her. Rather, she sizes up man and boy, and herself as well, picking out gloves that will suit. Longer and sturdier than might be usual, to protect the flesh of hand and arm from the hawk's claws. The gloves she offers to both, before she places her own on. The red is passed from the tender's arm to her. "This is Scarlet." Her free hand rises, to remove the hawk's hood, "She is a skilled hunter. But you must never forget that she is no pet. She does not feel love, nor obligation to minder. She flies the wing and returns because it is advantageous to her." She bends, first to present the hawk to the boy, with the admonition not to attempt to touch her, and then the Knight. "Would you care to carry her out to the open air, Ser?"

Both Wayland and Brannon take the offered gloves and puts them on. Wayland grabs the leather at wrist level and pulls it further over his arm, closing his fingers with a leathery sound. His attention moves to Scarlet and he looks at her for a quiet moment. Indeed, a magnificent hawk, one that invokes respect from others gazing upon her. Wayland looks at her and nods quietly. Brannon's reaction is a little different, when she bends to present the hawk to him, the boy takes a couple steps back and half hides himself behind the Knight. "Brannon…" says Wayland "You must not be afraid." He moves a gloved hand over the boy's shoulder and gently moves him next to him. Brannon looks up at him and nods "Yes, my lord" And now he looks at Scarlet, now without swallowing saliva and taking a deep breath. When Liliana makes this offer to him, Wayland nods politely to her and says "Of course, my lady. I would like that…" and with that, he extends his arm, for Scarlet to switch from one to the other.

Liliana smile encouragingly to the young boy, keeping careful hold on the jesses attached to the hawk's legs, holding her in place on her arm, "Do not worry, young master, she is a hunter, but a trained one. She will not attack you." A moment, before she speaks to the knight. "Scarlet understands four commands. 'Step up', with your arm held out will call her to come to your arm. 'Step down' if you wish for her to go to ground. 'Perch' to send her to the perch you're closest to. 'No' is easy enough. if she will not listen or becomes irritated, you can say 'No' and raise your hand over her head. She knows that she's done wrong then." That said, Liliana releases the jesses, holding out her arm to be on level with Waylands, "Perch." There's no harshness in the command, only a firmness in her tone. Scarlet, with only a slight rustle of her wings, hops from Liliana's arm to Wayland's. The grip of her claws is palpable, even through the glove and the man's armour beneath. Easy enough to imagine the damage she might do to an unprotected arm. "Take her jesses in your hand, it will help to keep her steady on your arm, and prevent her from flying before you wish her to. Once she's on Wayland's arm, Liliana turns, keeping hold of the hood, as she begins to lead them back out to the open air.

With the encouraging smile from Liliana and words from Liliana, along with what Wayland said to him, the young boy leans in a little to take a better look "She's very pretty, but, scary as well" Wayland looks down at him and he says "That she is." Now, the man turns his attention to Liliana as she explains what commands does the bird understand and a silent nod is what he offers after each one is addressed. When the 'Perch' order is issued and Scarlet hops to his arm, Wayland tilts his head to better admire the bird. Fingers of his left hand take the leather straps and he takes a deep breath, nodding to Liliana. "Let's go…" says Wayland to Brannon and afterwards, he steps outside, following the Camden Lady.

Liliana moves at an easy pace out of the aviary, as much to give Wayland and Brannon a chance to become accustomed to their new companion, as to keep the birds still within the aviary calm. She moves to a free perch just easy of the aviary, reaching into the small pouch she was given by Van along with the hawk, removing what looks like a pair of bird wings on a string, "She is frightening, as all hunters are frightening. But you will learn to master your fear. There is no shame in being afraid, only in allowing it to control you." A nod to Wayland, "Send her to perch."

Wayland nods to Liliana's words and pats Brannon on the head "Listen to the Lady, she is wise as she is skillful" he shows a gentle smile to her and Brannon just nods in silence, still looking at the bird with wide eyes. When she reaches into that small pouch, he tilts his head and looks at it's content but when Liliana talks to him again, his attention returns to the Lady. Wayland nods to this and lifts his arm just a little bit, just to give Scarlet a little more room for doing what she is to do. He looks at the free perch and nods his head "Perch"

The hawk hops easily, her not insubstantial mass moving from Wayland's arm to the free perch. Liliana nods, smiling, as she moves to the hawk's side, stepping in front so that she can raise the wings to the hawk's eye level. "Once on the wing she will seek the lure, fly out and return." Easier to show her with the lure, than to send her to free hunt. "Step up." The hawk obeys, and Liliana lowers the lure, speaking softly to the hawk, despite the fact that the creature likely hasn't a clue what she's saying, 'Fly swift and true, beautiful. Seek and come back to me." That done, she moves a bit away from the pair, straightening out her arm, rather than keeping it close, a signal that seems familiar to the hawk, because she begins to spread her wings, preparing herself. Once Liliana is in position, she flicks her arm, the gesture coming almost at the same time that the hawk takes with, her cry ringing out as she takes to the wing, soaring high and away from the trio. Once she flies off, Liliana begins to spin the lure, holding it high so that the hawk can catch sight of it one she chooses to circle back.

Both Wayland and Brannon watch in silence, both showing smiles and both not looking away. The see everything Liliana is doing, how she is doing it. They see the reactions of Scarlet and they seem to both enjoy when the bird takes the winds. "Did you see that, my Lord?! Did you see?!" screams Brannon as Wayland, for whatever reason thinking that the bird should also hear this and be proud. Wayland laughs softly and pats the boy on the left shoulder "I did see Brannon, it is quite a wondrous sight. But, you must not need to shout…don't you think?" He smiles at this and the boy blushes. Wayland stops looking at Scarlet and moves his attention to Liliana, tilting his head, looking at what she is doing.

Liliana remains perfectly still, giving the hawk a steady target, but Scarlet, long in the aviary, seems delighted with her flight and soon dwindles away to a speck in the sky. Still the woman continues as she has been, keeping the lure circling. It isn't quite the same as a bird flying, but as close as one can manage under the circumstances. "She will return soon enough. She knows her training." Van peeks his head out of the aviary, "Lady Liliana, the meat." A nod, from the woman, "Brannon, would you please retrieve the food and bring it back to me?" Even as she asks, it seems Scarlet is on her way back, the speck growing larger and larger still.

Brannon is quick enough to nod and then runs off to meet Van. In the meantime, Wayland crosses his arms over his chest and looks up again at the bird and smiles softly "You can't blame her, imagine how that taste of freedom must feel like" The man closes his eyes and takes a deep breath "But I do trust she is very well trained" adds the Knight, opening his eyes again, soon enough to watch her coming back "And indeed she is" he smiles at this and looks at Liliana again "And she seems to like you, or, be comfortable with you, this is good" He nods and this is basically when Brannon returns with the food "My lady! Here…" and he offers the bag to her.

"She is an opportunist, as all raptors are. She knows I am a sure source of food and protection. Brannon, thank you, I will take it once my lure-hand is free. Hold it carefully for me." A pause, "She trusts me to provide her shelter and not to steal her food. I trust her to return. I am a convenience for her, nothing more." But the hawk has become more than a speck now, the sound of her bells carrying even over this far distance, her wings tightening as she goes from free flight to dive, seeming to hone in with absolute precision on Liliana and the lure in her hand, screaming her joy into the sky as she flies. It's a dance they've danced many times, as the woman releases the lure just as Scarlet comes close enough to grasp it with her claws and bring her 'prey' down to ground. As soon as the lure is caught, Liliana reaches down to take the bag, removing a piece of food.

"Of course, my Lady" offers Wayland, nodding at her words and showing a soft smile to the woman. Well, when she's right, she's right. The man takes a step closer now, still looking at Scarlet as she gets closer and closer. He lifts one hand to shield his eyes from the sun and takes a deep breath, really enjoying the happenings. Brannon nods "I will, my Lady" and that he does, he keeps the bag secured but remains close so she can reach whenever she needs it. When Scarlet catches the lure, Wayland kneels down and tilts his head, looking at her a little better. "Marvelous" says the man. He looks up at Liliana and smiles at her "Thank you for showing us this, my Lady" He nods at this, his smile still showing on his features. He looks over his shoulder at Brannon and the boy hurries to say "Yes, my Lady, thank you very much"

Once Scarlet has amused herself enough with the lure, which takes but a few moments, the lure having nothing of any interest to a hungry animal, Liliana again holds out her arm, "Step up, my beauty." The raptor promptly drops the lure, winging her way back up to the woman's arm, Liliana immediately proffering the scrap of meat. In a true show of good training, the hawk does not attempt to snatch it from her fingers, but takes it almost gracefully. A few more pieces, as well, though she stops short of a full meal, "We do not feed them to satiation. They would have no impetus to hunt or to show." A smile follows, at the words of man and boy, "You are both welcome. I will not fly her again, if you will allow. She needs her rest before her true showing. And she is that. A true credit to the aviary of the House."

"Of course my lady, I understand Scarlet needs the rest" says Wayland, nodding at this and showing a faint smile. He looks at the woman again and takes a step to the side "If you allow us, we would like to escort you back to the aviary and see that everything is in order" A nod is offered to her and then he looks at his gloves, studying them. "Without them, she could very easily take a good share of flesh…it is an animal to respect above all" Brannon joins in, walking a little closer and getting ready to return Scarlet to her resting spot.

"She will well serve the House in the tournament. And I thank you for the escort." Scarlet kept close, she turns to Brannon, as she settles the hood on the hawk's head, the hawk calming almost immediately. "Would you wish to carry her back inside, little master?" The offer is given in a kindly tone, allowing the boy to accept or refuse as his courage dictates. "She could bleed you out in short order. I have my fair share of scars."

Brannon steps forward almost immediately this time and extends his arm, but when she speaks those last words, he takes it back and hesitates. The boy looks up at Weyland and the man chuckles "Go on Brannon, you can do it" says Wayland and to this, Brannon nods. "I would like to, my lady" says the small boy and keeps his arm extended. Wayland nods in approval and then looks at Liliana, smiling "Aye, I have a few scars myself, one does get use to them and they usually come with a story attached to them" He shrugs at this as he walks "Some can be more entertaining that others…" the man smiles and says "I have a few that could not make a good tale even if I tried really hard"

Liliana removes Scarlet's hood, long enough to crouch down, bringing her arm close to Brannon's, "Perch, Scarlet." The hawk follows, and Liliana quickly rehoods her, as much for Scarlet's comfort and Brannon's safety. The boy's face is much closer to his arm than a grown man, or even a woman. "Come, we will walk her slowly and carefully back to her tender." And that said, she moves off, heading back into the aviary, "Scars are the god's way of reminding us of the defining moments of our lives."

Wayland smiles while Liliana helps Brannon with Scarlet, the man waits for a moment while the bird moves to Brannon's arm and then, starts walking slowly with them. Needless to say, Brannon's face just loss a few shades of color and walks completely silent. Now, as they walk, Wayland looks at Liliana again and smiles "Such as the moment in which I dropped a kitchen knife on foot and sliced it open" he chuckles amusedly at this and then shakes his head "It was nothing bad of course, but enough to leave a scar" He nods to this and smiles at Liliana, nodding again "Yes, I know what you mean…there are scars that you remember the moment in which you got them, forever…"

It does not take long, to return to the aviary, and for Van to come and retrieve Scarlet from Brannon's arm, "Well done, young master," Liliana offers, "You took good care of her and were very brave. Perhaps falconry is a skill you will practice in the future." With the bird settled, Liliana turns her attention back to the knight, "Were you sneaking into the kitchens for food between meals, then, Ser?" Light laughter, before she begins to lead them back out.

Brannon gifts her with a bright smile as she says that. He bows to her and offers "Thank you, my lady. I will see that I do, so I can make you proud" he nods to this and then sets to walk next to them on the way out. Wayland smiles at her laughter and nods in acceptance "I was, if I'm to be completely honest. I was thirteen years of age and I paid for it dearly." He half chuckles at this and then takes a deep breath, stepping back outside, breathing the fresh air. "I used to sneak into the kitchen, finding something to nibble on…" another smile at a fond memory "That was the last time I did it though, or at least, the last time I touched a knife in those kitchens"

Liliana takes a moment, to wash her hands at a nearby barrel set out for that express purpose, the gloves having been collected before they departed the aviary, her basket retrieved soon enough, "It is the unexpected lessons that stay with us for the longest," she offers in answer. "I do thank you both for your company, and you assistance."

Wayland gets Brannon to wash his hands as well and then he follows. When Liliana collects her basket, he smiles to her and offers "Very wise words, my lady. Very true" His smile grows a little bit more and he moves his right fist under his left shoulder, over his chest. The man bows after doing this and says "And I thank you, my sweet lady…it has been an honor." Brannon does bow as well "An honor, my lady" Wayland takes a step back and says "I know you are probably most busy." he tilts his head "Perhaps, we'll see eachother again…after all…the tournament is not yet over"

"The honour was all mine, Lord Ser Frey." Formal, as she has not been formal before, and she offers a bow, first to the knight and then to the page, "And my best wishes for your training, young master. I have no doubt that you will be of great service to your Lord." Liliana pauses, setting down the basket a moment, to reach up to pull down one of the ribbons wound into the sash at her waist, blue for Camden, and unless the young boy refuses, she reaches out to tie the 'favour' to his wrist, "Blue for loyalty and truth." That done, she rises, "A Lady's duties are never done, but perhaps we will, there are still days enough ahead of us before we all return to our respective holdings."

Brannon does not refuse, instead, he just opens both eyes like big saucers and smiles brightly "Ah! Thank yo—! I mean…" He tries to place a solemn expression and bows to Liliana "My lady, I shall wear this favor of yours with great pride" Seeing this makes Wayland smile, messing a little with his hair "Your first favor, Brannon, remember and treasure this day." Now, he looks at Liliana and smiles at her, offering a silent nod as a thank you. "I look forward to that moment, my Lady" and after that, he takes a step back and tugs Brannon with him since he is still in YAY mode. The boy waves at Liliana, turns around and walks away with Wayland.