Page 343: Finding Hope
Finding Hope
Summary: A brief conversation to entertain before departures.
Date: 28 Jun 2012
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Kell Jocelyn 
Here the knights of Riverlands and Reach (and a few from the Westerlands, but they're not alliterative) have set up their pavilions, in as many and as varied shades as the heraldry displayed prominently before them. From a single undyed canvas tent beneath the arms of a hedge knight to the veritable forest of azure and burgundy fronted by the grapes of the Arbor, this cloth maze is always abuzz with activity.
Wed Jun 28, 289

It seems like the Terrick camp is packing up and getting ready to return to the Roost, some may have already started the trek back. Kell looks like he is ready to go as well though at the moment waiting for the others to finish their preparations. Kitted out in chainmail with his steel helm tucked under his arm, the Terrick Sworn steps away from the Terrick Campsite, most likely to get out of the way of the others who are busy.

As the days pass on, the afternoons are becoming less and less crowded around the encampments. Many of gone home but still some remain. One of those remaining is Jocelyn Nayland. With a basket in arm and with maid and guard in tow, she she is wandering back to the camp. Fresh wild flowers are cut and placed in the basket that she holds. Even the merchants have moved on with the crowds, but some remains to keep the Nobles still presant busy and money in their pockets. Good for Jocelyn as she visits one. "Be sure you are save on your journey home." she tells the merchant before stepping away from them. Her eyes glances told the Terrick camp, and just as she does she notes the Knight coming out. The smile that was placed on her face for the merchant remains and it becomes a greeting to the Knight.

Kell seems to have planned to loiter around quietly and by himself to pass time, perhaps to do some thinking, but he does spot the familiar face of Lady Jocelyn and her little entourage. Changing his destination, the Terrick Knight approaches Lady Jocelyn and when he nears her, he bows his head respectfully, "Greetings, M'Lady. I am surprised to see that you have not returned to Stoenbridge, or the Mire, yet. I hope you've enjoyed your time here at Seagard."

The bow is met with a curtsy and a bow of her head to the Knight. "Ser Kell." The approach has her maid standing off to the left and her guard several steps back surveying the area while his Lady converses. "I had thought as well, it seems that everyone is mostly gone. Leaving me rather bored. How pleasant for you to entertain me." she says jokingly and with a bright smile. "Though, I'm sure we are to leave any day. To where I'm not sure yet."

"I am glad to be of service, M'Lady, though I am not sure how long before the others will be ready to depart, so I will do what I can." Kell answers with a chuckle, apparently not minding to be temporary entertainment for the time being. "Ah, that is true, with the recent going-ons by Stonebridge." He doesn't go into detail or questions about the Nayland-Charlton issue, in case Jocelyn isn't comfortable in discussing it. "Did you enjoy the melees at the Tourney?"

"Of course, I would not wish to keep you. Just say the word and I will not stop you from departing. It is just nice to see a familar face. With all that have left, there are little of those left." Jocelyn says. At the mention of the going-ons she quirks a brow, "Yes, well.." she says then pauses, "Do you know the current standing, Ser Kell?" shes very vague and this could be done on purpose given where they are standing. She gives a shift of her eyes to the other encampment areas and then back to him. "I did, I enjoyed it very much. The Talking from the field had me in fits of laughter even after it was all over."

Shaking his head at Jocelyn's inquiry about how much he knows, Kell also says, "No, not besides the rumors that had filtered around the town and grounds. But I usually take the rumors with a grain of salt, they tend to grow extra heads as it passes from mouth to mouth. I just hope that it does not lead to bloodshed and cooler heads prevailed, we just finished one war, we don't need another." As for the subject on the melee and the wonderful comments that usually accompany the event from the fighters, the Terrick Knight can't help but grin, "Indeed, some of the knights were rather… creative. Especially that Mystery Knight I squared off with at the end."

The word 'War' has Jocelyns smile dropping just slightly and her blue eyes turning more steel in color. She nods her head slowly, "I hope for the same. Do you think the Terricks will help if that is what happens?" Obviously she isnt letting him off without getting his perspective of it first. "The Mystery Knight was most creative. You did well not to be too distracted by it. I think I would have been, if for nothing else but for laughter. Perhaps this is another reason why women are not allowed to join in?"

Kell is nicely hooked by Jocelyn on this subject as he looks away for a moment, perhaps hesitating because he is trying to find a way to answer it as diplomatically as possible. "M'Lady, I'm sure you know the past relations between House Terrick and House Nayland, but it does appear that that era may be coming to an end, as it seems both Houses are trying to put aside their differences. So it is possible, though I am sure we would seek council from our Liege Lord first. The Charltons, seem to be lacking in honor, atleast the Lord that is being held in question is." Sounds like Kell is speaking from personal past experience.

Jocelyn instinctively moves her body slightly closer as the subject sticks to the two families. Nodding slowly, a small brightness seems to light up her eyes, one of interest. "That is good news, indeed." she says to that era coming to an end. "I know the house is very well thought of." she offers her perhaps her own opinion on ones shes heard. Her voice lowers just slightly, "I am not one that usually speaks so directly about such things, but on this matter, I must agree with you. There has been much lacking in the way of honor. Not just in the one held."

Running a hand through his hair, Kell manages a slightly sheepish look as Jocelyn speaks about being direct on the subject, "Sorry, I guess with me being of common birth, I tend to speak my mind without thinking sometimes. So I end up being too direct…" As for the Charltons lacking in honor, the Terrick Knight doesn't seem to doubt Jocelyn's words, "I am sure it will end well though, M'Lady. I do not believe that the Charltons will risk breaking the King's Peace by foolishing invading Stonebridge, not after we fought so hard to reclaim such peace." Though the lands aren't exactly entirely at peace, but the recent banditry is sure on a decline now.

Shaking her head, Jocelyn places a hand on the mans covered arm and touches him softly and briefly. "No, Please. Do not misunderstand me. That was not meant as a repermand, Ser Kell. I would perfer bold speaking, direct speaking. I wish to know. I do not wish for things to be coated with sugar so that it has a better taste in my mouth." She bites the inside of her lower lip and again looks around her, "Will you tell me what you've heard?" she licks her lips, "I will not ask you to give up private matters of your house. Just what you've heard of what is going on?"

"Sadly, not much, M'Lady. I'm just a Sworn Knight to the House, a new one at that. I usually am not privy to the thinkings of the nobles of the House until a finalized direction has been picked." Kell says, admitting to Jocelyn about his position in House Terrick, also perhaps noting that he usually doesn't stick his nose into business that isn't his. "With most of House Terrick being here, I am not sure they have heard about what has been happening at Stonebridge and the Charltons, in detail atleast."

Looking only slightly defeated with the little information that can be told to her, Jocelyn nods and straightens up her stance. A smile smile lifts her lips, "It seems it will be one of those cases that time will only tell what the outcome will be. If it does involve your house and you get directed in some way. Do try to be careful." she wrinkles her nose, "I know how that must sound." she laughs suddenly and lightly, "It would be war after all. However, I hope you know what I mean."

"I am sure the righteous will triumph." Kell says with conviction, despite sounding perhaps a little naive or cliche, it seems like this particular knight believes in his own words. Though he doesn't say which side is on the right of this incident, since he doesn't know the details of what happened from beginning to the current point. As for what she means despite what it sounds like, the Terrick Knight manages a smile with a nod, "Of course, M'Lady, you do not need to worry. We, knights, may be good at this tourney stuff, but some of us are better at the real thing, sadly. As long as we are fighting under the oath that we swore when we were knighted, the risks are a welcomed reality."

The cliched statement makes Jocelyn smile and then laughs, "I do hope you are right, Ser Kell. Your optimism is to admired." shifting the basket on her arm further up for comfort. "I think many have lost it over time. Its refreshing to hear in times like this." Tilting her head she asks, "The tourny events are a brief window into the real thing, with blunt objects. Even the blunt object made me jump in my seat. Which is why I wish men well in the onset of possible danger."

"When it gets dark, sometimes it's the small light of optimism and hope is what we can focus on to keep us going, the only thing that keeps us going." Kell says with a trace of sadness as he looks away into the distance for a brief moment, a hand squeezing the end of the hilt of his sheathed blade once. As for the comparison between the tourney and the real thing, Kell doesn't share his own thoughts on the grim comparison, perhaps wanting Jocelyn to hold onto what she feels is right. "And the men greatly appreciate the kind words, M'Lady, even simple words can give hope. Which I believe is the origin of favors worn by knights in tourneys, gives them something to fight or compete for."

Watching the mans face carefully, the sadness that seems to wash over his features and the… sorrow? It was perhaps more than the Lady could even imagine. Nodding slowly at his words, she glances down, looking over his armor, the hilt of his blade as its grasped. Then she looks down at her own person, seeing the dress, the basket. So different. Plucking one of the freshly cut flowers from her basket, it was alittle white happy looking flower. Holding onto it, she stares at it for a moment. Then, the flower is lifted and her head turns up to look at him. It wasnt a favor, but it was perhaps a brighter light then his current thoughts, offering the delicate flower to him she says, "Hold onto that optimism, Ser Kell. Do not let it go. If for no other reason, but to hold onto it for those of us that might have lost it so long ago."

The Lady's movements intrigues Kell, and the intrigue turns into surprise as the flower gift is offered. "Thank you, Lady Jocelyn, and I will." Extending a hand, he accepts the gift with much appreciation and it's a good thing he hasn't donned his gauntlets yet, waiting till after returning to the camp, or he may have accidently crushed the delicate thing. "I will certainly keep this token as a reminder to your words, especially if I am able to provide hope for those in their time of need." He says, dipping his head in thanks to Jocelyn for her words and for the flower.

"You filled me with hope and I can only try to return the favor to you." says Jocelyn once the flower is taken from her grasp. Taking in the sight tall knight with the little flower in his hand. The image alone would bring a smile to her face, however, given the conversation that was attached to it, the smile is filled with warmth. "I will not hold you for my entertainment any longer." She says in reminder of her earlier comment. "Safe journey, in the case that I do not see you again before you are sent out." Lowering into another curtsy of farwell, she turns and makes her way back to her own camp. Basket, maid and guard along with her.