Page 321: Field Treatment
Field Treatment
Summary: A worried brother and a recovering sister reunite. With short appearances by Desmond and Kain.
Date: 5/6/2012
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A tent in the field
A tent, steamy and herb-smelling.
Tuesday June 05, 289

The maester present has been working with Muirenn since she was brought in to bring down her raging fever and ease her breathing. A stability of sorts has been reached, though the hectic spots of color in her cheeks suggest that the illness has not yet fled. Propped up with pillows on a pallet, Muire's tent is steamy and pungent with herbs. As the rasp in her lungs lessens the tent flap has been opened so preparations can be made to transport her back to Four Eagles keep.

What has Martyn done after he reached the tent his sister is resting in? One thing he hasn't done, by the look of him, is sleep. Almost looking like he'd fall over if there's a strong breeze, he's spent most of the time pacing around just outside the flap, although he's stepped inside the tent every now and then as well, watching his sister a bit carefully. Every suggestion that he should go somewhere and rest has been met with a firm no from the Mallister knight. He's paused to remove the leather jerkin he wore as he fought the bandits outside the cave, and put on a shirt he sent his squire to get hold of, since the shirt he wore when they rode out from Stonebridge was given to Saffron as the men came to the cave. After all, one shouldn't be shirtless when greeting one's sister, right? He's standing just outside the open flap of the tent now, looking at Muirenn inside. Still looking a bit worried.

Sleep was long in coming as her bruises and broken nose were tended and herbal teas were drunk by the seeming gallon as she was medicated and rehydrated. Muirenn wakes as the tent flap is opened. Disoriented and weak she cringes for a moment until she fully wakes and recgonizes what has happened. Coughing, thank the Seven no more blood this time, she whispers hoarsely "Martynnn" as she sees her brother near.

Desmond hasn't slept a wink, though he's surely not alone in that. He's been darting around from tent to tent, offering to retrieve herbs if there was shortage, or to hold this still, prop this up, keep company, the like. This time he's sent off to look for a kettle, poking in and out of tents, finally coming upon Martyn and Muirenn. And Muirenn looks worse for wear, but at least Martyn's not punching corpses. Desmond declines to speak right away, respectfully waiting on the reunion as he lingers just outside the flap.

Martyn is unable to hold back a smile as he hears his name, making his way over to the girl. "I'm here. You're safe now…" he offers a bit quietly as kneels down beside her. Unable to hold back the tears that comes to his eyes now. "Sorry that I wasn't able to be here sooner," he offers, words barely above a whisper now. He hasn't noticed Desmond yet, as all his attention is on Muirenn now.

"You have nothing to apologize for" Struggling, the flushed girl sits up and embraces him tightly. "It is ok" She thought her tears were done, that she had dealt with everything but here in the security of her big brother's arms she begins to sob quietly again. A movement at the flap of her tent and she lifts her head, struggling to regain control as a strange man lingers at the flap.

Desmond bites his lip when he realizes what's unfolding and begins to back away, only pausing with Muirenn notices him. "Ser Martyn fought valiantly, don't let him fool you," he offers with a weak smile. "I was looking for a kettle but all the ones in here seem to be in use. I hope you health returns to you soon, m'Lady."

Letting his sister embrace him, Martyn nods a little as he reaches out to embrace her as well, "It's all right now…" He pauses a bit as he notices Muirenn looking towards the flap, and turns his head a little to look over in Desmond's direction, offering the man a bit of a nod. Not saying much for now, although there's a hint of a smile at the man's words.

"My brother is a valiant warrior. I knew he and my cousin would come for us." With the fever, it is difficult to see the flush of embarrassment as she says "I apologize for greeting you thusly when I am in such a state." Muirenn offers a smile "you were there…with the horses? I…remember pieces. Who might I have the honor of thanking?"

"Please don't trouble yourself. Yes, I was with Ser Riordan and his men. And no need for thanks…!" Desmond looks mildly exasperated - he hadn't meant to fluster her! "Lord Desmond Westerling, merely a squire. But I think I ought to leave you two be, clearly you've things to discuss in private." With a quick bow, he moves out of the entrance of the tent.

"Lord Desmond is a good man," Martyn offers, with a smile in the Westerling lord's direction before he nods a little bit as the man takes his leave. Turning back to his sister again now. "How are you feeling now?"

Eyes brighten and Muirenn nods as she leans against her brother, "We spoke of him. I had hoped to meet him. He seems very sweet and capable." The girl gives a soft sigh and takes a moment to judge her hurts and illness with a healer's perspective. Finally she whispers "I will live. I have felt better. My nose will be so ugly now though." Gingerly she touches the appendage.

Martyn nods a bit as he listens. "Good, because I don't know what I'd done if you weren't going to live." Pausing a bit as she speaks of her nose. "We'll get used to it," he offers, a bit quietly. "The most important thing is that you are safe now." A brief pause, before he adds, "A part of me says that I should never let you get out of my sight now."

Resting her head on her brother's shoulder, Muirenn struggles not to cough. "I am sorry I got sick. I tried to be strong. I hope you killed them all. I told them they wouldn't live to regret what they did." Honestly, the girl is a bit nervous to go anywhere on her own so doesn't argue her brother's last point.

"I don't know…" Martyn replies after a few moments. "I was the second to get into the cave. And then when I didn't see you there, I…" He trails off, grimacing a bit, as he pauses for the moment. "Looked like Lord Justin caught one alive, or something. Hopefully they get him to say where the rest of your belongings are before they kill him." Something in his expression seems to suggest that Martyn wants to be the one killing the man himself.

Muirenn hugs her brother as fiercely as she was capable of. "They chose four of us. I don't know where they were taking us. I felt so horrible and was scared that I wouldn't see home again." Shoving the events aside she says only "Ser Kell and Ser Hardwicke saved me. Ser Keelin brought me here." Fretfully she looks outside and asks "Did my Septa and Dania get rescued? They saved my life and took good care of me."

"Who were the other three?" Martyn asks after a few moments, before he adds, "We got everyone who was left in the cave out, at least I think so." A brief grimace, before he adds, "When I didn't see you there, I was so worried that I couldn't think too clearly. Like the night before, when we thought we had found you all, but had found the wrong group of bandits…" Another brief pause, before he adds. "The person I become when you're in danger. I don't quite like him, and I don't think too many others did either." He grimaces once more, "They understood, it seems, but I don't think they liked him.""

Muirenn says, "Cordelya Flint, Ilaria, and Lord Inigo's retainer…Sofya" Sighing she murmers "I am safe now Martyn but…I want to go home…I mean really home to Seagard. I miss Mamma and Father. And poor poor Pryderi, they stole our horses. Have you found them?"

Martyn nods a little as he hears the name, looking a bit relieved as he hears Ilaria's name there. "I promised her sister that we would bring her back." he offers after a few moments, before he shakes his head a little. "We haven't found them yet, I think. Hopefully that prisoner will tell us what they did with them." He also nods to the part about going home. "Hopefully we can get to do that soon. I have a strong suspicion that mother is rather worried now."

Laughter bubbles up and then rapidly turns to coughing that shakes her shoulders. "She will be furious. I wonder how long it will be before she and Father visit." Muirenn lays limp back on her pillow, keeping a hand on her brother's arm slas if fearing to let him go.

There's a rustling outside the tent, and someone asking what's their buisness here. Given the recent events, being defensive of Muirenn's state is going to be a factor. "I heard Lady Muirenn was here." It's Kain's voice, the same soft tone it always is. He's told that she's resting and shouldn't be deserved. This causes a pause. "Not just a moment? I'd just like to make sure she's alright." he asks. The response is that she is and then again told that he should see her when she's back at the Roost.

Martyn sighs at that coughing, reaching out his left hand, the one with that not-quite-healed-yet finger, to his sister's shoulder. "Hopefully they will come by soon. Maybe it will calm her a bit seeing that we're mostly doing fine," he offers quietly. Letting that hand on his arm stay there, if it can make her comfortable, he's fine with it. Pausing a little bit as he hears Kain's voice outside.

A stirring outside her tent makes the girl shrink back. As she hears the huntsman's voice, Muirenn relaxes. Her throat is still raw and her voice comes out as a croak, "Martyn, tell them it is ok. I do not mind him visiting." Looking up with her bruised face she murmurs "He is very brave. Huntsman Kain saved a child from a bear attack."

Kain is just going to putter about outside, until Martryn calls off the dogs. Because, he's not just going to barge in there after being told no.

"He's also one of those that played a very important part in locating you," Martyn offers quietly to his sister, nodding a little bit. Turning to look towards the opening, he raises his voice a bit. "It's okay. He can come in." Loud enough so they'll be able to hear it outside. "You see, whenever one of us are in a tent injured, they have someone guarding the tent. Ser Keelin did a fabulous job guarding my tent out on Harlaw," he offers to his sister a bit more quietly.

"Is Ser Trystan here?" Muirenn asks softly as she waits for Kain to duck into the tent. She coughs but accepts a mug of herbal tea, "Huntsman Kain is good at what he does. I am glad he helped."

Entering into the tent, Kain is, for once, missing his trademark camouflaged gilly cloak. But he still has his bow, which is slung across this back. "Lady Muirenn.." he says quietly. "Seeing you alive, makes me feel relieved." He generally does look happy that she's alright, stepping forward only as that's appropriate. "I didn't see you last night, I was told you were taken away with the others. But I was able to care for Mistress Dania. She was worried about you. I said I would bring her to see you after she herself had gotten rest and seen by the Maesters."

Martyn nods a little in Kain's direction, as he offers the man a bit of a smile. Keeping quiet for the moment, as he listens to the other two.

It is still humiliating for folks to see her all battered, bruised amd weak. Beneath the fever she blushes and whispers "Thank you Master Huntsman. I am so grateful for your part in rescuing us. I owe you…everyone my life." Lifting her mug, Muirenn sips at her medicated tea. A moment passes and she adds, "I am glad you watched after Mistress Dania. She took good care of me."

Martyn pauses for a few moments as it seems that Kain was only there for a short visit, keeping quiet as he looks back to Muirenn. "He should be around somewhere, unless he's helped escorting people somewhere," he offers to the earlier question about Trystan.

Nodding, Muirenn sips at her tea weakly and closes her eyes. The sigh is soft, "I am ready to go back to Four Eagles, but am going to ask Patrek if I can come home. Do you think he will let me?"

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he hears that, "Do you mean coming home for a while? Or more permanently?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

"I don't know. It is so…I just want to go home Martyn." The girl bites back tears and swallows them. Handing the empty mug to the maester she whispers "Just let me know when I need to ride for the keep. I realize that you and the others are needed back."

"I can understand that," Martyn replies after a few moments. Sounding a bit unsure about what to say now, he nods, before he adds, "We'll have to stay for a while longer at least, for you to heal fully. Maybe we will ask if mother or father can come visit? Both perhaps?" He pauses for a few moments at the mention of riding for the keep. "Are you sure you are up to the ride?" he asks, sounding a bit concerned. "I think Kamron escorted Lady Saffron into Stonebridge, although I'm not entirely sure of it."

"I will survive." Muirenn replies tightly. There is a lingering pause as she stares at the tent flap "I don't like being in a tent. I want to be within sturdy walls." Perhaps not a surprising sentiment all things considered.

Martyn nods a little as he hears that, "Do you think you're strong enough to ride on your own, or should you ride with me on Miramis?" he asks, after a few moments of pause. Looking around the tent for a few moments, as he waits for the answer now.

"I…" Torn between the feeling of security she strongly desires right now versus the conviction she shouldn't appear weaker than she already is, Muirenn falters. "I can ride well enough if we go slowly." Coughing again her fist curves into the simple white square of linen someone gave her. When it is over she gently wipes at her mouth. "Just be sure no one takes me" is added quietly.

"I have not gone through all this to get you back only to let someone take you again," Martyn says, nodding a little bit. "Whenever you are ready to go, we shall leave then, so we get there within reasonable time…"

The healer nods and begins to prepare Muirenn for travel, shooing Martyn out.

Martyn lets himself be shooed out, calling for Xander to getting Miramis ready to go now.